Darkaria is a kingdom that once found roots on Earth, but due to an incident it now resides in an alternate dimension that's impossible to enter unless a dimensional portal is opened by the current ruler Tsubaki or his father Hozuki Watanuki. The land is governed by not only Tsubaki but also the 15 Darkaria Knights. The large island like land is divided into eight sections.

In the middle is large Darkaria castle in the middle that houses Tsubaki, No.1 Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and the Battle Maids and Butlers. Another section is around the castle, the business section where various companies deal with financial and citizenship that has tall and clean buildings, it's where No. 11, Mai Kusagishi, resides.

Around it are evenly proportional pie pieced territories with each governed by No. 2, No.3, No. 4, and No. 5. No. 2, Yami Izayoi, governs a section that has gothic look that houses the Darkaria ArmyArmy. No. 3, Shiroyuki Hana, governs a section with a clean, white, look that houses the Darkaria Police Force, Hanabi Mira and Rei Yamamoto also resides here. No. 4, Zaraki Inumuta, governs an area that has a scientific look and where the Darkaria Laboratory and Darkaria Library are also being held, No. 6 Sosuke Amagai, No. 7 Kon Sugimori, No. 13 Hannibal, Mabashi and Sasuna reside here.

No. 5, Kohaku Ryuuga, governs a section that has a renaissance look and houses the Darkaria Orphanage and Darkaria's Dragonian Squad, No. 8 Kimahara Ryuuga, No. 15 Yomi, Akamaru Ryuzetsu, Orenii Ryuhifu, and Hisui Ryusukeru reside here. Outside the territories is a large ring of forest, it's used to get rid of intruders without suffering citizen casualties. No. 9 Tsuchigumo Moiiretsu, No. 14 Kushinada, and No. 10 Tsukimaru Gekko reside here.

Hunting the Fallen Edit

It's a bright starry night in a far off town, with a glowing blood red moon resting in the middle of the sky. Everyone in the town is asleep or either awake but still inside their housing due to the dangers that a certain abandoned church bring. Although two certain individuals in cloaks aren't afraid to walk in the town at night, cause they've dealt with this kind of thing before.

"I can't believe we have to deal with these bastards again, they're so fucking pathetic praying on defenseless people for their own pleasure.", Kohaku says disgusted.

"Be careful big brother! They could hear us you know.", Kimahara responds.

"I could give a damn less, let them hear...!", he responds with a louder voice.

Kohaku notices a priest coming towards them as they come closer towards the abandoned church.

Unseen to either party is a blonde haired girl in black attire silently watching them, her presence draws the shadows to her, helping to obscure her figure.

"I'm so glad you both came", the priest begins saying, "despite being a loyal servant of God, I didn't have any other choice but to..."

"We get the fucking idea! Just tell us the problem so we can kick their sorry asses, and get the hell out of here!", Kohaku says interrupting the priest.

"Big brother! You shouldn't be mean!", Kimahara says scolding Kohaku. In response he just rolls his eyes.

The woman continues to watch, her green eyes with traces of iridescent color observe the twins silently.

Kohaku sighs, "Whatever, just take us to the damn church and on the way tells us every fucking detail.", Kohaku says rubbing the back of his neck.

"O...of course, this way please.", the priest says somewhat shuddering due to Kohaku's sudden foul language.

The priest leads them towards the church while explaining what had happened.

The priest tells them what happened, "It happened a few weeks ago, at least a year after we closed down the church due to building a new one. We started to notice jet black feathers around the church, but only thought it was a murder of crows making nests. Then we noticed the cross hung above the door had gone missing, at that time we thought some children were being mischievous. Although what lead us to our terrifying conclusion is that at night, women had began to disappear. So we sent a few men to search the church, but only one came out alive and told us the women that were missing are indeed there, but over half were killed. We think it has to do with the fact that most of them hadn't conceived any of these pitiful creatures species."

"But due to the fact that their extremely dangerous, you decided to message our Lord?", Kimahara asks.

The priest nods, "As much as I hate to say, yes, but like I said I had no choice."

"Well whatever the fucking case, let's just get rid of these bastards." Kohaku gives a wide grin, "I'll be happy when I splatter their corrupt blood all over the walls."

The priest gives a sudden shudder, while Kimahara gives a nervous smile while having a sweat drop.

The woman watches them now with a slight smile. Perhaps I should tell Eien of them later. They seem interesting.

They make to the foot of the hill, where they see the large abandoned structure with jet black feathers scattered everywhere.

"I do wish I could go further, but I'm afraid I'm not powerful enough to face them.", the priest tells them.

"No dip shit sherlock...!", Kohaku says but gets a glare from Kimahara, "*sigh*, well whatever, we'll take care it by ourselves we don't need any distractions. So you can wait out here."

Both Kohaku and Kimahara walk up to the doors of the building. Kimahara looks at Kohaku.

"How do you propose we get in?", Kimahara asks.

Kohaku smiles, "Simple, we knock."

Kohaku raises his fist and hits the door opens it in the process knocking the doors off their hinges and making them slide across the floor. Kimahara stands there with a shocked look and looks at Kohaku angrily.

"Big brother!"

"What? I knocked. That's the polite way of getting in.", Kohaku says shrugging as he thinks he didn't do anything wrong.

"Yeah, when your not knocking the doors off their hinges!", Kimahara replies a little pissed off.

The boy doesn't really understand 'subtlety' I take it...

She smirks, then fades into the shadows, tiny tendrils of shadow flow into the others, allowing her to move about openly without being seen, and giving her an extensive view, both inside and out of the church. She proceeds to watch Kimahara and Kohaku.

Kohaku and Kimahara walk into the chapel and stop with one of Kohaku's heels making a loud metallic clicking sound.

"My name is Kohaku Ryuuga! I am No.5 of the Darkaria's 15 Knights! If any of you fallen bastards have the balls to come out and face me, show yourself right now!"

Several shadowy figures flies past above their heads, with the sound of wings flapping following behind them

Kohaku looks around while Kimahara stays close to his backside.

"How many do you sense?", Kohaku asks Kimahara.

"Hmm, there are about 11 with three big significant ones, although one of these signatures seem to not be the same as the others...", Kimahara replies looking around.

"Could be a stray cat or something, let's ignore it for now.", Kohaku says.

The woman continues her silent observation, content to observe rather than interfere.

Something hits Kohaku over the head

"Ow! The fuck was that?!", Kohaku responds rubbing the back of his head.

"Who are they?"

