The Imperial Holy City of Chinmoku

Chinmoku (沈黙), meaning Silence, is the name of the Shapeshifter empire and their capital city. It is a colossal city with technological, spiritual, and magical advancements that completely dwarf many civilizations of Earth's, in a way comparable to Atlantis. It is surrounded by a huge stretch of gardens and plazas, while its interior is adorned with gorgeous temples and towers. Its reigning monarch is refered to as the Grand Eye.

It rests deep within East Flora, and lies along the North Frontier border.

 Holy City of ChinmokuEdit

When they come outside, they see a long line of automated vehicles parked in front, and Kado motions for them to come inside the one he stands next to. Once they all get in, the line begins to move, fast enough to be impressive, but slow enough that they can admire the view outside from large windows. After a few hours, things start to get a strange tint, almost a violet color, and strange and beautiful plants and animals begin to be seen, with fey lights occasionally being seen.  

They all start to feel a more relaxing atmosphere as they keep traveling towards the East.  

Gobble: Is it me or is things starting to feel...mystical?  

5x5: Not just you,but I can feel it too.  

Seco: *can feel it too but decides to say nothing*  

As they travel, they begin to see a strange sort of dome appear in the horizon, from one end of it to another. Eventually, all they can see in the sky is basically the looming dome. Kado becomes more focused on the road ahead of them.  

"In the next half hour, I expect for us to arrive."  

Gobble: *looks at the dome in awe* Holy shit.  

5x5: *is also struck with awe* You can say that again.  

Gobble: Holy-*is smacked in the back of the head by 5x5* Ow.  

They pass through a series of thick forests and swamps, and then out of no where, it all opens up right in front of a massive shield wall so thick, they can't even see inside. The whole area is vibrating slightly from the shield's energy. Kado closes his eyes for a minute.  

Gobble: *is shaking* Is it me or are we vibrating?  

Avalia: *is shaking* Please dont say it like that?  

Gobble: Why? does it turn you on? *is kicked in the balls by Avalia* AAAAAARRRGGGMMMMMMM!!! GOOD JESUS!    

Suddenly, a massive hole opens in the shield wall, and they behold a astonishing sight. Inside, they can see miles upon miles of gardens and residential homes, lakes, rivers, mountains, and plateaus. In the center of it all lies a massive structure that looks to be a hybrid of both urban skyscrapers, and majestic temples, stretching from one end of the horizon to the next. From it all they feel a serene sense of peace, as though this place hadn't seen a single conflict in hundreds of years.    

Kado looks breath taken. "Well, behold, the Grand Temple and its Garden of Midnight, Chinmoku. Capital of the Shapeshifter people, and the most powerful and peaceful realm in all of Echo." They also notice that unlike outside, the shield is see through, showing off the beautiful eternal midnight sky, full of billions of stars, untainted by any light pollution what so ever.    

5x5: *is awe struck* By good God...It's amazing...    

Seco: It's a sight, it is.    

For the next hour, they come closer and closer to the Temple Complex itself, which looms increasingly taller over them, and once they reach its finely crafted but sturdy gates, Kado jumps out of the vehicle. "We're going to walk to the Central Complex from here. Follow me."    

They travel through many series of fine temples, streets, and various other public buildings, and after a while reach the Central Complex, which looks very much like a cross between an imperial palace and a grand place of worship, carefully mixed. Kado without hesitation walks straight into the main building, and is guided by guards to a central chamber within. He looks back at the others.    

"Well, are you guys ready?"    

Seco: Been trained for stuff like this. Always prepared    

5x5: It will be over with before you know it.    

Avalia: Ofcourse.    

Gobble: *is still awes struck* Sorry...I can't hear you over how intranced I am with this place...    

As the doors open, they see a vast meeting hall with eight elementals, ten representatives of the largest imperial clans of shapeshifters, and next to the seat of the human ambassador, one seat remains at the table. All of the bodyguards remain standing, and all rise and look at Kado and Seco's team as they walk in, and Azula looks a bit nervous. A lone elderly shapeshifter wearing a thick robe sits at the throne in the room, guarded by 72 guards. He looks up and smiles.    

"Well then... Master Kado of the great City State of Azure, you are welcome in these halls. However, I should point out-"    

"YOU'RE LATE!" The Fire Clan Lord lets out a bellowing roar. He sees Seco and his team, and goes livid with rage, and flies at them with blinding speed.    


Kado side steps in front of him, and pulls out Fire Slayer, which causes the Fire Lord to suddenly stumble, backpedal, and just generally fall over himself to avoid being impaled by the blade, and then stumbles away from it quickly.    

"Kado! You fool, are these not the men who destroyed your city?! Stand aside and let me crush them!" He bellows. He narrows his eyes. "And I see you are still cheating with that sword of yours."    

Kado shakes his head. "I will not stand aside. You know the rules. No fighting is allowed. Besides, they are here as my bodyguards. Be seated, please."    

After a minute of staring at the sword, he slowly backs off.    

"We will have words about this later." The man on the throne speaks softly. "All please be seated, Guardians, please stand at your liege's side." Kado seats himself, and Azula takes her place next to him.    

Seco, 5x5, Avalia, and Gobble sit on the floor and watch attentivley

"Anyway, yes, you are late, but pretty much only by an hour. We've been waiting patiently. Or rather... most of us." The man looks at Fire Lord in a particular manner. Fire Lord looks away from him.    

"Is there any of you who would like to make an announcement before we begin in earnest?"    

Kado stands up. "Yes. Azure wishes to make a major announcement. If I may speak?"        

Seco: *listens even more attentively seeing the look on his is quite upsetting*        

Kado is silent for a moment. "I would like to inform you at this time... that I intend to resign from office as the leader of Azure."        

The entire room is struck dumb, even the man on the throne cannot contain his surprise, a collective gasp echoes in the room.        

Gobble: ARE YOU SERIOUS? *gets up and walks toward Kado* WE DRAGGED OUR ASSES BEHIND YOURS FOR THE PAST 3 DAYS, ONLY TO HEAR YOU SAY YOU QUITE? Nah,nah,nah, nah, nah. Fuck that, ok. Where's that guy who believed in helping his people strive through tought times and was seeking to rid his world of all injustice? Hmm? What happened to that guy?        

Seco: I too must agree. You are possibly one of the greatest image of a leader and a martyr I have ever seen. Why stop now? give up on when your people need you the most?        

"...I'm not giving up on my people." He looks away from them. "I'm doing this for my people." Suddenly, a hologram opens up, and a video with full audio begins playing, showing from a street camera the image of a massive and destructive battle ranging across what Seco realizes as London. He sees the image zoom in on a massive dark skeleton, and within it, is a child that strangely looks like Kado.        

"...That was me. The man who fought for justice and the betterment of the Mythos... in the end became no better than the rest of them. I'm doing this for Azure's integrity. If I stay, Earth will no doubt use this as an excuse to discredit Azure, and put all of the years of work I put into it to ruin. If I step down, they will have no reason to come after and blame Azure." Kado's voice is pained with horrible guilt.        

"...I have been suffering nightmares in the perspective of the people I put at risk for days... I cannot live with this guilt any more. If I must fight for justice... for now on... it is best if I fight alone. So that Azure can continue to provide hope for the future."        

Gobble: Wow, we blew up your city because it was our job and we decided to work it off, but you went and completely destroyed one of them all in the pursuit of one guy? Wow how fucking hypocritical can you get? In all cases, I guess your people can do without you for a while.        

Seco: That is enough!        

Gobble: *gives Kado a long cruel stare and leaves the room*        

Suddenly, Gobble is sent flying back into the room, being pulled back by some invisible force, screaming in alarm the whole way. When he arrives next to Seco, he is dropped on the the floor hard, and the man on the throne stands up.        

"I gave no permission for you to leave, Gobble." The man says darkly. "When in attendance, you will only speak when spoken to, and you will only leave at my dismissal. I am the Grand Eye, and you will follow conduct, or next time face stiff penalties. I understand your anger, but you will not leave unless permission is granted."        

