Echo Revised

Current World Map

This world has been destroyed, as of the events of the RP section 'Omega'. During the events of Heirs of the Void, little remains of this realm.

The realm possesses a unique time flow, making a single Earth Year become Eight. The conversion rate is for every year, multiply by increasing incriminates, starting with8*1, 8*2, and so on.


Echo was a primal world in comparison to earth, with giant landmasses, small oceans, violent weather more severe than the strongest theorized hurricanes on Earth. It was home to three races, Echo Shapeshifters and Elementals, as well as humans, which arrived shortly after the start of the Fantasy war. Echo was not a true Fantasy world, in fact it lied close to the edge, just outside of Reality, and unlike Fantasy, was no paradise. It could be theorized to be Earth's former Time Space twin.


  • Hinansho Garden/ Kuria's Realm - The equivalent of the Garden of Eden on Echo. Kuria, and a few select divine beings may enter.
  • Chinmoku - The nation and city of Chinmoku, is a vast empire of the Shapeshifters.
  • Earthguard - Fortress home of the Earth Elementals
  • Firehaven - Volcanic city of the Fire Elementals
  • Thunderdrone - Sky fortress of the Lightning Elementals
  • Skykeep - A fortress built in the skies, home to Wind Elementals
  • Frostdavern - Secluded fortress to the North, home of the Ice Elementals
  • Abyssal Keep - Underwater fortress of the Water Elementals
  • Twilight Tower - The realm of the Dark Elementals, made to safeguard Azure Gate.
  • Solarheaven - A floating city that follows the path of the sun, home to the Light Elementals
  • Azure - Neutral city devoted to the protection of innocent and justice, for both man and Mythos.
  • Twin Valleys - Secret twin communities of Endlos, hidden by the protective Spirits.
  • The Black King's Palace - Home to the King of all Negative Spirits.
  • Tower of Heaven - The palace of the Queen of the Positive Spirits.
  • West Wasteland - A region of desert, savannas, and plains
  • East Flora - The Eastern Region of Echo, home to jungles, swamps, and countless forests.
  • Central Valleys - Center region of Echo, mountains and deep valleys
  • The North Frontier - A large area of land beholden to no country, overseen by the Spirits.
  • The South Frontier - A region said to be cursed, only fools live in the South, due to the Negative Spirits.


Notable Characters

Azayakana: Location: Tower of Heaven, Role: Queen of Positive Spirits

The Black King: Location: Black King's Palace, Role: King of Negative Spirits

Endlos: Location: Twin Valleys, Role: Protector/Leader of Endlos race.

The Grand Eye: Location: Chinmoku, Role: Grand Emperor of Chinmoku

Inga Kankei: Location: Central Valleys, Various, Role: Antagonist

Kuria: Location: Various, Role: Future Guardian of Echo

Dementor: Location: Twilight Tower, Role: Lord of the Dark Elementals, Guarding Azure Gate


Primeval Era

Before the Universe took full root, a mythical battle between the ancient incarnation of Balance and of Stagnation occurred. With the dark shadow of the Primordials defeated, its corpse was sealed away deep in the fabric of the fledgling universe, and a nascent, unformed world was created to conceal its prison. It is said after this battle, Balance erased its memory of this battle to protect the Veil from Stagnation's influence.

Pre Formative

Formative Era

Reign of Chaos

Time of the Spirit Kingdoms

First Life

Primitive Era

First Kingdoms Era

The Warring Era

The Fantasy Reality War

The Phoenix Era