The mysterious person referred to only as the Saint Hero among the Five Heroes. He seems to know far more about what is currently going on than any of the other heroes.

Flegair Croix Del Eions
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"My business is none of your concern."
The Saint Hero
The Fiend in White
Dark Doctor
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Advent of the Resurgence
Family Unnamed Brother, Unnamed Sister, Etille(Mother), Krad(Father- Deceased)
Status Alive
Eye Color Cobalt
Hair Color Charcoal Black
Height 199 Cm
Blood type
Age 26
Weight Unknown
Health Perfect
Affiliation Bringers
Species Jairisian
Base of Operations Talia
Weapons Fists, Thorn Sabre
Current Occupation Dark Doctor
Fighting Style Mystic Hand
Partner Brigidine(Informant)
Team Five Heroes
Relatives Brother, Sister, Etille, Krad
Marital Status Single


Flegair was born as the middle child to Etille and Krad Eions, between [Redacted] and [Redacted] Eions. Unlike the other two, who had natural proficiencies in certain fields, he was mediocre in all fields regardless of training or instruction. Later it would turn out that he had a great talent in [Redacted], but he would never use this to its full potential.

In his early teen years, Flegair went through the [Expunged], though unsuccessfully because the [Redacted] was interrupted by the sudden death of Krad at the hands of an unknown assailant. Not entirely phased, Flegair chose to abandon his talent in [Redacted] and become a [Redacted]. Years later, he would be unwillingly called upon as the Saint Hero.


Flegair finds nearly all people in the world, regardless of origin and status, bothersome and would much rather make as little contact with them as possible. He is harsh, to the point and aloof, ignoring the feelings and remarks of others as if they were without meaning. He hates people who ostracize and hound others for being different and is easy to anger, which can be disastrous when combined with his knowledge of a certain type of magic and his peerless overall physical prowess- power that he considers, like the rest of himself, to be average.

Flegair is a person who would rather work alone than with others and is willing to simply vanish without a word should he feel so inclined. He is a good judge of power and skill and picks his fights based on his assessments of his opponents. As his facial expressions are unreadable, it is difficult to understand what he is thinking at any given moment.


Flegair has messy black hair and a constant stern yet uncaring expression on his face. His eyes are cobalt and are always narrowed while his mouth is always in a neutral position. He wears a white overcoat with white tassels arranged in an 'X' shape by silver stitching. Beneath this he wears mostly black pants made from Seinest fibers repeatedly interwoven with Fohlyt strands, a finely woven, buttoned black tunic with a single long sleeve, an array of criscrossing belts and strands of black or white fabric, a black ring with a violet gemstone on his left ring finger and brown boots decorated with silver script. Like all pure blooded Jairisians, he has notched ears and a distinct pupil shape, his being shaped like crosses that extend up to end of his irises.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Unprecedented DefenseEdit

Unlike the abilities of the other Heroes, Flegair is the sole owner of a purely defensive ability. He can withstand flattening blows, mountainous impacts, ultra precise slashes and point blank range explosions of great elemental power without more than a small scratch or tiny bruise. Stronger yet is his immunity to all types of ailments, curses and status effecting abilities of any class, though he is not immune to any physical damage they may inflict as a side effect. He does not get sick, nor does he tire, even when deprived of essential nutrients and vitamins as a result of fasting to near emaciation once every two months during his routine meditation period.

Refined BodyEdit

Flegair's body has been trained by volcanic magma and heat, countless lightning strikes, the crushing combination of fast flowing water and gravity, repeated emaciation, ardous exercises, being buried alive and compressed on all sides by burning sand, winds that could tear flesh from bone and the darkest of magics over the years. As a result, his body has grown so accustomed to fatal and strenous situations that all of the above and worse are the same as walking casually through a field. Additionally, his bones, organs and muscles have adapted to fit his spartan training, granting him immense strength, speed, resistance, perception and willpower- at the cost of him becoming aloof and unreadable.


The ability that represents Flegair's role as the Saint Hero. It allows him to bless, purify and otherwise enhance people, objects and abilities excluding himself.


Purifies and adds elemental properties to objects and boosts their durability overall.


Strengthens an object's innate properties and unleashes any latent potential in them.


Boosts the parameters and abilities of people, allowing them to release more of their full power and blesses them, adding immunity to curses and ailments to them and the holy attribute to their attacks.


Enhances an abilitiy's power, range and duration


Modifies the properties and greatly strengthens objects and abilities, granting them new traits that vary based on the situation.

Fist ArtesEdit

Flegair has mastered the power of the fist and developed skills that both harm and heal as a result. Combined with his great strength and pinpoint precision, he can deliver swift punches that always strike critical points or cause a great deal of internal and external damage with a glancing blow. In addition to this, his training has allowed him to cut and pierce objects with his hands and infuse them with the elements.


Flegair is unable to be tempted or lured by desires of the mortal and spiritual planes due to his stringent and fierce meditation periods. He can see through all manner of illusions and discern the true nature people, places and objects with a glance. A secondary result of his Ascetism is the ability to dispel mind altering effects and the ability to manifest his willpower as an aura that forces away unneccesary things.


Flegair is connected to the Temperatiolith, the Temperance aspect of the Luciolith, due to his practice of Asceticism. This grants him knowledge and understanding of the world around him and keeps him calm among things. The full extent of this relationship has yet to be explored because neither interact beyond the most minimal of contact.







Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Thorn SabreEdit

A small ivory dagger that Flegair carries beneath his coat. He rarely uses it, instead opting to carry it as a keepsake. Despite its small size, it emanates a dangerous power.


An ornate and beautiful bracelet woven by Etille for Flegair. It is special to him and has remained on his wrist even it should have been burned, ripped apart or torn off, suggesting a mystical property of some sort. The bracelet holds infinite value to Flegair, not because of its beauty, but because of its meaning and symbolic message.

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