The Berserker Hero of the Five Heroes. She is easily the most difficult to approach, barring The Saint Hero. Her strength and ferocity can cause even the mightiest of beings to tremble.

Eridia Epheles
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"One's oath is their life."
The Berserker Hero
The Firestorm
Nature Empress
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Silver
Height 244 Cm
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Five Heroes
Species Vocari
Base of Operations None
Weapons The Exalt, The Conqueror
Current Occupation Hero
Fighting Style Wrathful Smite
Partner None
Team Five Heroes
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Eridia hails from Dulis, a world covered by a primeval forest. She was born as one of many in a Vocari War Tribe, fighters of the Vocari race. She was raised in a rigid, harsh environment where lessons were taught through examples and disobedience was met with cold, cruel severity. As a Warling, a young Vocari fighter, she exhibited unwavering will and resolution in any situation, following the most impossible and cruel of orders without fail and with unerring precision. It is unknown what went through her head at such times, even when given orders that resulted in her hands being covered in the blood of allies and enemies alike. Later, it was revealed that she was born with the Mark of the Black Moon, a symbol foretelling the emergence of a being both Vocari in body and beast in nature. Branded as a great but useable calamity, Eridia was moved to a Vocari Death Tribe, Vocari warriors known to be cruel and sadistic to ally and foe alike and no care for which was which.

A great amount of time would pass before Eridia was returned to her War Tribe, now a different person. Her time with the Death Tribe caused even the frigid and cruel warrior to crumble, revealing some semblance of emotion within the aloof and distant woman. The extent of this revealed heart was never truly explored for in battle the once great warrior displayed ferocity beyond anything any War Tribe had seen before. The common consensus was that the Death Tribe awakened the dormant beast within Eridia, but why or how were never discovered after the annihilation of the Death Tribe by a surprise attack from the Vocari's sworn enemies, the Lunave.

How Eridia became a hero is unknown. She was a warrior in the Fiftieth Lunari War before she sudden appeared on Jairis, clad in her Feral Regalia armor.


Eridia has long straight silver hair and piercing grey eyes befiting her no nonsense personality. She has long pointed ears with a faint green tint, a severe heart shaped face with evenly proportioned features and well proportioned limbs that match her toned build. Eridia towers over the other four heroes, giving her an intimidating appearance that is amplified by her armor, the Feral Regalia.

The Feral Regalia is a mostly torquoise armor with sharp orange ridges on the pauldrons, gauntlets, faulds and greaves topped off with a demonic helm decorated with six eye shaped gems, two horns spiraling uowards and no other features. When certain conditions are met, the orange ridges and eyes darken to blood red and the torquoise sections fade to indigo while the ridges grow sharper and elongate.


Eridia is a no nonsense, to the point type of person. Her words are blunt and she wastes no breath on those unwilling to listen. Her actions can be considered cold, ruthless, cruel and more, matching her ideals on getting things done efficiently and quickly. This being said, Eridia is not wholly cruel or cold, rather she chooses to be a weapon rather than a person when danger and orders are concerned. Speaking very little, it is hard to know what is going on in her head more often than not, to the point where she can be considered unpredictable despite following a solid and understandable chain of logic.

As bearer of the Mark of the Black Moon, Erudia emits a rather large amount of killing intent abd bloodlust in battle and is almost predatory in nature when she lets loose and enters her Berserker state. This is further amplified by the Feral Regalia, which increases her bloodthirst as she takes damage and synchronizes her with the heart if a long deceased beast of old. At their peak, Eridia is a titan on the battlefield, moving with speed inconceivable for a creature of flesh and ferocity that makes even the heavens tremble as a beast beyond recognition ravages the battlefield.

Abilities and Skills

Unprecedented Strength

Eridia has monstrous natural strength, even without choosing to enhance it. The extent of her physical strength could be compared to Flegair's durability or Ayla's magical power.

Impossible Power

Eridia's wealth of strength, when her ire is stirred, can surpass the boundary of what could be perceived as possible, to the point of being comparable to an unparalleled warrior from the standard universe at full power. This power, however is conditional and cannot be freely called upon.

Dual Nature

Eridia is a rather unique existence because of her Mark of the Black Moon. This has indeed created a natural berserker within her, but more importantly has created a separate, beastly persona within her that can be awakened, but not tamed by anyone.

Beast Invocation

By allowing her second persona to take over, Eridia crosses the line of man into the territory of beast, becoming a being with no predictability or care for harm inflicted on allies. Not a full berserker state, but rather a swap between reasoning orientation and instinct orientation. Signified by a bestial stance on all fours and an aura akin to a monster surrounding and obscuring her form.

Berserker Activation

A further step into the territory of beast, yet a return to the domain of man. Eridia enters a proper berserker state, one that relentlessly pursues enemies with little regard for personal safety, but remains able to tell allies from enemies.


Killing Intent

Damage Mitigation

Vocari Flame

Vocari Gale

Vocari Rain

Vocari Earth

Battle Soul

Blood Berserker

Destruction Force




Wild Hunt

Vocari Emblem: Quagmire







Wil o' Wisp

Gaseous Flame

Chilling Wind

Foul Air

Mark of the Black Moon

Weapons and Equipment

The Exalt

The Conqueror

Feral Regalia