The Dominion of Kyloto is a massive dominion that seeks reign and control of all worlds and lands. The Dominion is known to have assimilated the remnations of the Legion of Phazon. Their base of operations is the "Grand Pillar Between Heaven and Earth", Negura, located within the city of Shihon on Kyloto. The Dominion is ruled by Overlord Shen Gikoku, also known as the "Hakaishin of All Kyloto".


The Dominion's leading face consists of the Overlord, Shen, and the eight "Oka Eritoshin", powerful warriors that loyally serve him, two of these, Oran Mandarin and Shiro Magala, bear the special titles of "Shogun of All Kyloto" and "Shogun of Heaven and Earth", and serve as Shen's right and left hand men, respectively.

Below the Oka Eritoshin are the Ichizoku, leaders of powerful forces accustomed under the Dominion's control. This includes Rourke Rezfarda, the current ruler of the Legion of Phazon, and Raichi Strom, the current ruler of the Elite Clannad of Stormtop.

Beneath the Ichizoku are five warlords known as "Gladiators", strong powerhouses who are recognised as "champions from the Colosseum", the strongest of these being their leader, Gestaporro Kanbatsu, also known publically as "Geppro of the Drought".

The Hyakujū Legion, known informally as the "Gifters", are a special fleet comprised of at least 55,000 soldiers, with 1,000 of them being considered equal to one Gladiator in terms of abilities. Every Gifter has the ability to transform into hybrids of what appears to be animals that exist on Earth, both current and extinct, as well as some from other worlds, including Kyloto's own. The Gifters are led by the "Headliners", who serve as captains. The Headliners' strengths are double that of a normal Gifter. The commander of the Gifters is Pedro Senin.

The Dominion also has a massive fleet commanded by Ryokai Jian, and a science department, the Methodical Department of Study, run by Hardforth Veerlan.

Known MembersEdit


Oka EritoshinEdit

  • Oran Mandarin
  • Shiro Magala
  • Doriru Agobiar
  • Roed Raithe
  • Hickory Kedamon
  • Zurakiel Ketseuki
  • Kiri Hakase
  • Sanzu Kane
  • Yoru Silva


  • Raichi Strom
    • Grandmaster of the Elite Clannad of Stormtop.
  • Corazon Alder
    • Master of the Orochi Tribes.
  • Rourke Rezfarda
    • Emperor of the Legion of Phazon.
  • Equilatrium Roxcinotte
    • Leader of the Trion Insurgence.
  • Seth Wisteria
    • Leader of the Order VII.
  • Gore Zanclus
    • Battle Lord of the Toge Nomads.
  • Ektara Mandolin
    • Grand Boss of the Cymbal Clannads.
  • Werlock Ryusei
    • Magister of the High Authority of Baise.
  • Colubra Garuda
    • Battle King of the Hormida Empire.
  • Argus
    • Imperator of the Council of Greater Sabaria.
  • Kitsuke Shokuji
    • Patriarch of the Shokuji Dynasty.
  • Sir Dabravain
    • A Black Knight and the leader of the rogue Templar Order.
  • Mu Eta
    • Didact of the Regency of Mu.


Headliners of the Hyakujū LegionEdit

  • "Boar King" Pedro Senin
  • "Destruction Mammoth" Cadigan Astodian
  • "Heavy Claw" Prawn Raigor
  • "Red Dragon" Raol Angelus
  • "Hell Dragonfly" Tonbo Gyokuryu
  • "Burner Raccoon" Tanaan Wox
  • "Serpent King" Inferuno Tatsubaki
  • "Tyrant Dragoon" Vou Kai


  • Ryokai Jian
  • Hardforth Veerlan
  • Red X
  • Scotch Whist
  • Lamorak Espee
  • Horndahl

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