"Two new flesh bags is what they are"

"They smell of lizard"

"Is that a guy or a girl?"

Kohaku snarls, "I swear if your talking about me, I'm gonna turn you inside out!"

"Big brother, you shouldn't let gender confusion get the better of you.", Kimahara replies trying to calm him down. Kohaku looks at Kimahara, "Yeah I know, but, I don't like hearing it from these bastards."

"That's a guy."

"Oh...then shouldn't he...I don't know...look like one at least."

"He dresses as bad as those human fashion show models"

"Oh screw you, you bastards! At least I don't wear tight ass leather! Seriously you look like a bunch of screwed over bitches!", Kohaku reply's.

'Since when did this become a battle of clothing choice?', Kimahara thinks mentally.

"Ugh...and he has the foulest mouth. I can just tell he came out from the recycling bin, then thrown into the garbage."

"Tch! Says the stupid angels who had sex with human women.", Kohaku reply's.

"At least we got some! you couldn't get laid if your life depended on it!"

"Shh dang it! Just let them be. They'll only have a few seconds to breathe anyway."

"Hah! I wouldn't even want some anyway. I'm not desperately horny like you all. To be honest I fell bad for those women, cause I don't think you gave them anything good since those spears your always holding seem to make up for what you lack.", Kohaku says mockingly while Kimahara tries her best to stifle her laughter.

"You forget that there are ten of us here. We may have fallen, but we still retain our divinity. Don't think you can just walk up in here and think you're all that, when you consider that fact in mind."

Kohaku smiles, "Hmph, you seem to also be forgeting who I am since I introduced myself earlier. So it's basically one dragon vs ten chickens, so the odds still seem to be in my favor.", "But, big brother you forget that I'm here too.", Kimahara replies. Kohaku looks at her, "Yeah well your still just a juvenile." Kohaku replies teasingly. Kimahara puts on a pouty face, "Why do you always have to call me that?"

"Dragons are only fire-breathing lizards. Nothing we can't handle."

Suddenly shadows begin to swarm them over-head.

"Well I'll let you know we're not any normal pair of dragons. If you bastards are ready for a beating", Kohaku and Kimahara throw off their cloaks, with Kohaku wielding his Draco Knight guns in his hands and on his heels, and Kimahara holding her sword ready to draw it, "then bring it on!"

"Oh we will."

A black wall surrounds them and the angels come through and have their hands outstretched.'

"The hell is this?", Kohaku asks surprised.

The grab each others wrist and each of them have a circle of white fire in front of them. As the circles grow thicker, a light appears in the middle of those circles, growing brighter

'A collaboration attack, in that case...', Kohaku thinks mentally then looks at Kimahara who gives him a nod.

Before they can do anything another figure comes out from above and cuts one of the angels in half. The angel combusts into white dust. The other angels are shocked. The circles begin to fade.

"Quick! Close the gap!"

They try to close the empty space but the figure cuts one of the angels hands off and all the others somehow start being thrown all over the place

"What is this!? What's happening!?"

"The fuck is going on?!", Kohaku asks somewhat pissed.

The figure turns and looks at the awestruck two. "You two. Kill as many of these fools as you can." The figure cuts down another angel.

Kohaku grins, "You don't need to tell me twice, I'll gladly kill these bastards over and over again!" Kohaku jumps and starts shooting the fallen angles all the while doing aerial maneuvers. Kimahara unsheathes her sword and starts cutting the fallen angles.

"Seriously, what is up with these cosplayers!? Don't they have a convention they could be going to, like any normal weirdo!?"

"Isn't the convention next year?"

The figure stabs an angel from behind and rips his sword out. The angel combusts into white dust. The other angels begin to fire rays of light at the three.

Kohaku and Kimahara dodge the rays of light by jumping and running on walls, "What's wrong? I thought a pair of 'fire breathing lizards' were nothing you can't handle. As always you pathetic bastards overestimate yourselves.", Kohaku says mockingly with a wide grin on his face.

The woman decides to intervene, and begins manifesting as a large black void, which begins sucking in some of the other angels from behind, those who get sucked in come out a minute later as piles of blackened bone.

The figure breathes, "What were you two doing here?"

Kohaku looks at her annoyed, "We were sent here by that bastard to exterminate fallen angels in this town which happened to be under our protection. I should be asking what the hell are You doing here?"

The figure turns around revealing a dirty-blonde male with grayish blue eyes, wearing a black zipper vest and black tights and black shoes. "Cause this is territory. You can come out, Mavis." A girl with green hair and purple eyes timidly emerges from the shadows and sort of hides behind the blonde male. "Don't you guys have anything better to do with yourselves than to hunt angels? Not that it isn't a bad thing."

"We're tasked with this job, it isn't our choice. Well actually it was kinda my choice...after what happened to us I ain't gonna rest until I kill every single of those bastards...", Kohaku responds with bitterness in his voice. "Plus our Lord swore to protect the innocent. It would be a tarnish to his reputation if he didn't keep his promise.", Kimahara adds.

"Which Lord?"

"Lord Tsubaki of Darkaria.", Kimahara replies.

"So let me get this straight, you're not from Earth, are you?"


"So like, rom another planet, realm, or dimension?"

"That's pretty it, yeah. Of course our dimension is attached to Earth so we come here often." Kimahara replies. Kohaku looks at them with arms crossed, "Why you asking all these questions anyway? Do you have something against us?"

"Too much shit going on these days. Can't be too careful. I'll only have something against you when you add to the problem, which you should pray that you're not."

"Well you better pray your not part of our problem or I'll put my boot up your ass!", Kohaku replies somewhat offended. "Big brother! Please stop being hateful! I'm sorry, ever since we had a...little incident he's kind of hateful towards strangers.", Kimahara says while trying to calm her brother down.

"So am I...Try keep yourselves in line, and put some disguises on, for Jesus sakes you like you're going to an recycled anime convention. If you are by chance, it's next year."

"Okay that's it! Put your dukes I'm gonna ram a boot and bullet up your ass you fucking prick!", Kohaku says very peeved off but is restrained from getting any closer by Kimahara. "Calm down big brother! You can't let idle insults get the better of you!", she then looks at the man, "Uh, let's change the subject, would you kindly please tell us your name?"

"Segura, your Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Nephilim. And this is Mavis."

The green haired girl nods at them in acknowledgement

"I'm serious about the look though. You don't change up, everyone is going to be on your asses until you're dead."

