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Katz theme
Katz Theme Nightcore
[[File:|300px ]]
For Shame.
Silver Tongue
The Light That Was Darkness
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Hair Color None
Height 6'3
Blood type B-
Age 32
Weight 195
Health Outstanding
Affiliation -
Species Hyperhuman
Base of Operations New Vince
Weapons -
Current Occupation Crime Boss/Brothel Owner
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Dontae is a crime boss who at one point united the minor gangs in New Vince an created an unrivaled criminal underworld up until his capture by the militia, who then sent him off to Azure

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dontae is a bald, broad-shouldered man with a lean build and chocolate brown eyes. He usually wears penny loafers, quaterroys, a white button-up long-sleeved shirt that he keeps tucked in, and a black shirt vest he wears over his white shirt.

Dontae can be described as smooth, sadistic, charismatic, eccentric, and ambitious. Since he was born in a house of privilege, he was taught certain mannerisms, speech, and tendencies; which he still uses today. The way he displays them gives others a level of fear of him. He's a man of initiative and chance, who takes just about any opportunity that will benefit him and those who work under him. Dontae can be very hostile at times, if not violent; usually towards those who wrong him, his workers, or his business, but even with that being said, he prefers to talk before taking drastic actions. Dontae can be a nice individual to have for company, though at times he can be rather talkative. He can also be rather lax too, but isn't afraid to assert his authority if he needs to.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Power Absorbtion Edit

Dontae can absorb the powers over other beings, just so long he comes into skin contact.

Power Augmentation Edit

Dontae can empower himself or others

Power Negation Edit

Dontae can nullify the powers of others, only if he comes into physical contact

Power Mixture Edit

Dontae can combine more than one power

Power Immunity Edit

Dontae is immune to his own powers aswell as others, depending on if he has the same ones

Power Bestowal Edit

Dontae can give a certain power to someone else for a short time

Martial Arts IntuitionEdit

Dontae can intuitively understand any form of martial arts, though he needs to observe said martial art.

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