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History Edit

Erin was born of Aethre and Necre, pretty classic names of an aetherborn and netherborn respectively, who broke their parent's rules by mating and making Tari, Erin's true name, and abandoned their child on the steps of a loving mother of five boys in downtown Chicago who couldn't let this child go unnoticed. Erin lived there until the age of 13, then joined the government's experimental program for troubled Mythos children to learn her powers. They turned her into a trained killer and she eventually surpassed even her teachers. She now travels as a gun-for-hire and normally kills political leaders.

Personality Edit

Erin is a shy person, but once she's comfortable in the situation, she is outspoken and rowdy. She is normally happy and nice, but always has a plan to kill everyone she meets.

Powers Edit

Aether PhysiologyEdit

Can manipulate Aether, the essence that flows through most of existence


Can manipulate solid objects / talk to and or manipulate people's mind.

Aether ManipulationEdit

Can manipulate Aether,k the force that runs through most of existence.

Nether PhysiologyEdit

Can manipulate Nether, the essence that flows through living and dead things

Transcendant PhysiologyEdit

Can transcend death

Elemental ManipulationEdit

Controls the elements of physical and Nether being