"My name is Kimahara Ryuuga, No.8 of the 15 Knights of Darkaria. This is my older twin brother Kohaku Ryuuga, No.5 of the 15 Knights. It's a pleasure to meet you, and trust us we have of people on know.", Kimahara replies while still restraining Kohaku.

"Round Table of yours?"

"Pretty much. We're elite warriors of the Darkaria Kingdom, each with a special skill unique to each individual. It was formed when Lord Tsubaki became ruler.", Kimahara replies.

"Well word of advice, don't always trust the people you work for. Especially in that high of a status."

"We've been in the group for years, so we pretty much know each member well and know what makes them tick. Did you have a bad experience or something since your trying to warn us?", Kohaku asks finally calming down.

"No. Just any form of power tends to have a double standard, and then the underlings get screwed over in the end. It's just something you should keep in mind is all."

"Trust me, if any of the Knights get out of hand and abuse their power, that bastards will give them a real merciless beating. Though there's one that gets punished by No.4 for acting out of orders, but that's a different story.", Kohaku replies.

"Anyway, do you need a guide? And 'no' and 'fuck off' and any other third answer ins't the answer."

"Well we're actually looking for the women that the fallen bastards had kidnapped, so if your willing to help us then that would be appreciated, if not stay out of our fucking way till we find them.", Kohaku says turning heel. "Geez, your so mean to them even after he offered help.", Kimahara says catching up to Kohaku. He looks at Kimahara, "Remember what you told them? 'He's hateful towards strangers', so that means even if they'd given us their name and offered help, I'm gonna act like this.", Kimahara bows her head, "I know...", Kohaku then frowns.

"Well like I said, 'No' and 'Fuck off' isn't an answer, even for me.", Segura replies.

Kohaku turns his head, "*sigh*, fine. Yes we would like a guide. Are you happy now?"

The void begins to start changing shape and gaining dimension. 

"The hell?!"

"Yea, what is up with that? Is that how you two got here?"

"No we came from a different one.", Kimahara replies.

"So. Anyone want to throw anything in it and sees what it does?"

"We're busy. So if you wanna go tossing stones, go ahead. Let's go Kima." Kohaku turns heel with Kimahara following.

Segura and Mavis follows close. "Anyway, I'll give it to you nice and simple. This is a place you certainly don't wanna be in. For some it's no sweat, to others it's an eternal warzone. Every ten minutes an explosion goes off and that's when you know you're day is gonna be the worst day of your life. Which might as well be everyday."

The void suddenly flickers and lands on top of a roof, where it changes shape into the form of a woman, then disperses, revealing the woman who had been previously unseen.

Kohaku has a confused look on his face, "What the hell? That void that consumed those fallen angels turns into a women?! Who the fuck are you?!", Kohaku yells at the woman.

She says nothing at first, turning her head to look at them. "Not your concern." Her tone indicates a lack of interest, and she starts walking along the rooftops as though deliberately ignoring them.

"It is our fucking concern! You come in here and interfere with our mission and just walk away like nothing happened?! You better answer me or I'll put a bullet up YOUR ass bitch!", Kohaku replies aggravated. Kimahara looks at the two he doesn't like it when people ignore him, he takes it as though they think he's not worth their time."

"Calm yourself. The more you rage, the more you're enemies will get under your skin. And you don't want to give them that satisfaction, do you?"

"Screw you!", Kohaku yells at them. Kimahara sighs, "I guess it's time to bring out the secret weapon.", she reaches into her sleeve and brings out a lollipop. She unwraps it and goes towards Kohaku. "Hey, big brother?", Kohaku looks at her, "What do you...!", Kimahara sticks the lollipop in his mouth and he starts sucking on it. "Mmm...strawberry?", "Yup!", Kimahara says smiling in satisfaction.

"He would prefer a lollipop over words of's just like Dad. Speaking of which, Mavis, tell Dad where we are and what were about to do."

Mavis nods and closes her eyes. She is outlined with light.

Kimahara looks at Mavis, "Some kind of telepathy?"

"Exactly, she's human though despite her looks. We don't know how she does it, but she does it. And that's good enough for us."

"Well it's not uncommon where we're from, there are humans who have strange abilities. But it comes from years of study.", Kimahara responds. "Although I have to ask, what about you?"

Segura simply takes a deep breath. "I am of the Fallen and of the Flesh. I share the blood of those you hunt now and the inhabitants of this planet."

Kohaku gives him a quick glance, "So in that case...I missed one huh?", he replies pulling one of his guns out of its holster. Kimahara gives a shocked look, "Wait big brother! We were only tasked with eliminating the ones in the church!","I can't take any fucking chances.", points his gun at Segura.

Segura gets into his swordplay stance. "Unlike the others. I'll put you down before you even pull the trigger."

Mavis opens her eyes and touches Segura's shoulder. Segura glances at her then back at Kohaku. He simply let's his sword down and stands.

Kohaku gives a surprised look, "What the hell happened?"

"I'm not killing you. That's what it is."

"Did your sister have something to do with it?", Kohaku asks questioningly.

"Aside from...convincing me not to take a head off, no."

Kohaku raises an eyebrow, "Be specific."

"Telepathy. She can't speak to me with her mouth, so she uses her mind."

"I see...but what really convinced you not to take my head?" Kohaku asks.

"I would kill me too..."

The woman pauses, but says nothing, merely turning her head so that one of her eyes are visible, the sclerae of her eyes are black, while her green eyes have become more tinted with iridescent color, her pupil dragonic.

Kohaku looks at the woman surprised, "Dragonic ours?"

"What I do is not your concern. Upon a whim I stepped in, nothing more. Your guns are useless against me, boy, so don't even try them." She turns and keeps walking.

"You say that and yet I haven't shown you the full extent of my power. Tch, it's overconfident bastards like you that make this world a living hell." Kohaku responds. While he's dealing with the mysterious woman, Kimahara turn to Segura, "What do you mean you mean by what you said?"

"People like me...we are what mankind used to be before...nothing but pure evil...nothing good comes out of hybridization, escpecially on this level. In the end...I am not good...I can't be...Someone like me shouldn't even exist! Much less still walk the Earth. I should not have been allowed to exist...I would only bring demise to whomever I affiliate myself with...People like me...are evil reborn..."

Kimahara gets a sad look, "Have you ever asked your sister how she felt?"

"Always." Segera turns towards Mavis, who has a sad look in her eye. "She feels that even if I'm not mean't to be good, I can still do something good. She feels...helpless to help me, but she knows there was nothing she could've done...That she is not the one I could do good for..."

" wanna protect her right?"

"..." Looks down "I can't..."

