The Epicos are a band up of three brothers who live right on the edge of New Vince.

Chaz Edit

Chaz is the middle child (out of the three) and takes up the most responsibility in their house hold as far as paying bills and getting the groceries. He and his brothers were raised in a troubled household and he and his brothers resulted to gang life as the only option to sustain themselves, but later sold out his boss and acquaintances because of his guilt and judgement. Due to life as the lower-class, he often envied those who were well-off and hated those who would just down on him and others who had nothing, and overall blames them for the reason why he and many others are victims to the crime world. He is over all, smart, kind, and resourceful, and has a sense of good judgement, but occasionally get's angry when he feels that some one is trying to address their authority over him or just when the weak are being antagonized. After they concluded their life on the streets, they began with a new beginning and decided they should start a band, due to brothers love for music. He is 27 years old.

Tippy Edit

Tippy is the youngest out of the three and is also the smartest. Like his brothers, he was raised in a troubled household and he had it worse out of the two. Despite having it the worst out of his brothers, he always has a positive demeanor and doesn't like, though occasionally when someone completely annoys him, he will instinctively kill them on the spot. He is smart, productive, and very passive and supportive of others. He is 14-15 years old.

Morsel Edit

Morsel is the oldest of the three and the strongest, but not quiet the brightest. Like his brothers, he was involved in gang violence. He was raised in a troubled household and was often refered to as the 'Crack Baby' amongst his brothers. Though he maybe strong, he has little to know sense of right or wrong and just simply does whatever without thinking about the consequences, so he's often seen as the 'wingman' or the 'bodyguard'. He has great care for his brothers and will put himself first in front of danger. He is 32 years old.

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