Kado looks down at the ground. "I have two other announcements. My successor shall be Azula. For many years, she has guided me when I would have fallen off the right path. I trust in her ability to protect the people, no matter the cost. The other announcement... is that I intend to grant a full pardon and amnesty to Seco and his men. ...I understand that what they did should be dealt with by punishment, but I believed that they could be more than what many have assumed them to be, including myself. ...This is why I brought you here... to have an opportunity to understand you. ...We aren't as different as I had thought."        

He barely manages to look Seco in the eye, but quickly lowers his gaze. "I wish I could be deserving of the regard you had for me. In the end I'm just no better than the people you worked to lock up..."        

He trails off, and lightly mutters, "Just another monster...", and sits down in his seat, his hair hanging over and concealing his face.        

Seco: Then that monster must learn control and see to what truly matters'. Like how yo gave us a chance at redemption for the destruction of your city, you too can seek it.        

The man sits down. "Are you sure you wish to continue with this, Kado? There are other ways. You do not have to do this."        

Kado shakes his head. "No... it has to be this way." Seco notices something odd about Kado's voice then, and apparently the man does as well, though he says nothing of it.        

"...Very well then. It is regrettable that you feel the need to resign, Kado. You have contributed much to the world during your time. In this case Azula will vote in your stead. We shall begin the Summit officially then. Seco, your men may leave. So may you at this time, Kado. But we will need to speak in private."        

Kado quietly says, "Yes, I understand," And Seco again notices something off about his voice.        

Kado gets up, and quietly begins to leave, saying nothing. Azula watches him go, and then sits down.        

5x5: Can't belive he just went on and did that.        

Seco: I have a feeling he know's what he's doing. *looks at Azula, who looks rather worried* Azula, you've known Kado longer than anyone of us, then you must know that Kado will be alright.        

"Actually... that's why I'm so worried. It's because I know Kado. You weren't there with us when Kado was injured by your CRAzy. ...It would be one thing for Kado to redesignate himself as a soldier... but if he goes off on his own... Kado is only superficially strong. If his will were to break... ...Seco, you will need to see something from me. ...I suspect though you might find out for yourself if you were to follow Kado right now. You have permission to leave and do as you please. Here is the location of where we are staying though, just so you know."An image of how to reach the quarters inserts itself into Seco's head."You can leave, it's fine Seco."

Seco: Thing is, whereto go? We promised yo we would stay and help rebuld Azure for it's destruction and we're gonna do that. Well, I am. *turns toward the others* How about you?

5x5: You know I'll always be by your side, Father.

Avalai: Same here.

Gobble:....Who else is gonna keep me from sayin' something stupid?

Seco: It's settled. We stay here.

"I thank you. I suspect that Kado won't leave for good. In honesty, he will always need Azure. But I don't know where he intends to go from here. He may join the Vigilante Corp, that would be the best I could hope for. Tell me, speaking of that, is that something you would care for?"

Seco: Whatever you need me to do. I would have a no problem doing it.

During the entire session, the attitude in the room seems obviously completely against Earth, even the Shapeshifters, who Seco was told were largely pacifist, seem agitated.

Azula speaks up."You all know full well how Azure views this. I believe the best we can do is offer them the choice to change. Even if they don't, I believe we should come together not to destroy them, but to be ready for the next time. Should they attempt such an action like at Azure again, we should make clear their folly by issuing forth their destruction. Should we not focus on punishing our enemy, not the bystanders?"

The council is silent, considering her words. The shapeshifters speak up. "Perhaps that should be our course of action. And it would make clear to Earth that there are consequences for meddling in other world's affairs, without targeting the innocent."

The Elementals seem a little less enthusiastic of that opinion.

Seco: We were just following our orders. We cannot be held accountable if killing innocents was what we had to do. But since we're here, we can make up for that. What do you say?

The Fire Clan Lord turns directly to face him. "Especially in the West, where even we Elementals fear the wrath of mother Nature, even if we may fight, it is understood to us that innocent blood is something that only cowards spill. For it is the only blood of which they deserve. Warriors are meant to fight warriors, not to kill like mindless drones meekly obeying whatever soundwaves come into their ear! Even if our enemy is well deserving of eradication, even I would hesitate to give such an order. Earth has no honor. And by obeying orders of such a nature, you rid yourself of honor, no matter how hard you can try to make up for it, you have spilled innocent blood, a tainted act you can never wipe clean! ...And that is why Earth deserves to be punished. They do not hold any value in innocent life, they have in turn lost their innocence, and thus their deserving of life!" He growls. The majority of the elementals, except a handful, namely Light, Earth, and Ice, all agree with his statement. They instead seem to frown instead for some reason.

5x5: They do that out of fear yes, cause innocents are being killed on Earth too, not just in Azure. Some of us have honor and some of us are good and are capable of doing such. You wanna know why?

"Go ahead, tell me how you're any different from the savages on Earth. Let me tell you though. You have some nerve to speak of honor. Were it not for Azure's advanced alert systems, and had they not evacuated in advance, you would have no honor. Even though you didn't spill blood of any but warriors... your intent to do so is more than enough justification for me to label you a coward. The lives of the innocent are worth tenfold your own, even if they are enemies. If you had honor, you would kill the man who told you to kill innocents.

But if you think that some how you had or have honor, please, tell me how I'm wrong." He crosses his arms. "There is no justification for slaughter."

5x5: I know, but there was man who believed mankind was worth it. He gave up his life from beyond the stars to come teach us right and wrong and he was prosecuted for speaking the truth and stand up for those who did wrong unto others. He was betrayed by his friends, but he he forgave them and forgave those who did him wrong. He took all the sins of the world once he was sacrificed and that was when Earth had a chance at redemption and even though you guys think that man's sacrifice was in vain. It wasn't. You wanna know why? Because he makes no mistakes. And he said, 'If you are without sin, you cast the first stone'. So hit me if you say you guys have not done one thing wrong in your life.

Fire Lord seems to almost completely become a visage of pure fire in anger, his eyes glowing red pupils. "You only have the right to speak of things like that if you actually have gone and lived them. You're a hypocrite. If you believe in his sacrifice, that's one thing. But he doesn't call the world to just believe. Believe all you want, but until you start living the sacrifice, you just taint his message.

You may have the right to speak of throwing stones, when you live by his actions and his words, not when it conveniences you!" He roars.

5x5: He doesn't want us to live the sacrifice. He already did that. All he want's is us to believe in that sacrifice and to believe he died for our sins

He narrows his eyes. "Like I told you. It's fine to believe. But you cannot speak of it when you only live by it in convince. Or have you forgotten there are rules that you must live by? ...For instance... thou shall not murder. Your actions at Azure betray your 'faith'. To eliminate a threat is one thing. To kill innocents just to get at your enemy... not only cowardly, but you commit hypocrisy! The only reason you even are willing to help Azure rebuild is because they caught you and would kill you if you refused. You would never have helped them otherwise... when that CRAzy was defeated, your first thought was self preservation, and not to aid those you had wronged. You have no moral standing, and your 'belief' is a mere front you use in your convenience. I have not seen any action that indicates you have any true understanding. Those who believe in that sacrifice not only have belief... but they spread their belief through their actions. They show the world their faith, and give them the hope they come to know.

...You have only shown us your cowardice. You're just like the others who scurry about on Earth."

The Fire Lord spits in 5x5's face, the projectile literally feels as if he set his cheek on fire.

5x5:*wipes the spit off his face* If a person strikes you, turn the other cheek. *turns his face*

"The only reason I've not killed you is because right now, you're not a soldier, and because I honor those commandments you're taking for granted. I will say it again. You can say you believe all you want. If that's what you really believe, fine. But belief cannot redeem everything. It's not a free pass through life. If I were to kill anything and everything I could, and then excused myself with my belief, I would still be damned. Keep that in mind. Even if you do believe, you are still accountable for your actions. I see no man of faith. Only a man of hypocrisy. When did you ever stand up against what was wrong? I will say it once again! You are a hypocrite! You serve men who order the death of millions of innocents, you imprison your own kind, those you don't you turn into weapons!" He roars.