Mavis closes her eyes in emotinal pain

"Besides, she has others who truly can. I know I can't."

"Why? What's stopping you? Do you even care about her?"

"Angels don't care unless it was the will of God...I serve no God..."

"We don't what's the difference between you and us?"

"Angels only show their feeling when their told to. I'm part angel and part flesh, which represents weakness, to do good. All I can think about is destroying those who opress one...just me...You would kill those who would hurt the weak, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I would."

Segura breathes. "The only good thing I see myself doing, is getting rid of those want to make more like me. To ruin this world further. We must get going."

"Are you sure? You said you would guide us."

The woman sighs. "I am a being comparable or even greater in power to the one you know as Tsubaki. I can tell with a glance your limits."

"You say that even without testing your theory? What gives you the right to note who's strong or weak?"

Her head  tilts to one side. "If you're asking me to prove it, I can assure you'd regret me doing so."

Kohaku thinks for a moment then puts his gun back into it's holster. "If I were to stray from that bastards orders, I'd be in boiling water, so I'll let it go. Of course he'll think about what to do with you when I mention you, so keep yourself ready, cause these shadows see all." Kohaku turns toward Segura.

Segura: Let's go. We got curfew in a few hours, so we need to get this done. Plus, I need to give you that information about reality.

"Whatever, we won't be here for long so. When we finish our mission, we'll get out of your hair...oh, here we are.", they come across a basement door, but a seal has been placed over it.

"So do I break it or do you? Looks easy enough to bypass."

"Fallen angels aren't push overs, they've increased the power of their seals to match the power of our No.2 Knight, but they can't beat the science of our No.4." While Kohaku was saying this, Kimahara pulled a special glove decorated with a crystal orb in the middle and lines on the glove from her kimono sleeve and puts it on. "We can't touch it normally cause they put divinity powers into that seal and said ppower is poisonous to demons, so we have a special glove made to remove it." Kimahara proceeds and removes the seal unlocking the door.

"Funny thing is, I could've removed that in 3 seconds tops. I did say I was Nephilim." Leans over to Mavis. "I did say that, right?"

Mavis nods.

"Yea, I did say that."

"Doesn't matter the deed is done.", Kohaku replies and takes a deep breath. "Alright...time to see the damage...", Kohaku opens the door and make their down to the basement floor. Kohaku stops suddenly with disgust on his face and in his voice, "Son of a bitch...".

There lies the naked, scarred bodies of dead women underneath their footing.

"Man, they must've really went at it with these chicks."

Mavis gives him a disapproving glance

"I'm not even joking right now. Hell, I never joke."

"Most of them were killed because they didn't conceive fallen angles. So they 'disposed'of them, those sick twisted bastards.", Kohaku says with a loud growl and grinding teeth. Kimahara covers her mouth with her hands in a shocked expression.

Mavis makes it and upon looking at the dead bodies she faints falls down. Segura picks her up.


"I see, take her outside and give her some fresh air, we're gonna look for any survivors.", Kimahara replies.

Segura: *climbs back up*

"Alright then, let's get through this shit and find someone." Kohaku says. "I don't think it's nice to disrespect the dead big brother.", Kimahara replies. They both begin looking.

"And then some flippin' bubblegum cosplayers came strolling in here. We were about to send them to hell until someone of our blood came and began to cut us up. We couldn't see him clearly though, since it happened so suddenly."

"That bad, huh?"

"Yes...What should we do ?"

"Easy. We kill the bastards who killed our brothers and sisters. This world must be ripe for Him."


After much searching, Kimahara found a survivor. "Big brother! There's someone huddled in the corner!" Kohaku proceeds to the location and sees a brown haired woman in a torn green gown. She looks at the two frightened. "Please! D...Don't hurt me!" Kohaku puts his hands up as he approaches, "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you. Although I'm gonna check something. How many months have you been pregnant?"," 3 months, they were gonna approach me to find out if I'm pregnant with their kind, but they suddenly scurried upstairs to a disturbance. I'm guessing it was you two?", the woman asks. "Yeah, we came here cause those bastards were kidnapping the woman in the village." Kohaku replies. "We were sent to exterminate them, and find the women captured. If it so happens that a women was pregnant with a fallen angel, then..." Kimahara adds put pauses. "Then you'd have to kill them." She replies. Both Kohaku and Kimahara nod, in response the woman has sudden fear in her eyes. Kohaku kneels in front of her. "I'm gonna find out if you have either a human or fallen angel, then our course of action will be based on what I find." Kohaku then puts his ear and hands on her stomach and closes his eyes in concentration.

All of a sudden a display of horrific images flash in his mind as all he sees destruction and coruption followed by a horrific baby scream

Kohaku flinches and backs away with thin sheet of sweat on his face. "Big brother!", Kimahara screams and rushes to her brother's side. The women suddenly gets scared, "Don't tell me it's a..."

Segura: What else could it be?

Kohaku gets up and rushes Segura and pins him against the wall. "Tell me what the hell those bastards are planning!", Kohaku asks angrily with a snarl.

Segura: *pushes Kohaku off of him* They're planning on corrupting humanity again...At that point, things will so bad that humanity and mythic kind will destroy itself in one setting. The bloodline will be infected and the human race will know no good...Like it did during the early days of Earth.

"Is your dad that dumbass who leads the group of fallen angels? The first one to fall from grace?" Kohaku asks still with a snarl in his voice.

Segura: Sometimes I feel like it...but no...My father was one of his followers...up until he met my mother...that's when he changed. He betrayed his leader for his earthly life.

"What made him betray that dumbass?", Kohaku asks.

Segura: My mother is who convinced him.

"How the hell did she attempt that? Usually the fallen angels just satisfy their lust and then leave to join that dumbass." Kohaku replies.

Segura: I guess some part of him wanted to be good one last time.

"So he's pretty much seeking redemption?" Kohaku replies.

Segura: Either or, he just wanted to do something right.

"Well, even if you and your dad know or not, that dumbass doesn't take traitors lightly. Let's just say I've heard rumors." Kohaku reply's.

Segura: Then you've heard right. You don't even hear about traitors as it is.

"True." He turns to the woman, "We better take care of this problem first before I anything else and get out of here, least he sends more fallen angels here." Kohaku pulls out his gun and unloads the semi-full magazine and puts in a peculiar bullet and loads it again.

Segura: I know how to solve this. You guys get a move on.

"No, you get a move on. I've already loaded the bullet that will kill off the mother and the baby, plus just being around any kind of fallen angel makes me trigger happy, and don't think I won't point my gun at you cause this bullet can kill you regardless if I hit a vital spot or not." Kohaku replies with a slight snarl.

