Frea is an important figure in the distant Final Wish Saga, acting as a key figure in solving the Dimensio Lock and traversing the Lost Space.


Very little is known about Frea, discounting his origin as a human. It is not known how he became a Bakeneko or why he has a Ghost Fire attached to him, but it is speculated to be from a curse or reincarnation. He has wandered the world for several thousand years, traversing the realm of the living and the land of the dead as a denizen of neither. He has seen empires fall and rise anew and occasionally fought for and against humanity in various wars and crusades over the course of his long, long life, most notably in the third Crusade against the Knights Templar and in the French Revolution against the french royal family.

Frea currently watches over the boundary between worlds with Alara, acting as a mentor and second teacher to the human diety, handling most of the work that Alara cannot handle in regard to keeping unwanted beings out of the standard universe.


Frea is a loner by nature. He handles his tasks by himself and fights his opponents, if any, without assistance regardless of the odds. He is as lithe as he is cunning, making him rather quick on his feet physically and metaphorically. Frea acts as he deems fit, ignoring what plans others may have if he feels the need. It is hard to gauge if he truly has emotions or if he simply plays along and pretends to feel anything at all. Frea solely speaks in riddles, leaving his message to be discerned by those it was meant for.


Frea appears as a two-toned black cat, with white paws and underbelly. His eyes are a blend of cyan and turquoise, constantly narrowed as if he is in a cynical mood. Like all bakenekos, he sports long twin tails, in his case completely black with ribbons attached. On his neck is a teal collar with a decorative bowtie and bell attached. Above his left eye burns a pale, translucent blue flame with the faint shape of a skull at its base.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


From the depths of the everafter are they called; A sworn legion without mercy or fury or pain. A price paid in life returned from beyond one hundred fold.


A cry that split the heavens resounded, and from the sky hope emerged. All that opposed his will was banished to damnation, forever gone from the rebirth of soul and flesh.


A body was offered and so they came, bringing power unfathomable and knowledge unending. A borrowed strength they were, his to use as the pact entailed.


A malevolent wish brought upon those marked for vengeance. Pain and Suffering entwined to flesh as the cursed rain continued to fall, leaving not but one.


The reflection was never the same, a babe in the morning, a man at midday and a wisened scholar by nightfall. A transfigured being, granted many faces, but cursed to forget its own as the last drop moonlight fell.

Monochrome WorldEdit

All he saw was black and white, a stark distinction in the world that surpassed the understanding of good and evil. He foretold balance in the world, but understood that unrest woild herald its approach.


As pure as snow, the heart was. Not marred by hatred, anger or pain. As beautiful as porcelain, as precious as silver such light was, light blemished by innocent cruelty that dyed the world red.


A spiral into the abyss, into corruption, into depravity. From the darkness came knowledge, understanding and great elation. Wrought from experience and resolve, he consigned those before him to his silence judgment by way of sword.


It was an innocent dream of an idillyc world, one where flowers bloomed and nature flourished. The dream was realized in time, but only after seas of blood were spilled in its name.


A thought finally appeared, one that surpassed all other notions that had come before. It was the epitome of brilliance and scion of hope, yet no one heard its plea until it laid upon its death bed.


He understood, he comprehended, he disbelieved, he cried. "A world of black and white? how dull," he spat. "If there is no median between naivety and the harshness of reality, there is no need to define the world with color in the first place."

Weapons and EquipmentEdit


The piercer of dark and render of light, the epitaph of one who is free from desire and need. The End of Silence and Death to Noise, one that fells stars and abates shadow. A true Sovereign.

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