"I did not bring this up, as I did not think it important to mention, and I assumed you knew of this. But do you know of something called Gen. Messiah?"Azula says to 5x5.

5x5: *is silent for a moment* Yes...I am familiar.

"I must ask. Do you know of its origins?"

5x5: Jonas and God Squad were sent to Heaven to...kidnap the Messiah. It was successful and we reverted the mesiah into a machine, for the sole purpose of creating CRAzys, the solution to the myth problem.

"And knowing this, you still chose to follow them, even with your belief? You never once thought that was wrong? Do you realize what you've basically done and continue to do by siding with M.C.C.P.?"

5x5: I knew we had crossed the line once we did this, but what could we do? If he defected, we were just as vulnerable as any other mytho. I spoke with my father about this, but he has not come up with how to handle it. The Admin wont take us up and leaving so nicely you know. We were one of his best. He can't afford to loose that. now since we're here, we feel free, but the guilt of reverting the Messiah into a freak show still haunts me.

The Fire Clan Lord gets up out of his seat. He looks at the other Lords, and they silently rise. They all begin to walk into an adjacent chamber, and close the door, and the other representatives begin to rise, including Azula.

5x5: *whispers to himself* God said "Love those who hate you, Do right unto those who do wrong to you."

Azula looks at him and the others."We're leaving until they finish. They're going to cast their own vote. They may bicker a lot, but when it comes to this kind of thing, they always do it with a democratic vote. ...They're like a really savage form of a republic. We're leaving because it usually takes a good three days before they decide on their vote. I know from experience. We will be headed to the diplomat quarters. Kado should be there. I think. Oh, a soldier named Wildcard is going to want to talk to you. Besides Kado, he's one of the stronger SS Class Mythos of Azure. ...They're quite similar, except well... he's much more brutal."

Gobble: Brutality

Seco: Where will we be meeting him?

She looks at the doorway leading to the outside."He's not exactly the friendly kind, so don't do anything to make him mad. ...I'm looking at you Gobble. ...Also, he may challenge one of you, so be ready for him to get... extreme."

Gobble: Ahhh shiiitt....Not it.

Everyone walks out the doorway

As they do so, they see a man who at first looks like Kado, but when they get a better look, he looks more like a monsterous savage. A thick metal visor of some kind hangs over his face, almost shaped like a beak, and he appears to have a air and voice filter covering the rest of his face. His whole body is covered in thick combat armor, and over all, he just looks very threatening. He turns and looks straight at them.

"I see you're the soldiers that were apprehended during the battle. Unfortunate that you got away with such light wounds. I hear it took Kado many a week before he was ready to return to his station. Seems a bit...ironic, that you would end up serving your enemy... don't you think?" He says in a very artificial, heartless sort of manner, almost sounding like a machine born to kill.

Seco carefully notes that this guy has about six katanas on his back, and a single large sword. He is evidently very skilled at what he does just by looking.

"Admiring the hardware I see... well don't."

Gobble: *whispers* Is this dude a samurai vampire *is slapped in the back of the head by 5x5* Ooooowww.

His head swerves towards Gobble. "YOU. Come here." He says suddenly.

Gobble: Oh now he's Scorpion. Fine whatever, I know im gonna get my ass handed too, anyway. *walks up to Wildcard*

He crosses his arms. "Hit me. As hard as you can. I want to see what you're made of, wise cracker."

Gobble: *scoffs* Wise cracker? You sound older than the old man over there. *points at Seco from over his shoulder*

Seco: Shut up and fight that damn fool, George.

Gobble: Ok. *throws a punch at Wildcard but it doesnt touch his face and jerks his fist back and kicks him in his stomach*

He looks at Gobble. "Is that all you have? Disappointing." In a suddenly flurry of movement, he suddenly tosses Gobble high into the air, and then proceeds to drop kick his stomach, and finishes his movements with a powerful body slam into the ground, and then flips back twice, and comes to a stop on his feet, and appears to not even have strained himself at all.

"Try again, that is, if you can stand up after that."

Gobble: *is hurt, but gets up anyway* Ok then, lets go. *runs up and punches and kicks him on every inch of his body and finally kick sweeps Wildcard causing him to fall down and then drops kicks him in the stomach*

Suddenly Gobble's foot catches on fire, and Wildcard starts laughing wickedly. He suddenly flips, and while in mid air, slams his two feet straight into Gobble's face, and sends him flying onto the stairs adjacent to Seco. A powerful aura of fire burns about him, as he continues laughing.

"Who's next? I want to see your strength!" He chuckles. "It's been a while since I've been able to get real loose... show me a good time!"

The guards around them appear to be straining. "W-what is he?! He's fighting off our attempts to restrain him with mental bonds.... impossible!"

Seco: Mental bonds? *thinks for a minute* 5x5, you take him.

5x5: Are you sure,cause look at what this dude managed to do to Gobble.

Gobble: *is still on the ground in pain* It hurts...

Seco: Trust me

Wildcard tilts his head. "Well? Come on then!" He yells, taking a ready stance.

5x5: I'll fight you. *gets in a Judo fighting stance*

He chuckles briefly. He suddenly vanishes, surprising 5x5, but he has little to no time to react to this before Wildcard appears behind him, and chops him in the back with a karate chop, and abruptly switches to another style, stabbing several nerve points in 5x5's body with precise finger strikes, before flipping back and jumping onto a high pillar.

The air about him seems strangely darker, as though his very presence is draining light from around him.

5x5: *gets up and vanishes and comes back behind him and elbows him in the back of the neck and sweep kicks him then drop kicks him in his side then kicks him away*

Seco quickly notes that Wildcard takes almost no time getting back up, as if he wasn't even phased by the attacks. He takes a better look and suspects that this guy might be feeling pain, but if he is, he must be used to pain by now, to the point where it doesn't throw him off in a fight anymore.

Wildcard leaps forward, throwing a katana at 5x5's face while drawing a spare one in the same motion, ending the jump by impaling the blade in the ground, where he stops abruptly and lands next to it, and casually pulls it out and enters another fighting stance. 5x5 notes he seems to flicker for a brief moment.

5x5: Mind if I ask when do you want to stop fighting?

"I will fight until I am satisfied. I said that I wish to see your strength. I am not satisfied. Pain is pain. But your blows are nothing compared to the pain I've endured... Now... if you're done talking..." He points his katana at 5x5. "Show me your strength. Or walk away. I care not which."

The guards infuriatingly growl. "How is this guy able to ignore our psychic restraints as if they were cobwebs?!" One snarls in frustration, several appear to be severely straining their limits without any visible effect.

5x5: *runs toward Wildcard and manuevers under his arm holding the katana and manages to slip the katana out of his hand and slices both backs of his knees and points the katana at the back of Wildcards neck*

Wildcard drops for but a moment, and then rolls aside, and a visible exhale can be heard coming from his mask. He stands back up with a growl, but says nothing. He draws with blinding speed, using a very fast Quickdraw and nearly manages to slice 5x5's torso horizontally and vertically, but comes just shy of his body. With an even faster series of stabs, he manages to combine the stabs with low kicks aimed at 5x5's footing, and 5x5 fails to dodge one kick, and drops to the ground, right as Wildcard stabs at both of his hands to pin them to the ground, managing to impale one and barely missing the other, the other getting a slight cut.

5x5: *takes the katana out of his hand and points it at Wildcard*

Seco: *is intrigued*Hmmm....

Gobble: *is still on the ground injured* go get 'em, man...*falls back down*

Avalia: *looks worried* Be careful, Jonathan.