Segura:...*simply stabs the woman through her stomach*

The woman screams in immense pain. Light shines from her eyes and mouth and the inside her stomach as the horrid scream of her child is entangled with hers. The screaming stops and the light disappears. The woman is bleeding from her mouth

Segura: *takes his sword out the woman and white particles flow out of her wound*

"...Remind me to kick his ass after we're done here." Kohaku says to Kimahara while loading another peculiar bullet into his other three guns. "Big brother! Quite it!" Kimahara replies angrily. "What? He's interfering with our mission and I don't want another scolding from that bastard when get home...well that'll at least be better than getting a second merciless beat down from him, but still..."

Segura: Just be glad the job is getting done. What real delay am I causing you anyway? The fact I'm killing more of your targets than you are?

"It was our job to begin with, your just merely joining the band wagon. I don't know what kind of beef you got against your own kind but just at least let us save you the trouble of being found out about. Cause every time a group of fallen angels are killed, they're gonna send some to that location and kill anyone deemed traitor. By letting us demons doing this you won't be at risk of being found out. It's against my policy of not shooting any fallen angel regardless if they're traitors or not, but that bastard seems to see them useful in the future. And like I said I don't want another beating from him, it's just this sudden urge to kill those that had cause me and sister pain is just...GAH!" Kohaku punches the nearby wall to rubble. Kimahara stands there surprised and a little saddened.

Segura: There isn't anything particularly special about me, besides, I'm more of  handful than I appear.

"It doesn't matter, they'll do anything, even kidnap your sister and blackmail you! Do you want your own sister used against you?!" Kohaku replies with a sudden demonic/dragonic tone to his voice.

Segura: Her life for countless others. She can't say she wasn't ready for it. We were trained to die for a cause,no matter what kind of death it was. She wouldn't want me to let them use her as a ruse to get to me or anyone else.

"So in other your just wasted existences, your life means nothing and your not willing to fight for it. Your both pathetic, so if that's the way you feel just kill yourselves and get it over with it so more worthy people to take your...!" Kohaku stops midway and looks behind, "Damn it..."

Segura: We're martyrs. We die for a cause, not because we want to, but because one of these days we'll have too, but that doesn't mean we don't fight for our lives.

"...Yeah I know you want to...No, he just entered our own business thinking he's all that and doing our job for us...Its not my fault you bastard!"

Segura: I didn't say it was. This is the life we were raised to die for others and to inspire them of what our dream is. And dreams never die.

"I'm not talking to you dumbass." Kohaku replies to Segura.

Segura: That I know. I'm making sure you know just in case I die right now.

Kohaku stares at him then points at his own shadow, "The bastard wants you to come with us and meet him in Darkaria."

Segura: *sighs* Why?

"Something about you repaying him for killing the fallen angels which we we're supposed to kill but you joined the band wagon and got in our way.", Kohaku replies.

Segura: Hm. Fine.

"Didn't think that would be easy, let's just get out of this hell hole." Kohaku says going up the stairs with Kimahara in tow.

Segura: *follows close behind* Anything I should be aware of on your world?

"Nothing really different than here, except I suggest you beware of No. 4, No. 7, and No. 9.

Segura: Alright then, good.

They make it out of the basement. Kimahara looks to her left and sees Mavis. "Uh, should we bring your sister?"

Segura: *picks her up and nods*

"Oh, before I forget...", Kohaku says and goes outside. "Alright sherlock it's all done! Clean everything up, give all the dead women proper burials with their heads cut off, and knock this bitch down! Thank you and goodnight!" Kohaku says to the priest and goes back into the building before the priest could respond.

Segura: Bye Father Vince.

"Goodbye Segura may the Lord be...", "Shut the fuck up with the whole religious shit." Kohaku replies interrupting Vince. Both Kohaku and Kimahara's shadows expand and begin to swallow all four of them. "If your wondering, this is how we travel from dimension to dimension." Kimahara says to Segura.

Segura: Through the shadows. I've seen something like that before.

After being stuck in a somewhat endless dark abyss for what seems like hours, the shadow drops them off in front of big gates. "Geez, that bastard couldn't of dropped us off in his throne room?!" Kohaku says walking towards the big door.

Segura: What is this the gate to? A city or a temple?

"We're in front of the castle, the city is behind us." Kimahara replies.

Segura: *looks behind him and sees the vast city* The first city I've seen that isn't on fire. Then again this is another world.

"Yeah it's one of the benefits of being in a different world, but that doesn't make any safer from violence of our own." Kimahara replies. Kohaku approaches them, "Damn guard has to confirm audience with that bastard...", He then looks at Mavis, "What are you gonna do with her? It would be awkward if you go in there with a girl in your arms."

Segura: *looks at Mavis, then drops her*

Mavis: *abruptly wakes up and looks everywhere in confusion*

"Well that's a rude way to wake someone up...!" Kohaku says but then looks at Kimahara who gives him a 'really?' look. Kohaku rubs the back of his neck, "...Guess I'm not one to talk huh? Heh..."

Segura: So we stay out here then until the guard varifies?

Just as he says that, the guard comes out. "Your allowed in. Please do not make any detours on your way to the throne room, and give Lord...","We get it so just shut up and get to your fucking post! Geez...", Kohaku says interrupting the guard and walking into the castle with Kimahara in tow, "Come on big brother be nice, he's only doing his job!"

Segura: Come on, Mavis. *follows behind the two*

Mavis: *follows behind Segura while looking around*

After a minute they come across another large door, but they're guarded by two different individuals. Seeing them, Kohaku gives a knowing smirk.

Segura: Your fellow knights?

"Yep, but more precisely that bastards loyal dogs...!" Kohaku stops midway as out of nowhere there are two swords against his neck.

Mavis: *backs up in fear*

Segura: *grabs her arm* Calm down. Did you have to say that out loud?

"Tch, It's not like they're gonna kill me...They know as well as anyone that if they kill a fellow Knight without permission from that bastard, then they'll be in big...*gulp*" Kohaku gets stopped once again from the swords getting closer to his neck now cutting the cloth of his turtle neck suit. "You should know you'll be in trouble too","For talking about Lord Tsubaki that way, Kohaku." They both say in perfect synchronicity.

Segura: You mind stop proding his neck with your replacement penises and take us to this Lord of yours.

They both look at him, "What gives you the right","To give us orders?"

Segua: I don't know, do you have a 'Guest of Honor' tag I can wear?

