Diek the Light One
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 3/20
Family Drein, Feinjer, Chika
Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
Height 5'6"
Blood type A+
Age 9
Weight Unknown
Health Good
Affiliation The good of the living
Species Angel
Base of Operations Heaven
Weapons None
Current Occupation Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Drein
Team The Angels of Heaven
Marital Status Single




Diek has many powers as an angel of God.

Light Manipulation - - Can change the shape of and create sources of light.

White Fire Makipulation - - Can change the shape of and creat sources of White Fire

Immortality / Regeneration - - Can regenerate any wound and cannot die by mortal hands.

Life Manipulation - - Can create or heal any creature and make weapons able to heal any being as long as he is touching it.

Flight - - Can sprout large dove-like wings and fly.

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