Exima is a human from Earth and insights hatefulness and enmity against Mythology.

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Appearance and Personality Edit

Exima is a racist radical who can be best described as, hateful, cold, and unforgiving. He wants nothing more than Myths destruction and displays an unwillingness to let any Myth put him down in the slightest. He promotes human superiority by using the Bible as a foundation to make Myths either more evil or simply not supposed to belong on Earth.

Exima appears a middle-aged man, despite being in his hundreds. He doesn't sport any sort of clothing and his body is riddled with faint scars and bruises. He has gray hair that is pulled back and stops at a point sharply pointing upwards and a gray pointed beard connected to his hair. He also has sharp black eyes. Exima has CRAzy legs attached to his torso to make up for his lack of actual legs,

History Edit

Exima was born to a mixed couple along with his brother,Obidiah; as Dyas Stormman. Five years later, his parents presumably died in a boat explosion, which people believed was caused by a Myth. Once Dyas knew about this, he began to have a hardened dislike towards them Myths. They were soon brought into orhpan care where they would stay until the Fantasy/Reality War began to pick-up more and more. They were adopted as young soldiers-in-training. The training was anything but humane, as he and several others were put under "seemingly necessary" training exercises; some of which involved in being in the battlefield first hand.

Once he reached eighteen, he and any of his youngling solder trainees that had survived were deemed ready to fully participate in the way. They were devied up into squads though for s specific field. He and his brother Obidiah were assigned to a four man team, them included. They were dubbed "The Wildlings". Years of fighting in the war has hardened Dyas' heart more and more as he experienced the tragedies the Myths have caused. His heart had hardened to the point where he truly believed they were beings of pure evil and hated them. He would often have morality clashes with Obidiah if Myths weren't as bad as everyone was making them out to be, with the former being convinced that they were far worse than just bad. This would lead down the road of their relationship deteriorating. One day, during him and his squad being stationed at a battlefield, Obi had went missing and Dyas was distraught once he heard that his brother might be KIA or MIA. His only family gone. He fought effortlessly and tirelessly in every battle. His rage turning to fury. Any Myth that came across Dyas would were garunteed death. He lived most of days in anguish and grief, until during one particular battle; he found himself the only survivor. He ventured back to his camp where he was stationed at only to find it gone. No single trace of it. With no where else to go or to send help, Dyas ventures off to find civilization.

Abilities and Skills Edit

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