Kohaku rolls his eyes, "Oh jeez, now he's getting all high and mighty on our asses." They both turn their attention to Segura, "The 'Guest of Honor' title","Only applies to those who are at even","Or even greater strength than our Lord","You two are nothing but ants compared to him."

Segura: And you two are ants compared to me. So if we're done measuring dicks, can you please let us pass. We still have a curfew.

Kohaku starts laughing. " really are a dumbass...'And you two are ants compared to me.' Kohaku replies to Segura in a mocking voice and continues to laugh harder. Kimahara tries to stifle her laughter and shakes her head in disbelief at Segura.

Segura: *his face is rather seriously still as he taps the hilt of his sword with he finger, simply waiting to get a move on*

Kohaku sighs and wipes a tear. "Alright, let's...let's just get this over with." The twins slightly nod in agreement and sheath their sword and turn to open the door.

Mavis: *pats Segura on the back*

Segura:  *ignores her follows behind them*

They enter the throne room to see a red eyed man staring at them. The two guards proceed to stand at his sides. Kohaku and Kimahara stop with Segura and Mavis behind them.

Segura and Mavis look at each other. Mavis shrugs, then looks back at the red-eyed man.

The man looks at Kohaku, "Are these the two you were talking about?","Yeah, they're not much but you know..." The man looks back at the two. "I would like proper introduction from you both, and no 'screw you' and all that crap. I get enough of that as it is from this one." He points at Kohaku who gives a nervous smile and rubs the back of his neck.

Segura: I am Segura Stormman and this is Mavis Stormman.

Mavis: *nods in acknowledgement*

Segura: We are honored that you could have us here.

Both bow

"Very polite greeting, well done. My name is Tsubaki, Lord of Darkaria and creator of the 15 Knights." Tsubaki bows his head in acknowledgement. "Of course by the looks of it you've already meet four of my Knights, Kohaku, Kimahara and", Turns his head to both of the figures beside him, "Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Although it seems the meeting was...less than desirable."

Segura: Yes, need of more training in discipline, in my opinion. May I ask why you have requested our presence here in your world?

Kohaku gives Segura a pissed off look. "It would seem from what I've been told, you interfered with the mission the both Kohaku and Kimahara were meant to carry out. Could you elaborate on that a bit more?" Tsubaki asks.

Segura: You were on our territory on our world, that I'm sure you don't have any jurisdiction to be on. Earth is a Danger Zone.

"And yet there have been plenty of people asking for help. I happen to magnanimous for the defenseless and weak, and I don't like seeing them killed without any means to fight back with. Plus this also benefits is in our fight against the fallen angels."

Segura: Meaning that we also have the rights to interefere whenever in your affairs as long as it's on our planet. Besides, we have forces to deal with that.

"Then they must be doing poor half-assed job at dealing with it." Kohaku replies.

Segura: Quite the opposite. You really can't make that statement if only been to Earth once, and the world is big so you haven't seen all of it.

"So in other words in that big world you all got, they'd rather deal with big threats than dealing with the tiny village we've just been to?" Kohaku asks.

Segura: Basically so. Some other Agencies tend to the smaller threats buuuut their irrelevant now.

"And do you realize those casualties in smaller villages will escalate into the thousands or millions?"

Segura: *scoffs* Tell them that. But seriously don't...their..pretty crazy.

"So, what's your reason for fighting?" Tsubaki suddenly asks.

Segura: For man and Myth to live in co-existence. Man were the first inhabitants of the planet, until Myths, mythologicals creatures of Man's imagination came into being. They both were not fond of each other, so war insued and this war brought our once 7 coninents into one. Today, such prejudice and hate fill this world on an endless scale. We fight to put that to an end so that we can preserve our planet and maybe even to make a better future for it.

"When you mean 'we', then there are others?"

Segura: Yes sir.

"Do you all have only that objective in mind, or do you also follow your own individual ambition?"

Segura: We all share that belief. That our world should be shared amongst one another.

"Sure as hell don't act like it..." Kohaku mutters.

Segura: If we were found out, we would be destroyed. The world isn't really fond of our idea of equality.

"So you need a safe sanctuary..."

Segura: We have one, yes. Underneath the earth.

"What confuses me is that a fallen angel would support this."

Segura: In our world, nothing is impossible. Not anymore.

"Well, with what we're dealing with, it would seem less likely to impossible. They all seem desperate to create a world that only benefits the first fallen. Then he'll usurp the throne from the father above."

Segura: Have you ever read a book called the Bible?

"Due to me being a demon, I can't even be near religious artifacts. The closest I can get to them is with my No.7 Knight who's read almost every book ever written. He's human if your wondering." Tsubaki replies.

Segura: Okay. In otherwords, That guy is going to fail either way. It simply wont happen and cannot happen. Seriously think about, the creator of the Universe, being usurped by his creation. Again Creator of the Universe.

"Jeez...Talk about being passionate for a made up figure." Kohaku replies.

Segura: W-what? Where do you think angels come from? Or how the Universe came to be? Please don't tell me you believe a simple speck of dust coming out of nowhere and bursting into a million pieces bringing life to all existence.

"There are plenty of explanations, but I'll just put it plain an simple: I don't believe in that kind of bullshit, even before I became a demon I've never believed ever since the unfortunate event that lead me to this life."

Segura: Dude, shit happens. Sin and Life. And seriously? Other explanations for angels and demons? The only universal explaination for that is angels come from God and demons are angels who followed Lucifer, the Great Deciever. Really? And you're hunting these thing! You know who the first fallen is! So it would come to my attention that you would now how all that happened before hand!

"I just don't believe, let's leave it at that." Kohaku replies. Tsubaki pinches the bridge of his nose. "We're getting way off topic, so save the religious talk for another time."

Segura: It's just....Ok. Yes, what is it you want with us again, sir?

"I want you to repay for those kills you made that were meant for Kohaku and Kimahara." Tsubaki replies.

Segura: Oh ok.

"I have Intel that a fallen angel raid will come to attack our Eastern and Western sides of the Kingdom. You'r gonna help fight against them."

Segura: *nods* And Mavis?

Tsubaki thinks for moment. "She wasn't involve in the kills was she?"

Segura: She helped give us time.

"Then that wouldn't be considered killing. She's more of a support than anything."

Unknowingly to them, attached to Segura's shadow is the woman, who had decided to follow them, curious about Kohaku and Kima. She subtly has her presence erased, to the point none of them will be aware of her presence. 

Segura: Then she comes along too.

