The Frontliners are The Junkyosha Party's main line of offense, defense, and stealth. They hand recon, covert ops, and assassinations. They also will guard the foreground of the locations of The Party. All of them are in this for one thing: Freedom and Unit for All Races

Leader/s: Obi Stormman | Akami

Frontliners: Akami | Segura | Torem | Reveryn | Mavis | Naomi | Kado

Affiliated: The President | Shinwa Dragonclaw

Akami Edit



Akami is a Human/Dragon hybrid and leader of the Frontliners. She is determined and strong-willed, believing in the dream full-heatedly and is willing to die for it and others. She is the sole reason The Junkyosha Party exists today and she is the main image of what it truly means to be a martyr.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition Edit

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Enhanced Intelligence Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Senses Edit

Enhanced Vision Edit

Fear Masking Edit

Magic Immunity Edit

Omnilingualism Edit

Thermal Resistance Edit

Chaos GauntletsEdit

Chaos Attacks

Segura Edit



Segura is a Balanced Nephilim. Cunning, smart, and yet very ruthless. Segura serves as the seriousness of the group. He doesn't always interact with his team, but he is still willing to get the job done. He will grow hostile to those who hurt him, though he may not show his pain, he tends to get people back in the long run. Though despite his tough demeanor, Segura can be quite cool headed if not in a bad mood.

Abilities Edit

Twilight/Demigod Physiology Edit

Being a human/spirit hybrid, user will have divine and mortal traits.

Etheral Body Edit

Gain a body composed of pure semi-solid Aether.

Extrasensory/Energy Perception Edit

Possess an incredible psychic perception.

Immortality Edit

Become immune to aging, and live indefinitely without food, drink, sleep, or air.

Invulnerability Edit

Gain immunity to nearly all forms of harm.

Regeneration Edit

Regenerate from any damage if injured.

Shapeshifting Edit

Gain complete control over your own physiology in many ways.

Supernatural Condition Edit

Have a physical/mental condition that surpasses mortal men.

Twilight-Stellar Warping Edit

Generate and Control the essence that exists between Light/Darkness and the Stars.

Divine Magic Edit

Users can focus the fifth element into a divine form of the "Arcane Craft".

Healing Edit

Heal the wounds of yourself and others.

Illusion Manipulation Edit

Create powerful Illusions to confuse foes.

Photo-Umbrakinesis Edit

Gain a hybrid ability to control the elements of Light/Darkness.

Twilight Warping Edit

Manipulate the unique Twilight energy/matter in a variety of ways.

Power Warping Edit

Manipulate the powers of others to a vast degree.

Twilight Conjuration Edit

Create anything based on the wielder's thoughts, and feelings.

Twilight Dimensional Manipulation Edit

Use the power to manipulate dimensions to a minor level.

Torem Edit



Torem is a Variante/Angel hybrid. It is unknown where Torem came from (her comrades have speculated that she was a hybrid product from the M.C.C.P) she serves as the most powerful within the Frontliners, but she lacks the form of training, only placing her below or on par with Akami. She doesn't talk alot, but she does care for the lives of her comrades and she serves as the 2nd muscle and the guardian.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition Edit

Enhanced Combat Edit

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Body Manipulation Edit

Angelic Arm Edit

Celestial Arrows Edit

Elemental Manipulation Edit

Energy Constructs Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Ergokinetic Combat Edit

Regenerative Healing Factor Edit

Reveryn Edit



Reveyn is a Wood Elf, an outstanding archer and an enthusiastic individual. (despite the fact his life was anything but) He is the fastest out of the Frontliners and the 2nd most agile and serves as the range attack, with him lacking in hand to hand unless he has his bow as a weapon. He takes up the most after Obi. Even though he doesn't take up the image Akami displays as a martyr, he is one of the most likeable people in The Party.

Abilities Edit

FMoarvest Adiaptation Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Enhanced Reflexes Edit

Environmental Adaptation Edit

Enhanced Agility Edit

Enhanced Dexterity Edit

Enhanced Balance Edit

Peak Sensory System Edit

Enhanced Archery Edit

Mavis Edit



Mavis serves as telepathic communications for the groups. She's mute and isn't seen around much. She doesn't harbor any special skills like the rest and doesn't fight physical but mentally as she also has telekinesis, Mavis mostly stays behind tending to the sick and when she's not doing that, she tends to her flowers, which she sells at markets. The origin of her abilities are unknown.

Abilities Edit

Mavis is a Basic Level Telekinetic.

Binding Edit

to keep object/being from moving.

Levitation Edit

to lift an object, e.g. raising a pitcher several inches into the air.

Psionic Strength Edit

to augment the her physical strength, e.g.punching through a steel wall.

Telekinetic Bullets Edit

to project telekinetic energy or objects as bullets.

Telekinetic Choking Edit

to strangle others. Edit

Telekinetic Maneuver Edit

to alter an object's directional course, e.g. changing what number a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack.

Telekinetic Grip Edit

to grasp an object firmly in place, e.g. keeping the tides from washing a friend away.

Telekinetic Pull/Push Edit

to pull objects towards the user or to push objects away from the user,e.g. yanking a book off a shelf or sliding a cup across a table.

Telepathy Edit

Mavis is a Basic Level Telepath

Mind Reading Edit

The ability to read/sense the thought of others.

Psychic Communication Edit

The ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information.

Telempathy Edit

The ability to communicate through emotions.

Telepathic Speaking Edit

The ability to speak telepathically.

Telekinetic Blast Edit


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