To surpass the technology of the MCCP and prove myself the superior master mechanic... that is my dream. My obsession.
The Legacy Designer
Robotics Genius
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 22
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation None
Species Augmented Human
Base of Operations 'Madhouse'
Weapons Various, Guns, Robotics
Current Occupation Head Scientist at MPD 'Madhouse' Division
Fighting Style None
Partner - None
Team None
Marital Status Single

Geira is the head scientist heading research into mechanical engineering such as Robotics and Computer Technology at the M.P.D, who possesses a dream to surpass the technological discoveries of the M.C.C.P and become the greatest pioneer of the industry in history.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Geira possesses dark blue eyes and black hair reaching past her waist, often wearing a white lab coat. Underneath her clothing is her custom made Exosuit designed to grant her superhuman abilities.

She is a very focused individual, but suffers from massive bouts of pride in her creations, to the point that she is often homicidal to those who mock her work or cause significant harm to them. Very little of her behavior outside of her work has been noted, making it hard to truly understand what kind of person she is, or even if she lives any kind of life outside her work at present.

She appears to enjoy flattery in regards to her work, but prefers people with unique visions and ambitions of their own, rather than crowd pleasing. This makes her difficult to bribe, as she will often pick people who more align with her own level of ambition. She loves to talk about weapons, computers, and robotics, to an obsessive level, and is the quickest route to a engaged conversation with her.

History Edit

A brilliant mind at an early age, Geira has always been fascinated by technology and anything to do with robotics. When most were starting their highschool years, Geira was far and above the rest, dabbling in the studies of the best national universities, her genius quickly caught the attention of the Agencies, including the MCCP's. She outright rejected the majority of them, until she was offered a chance at MPD, to everyone's surprise, she accepted without question. At present, her skill in technology rivals or surpasses the creations of the MCCP's CRAzys, with the potential to bring about a revolution in weapons and armaments.

Relationships Edit

Powers and Equipment Edit

Superior Intellect Edit

Geira is at the top of her field and is one of the most renowned weapons and robotics agents of Earth's recent history.

Anti Bios Cannon  Edit

One of Geira's indev projects, a cannon with the ability to counter Nigh Instant Regeneration and severely slowing Instant Regeneration. Behavior indicates a possible super virus or bacterium, or some form of unstable element, perhaps even Dark Matter.

Exosuit Edit

A secret project of the MPD, the Exosuit is a high class armor designed by Geira to enable man to fight head on with Myths and neutralize physical strength as a weakness for humans on the battlefield. Its true strength is unknown as well as its specific modifications. It can be assumed that it grants her super human strength.

Leech Force Morph-Gun Type 5b0  Edit

A special gun created by Geira with the ability to morph its shape between machine gun, sniper rifle, minigun, shotgun, pistol, and assault rifle mods. It is powered with a strange, unknown reactor core that converts the user's life energy into explosive rounds of energy that deal high damage to the enemy. If tampered with, said core will leave less than dust behind of its victim.

Anti Mythic Units (A.M.U) Edit

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