"...Fine, but I don't want her to be an unnecessary casualty."

Segura: She will not. Not around me.

"Overconfidence can cost you dearly. I do admire your will to protect her though...this seems amusing though..." Tsubaki says smiling a little.

Segura: There's nothing amusing about countless people being hurt or killed. When do we leave?

"That's not what I meant."

Segura: Doesn't matter. As long as you know what I mean.

"Always so quite to judge...", Kohaku replies.

Segura: You're no different.

"That doesn't offend me in the slightest.", Kohakue replies.

Segura: Then we're not too different, are we?

"Guess not. I think that's what the bastard was thinking earlier.", Kohaku replies.

A brief streak of shadow zips from Segura's shadow for the briefest of moments, and trails up the wall and onto the ceiling.

"The fuck?!", Kohaku says noticing it.

Segura: You saw something?

A figure forms, crouching on a chandelier above them.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku step in front of Tsubaki with their hands on their swords. Kohaku brings out his guns, "It's the bitch again!"

Segura: Who?

"Don't tell me you didn't see the woman who i was talking to at the church.", Kohaku replies.

Segura: Oh her. She's here?

"You mean you didn't sense her?!", Kohaku replies getting a little ticked off.

Segura: Hard to sense her when she can make her presense unsensible to us.

"Tch...", Kohaku then looks at the woman,"What the hell do you want?!"

She seems amused by the commotion. "Ah... that's better. It was getting boring in here."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?!", Kohaku replies.

"Yip yip goes the dog..." She remarks dryly.

"You little...!"."Calm down Kohaku.", Kohaku then suddenly looks at Tsubaki, "I understand your frustration, but she is not top priority." Kohaku then relaxes a little but still has an angry look on his face. Tsubaki then looks at the woman, "So if you don't have any buisness here, I'd rather suggest you leave."

She smiles. "Nah... rather comfortable. Think I'll kick back... don't mind me..."


Tsubaki's eyes glow brighter,"What's going on here doesn't concern you, and showing up in other peoples homes is rude."

She smiles. "It does, in its own way. And I don't care. You can't do anything about it."

Tsubki sighs, "Kinkaku, Ginkaku go.", the vampire twins nod and suddenly they vanish.

She yawns, as a strange energy shield forms around her. "If you don't want to lose your two goons, I would tell them not to touch me. They'll die."

All the sudden the chanduler starts falling to the ground and a shadow portal opens up.

She is merely standing on the air, and two streaks of light slash Kinkaku and Ginkaku, who fall to the ground unconscious. She sighs.

"You're a poor listener. And boring." She disappears.

"...", the colors on Kinkaku and Ginkaku suddenly fade to black with red lines. Then to Segura and Mavis suprise,  the original  Kinkaku and Ginkaku appeared to have not moved at all.

Mavis: *looks at Segura confusingly*

Segura: It should be nothing, Mavis.

"The hell is that suppose to mean?", Kohaku asks.

Segura: She's just worried is all.

"What the hell has she got to worry about? Is she that scared of every fucking little thing?"

Segura: Well it's not everyday she traverses to other worlds. So excuse her if she finds things a bit to weird to grasp.

"Then maybe you should've minded your own fucking business in the first place!"

Segura: You should've kept your foot off of our territory!

"I didn't see your name on it!"

Segura: I didn't see you do anything before hand neither.

"The fuck's that suppose to mean?!", "Both of you please stop...", Tsubaki says rubbing his eyes.

Segura: *says nothing else to him*

"Though I know I can't do anything to you Segura since your not a citizen, but the same can't be said for someone else.", all of the sudden a loud whipping sound vibrates through the room, "GAH! SON OF A BITCH!!!", Kohaku falls on the ground holding onto his butt and repeatedly hitting the ground with the palm of his hand, "Fucking...hurts like fucking bastard! What the hell was that for?!", "Mocking someones beliefs, making fun of your comrades and taking advantage of one of the rules I had set, and the usual disrespect you give me. We've been through this over and over again Kohaku, do you need a repeat of three years ago?", all of the sudden Tsubaki shadow stretches out towards Kohaku and raises into the shape of a hand. Kohaku gets a panicked look on his face, "No! No! Get it away from me!", Kohaku says while trying to keep the hand away from him by kicking it.

Mavis: *is beginning to look a bit terrified*

Segura: *is looking on in slight amusement*

Kohaku looks at Segura, "The hell you smiling at you sack of...HEY!", Kohaku is picked up by his leg by the shadow hand, "Put me down bastard!"

Mavis: *closes her eyes*

"Okay her reactions are annoying the hell out of me!"

Segura: Like I said, she used to seeing this kind of stuff.

"Oh so she's used to seeing violence but not used to seeing blood?!"

Segura: It's not impossible.

"Tch! Whatever...hey bastard can you put me down now?"



"...*sigh*, please?"



Kohaku gives an irritated sigh, "Can you please put me down Tsubaki?"

The shadows holding Kohaku gently put him down back on his feet and retreat back to Tsubaki, but not before taking the black bodies with red lines back inside them. Kohaku rubs his head, "I know I've been through a lot of shit and gotten used to it, but i'll never get used to the feeling of a head rush."

Segura: *continues to stand and wait*

"I do apologize Segura for keeping you waiting. Now, I figure that it would be less of a hassle for you to just stay here in Darkaria and wait for the battle to commence than rather just sending you back and calling you whenever we need you. Do you find this acceptable?"

Segura: *sigh* Fine.

"Very well then. Of course i'm putting Kohaku in charge of your care.", Kohaku gets a pissed look on his face, "You mean I have to babysit him?", "Yes Kohaku you have to, 'babysit' him.", Kohaku lets out an irritated sigh, "Fine.", as he's about to open the door he looks back at Tsubaki, "By the way, if I still get the payment make sure to distribute it the same as always.", "I'm well aware of what to do with it.", Kohaku opens the door and looks at Segura and Mavis, "Let's go.", Kimahara follows Kohaku.

Segura: *grabs Mavis' arm and they both walk out behind the other two*

"She can't walk on her own without your assistance?", Kohaku asks.

Segura: She's still abit nervous is all.

"Well she needs to grow some balls.", "Big Brother! Please be more sympathetic with her.", Kohaku opens the doors leading out of the palace and into the city, "If I do that she won't be able to defend herself and will end up being killed, like the one her own brother murdered without remorse."

Segura: Ovaries. She would need to grow ovaries, not balls. That just doesn't sound right. Why doesn't she just stay back for now?

