"Dagon is who she is, you are who you are. To envy one such as her is unbecoming, 'Child.'" -Dagon, to Senat.

Dagon is a being born from the Abyss and guardian of both Caim and Adel from afar. Though she(confirmed with person in question) has the name of a demon, her role is more akin to that of a gargoyle or guardian spirit.

Guardian of Black
Hungering Darkness
Phantom Mirage
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Abyssinians
Status Active
Eye Color Mood Dependent, Emerald
Hair Color Ebon
Height Variable
Blood type None
Age Timeless
Weight 0
Health Immaculate
Affiliation Adel
Species Abyssinian (Caliber Unknown)
Base of Operations None
Weapons Silver Pledge, Tenebra Spears
Current Occupation Guardian
Fighting Style Kazikli Bei, Dark Star
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Abyssinians
Marital Status Single


Dagon, as long as she remembers, has been. She knows that she originates from the Abyss, from the deepest, darkest depths of the plane. She has always been in the service of the Eternal King since the reign of the first, serving as a bodyguard and extra set of ears and eyes for the king and his selected heir(s).

When the Eternal King and his kingdom vanished, only Dagon remained calm and located the lost heirs of the king, though at the cost of dividing her power to watch them both in both worlds they inhabit. Even now, she watches over them and aids them from the shadows without either of them noticing. Before that, however, she was entrusted with a job: to find and slay the one hiding behind a mask, a traitor within the Immortal Court. Finding this person and protecting the heirs go hand in hand, but Dagon will not hesitate to kill either of them, should they be the traitor.

Appearance Edit

Dagon's appearance varies from task to task, likening her to a shapeshifter in the eyes of those who cannot see past her guise. Her most well known form is boyish, with raven hair, emerald eyes and creamy skin. She is average height, with soft features and delicate looks. A neutral expression is all that graces her face, save for a faint smile that often bewitches those of both genders, and tattoos akin to sleeves travel from her wrists to just below her shoulders. Very few people can discern Dagon's gender, if Dagon has a gender in the first place. Her voice is soft and neutral, but is rarely heard.

Personality Edit

Dagon is a true enigma, speaking very little and acting suddenly, without warning. People who have peered into her mind, aside from the obvious ideals of duty and honor, have found that Dagon's mind is often blank or arranged in such a way that her thoughts are indecipherable. Dagon lacks pride, being humble and quiet rather than boastful, and values honoring one's word more than anything. Beyond that, she is a blank canvas to those around her. It should be noted that should her charges be endangered, Dagon will spare no effort in eviscerating the one(s) responsible.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Formless DarkEdit

Dagon can transform into a multitude of things, animate and inanimate. She can also enter shadows and replicate them at any given time.

Presence Destroyed Edit

Dagon completely lacks a presence, not Because of some racial trait or honed ability, but because what constitutes a presence aside from visibility and sound have been destroyed. She emits no aura or energy reading, is always the same temperature of her environment or surroundings and has no identifiable soul or planar presence. Unless a person sees Dagon or makes contact with her, it is impossible to find her and even then, her bewitching beauty is forgotten the moment she vanishes from sight or mind. Interesting to note, Dagon rarely appears directly in anyone's line of sight, but at the very edge of their blind spot as a blur.

Obliviolith Edit

A manifestation of Dagon's power that belies her appearance. What it does exactly is difficult to visualize, having no direct effect on surroundings or adversaries other than distorted perception. In actuality, it is a gradual rise in "authority" over the space around and between matter, elements and the gate. What this roughly means is not spacial manipulation, but something on a grander scale. There is actually far more to it than that, but that remains elusive.

Stigma Edit

Another portion of Dagon's true power, not to be confused with the curse category of the same name. She creates brands that must fit certain criteria that can be applied to others. A little known fact is that Dagon created the crests on Caim's and Adel's backs.

Inner Darkness Edit

As a being born from the Abyss, Dagon contains what could be considered a literal plane or dimension of darkness within herself. The darkness constituting this plane is ancient and eldritch, having been drawn from the darkest point of the Abyss. Additionally, Dagon has full control of her internal darkness and darkness of a lesser state(i.e. shadows, the dark of night, darkness of the mind, etc). Dagon can summon this plane on a whim, oft as a wispy black aura, send others into it or even transport herself into it should the need arise. There are various other applications, some obvious, others not.

Inner Cosmos Edit

A bizarre power that manifested within Dagon after a certain incident. It allows her to materialize what could be described as a universe or something very similar to one in theory. The applications of this ability are vastly unknown, but Dagon is more than happy using it as a secondary source of energy, a nigh infinite one.

World B Edit

The ability that allows Dagon to split herself between planes and worlds. Each duplicate is identical to Dagon in every which way, barring power, and has life rather than a duration. Only three such clones can exist at once. There are several other applications, but those remain undisclosed.

Bane Edit

Dagon seems to rub the world around her the "wrong way" subtly. Everything from the plane dubbed the mortal plane, really the name of the multiple planes that mortal and semi-immortal beings straddle at all given times, feels an oddity for the briefest of moments when close to Dagon for more than an hour, with no continuation of it as time passes. Adel and Caim seem to be the exception to this, as they are extradimensional beings.

Gate: Shadow Edit

Dagon's "Limiters" so to speak, really a system of rationing and deigning what power is needed. The limiting effect is aesthetic only as Dagon always has access to her full ability set*, she simply chooses how much is necessary at any given time. Shadow is the initial and always "opened" gate, preceding Shade. It is worth noting that Dagon rarely passes Darkness when "opening" her gates.

  • All additional abilities revealed at Darkness and beyond remain unlisted.

Gate: Shade Edit

The first gate to be "opened". Dagon opts to only use more of her various forms' potential and physical abilities.

Gate: Darkness Edit

The second gate to be "opened". Dagon reveals more of her own repertoire of skills and abilities.

Gate: Abyss Edit

The third gate to be "opened". Dagon begins combining abilities based on what fits best, given the situation.

Gate: Oblivion Edit

The last gate to be "opened"- rather Dagon opting to reveal the full extent of her power.

Ereshkigal Edit


Original Abyss: Sea Edit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Silver PledgeEdit

A bizarre armament in the form of a scarf. The pledge works as a sword, whip, grappling hook and razor wire rolled into one, combining all of their good traits to make a highly versatile killing instrument able to eviscerate dozens in seconds or less. Has a mysterious black gem near its center.

Tenebra SpearsEdit

Weapons formed from the tiniest portion of Dagon's Inner Darkness. A multitude of abyssal spears, lances and other polearms connected by a pipework of interconnected shadow and darkness from the Abyss. Each spear is capable of cutting through light, but cannot act alone due to the expansive dark network, turning what would be a simple spear thrust into a nigh omnidirectional assault akin to a cavernous mouth closing around the target. The spears can pass through solid objects and ignore all but their target, phasing through unnecessary obstacles and beings to prevent unnecessary collateral damage.

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