Dark Prynce is a powerful hybrid being born from the union of an Archangel and an Archdemon, giving him a form with both their strengths and none of their weaknesses. This is a rare case, for he trained with the Thanatos in Tartarus.

Dark Prynce
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Prynce's current form
Abyssal Lord
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Shiner(Spouse, Deceased)

Fillia(Daughter) Raizo(Half-Brother) Sarah(Half-Sister) Zane(Brother-in-Law)

Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height Varies
Blood type Nether
Age  ???
Weight Varies
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Neutral
Species Demon God
Base of Operations Tartarus
Weapons Boukyaku Novalis, Omega Gauntlets, Oblivium and Essensia
Current Occupation Freelance Bodyguard
Fighting Style Lost Art of Tartarus, Akuma No Shin No Pasu (True Path of the Demon)
Partner Shiner- Spouse
Team N/A
Relatives Raizo, Sarah
Marital Status Married (Widowed)


Life Before Tartarus


Since he was born, Dark Prynce was always the outcast. Being of both archangel and archdemon blood, he was a rare being and different from many others. When he was five days old, he had already figured out the basics to physics and was deemed a genius child, even smarter than his 20 year old brother who still had trouble with chemistry, as most demons would. When he was ten days old, the general of hell's army came by to read his future and saw the destruction of both Heaven and Hell. His parents were given two options, kill him and end his potential threat to both realms, or let him live and try to change the future. Being his parents, they gave him a chance and decided to train and raise him.


After ten years of living with his parents and studying, he was deemed the smartest being in the twin realms. This is when the General came by again and read Dark Prynce's future once again. This time, the deaths of God and Satan were shown, and Dark Prynce was hunted down in order to end his life. His parents were given orders as well and, like good little soldiers, they had to obey.

After a few days, he arrived at the gateway between dimensions, but before he could past through, Dark Prynce was stabbed in the back by a mysterious being and sent to Tartarus.


After being stabbed in the back, he wound up in Tartarus and spent 5,000 years (50,000 in Tartarus) alone and trained by himself, becoming stronger until one day a being showed up who appeared to cause everything to calm down and head towards it. Dark Prynce would have himself, if he hadn't seen a demon fly up to him, and die almost instantaneously when he came into contact with the being, Death. Dark Prynce managed to fight him off and, afterwards, was made death's apprentice. They trained in Tartarus for the next 5,000 years before learning the final skill, which was dimensional travel, allowing Dark Prynce to escape.

Human Life

When he escaped from Tartarus, he decided to live his life as a blacksmith, making weapons and armor for the queen of england's army. Soon this proved to be boring to him and he set off to become a knight. He fought for the queen in the span of ten years before the princess, started developing fellings for him. Not being able to return these feelings, Dark Prynce resigns his position and heads off into space for new adventures.

Time in Space

Dark Prynce began to roam around space for a while before feeling a disturbance on the other side of the universe and rushed over there to find out the commotion. On his way, he had to fight off a demon of immense power. He was able to fend it off easily before it transformed into a Demonic Overlord. After defeating it in this form, Dark Prynce was left weary and he felt as though he has unlocked a new power, his Overlord form. He decided to rest as he regained his power when another demon, more powerful than the last, flew past him and knocked him into the orbit of a star. He stayed there for about 1,750 years before being able to escape, which is when he was completely healed, and headed back in the direction of the disturbance he felt so long ago. After a few more years of flying through space, he finally reached the origin of the disturbance at a planet called Kaster. Upon seeing a being with an immense amount of energy, Dark Prynce felt threatened and attacked him. After being smashed into a few planets and stars, he is trained by the man who defeated him easily and found that his name was Aeon. Soon, he was able to fend for himself and came out of the training with his Superior Prince form. After this, he decided to head back to Earth, but not before leaving a clone of equal power to watch over Aeon as he rested.

Destined Battle

As he left Aeon's Realm, Dark Prynce was summoned to the depths of Hell where an eager Satan and God were there waiting for him. As he charged at them to get revenge for what they've caused his life to go through, he had a flashback of all the good that had befallen him through their actions and stopped before he reached them. Angered and insulted at his lack of action, they send his parents after him, after years of corruption and brainwashing. His parents attacked relentlesly, however, Dark Prynce was able to outmatch them easily and quickly incapacitated them. Seeing them as dead weight, the two deities destroy Dark Prynce's parents and sends a mental message to all the realms that Dark Prynce was a traitor. Soon, all of the realms greatest warriors group together and attack Dark Prynce, while Satan and God gathered power for a battle they were sure to have. After besting the greatest warriors, Dark Prynce headed to confront the two with a new found rage he'd never had before.