Wildcard flips, kicking 5x5 back down, while pulling out the other katana from the ground. While 5x5 struggles back up, Wildcard quickdraws his katana again, and this time scores a major hit to 5x5's torso's left side and his shoulder as well, leaving a long gash. He then jumps up onto a pillar, and an aura of fire surrounds him, and he begins lobbing fireballs at 5x5 at high speeds, both punching and kicking. After a minute passes, he stops firing. He looks at the others. "Any volunteers before I pick for you?"

He seems to be looking partially at Seco, but also appears to have some interest in Avalia.

5x5: *comes back and and double-kangaroo kicks him from behind. He takes the katana and shoves through his spine*

Suddenly a giant fist slams into 5x5's face, and sends him through two walls with ease. He barely manages to look up to see a Defiled Beast standing where Wildcard had stood. He also notices the katana he implanted in his spine is completely healed, with no sign of physical injuries.

Before he can blink, the beast smashes its fists repeatedly into him, and it finishes with a stomp to his legs, then stomps off back into the plaza where they where fighting, and it turns to see if 5x5 will get back up.

5x5: *struggles to gets up but manages to get back on his feet. Is breathing very hard*

Wildcard returns to normal form, and looks at him. "That'll be enough. I am satisfied with your performance. You fought well." He looks at Seco and Avalia.

"Which of you shall fight me next?" He says coldly

Seco is about to raise his finger to volunteer, but Avalia puts his hand down.

Avalia: I volunteer.

He looks in her direction. "Very well then." He turns to face her, but makes no other movement to take a ready stance.

5x5 walks by Avalia and holds her arm and gives her a worried look. Avalia puts her hand oer his and gives 5x5 an assuring look. 5x5 gives her a trusting look and lets go over arm and walk over to Seco.

Gobble: *still lying on the ground* You did good, bro. *gives 5x5 a thumbs-up*

Avalia: *gets into her fighting stance*

Some of the guards try to grab him to stop the fighting, and he simply responds with a roundhouse kick that knocks each of them unconscious, and then turns back to face Avalia. He hesitates for some reason, but does not draw his remaining katanas, rather he draws two long wicked looking daggers, and slowly shifts into a ready stance.

Seco: *is watchign carefully and is whispering to himself* Plant you feet, Avalia.

Avalia: *mildly spaces out her legs and plant her feet firmly to the ground*

He lunges, and momentarily disappears. When he appears, he slices at her, and vanishes, the blade off from its target by a inch. She suddenly realizes that he wasn't aiming for her head directly though, as a burst of fire erupts where the knife had sliced near, momentarily engulfing her in flames.

Avalia: *turns the flames into discs and listens carefully for Wildcard*

A piece of one of the nearby pillars suddenly flies at her, and while it flies at her, Wildcard appears, and sends a wall of fire straight at her.

Avalia: *blocks both with her fire disc and throws on at Wildcard cutting his abdominal area*

He appears silent, and out of no where, he starts charging her at an insanely high speed, and she begins sending more fire discs, the majority of them he easily dodges, but some he allows to slice him, a few cutting his arms, and one managing to slice a small hole into the right side of his metal mask, revealing a glowing red eye full of an intent to kill just barely held back. He closes the distance between them in only thirty seconds, and begins slamming his fists into her, and delivers a particularly nasty one to her right cheekbone. Just as she prepares to counter him, he slashes her waist with his daggers, and it's only then she is able to knock him away.

He stumbles and skids to a stop, and it occurs to Seco he may be losing his earlier stamina. He is splattered with his and her own blood, and is taking rather deep, if not strained breaths. His red eye narrows to a slit slowly, adding to his already dangerous appearance.

He suddenly shapeshifts, and appears to change into the Fire Lord. From a window, the real Fire Lord yells, "HEY! Don't you dare use my semblance without my permission!"

Wildcard just chuckles darkly with his voice.

Gobble: Hey mister Wilcard! Stop being a blood-thirsty slut, ya gayford!

5x5: Dude, shut up!

"...Don't make me come over there and teach you why you're still on the ground a second time."

Avalia: *turns the disc into a spear and stabs it through Wildcards cerebral cortex*

It suddenly passes through him harmlessly, and as it comes out, it simply becomes a part of his form.

"News flassh, it probably didn't occur to you, but fire against fire is not only stupid, against a master of the element, you just put yourself in a bad position. Against a fire elemental, you've got some serious brain damage to attack one with fire."

He suddenly attacks with a violent nova of fire that ignites even the stones, and the blast hits Avalia. She tries to shape it like before, but this fire ignores her and continues to ravage and burn her without remorse, the firewave knocking her back towards the others.

Avalia: *is unconscious*

Gobble: Oh shit!

5x5: Avalia! *runs up to her*

Seco: *is shocked* This is unnecessary.

Wildcard remains silent, and returns to his form. However, unlike before, he definitely lacks the previous stamina from before, and actually seems at the very least tired. The wound she dealt him in the abdominal area is healed for the most part, but hasn't fully closed, and still a bit of blood is slowly coming out.

"...Azula. Heal her." He says quietly. Azula silently reaches to Avalia, and looks at Seco."I'll take care of her back at the room."She picks Avalia up, and begins taking her off to a building.

He observes Seco cautiously. "I did not intend to cause any mortal injuries. Understand that much." He turns his head to watch Azula leave, as she enters the building off in the distance. The glow in his eye is nowhere nearly as strong, the red in his eye is subdued and his iris is almost black.

"Are you angry with me?" He asks simply.

Seco: *just looks at him in shame*...You are no monster...You are something far worst...*turns and follows Azula.

5x5:*carries Gobble inside with one arm. He looks back at him and it his eyes are tainted with hate. He follows behind Seco*

"...That much is true...." He turns towards the outskirts of the temple, and silently walks past the building, while several guards angrily follow him. He quietly growls, "I was testing them, nothing more. I won't make excuses for what I did. Get lost." He silently walks out into the Temple Gardens, and eventually sits by a lake, a fair ways away from the main section.

He takes his metal mask off, and Kado stares into the pristine waters, his eyes dull and lifeless. He stares at the calm water, and wonders why he can't be like the water, calm and peaceful.

...What do I even want anymore...? What am I good for but tearing apart what I seek to build up? ...I can't do anything right anymore...

Losing DirectionEdit

"Why do I even have these powers... they've brought me nothing but pain... pain to myself and to others.... what's the point... what's the point in all of this...?!" He snarls, and breaks off weakly.

He suddenly hurls Dark Slayer away from him, and it impales deep into a nearby tree with a anguished yell of frustration.

Damn it all...He buries his head in his arms, and curls up into a fetal position.

Kado eventually gets up, well aware of what time it is, and silently talks over to Dark Slayer, and mutters, 'I hate you...' to it, before silently walking back to the temple, and eventually runs across the building. He becomes intangible, and silently walks through the halls to the rooms, and without a sound or hint at his presence, walks past the others, not needing a reminder of what he had done, and slides into the closed door of his bedroom and quietly locks it from within, so that no one will get in.

He takes the sheet off the bed, and lies on the floor, using his own hand as a pillow, and the floor as his mattress, and reluctantly drifts off to sleep, preferring the waking nightmare to the hell that would likely ravage him in sleep.

Seco is standing next to an injured Gobblelying in bed, while5x5 is standing next to an injured Avalia.

5x5: *is looking down at Avalia and holds her burnt hand* Avalia...*clutches his fist and turns to Seco* Why didn't you stop him...?

Seco: I was unaware that he was gonna do that.

5x5: Bullshit. You knew who he was the entire time and while we were getting our assess handed to, you just stood there, like you were an old man waiting to cross the street.

Seco: You know as well as I do that she took my place.

5x5: *pins Seco to the wall* You could've stopped her! You could've stopped him! You just let your sons do all the work for you while you sit on your hands and watch.

Seco: I'm sorry for putting too much trust in you. I should've known there were somethings you just weren't ready for. Avalia took a bullet for me you know. That could've been me who would've been incinerated. What then?

