Fury with-held.
Lambda of Vengeance
Dog of War
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6
Blood type Ether
Age -
Weight -
Health Outstanding
Affiliation Gurin
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations -
Current Occupation -
Fighting Style -
Partner Gurin
Team -
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

D'Ranjo is a former Epsilon CE, who is currently being subjected to Eien's will.

Appearance and Personality Edit

D'Ranjo is averaged sized Afikaan male with short tied-back dreads and midnight black eyes. He has a fairly strong build for his age. He wears nothing more than dark brown cowhide pants. D'Ranjo also manages his own serious scowl.

D'Ranjo can be summed up in different ways. He is quite the observer but can't find solution around a problem that isn't clear. He is also very defensive towards his beliefs and is willing to die for them. He is a determined individual though his determination can be looked to others as stubbornness, either way, he will give his all, even pushing himself during the brink of near death. D'Ranjo also has an unshakable loyalty to those he considers friends and allies, though this gave him the insult as a 'dog', he simply doesn't care about what others view of him, as long as he does his job. D'Ranjo also tends to distance himself from other, as he is focused on fighting than living in the now. But through this he is selfless as he not only fights for his own beliefs but for others who are being oppressed as well, not caring about the details.

History Edit

D'Ranjo was born into a time of desolation. Tribal Afrika was being an unauthorized ground for weapon manufacturing that has been slowly killing the environment and the other tribes have sold Afrika out to these outsiders. His adoptive tribe was the only tribe left that would and could stand against the industrial threat. During this time he fought as a dutiful soldier ready to spill blood for Afrika. D'Ranjo was killed sometime before the conclusion of the fight. His body was recovered and was used as primary tool for the CE Project, but due to him being dead, his body required alot of machinery to bring him back to life.

Relationships Edit

Gurīn Edit

D'Ranjo has mixed feelings about Gurin as opposed that he can't seem to get away from her. He doesn't really know how to react around her cause he has never known anyone like her. He has felt a softer touch to himself when he's around her.

Abeni Edit

D'Ranjo has a bitter dislike towards Gurin's older sister for making him feel helpless and weak and if there was a chance to fight her, we would gladly take it.

White Edit

D'Ranjo has an immense hate for White for reviving him into a mechanical mishap, aswell as subjecting others to such horrendous experimentations. Now that he is free, he will bide his time until he can extract his own vengeance on her and avenge the others like him.

Eien Edit

D'Ranjo doesn't necessarily like Eien for putting him under another leash he has to follow nor making him feel like a toy, but like White, he will bide his time until its his time to strike.

Drekavas Edit

D'Ranjo shows the most respect towards Drekavas for freeing him from White's control over him. If Drekavas we're to ask him a favor will surely do it out of gratitude.

Abilities & Skills Edit

Archangel Physiology Edit

Endlos Physiology Edit

Human Physiology Edit

Spirit Physiology Edit

Machine Physiology Edit

Aetherborn Physiology Edit

Etherite Physiology Edit

Cyanican Physiology Edit

Dragon Physiology Edit

Endless Physiology Edit

Nephelam Physiology Edit

Standard Military Training Edit

Being trained in war-stricken and dying environment, D'Ranjo was trained in the harshest predicaments as he was trained how to survive, be resourceful, know your surroundings, and show no mercy to the enemy.

D'Ranjo can adapt fast to new situations and environments, allowing him to move and act accordingly to newer surroundings

Ether Manipulation Edit

Supernatural Kick Edit

Exceed Nexus Edit

Hypercompetence Edit

D'Ranjo is naturally skilled in various fields at an unnatural rate

Dragon Breath - Annihilate Edit

D'Ranjo can use gravity to harm enemies or lift them into a black hole

Dragon Breath- Armageddon Edit

D'Ranjo can call down a rain of meteors or a devastating impact event

Dragon Breath- Curse Edit

Condemns targets to suffer the same pains they inflict on him

End Chains Edit

Blue squares that act like restraints, can wrap around targets. The more the target moves, the more their health gets drained and added to D'Ranjo's

Raven Kick Edit

Meta Teleportation Edit

D'Ranjo can teleport anywhere and anytime without limit

Environmental Manipulation Edit

D'Ranjo can control any environment and everything in them

Spiral Drill Canon Edit

A spiral mouth blast capable of decimating mountains

The Dragon's Cloak Edit

A demonic red aura surrounds D'Ranjo, enabling him to scorch everything that is in a 10 foot radius of him.

Restriction 008: Verge Perspective Edit

Restriction 062: Relentless Edit

Enables D'Ranjo to not to feel physical, mental, or spiritual pain while he fights. This only lasts for 2 minutes until he can feel again, aswell as the after effects of the pain he feels afterwards

Restriction 330: Undefeated Edit

D'Ranjo is surrounded by an orange light that protects him from all formsdamage until his opponent is defeated. Can only be activated in near death situations

Forms Edit

Dragon State Edit

Dragon Soldier Edit

Dragon King Edit

Dragon God Edit

Dark Dragon God Edit

Full Power Dragon God Edit


  • D'Ranjo is the first TZ character of african-decent
  • D'Ranjo, along with Obi and with the exception of Exima, only where pants as their clothing.
  • D'Ranjo was orginally supposed to transorm into a griffon rather than a dragon.

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