Clare Kurk
Keep away from me...
Elite Enforcer of MPD
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Issac Kurk
Status Average
Eye Color Blue (Left) Yellow (Right)
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type AB+
Age 23
Weight -
Health Unwell (Suffering from Variante Virus)
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Weapons Shotguns, Machine Guns, Uzis, Semi Automatic Pistols, Shock Baton, Mace, Her Fists, Claws, Stinger, Teeth
Species Human (Turning into a Variante), Unstable Chimera
Base of Operations MPD Central Command
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Cooking Student
Current Occupation Elite Enforcer (Under Duress)
Abilities Variante Form, Chimera Form, Mythos Transformation, Power Perception, Forced Evolution, Visual Evolution
Fighting Style Martial Arts
Partner Tori, Isa, Simon
Team The Enforcers: Central Command Unit
Relatives Issac Kurk, Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased)
Marital Status Single

Clark Kurk is one of the elite members of The Enforcers, a military branch of the Mythological Phenomena Department, and is one of their Special Interest subjects, being the victim of an advanced, nigh incurable virus which is turning her into a Variante. She suffers from extreme fear and distrust of Mythos, and these feelings have grown into an outright racist view.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Clare is a early twenties woman with long white hair tied into a bun at the top, and as part of her job, nearly always wears a black business suit, always making a point to dress for her job appropriately. Most recently a resurgence of her infection has turned her right eye yellow, causing her to hide it behind a black eyepatch.

Clare is a very bitter person, angry after her life was taken from her by her condition. She fears and hates Myths for what they do to her and deeply distrusts any Myth who comes near her. Those who she does trust and respect see a lighter, more vulnerable side to her. Clare could easily be identified as a tsundere.

History Edit

Before serving as a member of the M.P.D and its task force, The Enforcers, Clare was a regular human living with her family while studying cooking. However a tragic event happened late one night, involving a mysterious Variante creature that infected her with a genetic disease which causes her to transform into any Myth that she sees. Quickly rounded up by her only living family, Issac Kurk, she was forced to sign up with the agency, and has since served as one of their better agents, though she venomously hates Myths as a result of the incident.

While Tori, her partner is helping combat her hate of Mythos, it has not cured it, and she makes it quite clear.

Powers Edit

Variante Form/Transformation Edit

Part of her affliction, when in the presence of Variante or the one which infected her, causes her to begin turning into a scorpion like humanoid beast.

Chimera Form/Transformation Edit

Part of her affliction's advanced stage, due to the amount of mythic dna her body has synthesized, she now periodically transforms into a malformed, grotesque abomination, a Chimera of countless myths and species. Grants her innumerable powers, but she cannot control her mind and body in this state.

Forced Evolution Edit

Upon seeing a Myth, she begins to transform into that same type of myth, acquiring their powers in the process. The more powerful, the more difficult to control or stop the process, as well as maintain her mind in general.

Armor Skin Edit

Clare is immune to bullets, blades, and piercing weapons, only supernatural weapons can harm her. Blunt weapons are ineffective in general.

Supernatural Strength Edit

Supernatural Speed Edit

Aether Manipulation (Locked) Edit

Infection Edit

In her Variante Form, any human stung by her stinger acquires her condition.

Flight (Aether Wings) Edit

Hyper Regeneration Edit

Variante Presence Edit

Hyper Sense Edit

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