5x5: You lived a good life, old man.*drops Seco and leaves*

As 5x5 leaves, Kado weakly wakes up, hearing the commotion. Silently, he peers through a small hold in the side of the door, and looks at Seco.

He's been through a great deal... but unlike me... he has something that I don't have the luxury of... a family.

...Just as well that I woke up... I don't think I could have been able to sleep through the nightmares. ...Should I talk to 5x5....? ...I shouldn't let my mistakes cause bad blood in Seco's family...

Azula quietly lifts her head, picking up Kado's thoughts but says nothing. She turns to Seco.

"My healing has been able to numb their pain. They'll be alright now. They just need some rest. Avalia took the worst of it, but they'll be fine in a few days. ....Do you want to talk?"She asks timidly, not wanting to anger Seco.

Seco: I don't know anymore. Jonathan has a point, I was more expirienced. If I had volunteered first, I would've been the only one in a medical bed and not everyone else. Thanks to me Jon might not know how long his feelings for Avalia would have taken. I lost mine in 2 years after we were married, he might loose his before he ever gets a chance.

"Don't blame yourself. I didn't know that was going to happen, and actually I don't think it was Kado's intention to harm her the way he did. He was trying to see how strong you all were. ...He didn't want you to be sent somewhere where your talents would be of no use, so he thought he would test you all himself. ...Truth be told... something's off about him though. I know of that other self of his, and to be honest... it's worrying me. Even as Wildcard, he would never go that far, not against a comrade. ...I don't know what it is, but I feel like his encounter with Hiroshi has done something to Kado, and emotions he doesn't know how to control are starting to boil over... when I first met him, he was almost without emotion. It took me months for him to even crack a smile. But now..."

She looks down at the ground."I understand you probably don't even want to hear his name... let alone hear me talk about his problems. But didn't you feel like something has been off about him?"She looks at Seco."I'm scared for him..."

Seco: If there was one thing I knew about Kado, that he was violent but in this case he was never that violent. He even said so through what he had said about not want ing to scoop to our level, did give me a hint as to why he would go so far, but that wasn't Kado. It was something completely different. And if he wanted to see how strong we were, we could've helped him fight Hiroshi, but I can see he's more of the Lone Wolf type of guy.

Kado gathers his energy, and goes intangible again, and slips through his door. However, as he leaves the entrance of the quarters, he breifly loses focus and briefly flickers into view, but just as quickly disappears, and heads off to go after 5x5.

5x5: *is meditating in the Temple Gardens*

From above him, a voice says softly, "You know, you've got something I could only wish of having. I sort of envy you. You have no idea how much I wish I could empathize that to you." Kado quietly is sitting in a high up tree branch, looking down on him, strangely dim eyes illuminated in the eternal twilight of the moon lingering over them.

5x5: *finishes meditatin and looks at his injuries* I wish I could do better than this...*turns back inside*

Kado turns as he goes. "Going to just turn and walk away? The only person you should be angry at is me. Not your father. He doesn't deserve any of that. And the last thing you should do to yourself... is turn your back on the people who care about you. I've got nothing now. But you have something I can never have again. Once you lose it, you'll never have your family again. So cherish it."

Kado narrows his eyes, remembering.These are the words I wish someone could have told me... but it's too late for me... my family can't be brought back to me... not after all I've been through. Not after what we've done to each other...

5x5: Fool. You've had a family all this time, you were just to busy wallowing in your own pain to notice.

"...." Kado glares at him. "What are you talking about...?" He suddenly gets an odd feeling, and looks away off in this distance.

5x5: These people who look up to you. Because your one of them. Their your people and when you say 'your people' you mean 'your family'. They would stick wit you 'til the ends of the world because your part of your part of your people's family.

Kado looks around, and for a few minutes, he seems tense. After a while, he relaxes. He looks back down at 5x5.

"...Perhaps you're right about that. But..." He trails off, his eyes without energy in them. "That isn't the same... it will never come close to being the family you have, or the one I lost." He drops down from the tree silently, and gives 5x5 a look that he doesn't know how to read, and walks off. He pauses. "Not that I don't care about them... it just what I lost... my people will never be able to replace. ...No matter how much I care about them, or them me."

He walks away, and silently rests his head against a distant tree across the road from 5x5. He appears lost in thoughts.

5x5: *whispers to himself* They can, if you weren't moping every second of the day about your life.*walks back inside*

When he comes back inside, Azula's gaze immediately is on him the moment he appears at the door. He can't read what her gaze's emotion holds, but it seems like she had been worried about something, or rather, is, as there seems to be a faint line of stress and anxiety on her face.

"So you've come back."The tone in her voice is much sharper, almost like a knife's edge scraping against his mind.

5x5: *feels a sharp pain in his mind, it nearly makes him pass out, but he keeps himself from doing so* Yes. I'm just came back to apologize to the old man. How is Avalia?

"Fine. The worst is over. I mended her burns as best as I am able, and I removed her connection to her body's pain. I did a similar thing for Gobble. ...That name is quite an odd one I will say that much. No offense."

The sharp pressure dissipates slowly, and he realizes that the pain came from Azula, and he realizes she might have been slightly angry at him about something, but judging by the disappearance of the pain, she must have been willing to let it go.

He notes a strange formation on the back of Azula's neck, which seems almost as if it was something artificially attached to her body. It looks like a small round mound, with small vein like growths trailing down towards her spine and her head. She doesn't seem to notice his gaze though, and she simply appears to be looking over Avalia with a soft expression, sort of how she occasionally looks at Kado.

5x5: Ummmm...I hope its not rude of me asking, but how did you get that thing on the back of you neck?

Her reaction is completely unexpected, she flinches, and just about looks as if someone set off a bomb in her face. She covers it with a hand, and looks extremely pale, almost unhealthily so."I-i-i-it's nothing. Please do-don't ask."After a brief awkward moment, she speaks again."I'm sorry... I don't know what it is... just don't talk about it. I always get that way when someone says something about it, and I don't know why. ...My apologizes. I've been examined before, but no one can figure out what it does."

5x5: *put his hand on Azula's shoulder* I'm sorry. Like I said, I didn't mean to be rude.

"It's alright... where's Kado?"She asks.

5x5: I saw him walking down the road away from here. Im not sure where he's heading but he should still be walking.

"I see... I wish I knew what to do about him. It just seems that no matter how hard I reach for him... he keeps slipping away. ...I've been trying to find the source of his pain, but I've not been able to delve deep enough into his mind to find it. It's like an endless wall is surrounding his inner most being... And all around it is a terrible dark void."She looks depressed.

"I've tried so long to free him from this suffering... I don't know what to do..."The tone of her voice seems almost broken, as though she's seconds from tears.

5x5: *puts his hand on Azula's face and turns Azula's face towards his* Emotions are good to show, but never good to display your character. Kado has delved far into bad things in his life and dwells only in the darkness of the past, instead of bathing in the light of the future. We can still help him, no matter what. No matter what he does, there is no doubt in the end that he will no longer feel that pain, but it's all up to him. And if he makes his mind up, you must respect that.

She still looks desolate, and suddenly her expression turns to alarm. She mouths, 'I have to go!' silently, but the fear on her face tells him that she just sensed something bad. She shakily touches his head with her hand, and a wave of mental energy connects to his brain, and he senses a powerful presence lurking somewhere in the gardens, approaching Kado's weaker mental signals with great speed. He suddenly remembers where he felt this before...

...the presence is the same as the one that came from the strange white figure that attacked them and destroyed the CRAzy with a single effortless blow.

5x5: It's her isn't it?...The one who decapitated our Test CRAzy?

"...Yes... that and more... From the best I've been able to search... I know only this one thing... that she is the reason for everything Kado has suffered through until now. ...She is the one who made Kado this way... of any of the members of Phoenix... she and Hiroshi are the only ones that really readily come to the surface of his thoughts... and they're the ones who incite the dark wrath deep within him. ...I don't know why she's been showing up so much lately... but I can't let her do anything else to Kado!"

She stands up, a fire in her eyes.

