Etherite are a race of beings long forgotten and are the ancestors of the Aetherae and Netherim, two equally mystical and nigh legendary races. While there are none that naturally exist, Volmond has managed to recreate the lost race via Alchemy, DNA splicing and magic.


Etherite appear as a cross between the graceful Aetherae and the more bestial Netherim. As such, they appear to have the scarlet eyes and partially iridescent hair of the Netherim, along with their claws and talons, while also balancing in the the litheness of figure and almost fragile look of the Aetherae. Additionally, they are covered in crisscrossing line like grooves and have strange energy projections growing from their forearms, along with symmetrical patches of armor like scales distributed across their bodies, the most prominent of which appear as fins or whiskers on their cheeks. Their skin is not limited to a single color, in fact it is highly uncommon to find an Etherite without two or more skin tones.


Etherite appear to have a vast number of abilities and skills, the most obvious of which being information absorption and high cognitive reasoning skills. An Etherite is attracted to the prospect of more knowledge and can memorize things within an instant of reading or seeing them. They also hold the ability to directly absorb information into themselves via the energy projections on their arms, the Exceed Nexus, and use or replicate what they learned naturally.

Another ability unique to the Etherite is the Shadow Matrix. This allows the Etherite to form a familiar of sorts based on their emotions, driving forces and personalities. These familiars are greatly connected to their creators and die with them, being unable to be slain while their creator is alive. The form of the creature varies from Etherite to Etherite and changes as the creator changes as a person. Unlike regular familiars, beings born from the Shadow Matrix are empowered by strong emotions and choices made by their creators.

Etherite are naturally talented in the majority of their endeavors, only really limited by their preferences. Additionally they adapt to changes extremely quickly and learn things at an accelerated rate, making harsh environments easily mastered.

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