End Game

Upon arrival at the gates of Heaven, where God and Satan were waiting, Dark Prynce was stabbed through the head by an unknown assailant, and fell to the ground. When he awoke, he was chained in a dungeon, stripped of his weapons and left with nothing but his underlayer of clothes. He broke out of the chains, and worked his back to the two deities and finally made it to their chamber. They fought full out battle, with Dark Prynce on the edge of the ropes. With his last ounce of strength, he releases one of his restraints, and unlocked a new ability filling him with power. He was easily able to defeat the two without his weapons and shows that he could have summoned at anytime he wanted to, but decided to fight fair. He then gets sent back to Kaster and starts his way back to Earth.

Return to Earth

When Dark Prynce was heading back to Earth, he c ame across a lonely celestial tiger eating the energy from a Type 1A Supernova before spotting Dark Prynce. They form a bond immediately and continue their trip back to Earth. Upon his arrival he notices a family of dragons being kidnapped and taken inside some sort of facility. Thinking of Tatsu, he follows the team inside and morphs to look like one of them to find out their plans. During this time, he befriends the dragon children, Zane and Shiner, and is soon in a relationship with Shiner. After several months, the three finally fight their way out of the facilty, but not before Shiner is supposedly killed and Zane and Prynce on a short rampage before beginning their training togther for years. Eventually they reach the beginning of the series.

Searching For New Power

After the short war in Aeon's Realm, Prynce disappeared. While away, he searched for a new way to gain power, rather than to rely on his limitors. He went through the astral plane and battled every god in existence, until he reached the primordial gods of the universe. Upon fighting them, he realized from the Ancient Demon God, Zerixus, that he needed the original power of the demon world to fully unlock himself. Abandoning his angel half, he unlocked his full demonic prowess, at the cost of half his abilities. Nonetheless, after harsh training in an environment more taxing than Aeon's Realm, he surpassed his old self and has achieved the rank of Demon God, finally becoming a deity of high standing.


Dark Prynce is generally a serious character who shows hints of emotions. This was before he met Shiner and Zane, moving him more to the light side of things. He shows more of his emotions than before and cracks more jokes. After his training with Aeon, he becomes more whimsical and now is more fun loving. He's more neutral than anything, and has a strong sense of balance in the universe.

Theme Song




His Brother-in-Law/Student He remembers Zane from his return to Earth where he saved him from captivity and decided to help him grow in strength. Since then, he's always thought of Zane as a little brother and would lay his life on the line for him.


His Trainer and oldest friend He trained under Aeon when he had lost his power and drifted through space weak. He helped Prynce to grow past his old power and reach new heights. Since then, he's always viewed Aeon as an older brother and trusts almost all of his decisions. The exception being ones that could cause harm to all sentient life.


His fiance He met her with her brother and helped to rescue her from captivity, until tricked into believing she was killed. When they reunited, their love was rekindled and they live together to this very day. He would also lay his life on the line for her.


Rival He met Lillia in one of his visits to Aeon. From that moment, they immediately felt against each other in power, and always tries to best the other. However, Prynce holds her in high regards for respect and would aid her were she to need it.


His newest student who shows exceptional promise. After being gone for a while, Demgel harbours feelings of hate for Prynce and is now deemed as a lost cause to him.

Abilities and Skills


Control all aspects of magic. Alchemy, Dark Arts, Necromancy, etc.

Primordial Darkness Manipluation

Apocalyptic Force Manipulation

Control the force that can destroy everything.

Chaos Manipulation

Turn order and peace into a disorganized mess and trust into distrust.

Nether Manipulation

Control the death force and anything associated with death and destruction.

Weapon Manipulation

Control weapons and master them with efficiency.


The ability to be skilled at everything, or many things.

Transcendent Demonic Physiology

Turn into a demon of unimaginable power and have their abilities and traits.

Absolute Existence

Control one's entire being without limit.

Constant Velocity Maniplation

The ability to make all attacks move at the exact same speed no matter what. Used to bypass Vector Manipulation and only used with his guns.


Create anything without limit


Destroy anything without limit.

Tranquil Fury

The ability to attack with all the force of the user's rage while still retaining complete control.

Saltatio Oblivionis

Dark Prynce spins in semi-circle and sends a slash of oblivion towards the opponent five times before sweeping the ground and sending out a flurry of oblivion blasts.

Fusum de inferno liberabis

A tornado of solar flares erupts from around Dark Prynce and encase his opponents incenerating them.

Pluvia flammarum

The sky becomes dark and black flames fall from the sky and burn anything they touch.

Verberare tenebris floret rosa

A flurry of black rose blossoms fry out Dark Prynce's cloak and attempt to slice anything they come into contact with.