5x5: If we're gonna fight her, we can't just go in guns blazing. I know you want to get back at White but will it make Kado feel better?

"The last time he left to chase after them... I can't let him fall back into that dark place. I don't care if he wants to fight her. Besides... she's fully trained and a fully empowered Elemental Slayer. ....He doesn't even stand a chance as it is... especially because he already had to fight and deal with all of you."

5x5: Then let's call the old man. HEY, OLD MAN. GET YOUR RUGIGDY ASS OUT HERE!

Seco: *comes outside* What is it you want, Jon? *feels that strange presence* That it that lady?

5x5: Yep

Seco: Mmm

Azula suddenly rushes off, the take off so strong it creates a small burst of wind, which pushes them back for a moment.

5x5: *is surprised* Holy crap.

Seco: Hmm

5x5: Knew something we didn't?

Both: I always do. *runs after Azula*

They eventually manage to catch up, and they all roughly see at the same time a white figure in the distance with a slumped figure over her shoulder. It doesn't take long for them to realize who it is.

White sees Azula and lets out a smile, which quickly comes right off when she sees Seco and 5x5, replacing it with a bit of a scowl.

"Well now... I was beginning to think you weren't going to show up..." Closer to her, they can see she has two white horns, and the only major contrast on her body is her robe's black detail. Her eyes aren't the usual shapeshifter eyes, instead having violet irises with black reptilian pupils.

Azula bristles with rage."PUT. HIM. DOWN."

White gives her a raised eyebrow. "Oh my. What's your fuss about? I only poked him, and he fell over unconcious, that's all."

Azula's fists clench."I SAID PUT HIM DOWN!"She roars, the mental waves echoing loudly in Seco and 5x5's brains.

White just smiles.

5x5: *feels the pain in his head* AH GOD! *presses his the roof of his mouth his his thumb*

Seco: *is ignoring the pain as much as he can* You heard her. Put Kado down.

As carelessly as she can make the act possible, she lazily drops him right next to her left side.

She just casually smirks. "You know... I hesitated just long enough for him to know I attacked him... oh how exquisite the rage he'll have when he wakes up..." There is a twisted gleam of satisfaction in her eyes.

5x5: I bet she's one those excessively evil chicks you just want to die.

Seco: Yep, no doubt.*walks to Kado and picks him up* Should we go back? We got Kado.

Seco suddenly feels a blade against his throat, and he is immobilized against her body, uncomfortably so.

"Well, one thing you shouldn't do around excessively evil chicks is walk right up to them..." She purrs. "Besides... I came here for something." She looks at Azula. "Since Phoenix was named an independent entity from Chinmoku... should we not get a say in world affairs? Or did you simply look us over?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, since I have your attention... let me make it clear that Echo, specifically Azure is to keep out of our business. Any interference will cause... unneeded collateral damage. We make our move soon, and I suggest you keep your toes out of our business. Oh, we will meet again... I still have something we need to talk about..."

She makes a cruel wink, and literally dissolves in a shower of light.

5x5: Man, that chicks just spells "EVIL".

Seco: Every. Villain. Is. Lemon.

5x5: Remind me never to have lemonade again. Something is telling me she is has a big plan going on.

Seco: Looks like you've beaten me to a speculation.

"I think you need a medal for your incredible observation, Sherlock."Azula remarks dryly.

5x5: Medals are for heroes. I am no hero. I didn't know you guys knew anything about Sherlock Holmes. And don't get pissed because you didn't get your chance to end the evil white chick.

"....I only learned about it after meeting you all. You certainly have interesting pass times on Earth."

5x5: And you don't? I feel rather sad for you guys. More than I already do.

She turns toward the quarters they were staying at."Let's head back... I need to make sure she didn't do something to him..."

Seco: She could've just pressure pointed him.

5x5: Or hit him really hard.

When they reach the room, she has them lay him down on his bed."Leave me for a few minutes. I need to do something."She places her hand on Kado's forehead, and closes her eyes, and says nothing else.

Seco and 5x5 leave the room

5x5: Any idea what the evil white chick might be planning?

Seco: World-wide eradication? That's my only guess.

5x5: I'm guessing were gonna go find out.

Seco: Hell yea, we are.

After a long while, Azula comes out, but she looks shaken, in a way that sends a slight chill down Seco's spine. He realizes it's a look of raw horror and fear.

Seco: Something bad has happened to him hasn't it?

"No... he's fine... but... ....I need to wait for Gobble, Avalia, and Kado to wake up. ...You ALL need to hear this."

5x5: What's happening?

Seco: Shit is what's happening.

"She told Kadoexactlywhat they're going to do. ...She also asked him to join them. ...The others need to hear this though. What White has planned... is something greater than what you speak of when you say the world 'Holocaust'. ...They're going to try to wipe out all human life on Earth."

Gobble: Nah...I still say the Holocaust was way worst...

5x5: *shrugs in agreement*

Seco: Is there anything we can do to stop that, Azula?

"I don't know the details... she left those out. But her intent is clear. I do understand their first move comes soon. I don't know what we can do, but I do know that we need to delay the Council from acting against Earth. We don't need to worry about two enemies. ....I can't believe that Phoenix after all they've done in the name of peace... could change into such a horrible organization...

Are you all aware of what Phoenix is? I believe I may have breifly touched on the subject with Seco once."

All: *nod in understanding*

Kado stirs weakly, Seco notices a strange band of red markings on one of his cheeks that wasn't there before, and he vaguely remembers a similar pattern from the video he had smyeen of his other form's attack in London. Azula also notices, and immediately stands over him, the two of them understanding the significance of the markings quickly.

His eyes open, and the markings fade. "What....? Why am I back here?" He shakily sits up, and on seeing Gobble and Avalia, turns his head and looks away, unable to look at them still.

"...What happened....?" He looks briefly at Seco. "...You guys ok? You look as though you were told the world is going to end or something."

Seco: Hmm. Yea...How about that.

Kado rolls his eyes. "I really don't need sarcasm right now. But seriously, what's going on? Last I remember, I was outside, and then I felt a sharp pain in my chest..." He trails off.

"....White..." Kado says in a low growl. "She was here.... wasn't she?" He says in a much darker tone than Seco has heard from him before.

Seco: Yes...she was...she wants to destroy the Earth.

Gobble: It always got to be the Earth. Why can't it be the Moon or Mars?

5x5: Cause no one gives a crap about them. They're just there.

Gobble: *groans in laziness*

Kado suddenly throws Dark Slayer into the wall, a scowl on his face. He lays back down, and rolls over away from them.

"...Kado...? Are you alright?"

He doesn't answer at first. "How can I protect others when I end up being the thing that the people need saving from...? ...It keeps building and building... and it won't go away. I can't even help myself anymore."

"I'm sorry for everything I've put you through. I'm worse than scum."

Seco: In all honesty, we're all scum. We've done a great deal of things we wish we could take back but cant. It hurts us every moment we think about. But there is such thing as redemption. That's what you've givenus after we destroyed your city. We show to same to you, because an old guy once said: "Everybody makes mistakes." Ask for forgiveness and if you truly repent you will be forgiven by those you have wronged.

"I suppose that would be easy for you to say... but you didn't kill anyone... you don't have to live with that guilt. ...I do."

Seco: Not true. We had to result in killing our own kind too. It wasn't nice, but it was our job.

5x5: The point practically gripped us and we wanted nothing to do the M.C.C.P, but then were assigned this mission. It was supposed to be the last one before we quit.

Gobble: Then other shit happned.

5x5: Yea, then other shit happened.

Kado rolls over onto his face, and covers himself with his blankets.

"Azula can discuss it with the Council tomorrow... I'm going to sleep."

The suite door opens, and a royal guard is standing on the other side.

"Pardon the interruption, but you are all summoned to see the Grand Eye."

Kado lets out a deep groan. "Will I ever get a chance to sleep tonight...?" He grumbles.

Gobble: *smirks* You don't know how many times Batman has asked that same question.

