Illa / Gurīn Lambda 006
Leave me in peace...
The Blooming Rebirth
Lambda of Nature
Mother of New Creation
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Azula, Abeni
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Green, Iridescent
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 30 (Physically 20)
Weight -
Health Supernatural
Affiliation Phoenix(Former), Neutral
Weapons Ether, Plants, Claws, Thorns, Wings, Nature
Species CE (Archangel, Aetherborn, Spirit, Dragon, Etherite, Cyanican, Endless, Nephelam, Endlos)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress(Former), Wild
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Restoration and Creation
Abilities Terranova, Elemental Authority, Generate Landmass, Generate Ocean, Mythologic Adaption
Fighting Style The Endless Canopy, Claws of Ether, The Rebirth's Fury
Partner Azula, Abeni, Nanashi
Team Lambda Squad, Phoenix(Former)
Relatives Abeni(Sister), Azula(Sister)
Marital Status Single

Info Edit

One of the first of the Lambdas, Gurin is a member of the Lambda Sisters, a trio of Lambdas with incredible power and potential. Unseen forces seem intent on using this mortal turned Goddess for sinister ambitions, but what is their intent, no one knows.

Appearance and Personality Edit

In her Lambda forms, she possesses brown skin like the rest of her family, which is tinted green in the light due to green, but very subtle scales, which are far softer than normal skin. Her hair is green but gleams with many countless colors, and pairs of whisker like scales grow out of her cheeks. Ether oozes in incredibly thick concentrations from her, and her powers over plants themselves causes flowers and plants to grow from her skin, creating a makeshift natural clothing. Her eyes are a stark yellow in this state.

As for her personality, she is friendly and in some cases loving of others, but despite her gentle nature, it has been tampered with in an attempt to create more Lambdas by White, causing mental instability and urges she cannot control, which has brought on increasing levels of distress that has eaten at her to the point she has lost her way.

Of late, this mental breakdown has reached dangerous levels, and is turning her feral and unpredictable, she has begun to take a darker path of self loathing and isolation, hating herself for ever thinking she could be loved.

History Edit

Gurin, the youngest in her family, grew up without the presence of her father, which at later points in her life, would cause her to seek kinship with men to fill said void. However, due to her shy, shrinking violet nature, she was scorned and abused by a variety of boyfriends, almost to the breaking point. It was at this point Gurin and her sisters were taken by Phoenix, to become Chaos Engines. However, due to overeager and overly ambitious methods of transformation, Gurin and Abeni's transformations resulted in mutilations that left her and Abeni barely alive.

Several years later, she was restored and turned into a Lambda with powers over nature, altered further by White to induce desires to create more Chaos Engines, and strengthen the breed. This plus the agony of the years left half dead have begun to tear at the seams of her mind, and a breakdown seems imminent.

Relationships Edit

D'Ranjo Edit

One of the other Chaos Engines Gurin was initially attracted to, D'Ranjo and Gurin have had a rough, unstable relationship, while it has almost helped in some cases, it seems that D'Ranjo may have pushed her over the edge, despite his intentions. He may either be the key to maintaining her crumbling mind, or the final nail in the coffin.

Sisters Edit

One of the only people who support her, Gurin deeply loves her sisters, but longs for attachments and compassion beyond her family. She at this point has almost given up her hopes and almost wishes to simply remain in their shadow for the rest of her eternity.

Nanashi Edit

A rare voice of reason, Nanashi has tried on numerous occasions to console Gurin, but it would seem it has only had a limited effect thus far.

Eien Edit

Eien appears to have some direct interests in her development, and may have intentionally kept her imprisoned to forcibly achieve her current Goddess state, and seems intent on causing her to reach her ultimate potential, whatever it may be, for his plans. She does not know why he possesses an interest in her, only that he will not allow interference with his plan.

Powers Edit

Archangel Physiology Edit

Endlos Physiology Edit

Human Physiology Edit

Spirit Physiology Edit

Machine Physiology Edit

Aetherborn Physiology Edit

Etherite Physiology Edit

Cyanican Physiology Edit

Dragon Physiology Edit

Endless Physiology Edit

Nephelam Physiology Edit

Multilingual Edit

Can understand the speech of all living things.

Ether Bloom Edit

Gurīn's flowers give off an entoxicating pollen that can cause mind control.

Nature Manipulation Edit

Gurīn can freely control animals, plants, and the elements themselves.

Life Energy Manipulation Edit

Gurīn can give life to beings, or take it away, though she must touch the individual. Includes Resurrection.

Mythologic Adaption Edit

Elemental Authority Edit

Gurīn cannot be affected by any of the eight elements of nature.

Ether Manipulation Edit

Aether Manipulation Edit



Awakened Form

Awakened Form Edit

Gurīn's more powerful self begins to awakening, awakening her more inate powers over nature.

Landscape Manipulation Edit

Waterscape Manipulation Edit

Divinity Edit

Lifeform Creation Edit

Invigorate Edit

Gurīn's presence causes all friendly lifeforms to become empowered and grow. Causes tremendous strength in even the most meek of beings.

Primal Form Edit

Gurīn's emotions reach a critical point, revealing the brutal side of mother nature. Beast over takes man, and compassion turns to savage instinct.

Untamable Fury Edit

Gurīn's mind is completely absent in this form, pure natural instinct and animalistic rage is her only form of mind.

Titanic Disaster Edit

All of Mother Nature is driven to its most violent, natural disasters erupt without warning or reason. Is a continuous effect until Gurīn can be pacified.

Army of Beasts Edit

Gurīn causes all forms of life to answer her call to fight for her and defend her.

Primal Shield Edit

A high class Lambda trait, it acts as a basic buffer for all manner of attacks or intrusions on the being who unlocks this trait, making all forms of offense greatly weakened. The ability to do damage to the being using this technique requires obscene levels of damage to even break the shield. Passive. Activates at Primal Form and higher.

Unleashed FormEdit

Gurīn bonds with nature to the absolute, becoming akin to a goddess.

Terranova Edit

Can instantly transform an entire region into a completely new environment within mere seconds. Most lifeforms are wiped out instantly due to sudden geographic uplift and destruction.

Lifebloom Edit

Can create a massive wave of life creation, creating forests, animals, and creatures in its wake.

Generate Ocean Edit

Generate Landmass Edit

Transcendent Goddess 1Edit

Gurīn has transcended the limits of flesh and blood, no more a Chaos Engine, but a goddess who has emerged from her cocoon.


Gurīn has reached a point of evolution where she no longer can die from natural causes. She can live forever.


Gurīn has obtained the powers of creation in all of its glory.

Cosmic ManipulationEdit

Gurīn is able to shape the cosmos as she wishes, worlds, stars, comets, all is within her reach.

Planar ManipulationEdit

Gurīn can shape the very nature of the planes and create all new realms.

Familiars Edit

Unknown Edit

It is not clear if Gurin has a familiar at this time, but if it does, it is likely very powerful.