This cemetery give off a negative aura as spirits roam around freely and fight whoever get's close to their grave. It also houses a mini-boss who is surprisingly still alive.

Cursed Cemetery mini-boss: Missionary


Visiting is allowed, however, if you are not related to a spirit, they may attack at will.


First FightEdit

Demgel walks into the cemetery and passs a few greavstones." Man, this place is gloomy."

  • Demgel's Demon conscientious pops up on his shoulder.

"Yeah, a cemetery is supposed to be gleaming with sunshine, having birds and bees all around, and flower to pay respects to the honorable. Seriously, what part of "Cursed Cemetery" dont you understand?"

"Fuck off, Med. I dont need this right now." Continues to walk.

Med flies in front of him. "Ofcourse you don't. You need them." Points behind Demgel.

Demgel looks back and sees a Zombie horde, and a few spirits, then two skeletons."Hmm." Pulls out Death's Scythe. Demgel runs toward him and starts killing them all.

Med claps. "Oh beautiful, man. That's just beautiful. You neither blessed or damned. Just killed. Embracing your inner Demon, much?"

Demgel looks upset. "Go way."

  • Demgel's Angel conscientious pops up on his other shoulder

"Awwww, whats wrong." Leg pets Demgel's face

Med is annoyed "And then this bitch show up! That's just great!"

"Hush it, Med. You gonna be okay?"

Demgel has a straight, yet gentle look on his face. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks, Leg."

Leg smiles."Anytime." Disappears.

Med is distgusted. "Ugh. Distgusting. Now i've gotta clean my eyes." Med disseapears.

Demgel walks up to the very center of the cemetery

Demgel vs. MissionaryEdit

Alpha Catacombs Battle Music

Demgel makes it to the center and stands next to a tree. "Wonder why Father Divine sent me here?" Hears a rustle in the tree. Looks up and sees what seems to be a deformed man. "Oh F!" Backs up and spawans out to blades from his sleeves.

"Get out. I don't want you here. I like loneliness." Missionary jumps out the tree and lands in front of Demgel.

Demgel is a tad bit frightend. "Oooohhh crap." spaces his feet out. "Ok. If getting by you leads me closer to Chaos I cannot leave. Father Divine has told me of your evils against the dead and righteous. You must be slain."

"Last chance, go away and leave me be." Missionary says with a little edge in his voice.

Demgel gets a bit angry. "And I tell you this. Stand aside and let me pass." Stares at him coldley and intensely.

Lifts his head a little. "I warned you."

  • Charges at Demgel and slashes at his chest.

Demgel is in pain. "AAAGGGHHH!" Steps back and looks at his blood dripping from his wound. Is angry "RRRRRRRRGGGGGWWWWRRRR!"

  • Charges at Missionary and strikes him with a double-bladed attack.
  • Blocks one blade with his, but the other slashes his leg and black blood drips from the wound.

Looks at the wound. "You're better than I expected." Lightning flashes around the wound, closing it. "My turn then."

  • Flash step towards Demgel and spins in a wide arc, to deal multiple slash wounds.
  • Demgel is in greater pain

"AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" Is breathing viciously.

  • Eyes turn red
  • Dashes toward Missionary and stabs him in his chest
  • Pulls the blade out and jump spins back. More lightning closing his wound before disappeaing and reappearing behind Demgel, slashing towards his back and legs.
  • Demgel falls to thr ground and gets even more angry. The ground around him strat to break apart.
  • Med appears

"Hey. Hey Demgel?"

  • Demgel looks at Med

"I dont want to say your getting your ass kicked. But, your totally getting your ass kicked."

  • Demgel grabs Med and throws him at Missionarie's face. Then, dashes toward him and puches him so hard Missionary crashes threw the tree and across half of the cemetery.

"That one actually hurt." Missionary states while he heals again, but not completely.

  • Slashes the ground, sending dirt into Demgel's face and kicks him in the nose, following up with a swift slash to the gut.
  • Demgel is in complete and agonizing pain


  • Demgel's canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings.
  • Med looks at Demgel, then Missionary.

"Dude, you are definateley screwed."

  • Demgel dashes straight pass Missionary

"This is to an interesting developement.

  • Takes a faltering step towards Demgel before jumping in the air and sending down a torrent of gales and dives towards Demgel.
  • Dengel dodges all of them, witout even moving
  • Missionary attempts to slash Demgel multiple times before stopping and puttting his weapons down.

"You've proven yourself, you may pass."

  • Demgel calms down

"Thank you" Retracts his blades and walks off.

Vorah NungEdit

The tall, thin, Vampire walks through the graveyard gates, "I don't know why the hell they sent me here..." he mutters as he lights a cigarette, and walks further in.

"Go away. I want to be left alone." The missionary groans from on top of the tree.

"Huh?" Vorah looks up, his cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, placing his hand on the handle of his gun "Who's there?"

"I said go away," Missonary says while he falls out the tree. "You must go or you will face the consequences."

Vorah quietly clicks the saftey off of his gun. "What's going on here?"

"Foolish mortal looking for a fight. I warned you."

  • Charges at Vorah and attempts to kick him in the chest.
  • Vorah takes the kick square to the chest and is sent flying, he draws his gun, and fires three shots, before rolling, and jumping to his feet. "I'm no mortal."
  • Rolls out of the way of the shots and dashes to slash Vorah.
  • Vorah jumps out of the way, then charges back at the Missionary with a Focus Strike.
  • Missionary jumps up high and dive bombs Vorah after taking heavy damage.
  • Vorah catches the Missionary, his weight buckles Vorah's knees, and the force of the impact damages Vorah's body, he then pushes the Missionary off of him.
  • Missionary slashes at Vorah's legs trying to disable him.
  • At the same time Vorah went to kick the Missionary in the head, but his other leg was deeply cut open.
  • The Missionary gets sent flying backwards and knocks over the tree. He then dashes towards Vorah and attemps to stab him through the chest.
  • Vorah tries to dodge, but it's in vain, his leg is to badly injured, he's impaled, through the chest. The cigarette falls out of his mouth. He grits his teeth, raises his gun, and fires a single shot at the missionary's head, at point blank range.
  • The Missionary slumps down and the blade slides out of Vorah's chest, and he lands on the cigarette.
  • Vorah collapses. He lays on the ground, and lights a fresh cigarette, and inhales deeply. "Uhhh...." He groans in pain.

After a while Vorah pulls out some bandages and wraps up his shin and pulls himself to his feet. Continuing walking, albiet with a bit of a limp.

As soon as Vorah leaves, Missionary fixes his tree and goes back to the top to heal.

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