Suddenly Batman appears, and looms tall over Gobble. " Boo." He says in the legit batman voice.

Gobble: OH SHIT! *falls out of his bed* It's really him! Holy God!

5x5: goes up to Batman* Can I be your next Nightwing?

Seco: *facepalms*

He suddenly is replaced by Kado, who has the most unholy of wicked grins. "I can't believe you fell for that. I mean seriously. I hardly know who he is."

Goble: *is relieved* Oh thank goodness.

5x5: *bows his head in disappointment* Awwwwww.

The guard taps his foot impatiently. "Are you going to fool around or come or what?!"

Kado turns slowly to face him. "Buzz off. I don't see why we need to go when it's the middle of the night. I'm sure it can wait til later." He says coldly.

The guard gets an irritated look. "You should know better. I may have to take that seriously. When the Grand Eye summons you, you are summoned and must answer him immediately. No exceptions."

Kado scowls. "It's the middle of the night. Like actual middle of the night. I know that's a hard concept, seeing as you pretty much couldn't tell, what with the eternal night over your heads."

Gobble: For I giant-ass eye, he sucks at determining what's night and day.

The guard angerily moves to jab at Gobble with his spear, but is intercepted by Kado, who effortlessly breaks the spear, and punches him in the face. Before he can react, Kado leaps onto him and begins to punch him repeatedly, and suddenly stops cold after a minute.

Seco gets a cold tinge down his spine, as he senses something malevolent stirring. Azula's eyes narrow.

Gobble: Didn't expect you to beat the living shit out of him,but thanks anyway.

Suddenly, Kado stands up, and turns toward them, and they see his eyes have gone red, and his right side has red markings identical to the ones Seco saw from the video of the battle at London.

Azula looks at Seco, panic in her eyes."It-it's back.... Seco, this thing... I never saw it in person... but I'd swear this thing's presence is the same one that keeps me from healing Kado's pain....! ...Don't do anything reckless... if you move..."She pauses.

Seco: You heard her. Don't move.

Everyone just stays where they are.

Gobble: What is this? Jurassic Park?

5x5: Dammit, dude. When are you gonna learn to shut your mouth!

Gobble: When I loose it.

The crazed Kado suddenly lunges at Gobble and 5x5, pulling out Dark Slayer as he charges, and he closes the distance within a matter of seconds. He prepares to swing, when suddenly a hand grabs his head, and a second one grabs his hand.

"Sleep, One born from blood." At this, a shock visibly goes through Kado's body, and he completely goes limp. As he falls to the floor, they see the person behind him is none other than the Grand Eye.

"I do not like to be kept waiting... it is fitting that I came here when I did... for this was exactly why I wished to see you all. Rest until morning, and then at the sixth rise in the sun, come before me. We shall hold the meeting later in the day. For me... this is a matter more urgent than the Summit."

He turns, and mutters... "So it has come to this... old freind..." Only Azula and Seco hear this, but remain silent.

 The Eye of KnowledgeEdit

"Save your questions until we meet next. My answers will be long, and I will withhold them for the sake of your rest." He walks out, and the guard Kado had taken down stumbles after him.

Gobble: I didn't think the Eye of God was gonna us anytime soon.

5x5: Hey wouldn't have to save us if you have just shut your mouth!

Seco: Both of you,Shut up!

Both: *stay quite*

Seco: *sigh* We should be getting rest for tomorrow. Another long day.

Azula silently lowers to the ground, and picks up a small form Seco realizes is a small girl."...He went so far as to completely shut off Kado's powers...?"She sees Seco looking, and she quickly takes her off into her room, avoiding Seco's gaze. He notices as the girl's head shifts in Azula's arms, her eyes faintly meet Seco's, dimly similar to ones he has seen before. They wearily close, and then Azula disappears into her room.

Gobble looks down and realizes Kado is gone, having not noticed the occurrence just now.

Gobble: I'm no really sure, if im supposed to care, but where did Kado go?

Seco: *looks around then looks back at the room where Azula went in* Things just keep getting weirder.

They all eventually go to sleep, and at six the next morning, they all get up, Azula being the last one to stir. When she does, she comes out with the girl Seco saw earlier, who appears to still be sleeping. She ignores the looks the others give her.

"You have questions, but so do I. The only things I've known about Kado is just an endless list of questions. Now I finally have a chance for answers. For him as well as... well... me. The only thing I understand is that violent... thing comes out when Kado is enraged beyond reason... though that seems to be degrading now... and she..."She looks down at the girl in her arms."Well, I've only seen this form when Kado has been on the verge of death, and when he's been driven powerless. ...But I don't know why it happens. It isn't normal for Shapeshifters to do this. The only thing I understand is something happened to Kado a long time ago, and these... occurences are a side effect that won't go away. Let's not keep the Grand Eye waiting."

Seco: Fine. My mind is already screwed up anyway.

When they finally arrive at the hall of the Grand Eye, he is sitting alone, with no guards, something that immediately catches their eye.

"I summoned you here on account of Kado, originally I merely wished to speak with him... but considering the circumstances of late... I think it's time I discussed to you a great many things. In order to know your enemy, you must first know yourself.

For many years, Kado has gone through life, not knowing who he truly is. I think it's time he came to understand just who he is. For his sake and for the future. Tell me... Seco of Earth, just what do you know about Phoenix?"

Seco: Why the hell are they here? What is there purpose? What do they stand for?

The Grand Eye closes his eyes. "Phoenix was an organization born at the beginning of the Mythos war. ...However, while your world was at war for what you would call a long time... our world has seen a war that started well before my time. And my great great grandfather knew not the beginnings of the war either. Life here is not as it used to be.

...I can still smell the smoke.... the fire. I can still taste the blood that fell like rain. Memories still rake my brain of that time. The Elemental Warlords, eight powerful beings of pure, absolute power over the elements rose up long ago, they were the first of the Elemental race on Echo. We were born much later, and just like how humanity reacted, the Elementals found us strange. They sought our destruction, and from the start, we became their opposite force. For years we fought, our vast knowledge allowing us to develop counter measures to our enemy's absolute strength. However, the fighting never ended."

He has a sad look. "Until the day the Dark Entity, Kukyo discovered Earth. You would know it as the very middle of the war with the Mythos. But for us, it marked a whole new chapter of violence. ...And from all of this, eight masterswords men learned the way to create swords that could endure the ravages of time... and lock away the very power of the Elements. With these great swords of power, they attacked the Eight Lords, and began a battle which would create the eight ultimate swordsmen who could wield the power to destroy the elements of nature, Phoenix. They were once a organization like Azure. Defiant of the world order, determined to change history. After their battle, they sought to bring stablity back to Earth, just like they did for Echo."

His face darkens. "And in exchange for their help..." He gives Seco a look that dares him to answer.

Seco:....I see...You guys haven't figured a solution to stop them?

"They've done a good job of doing that themselves so far. ...Phoenix continually tore itself apart after the death of the original White, her death was the trigger for its decline. Until now, many including I believed it had finally collapsed. ...I was wrong."

He walks up to Kado's small form, and releases the bind on him, and a shadow aura surrounds him, and he soon returns to normal. Kado glares at him.

"Why did you feel the need to expose... that side of me?"

The Grand Eye looks at Kado. "Because you need to come to terms with who you are."


"It's about time you know the truth of Phoenix.... Kado." His eyes narrow. "All of it."

Kado gives him a look. "I was raised by Phoenix, I was one of them once. I think I know enough about them."

The Grand Eye looks at Kado. "Do you know that every member of Phoenix has always been a Shapeshifter hybrid?"

Kado gives him a puzzled look. "Yeah, but I'm an exception. I'm normal."

The Grand Eye closes his eyes. "....You are an exception. But not to that rule."

Kado's face goes blank. "What...?"

Seco: *is attentive and is waiting to hear where this is going*

"You are a Hybrid. I was not sure of this before, but after what I've seen, there is little doubt."

