The Endlos are a race of beings created by the Relic Goddess of Life, Sylvanea before her death. They are a powerful, but very peaceful race of beings that once resembled giants.


The Endlos appear to be humans of heights ranging from six to twelve feet in height and range from human skin tones to faint shades of blue and purple. Besides these basic features, each has a silver marking similar to a human birthmark on their body and pointed ears.


Endlos are born with an innately high regenerative rate and age exceptionally slowly, having life spans of up to five thousand years or longer if they are lucky. they are also born with a great deal of physical strength and endurance as well as a connection to the Aether. Additionally, they have access to the most arcane of skills, ranging from the creation of barriers to the manipulation of the elements and cosmic forces to slight causality effects and beyond, but it is up to them whether or not they wish to hone their abilities beyond the most basic levels of mastery.

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