Drake Ryunexo
Drake Ryunexo
You think you can stop me? That's cute.
Cayen Kiruki
The Ryunexo's Beast
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 18/7
Family Kiraleath (Father), Yurisa (Mother)
Status Alive.
Eye Color Red, Black (Corruption Influence)
Hair Color White
Height 183 cm (6ft)
Blood type B
Age 21
Weight 123 kb (271 lbs)
Health Great
Affiliation Unknown
Species Cyanican (Feral)
Base of Operations N/A
Weapons Unknown
Current Occupation Mercenary
Fighting Style N/A
Partner Nihil Ryunexo. Razeth Ryunexo, Daikeim (All Teammates)
Team Ryunexo Mercenaries
Relatives Kiraleath (Father), Yurisa (Mother)
Marital Status Single


Time for an overhaul.

Personality and Appearance

If you've just met him, a contractor or otherwise out of his social circle, Drake certainly maintains his reputation of being reckless, vulgar, loud, has a tendency to speak his mind and can basically be described as a pain to deal with. If you're able to get onto his good side, you're able to see that Drake is more than a mere heartless hitman. He displays an odd fascination for spells and possess noticeable child-like mannerisms, he has his friends backs and would gladly take a metaphorical bullet for them.

While his appearance is nothing too outlandish, Drake isn't exactly hard to spot from a crowd - wearing a black jacket with the hood down, black jeans and a white shirt. The most striking feature however are his fire-red eyes that hide behind medium length white hair, his build can be described very similar to Daikeim's with the exceptions being that his skin holds few scars and the Ryunexo tattoo on his left shoulder.


Daikeim -

Noriko - N/A

Razeth and Nihil Ryunexo -

Corruption -

Kanashimi - N/A

Seriah - N/A

Eien - N/A

Kado - N/A

Abilities and Skills

Drake's Abilities

Sentient Aura

Fire Manipulation

Intermediate Spell Manipulation

Shared Abilities

Intermediate Soul Manipulation

Supernatural Condition

Regenerative Healing

Enhanced Senses/Attributes

Corruption's Abilities


The Aged Source; a primordial force that was mistakenly handed down to the Aged Gods, this was the main tool that aided in the attempted genocide of the Ferals and now is in the hands of Drake. The capabilities are mostly unknown as the force was 'removed' from Cyanic's history, but what's currently known is worrying: being able to guarantee destruction of that which is infinite and the complete removal of sections of time itself, this also lets Drake alter with reality literally how he sees fit. The only issues with this is that Drake's body and mind cannot handle it, so with extended use, can seriously degenerates Drake's body and mind.

Darkness Manipulation

Drake is able to create and manipulate any form of darkness, to the extent of controlling Primordial Darkness itself, Drake can also become one with the darkness, from being able to become a shadow and hide to even hide within the darkness in ones mind and soul.

Chaos Manipulation

The force that can both create and destroy universes are at Drake's fingertips, as destructive as that sounds, Drake himself can barely control it and doesn't understand how to use it to it's fullest potential yet but so far has some passive effects thanks to the many applications that comes with controlling such a force.


Weapons and Equipment


Kurai - N/A


Holographic Storage Cube


Natural Forms

Aura Dragon - Drake's essence takes shape into a red humanoid-dragon aura, complete with wings and a tail that envelopes around Drake, acting like armour. This aura grants Drake the ability of flight, enhanced strength and speed.

Half Dragon - The aura that covered Drake disappears, as dark red dragon wings and tail form and replace their aura counterpart. Drake also gains draconic fangs and eyes, as before, his strength and speed increase tremendously, and also gains the ability to sparingly teleport.

Primitive - A form given to him from Corruption's dark and sinister energy, Primitive forces users to go back to their primal instincts. Drake accesses these variations through pure rage and bloodlust, guaranteeing major damage inflicted to Drake's prey. Each of the variations grows more powerful the more Corruption takes control, causing Drake to become more and more animalistic towards his opponents, much like a dragon.

  • Initial - The simplest and easiest variation of the Primitive form to use, this gives Drake a faint black aura. Drake's eyes also go animalistic and change eye colouring to a darker shade. Drake's attacks would be more feral and more easy to predict, but not by much. Regardless, he's a dangerous force to be against.
  • Stage One - This variation is similar to Drake's Aura Dragon form in appearance, with the exception that the colour of the aura changes to a much darker shade of black while a red energy trails away from his eyes.
  • Stage Two - Being the most balanced of Primitive forms when it comes to who's in control, the form becomes more draconic, because of this. This is the only form that allows Corruption to control the aura that surrounds Drake, giving Drake abilities that he couldn't use before. Nevertheless, be weary when fighting Drake when in Stage Two.
  • Stage Three - A stage unique to Drake, and being the strongest. This form fully coats Drake in a pure black slickly draconic aura with it becoming unstable due to Drake's intent to brutalize his opponents. His eyes glow a blood red while his fangs and claws sharpen and grow larger, his voice turns more demonic and bloodlust filled. This is where Corruption almost takes control, manipulating Drake to attack friend or foe alike, in short, watch out.

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