Not as much as an attack, but once this is said towards Dark Prynce, he enters his released state.

Chaos Combo

Chaos Barrage

Dark Prynce slams the opponent into the ground before smacking them into a standing position and force palming them upwards.

Chaos Slash

Dark Prynce punches the opponent in the gut after Chaos Barrage, and slashes them into space.

Chaos Smash

Dark Prynce hammer strikes the opponent into to orbit of the planet as they fall towards it at light speeds.

Chaos Blast

Dark Prynce fires off a multitude of energy blasts that encase the opponent and deal damage before sending them hurtling at an object of massive size, breaking their body and half of what he sent them towards (most likely the moon, sometimes a planet or star for extra damage).

Combo Breaker

Chaos Annihilation

Dark Prynce blasts the opponent with repeated onslaughts of antimatter space lasers turning them and whatever they're on into pure energy.

Requiem of Chaos

A barrage of energy blasts head the opponent's way for the length and to the beat of A Requiem by Mozart.

Constant Attack Velocity

Allows Dark Prynce to break through almost any defense.

Nether Field

Allows Dark Prynce to turn the battle field into a land mine of death and destruction.

Tenebrae flores flammeum Rose

A combination of his rose blossoms and black flames that sends a hurricane of flaming rose blossoms at his opponents to slash and cauterize them so that they can't heal.

Weapons and Equipment

Scythe of Oblivion: Boukyaku

The first weapon that he had to himself. The last person to wield it was The Grim Reaper. The most powerful scythe in existence, and Dark Prynce pulled it out no problem. He aquired it when he was six and has used it as his default weapon ever since.

Chaos Katana

Forged in a hellfire pit with holy water as the cooling agent, this sword can cut down anything from paper to space and time itself. This is the first weapon that Dark Prynce forged on his own and created in Tartarus in order to help him escape. His main secondary weapon.

Engraved Broadsword

Not his favorite weapon, but one that he uses nonetheless in rare cases to play with his opponents to lure them into false security. Still skilled with it, it is a normal human weapon that Dark Prynce chose to engrave with power in order to fight more beings with it.

Blessed Bayonets

Oft summoned out of nowhere, these bayonets have the ability to destroy anything unholy and evil. The opponent has to be completly overtaken by evil before these can affect them and can't hurt beings who doubt their intentions, until they make a decision. He uses them for fun when he goes running around in hell.

Oblivium and Essentia

Dark Prynce's twin M1911 pistols with rounds made of the same material as his katana, hellfire explosive, and armor destroying. The names mean Oblivion and Existence, or nothingness and essence. His right pistol, Essentia, fires off the armor destroying rounds while his left pistol, Oblivium, fires off the hellfire explosive rounds. His third favorite weapon to use in battle.

Omega Guantlets

Clawed gauntlets that can emit side spinning blades. Dark Prynce's most verstile weapon as they allow him to concentrate his skills and abilities more efficiently. He is also the most adept with guantlets, despite the scythe being his favorite weapon.

Nihil Bone

A one of a kind gauntlet forged from the Abyss and the flames of destruction into the legendary Void Forge Metal. It serves as more of a defensive tool than a weapon, holding the ability to nullify most attacks, save for Transcendental, Universal and Conceptual types. If used offensively, it holds the ability to devour material and immaterial objects within range of its grip, which actually extends for about twelve meters without power being focused into it. With power focused into it, the gauntlet gains the ability to create spectral hands, fire eldritch blasts and beams of energy, transform and gain various other tools and attachments, extend its range over a thousand fold and negate abilities of those with lesser power.



Prynce's pet celestial tiger. He has black fur with white stripes and gives off a blue aura. He can control celestial energies.



His cloak is tattered and you can only see grey lights where his eyes should be. His hands look clawed and he has a dark aura. This has replaced his Archdemon form and gets rid of his angelic abilites.

Guardian State

He transforms into this state when Aeon releases his full power and reverts back to Gaea. He becomes mostly apathetic, only feeling the need to protect Gaea, and past bonds with his friends. His power increases immensly, but his strength diminishes. The rest of his attributes, however, get a major boost fully allowing him to protect Gaea.

Anti-God (Locked)

Dark Prynce turns into a being made of complete chaos and primordial darkness. His mental capacity increases tenfold, and he becomes apathetic in order to retain his neutrality in the affairs of the universe. This also means he keeps a logical mind, and if it so deems that someone or something is a threat to the universe, he will erase it or them from existence until proven otherwise.

Recharge State

Because of the strain from using Anti-God, Dark Prynce falls into a deep slumber in order to rebuild his restraints at an accelerated rate. He teleports to Tatarus and sleeps under the soil for the fastest results.