"First of all, its a figure of speech dumbass, and second she can stay where you guys will be while your here."

Segura: *turns to look at Mavis* Stay here. I'll be back shortly.

Mavis: *nods*

"You guys aren't staying at the palace. I'm taking you guys to where you will be staying."

Segura: Oh. Then come along,Mavis.

They leave the palace area and enter an area with large, tall buildings.

Segura: Amazing structures you have here.

"Well you need to appeal to anyone who wishes to live here, and since there's a variety of building types that helps out a lot.", Kohaku replies.

Segura: Hm. I bet. What all can you tell me about your world?

"Darkaria is divided into eight sections, each different from the other in certain ways. The middle is, of course, the castle where the bastard, his two loyal dogs, and the Battle Butlers and Maids reside. The area where we're in is what you might call the business and shopping district, of course the function should be obvious by the name. Then outside of here are four pie piece shaped area's, each governed respectively by Darkaria Knights 2, 3, 4, and 5, in which the later is me. They each have a different building and architecture style, they all have the same benefits, except there are some differences that set them apart to which you'll see mine when we get there." , Kohaku says.

Segura: Hmmmmm. That's very interesting to know. Why were you on Earth again?

"Cause we were paid to exterminate that fallen angel problem. Though those aren't the only kind of missions we take care of, so don't think of us as biased.", Kohaku responds.

Segura: My suspicions are at ease then. In that matter anyway.

"Suspicions?", Kimahara asks.

Segura: Yes. I actually thought you were hunting them out of bias. You sure traveled a long way to destroy them.

"It doesn't matter how far we have to travel, as long as we make other people's lives better and Darkaria returns to Earth.", Kohaku says.

Segura: Returns?

Sorry, but the specifics are, besides the bastard, only for those that are part of the Darkaria Combat Forces and the 15 Knights.", Kohaku responds.

Segura: It still sounds as if you're saying your world has met Earth before.

"Let's just say it was a 'part' of Earth before it was transferred to this dimension.", Kohaku says.

As their walking a young woman suddenly bumps into Mavis, knocking her to the ground, but continues walking.

Segura: Mavis!

Segura kneels down besides Mavis

Segura: Are you alright?

Mavis doesnt give an answer as she's obviously dazed.

"Oh, so that's what I bumped into, now I'll have to get my clothes dry cleaned.", the young woman says.

Segura: That's who to you...

Kohaku smirks, "Well, hello there Mai. Out shopping again?", the young woman, now known as Mai, flicks her hair back, "Shopping isn't the only thing I do you know, but since your so naive I'll tell you what I'm actually doing. Lord Tsubaki has summoned me for a mission, one that's outside even your calibre.", "To bad that condescending, cocky, overconfidence doesn't give you more power, then you would've been given more missions that someone of my ranking and calibre is allowed to do.", Kohaku responds with Mai glaring at him for the later comment. 

Segura: C'mon Mavis. Get up.

Segura pulls Mavis up by the arm

Segura: Talk about being a push-over,huh?

"It's not my fault the rat is such a useless burden.", Mai says.

Segura: I sure pray that you arent talking about my sister that way.

"Who else would I refer too? And besides it's not like prayer is gonna help you anyway.", Mai responds.

Segura curls his hands into fists as his anger rises, but then looks over to Mavis who's gentley shaking her head at Segura. Segura them feels his anger soothing just a little to make a sound decision.

Segura: Let's get going, Mavis.

"Won't do anything to protect your sisters honor? Well that's fine, can't be wasting energy on a rat like you-AH!", a red streak flashes under Mai's legs, knocking her off her feet and making her to land on her butt.

Segura and Mavis turn to see what happened.

Mai rubs her side and looks at the people who stopped around them, "Alright, which one of you did it?!", she asks viciously. They all hear a snicker and Mai immediately looks at the source, "Kohaku!", he snickers again, "What? You need help getting up?", Mai immediately stands up, "No! I need to know if your the one who tripped me! And don't bother trying to lie cause practically everyone knows your terrible at it!", she responds.

Segura and Mavis arent particularly amused.

"What? Ain't happy someone is standing up for you? Well that's fine, I just feel like being nice dick right now.", Kohaku says before turning to Mai, "Now listen, I might be hard on the weak but that doesn't mean I approve of bullying. So how about you move on your marry way, or would you like to be publicly humiliated Dragonian Squad style?", a visible shiver comes from Mai, along with a look of slight fear, but she regains her composure, "Fine, they would've been a bore anyway.", she responds with a scoff and flicks her hair back. She returns to walking towards the palace with a glare towards Kima who just politely waves at her with a smile.

Segura and Mavis continue to follow the two.

They keep walking until they reach an open gate, that has the number five on it, and past it they can see a renaissance style town.

Mavis looks at the town with glee

"What's this place?" Segura asks

"I told you before there are four areas governed by a Knight, this is the one that I govern.", Kohaku responds, "Consider it a place where people with an admiration for the renaissance era can live, if they choose so."

Mavis gives Segura puppy eyes

"No." Segura says

Mavis pouts before she continues to look at the town in awe.

"Before we go in I want to make one thing clear, don't mention anything about your species or reveal you are one. A majority of the people here are saved from the similar circumstances that we saw but they were more fortunate, luckily some of them have grown out of the trauma but they might be triggered if you say your species name. Not all wounds can heal, remember that.", Kohaku says to Segura before entering the town.

"I understand" Segura replies

They continue walking through the town, pausing every few minutes when people greet them, until they arrive at a large building.

"Is this where you stay?" Segura asks.

"Yup, and where you'll be staying while your here.", Kohaku responds.

Mavis has look of excitement on her face

Kohaku has an amused smile, "Well this is a sudden transition from the scardey cat from before, so what brought this out all of the sudden?".

Segura takes a short glance at Mavis, Mavis likes art. Whenever she isnt planting, shes painting

"Well that's interesting. If you'd like I'll give you some paints and other stuff while your here.", Kohaku says to Mavis.

Mavis claps in impish joy

"But, you'll have to work for it.", Kohaku tells her.

Mavis nods her head in excitement.

"I hope you keep up that excitement, cause that's what you'll need to keep up with the kids.", Kohaku says going to open the door to the building.

"A daycare?" Segura asks

Kohaku points to a sign that says 'Darkaria Orphanage'.

Segura still look confused.

"Just come in dumbass.", Kohaku says. They all enter and to their left a little kid with a stuffed dog toy walks out of a hallway, he looks at them and gasps in suprise then immediately runs up the stairs.