This is a page made to detail the basics of Editing via a mobile device.

Page CreationEdit

To make a page you will likely have to select full site from the bottom of the wiki then go up to your url bar and input your page name after the part of the site url. From there press enter/return to get to the page(if in full mobile version of the site, you'll get a "Page Not Found" or "Page Does Not Exist" page instead.) and hit the create button at the top left of the page.

Sections and HeadingsEdit

To make a new section, first you must enter the wiki editor mode and find the space in which you want to make your section. To make a section, you must use "=" an equal amount of times on both sides of your section's title, minus the quotation marks. This works visibly from one to five "=" on both sides. An example appears below.

Sample SectionEdit

This section was made by putting three "=" in a row with no spaces between them on both sides of the example title Section Heading.

To make the standard heading, use two "=" on both sides.


To italicize speech via mobile devices, you must use ' twice on both sudes of the text to italicize. This prevents the italicized words from spreading unnecessarily. Note that two ' cannot be substituted by a single quotation mark (").


To make words Bold, follow the same steps for italicizing text, but add another ' to both sides.

Bold and ItalicizedEdit

To make text both Bold and Italicized you must put five ' on both sides of the text you want affected.


If you want to divide a section into multiple parts for one reason or another, use four dashes/hyphens(-) in a row.

This line rather easily divides sections, but keep in mind that this does not create a new section, only a division within a section.

No WikiEdit

If you want to use something in wiki without its intended function activating, at the point where you want this to not occur place < nowiki >wiki Script you want to not activate < /nowiki > around it without the spaces.

This divides a section, but adding nowiki to it makes the division become...

---- The difference should be easy to see.

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