Endlos Erde, also referred to as Endlosse, Arcaius, Ascalon and the Primordial Endlos, is the king of all Endlos. A rather spirited individual, he comes across as highly charismatic and as the ideal king, but few of the current generation of his race know how old he truly is and less of his true nature as an incomplete Relic God and weapon of mass destruction.


Endlos refrains from talking about his past and, as such, very little is known about him beyond his origin and his time as a weapon of the Relic Gods.





Endlos comes across as charismatic and ideal for a king, listening to his people and doing his best to ensure their safety and well being. He is rather impulsive when it comes to anything harming his people, but is equally level headed as much as he is a hot head. Endangering or threatening his people is a sure fire way to royally piss him off and result in a large deal of destruction in the future...


Endlos appears to be a man of relatively tall stature, standing at nearly seven feet tall. He has a slightly tanned complexion, with eyes and hair the color of coal. Silver markings decorate his irises and his hair forms soft spikes and ridges. He is somewhat lean yet muscular in build, almost appear to be average, but his frame hides strength far beyond that of one his size. He wears casual attire most of the time, often consisting of a fur lined hoodie, a simple shirt and jeans, but has been seen wearing a set of gold and silver armor along with a crown when required.







Abilities and SkillsEdit

Weapon CreationEdit

Endlos can summon hundreds of thousands of weapons on a whim, just by flicking his wrist or thinking. The number of weapons is endless, more being created as he summons what could be continually the tip of the iceberg. Part of his Swordcraft ability.

Construct CreationEdit

Endlos can create all but the most complex of constructs in seconds or faster. Though he says he can't make highly advanced mechanisms, he can with a little more concentration. Part of his Swordcraft ability.


Endlos' true ability as the Archfiend of Silver and Silver Tyrant. This ability allows him to create "swords" from concepts or ideas, their effects activating when they strike a target if they are less sword and more concept. If the opposite, the blade's effect can take effect upon its name being evoked. Each Swordcraft has two forms, a concept blade and a blade concept, the former being more powerful but harder to properly use, the latter weaker but more easily utilized.

Divine ConditionEdit

Endlos' presence is akin to that of an upper tier divine being at borderline godhood. He is always in peak form and is never exhausted no matter how tired he may seem.

Divine PressureEdit

Endlos gives off pressure akin to that of a heavenly being surpassing most gods, more after his status as Silver Archfiend was restored. Normally this aura is comforting, but is capable of being utterly terrifying when his ire is stirred.


Endlos has several transformations he is capable of shifting into at will. Several of them are inaccessible because of his return to his Silver Archfiend.

Primordial Force ManipulationEdit

Endlos can directly tap into the forces of the universe from which life stems from. Because of his deep link to life itself, he could be considered a god presiding over life by some.

Primal Force ManipulationEdit

Endlos can, after his weaponization, channel the raw power of the universe's deepest depths. What this does is entirely unknown because its effects haven't been studied in detail.

Armor GenerationEdit

Endlos can generate natural armor impervious to magic and physical attacks beneath a certain level. Even then, his defense is greatly bolstered to the point of minimalizing even severe damage.

Element NegationEdit

Endlos, after his weaponization, became immune to the elements, to the point of being able to actively and passively negate elements.

Magic NegationEdit

Endlos became completely immune to magic upon his weaponization. This applies even to Conceptual, Transcendental, Universal and Godly Magicks. Additionally, he is aware of any magic cast on him or in his area and can dispel it should he choose to.

Aether ManipulationEdit

Endlos shares a strong bond with the Aether, actually being able to communicate with the force due to exposure and use.

Spirit CommunicationEdit

Endlos can communicate with spirits on other planes in tune with his own, even those on different worlds.


Endlos can bring spirits from any plane to his exact location should they be willing to appear. Similarly, he can banish spirits back to their native plane if need be.


Endlos can channel spirits and their power by using himself and weapons as a conduit. The power gained is dependent on the spirit channelled and their synchronization.

Aerial StepEdit

Endlos can traverse the air as if it were the ground or multiple walls allowing for quick movements and repositioning when fighting.

Axle StepEdit

Endlos can perform multidirectional pivots from seemingly impossible angles, making him hard to hit should he choose to evade rather than block or counter.

Gravity ManipulationEdit

Endlos can control gravity nearly perfectly. Creating singularities and their opposites is child's play to him.

Density ManipulationEdit

Having mastered gravity to such an extent, Endlos can directly change the density of objects and attacks. Mountains can be as dense as feathers and pebbles as dense as planets.

Time NegationEdit

Endlos is immune to the flow of time due to his pseudo-god status.

Stop ImmunityEdit

Endlos is immune to Stop effects, rather they rebound off of him.

Slow ImmunityEdit

Endlos cannot be slowed by time related abilities or magic.

Acceleration ImmunityEdit

Endlos is unaffected by acceleration related magic and effects.


Endlos is one of the very few beings able to teleport to any location in and out of the universe without restriction.


Endlos has learned and mastered Destruction based attacks. He can enhance his attacks with this trait to destroy effects and the like.


Endlos is learning restoration magic, but cannot perform Arias as he is now. Theoretically, he could surpass Arias, but that is very unlikely for some time.

Aura EnchantEdit

Endlos can cast Aura to enhance himself and his weapons.


Endlos can cancel the effect of Aura to create the Restore Effect and reverse unhealable damage to himself.

Spirit EnchantEdit

Endlos can cast Spirit to bolster his and his allies' resistance to harm.


By cancelling Spirit, Endlos can activate the Invincible Effect on all allies for five minutes.

Incantation: God PiercerEdit

Incantation: IzayoiEdit

Destruction: HecatonchieresEdit

Calamity: True HecatonchieresEdit


Law: KarmaEdit

Mandala: SamsaraEdit

Dharma: Point ZeroEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

God PiercerEdit

A lance with inspiration from tridents, having a trio of tips that widen as they get closer to the weapon's shaft. Comprised of metals long lost, the lance is silver, gold and black in coloration, but is far more durable than even the strongest Diamond Grade metal. The weapon spans over fourteen feet in length and eight feet in width based on the widest segment of the tip, far larger than its wielder. Its full power is unknown, but if its name says anything, very few are safe from its power when activated.

Sylvanea's BladeEdit

A sword usable only by Endlos and Sylvanea. The sword itself is silver with an onyx blade. It appears to be a merger between a long sword and rapier, having the length and width of a thinner long sword, but the guard and spun hilt of a rapier. It's power is questionable, having only been seen once for a fraction of an instant.

Fafnir, Skoll and GarmrEdit

The three greatswords Endlos carries, each of which representing a different beast. Each sword commands fire, Fafnir commanding dragon fire, Skoll commanding volcanic fire and Garmr commanding hellfire. Appearance wise, the three weapons are identical black broad swords.

Izayoi MagatsuEdit


  • Oboro Izayoi Magatsu


Flesh ArmorEdit

Armor that forms from the king's flesh and bones, yet appears to be made of metal comodities. Its appearance is regal and its defense high, but only a fraction of what it used to be.