Kado narrows his eyes. "My family always were shapeshifters, I was from-"

"The Spiritwood clan. Yes I know. ...Ironic that name is...

Do you know your family's lineage?"

Kado blinks, confused. "They're all shapeshifters. I don't know what you mean by all of this-"

"The Spiritwood Clan was founded by Hadari.TheHadari. The man who first wielded the Dark Slayer..."

A hologram appears of the iconic traitor of Phoenix. "The same man who tried to destroy Phoenix... Of any of them, he was probably the most violent... but also had a great sense of justice when the time came. ...And he was once my best friend.

His power was three fold. His powers as a Shapeshifter alone were formidable, he knew and commanded countless shapes. And as you know, he was also the wielder of the First Dark Slayer. ...But, there is one thing he never told anyone expect me."

Suddenly, red marking appear on the image of Hadari, ones that remind Seco of...

"...He was not a pure shapeshifter. He was a hybrid of a shapeshifter and a spirit." He looks back towards Kado.

"His blood still lives.... in you. You are his great great grandson."

Kado's face goes white. "W-what...?!"

Seco: He's saying that your lineage is what screwed up your life with Phoenix. Well that's what I'm saying. He's saying your the descendant of the 1st wirlder of Dark Slayer and the destructor of Phoenix.

"More importantly... I'm saying that you are a Shapeshifter and a Spirit hybrid. ...Ironically, the same can be said for White... the two of your family lines from from the same tree. Or rather, trees. Hadari and the original White were once lovers. You are descended from the two greatest members of Phoenix. And the inheritor of their wills.

Your nature explains everything that has happened until now. The violent rage, and the meek helplessness those other halves of you represent... weren't born from some mental disorder.

...You did that... to yourself. In your terror and your darkest despair, you desired above else to be free from all of the pain and emotions that were tearing you apart... as your own family tried to kill you, you split your own soul into pieces." His eyes soften slightly.

"When you did this, you didn't create two new personalities within yourself. You didn't give them any. This is why your rage self attacks anything and everything, even your own comrades. This is why the weak, helpless one emerges should you be too weak to exist in your current state. That's how it was at least. But now that you're faced with the emotions of the past... your rage is growing at every turn. Your sense of helplessness increases.

...And that's why at London... your spar with Avalia and 5x5... the guard... and nearly your friends for the second time... has happened. Your spirit no longer has balance."

He looks at Azula, and his face suddenly saddens visibly. "...And that... is why you can never truely heal Kado's pain. Your power over the mind is great and powerful... but this is not a matter of the mind... but of his soul. There are things you can do to help Kado... but to put an end to all of his internal struggles... will be next to impossible. Only those three can determine their fate."

Seco: Then it's one of those personal situations that can only be solved by that one person. I know your in a dark place, Kad but relieve yourself of that pain you have. It's up to you what you want to do with yourself an the 2 others.

Kado faintly looks at Seco. "How am I supposed to do that? Relieve myself of my pain...? That's easier said than done Seco." He closes his eyes. "I don't even know why it's there to begin with." He looks at the Grand Eye. "So the reason I have this pain is because that split?"

The Grand Eye closes his eyes. "...No. I don't have any answers as to why you have that pain. ...Maybe with time, but my only guess is that either one of the other spirits is causing you the pain indirectly, or there's something within you that should not be there. But I do not have enough information to make a safe conclusion."

Seco: This may sound crazy as Hell but is it pssobile for him to them? Mentally.

He looks at Seco. "Very possible. The real question is... will they talk back."

Seco: We're gonna have to see if it works first before we can get to that. Besides, I don't see why they wouldn't.

The doors barge open, and the Elemental Clan Lords come in. "We've reached our decision. Summon the Shapeshifter clan leaders."

The Grand Eye gives a look to them. "We will continue our discussion later. Right now, the future must be decided."

Seco: Understood *walks out*

Gobbel: So? What are they doing know?

Seco: Their decididng the future of Azure.

Gobble: Ma, fuck the future. Everyone knows there is no future with shit happening the way it's been.

Seco: Still got to believe in the mission.

Gobble: *groans in laziness*

As they walk out, and the clan members all assemble, they hear the Fire Lord speak. "Personally, it is my opinion that the humans are beyond forgiveness, and they should burn for their crimes. My fellow clansmen are of similar sentiments today. ...Though with various methods of destruction..."

Kado doesn't hear the rest, as he suddenly has an attack that causes him to let out an unholy shriek of pain, and collapses onto the ground, trembling violently. Unlike last time, his body ignites into black flames, and he clutches his chest in agony. The attack lasts for ten minutes straight, with Azula looking as though she's straining with all of her might to hold some unseen force at bay. Just over eleven minutes, Kado suddenly and violently drops, and moves no more, with everyone nearby alarmed and frightened.

The Fire Lord is one of the first to charge in.

"What in the hell just happened?!" He growls, an edge of concern is in his voice.

Seco suddenly feels a violent tug on his shirt, and he is pulled down to Kado's level, where dark red eyes burn into his own, and he can see red markings again.

The grip weakens, and a quiet voice that sounds like it hasn't been used in hears weakly chokes out, "H-help.............u-u-us....." Kado goes limp once more.

Seco:...Help...let us then...

Gobble: The fuck happened to him? Is he diabetic.

5x5: *facepalms*

The Grand Eye walks over. "Everyone else, present your votes as scheduled. I will still be able to know of your conclusions. But however, this matter is of greater urgence." He looks at Seco and the others. "We will go into the Vault of the temple. I have a sinking feeling I know what's going on."

Azula picks Kado up, and they follow the Grand Eye around the back, where he slides a stone section open, revealing stairs leading deep below the city. They cautiously head down, and come into a large hall that looks undisturbed. Off to the sides are small rooms for sleeping, and the Grand Eye indicates one, and Azula places Kado within.

"What's going on?"Azula pleads.

"...I fear... that Kukyo is returning. ...I have not seen such fire as black and cold as the fires burning around Kado... not since I first laid eyes on that demon."

Seco: Who's Kukyo?

"The Elemental Warlord of Darkness, she was the eldest and strongest of the eight. She was the last of them to fall to Phoenix. ...And now, I fear she may be trying to use Kado as a vessel to make her return. ...I can only hope I am wrong."

Seco: I hardly doubt that. We can't just keep Dark Slayer away from Kado or is it too late?

He shakes his head. "By now, if she was able to assualt Kado with black flames, she must already be within and secure. ...She will need to be taken back out... from the inside. If what I saw is correct, both of his strong halves are now weak or failing. ...If nothing is done, she will take over uncontested."

Seco: Kado needs to either team up with his other 2 halves to fight her off before she emerges or me and 5x5 go in there and try to stop her. Either or I'm down for it

The Grand Eye looks at Azula. "You can probably confront her using Azula's powers. I will say this. She is a being of darkness. Beware her power. She has the ability to take everything you ever endured and turn it into your ultimate hell. ...Be careful."

Azula nods."Are you guys ready?"

Seco: We were prepared ever since we came here.

5x5: Not to mention, We're strong in Christ. And he is our light that will show us through the darkness. Am Iright dad?

Seco: *puts his hand on 5x5's shoulder* You sure are, my boy

Azula silently connects her mind to them all, and then touches Kado's forehead.

"Prepare yourselves... brace yourselves."A painful sensation builds within them, and suddenly they find themselves being torn from their bodies, and in a flash of light, momentarily lose sensation.

The Malice of DarknessEdit

Seco feels the cold bite of snow, and weakly gets up, the soft crunch of pure white snow beneath his hands and body. He has no idea where this is, but he feels light and out of place. The air is cold, and for some reason, there is a great sense of a heavy depression in the air, as if this strange world is drained of any joy. He sees Azula, and immediately asks where she took them.

Seco: This may be a dumbass question, but where are we?

"A memory. We landed in the very outskirts of Kado's mind. This memory is one of his more stronger ones. Be careful and don't run off."

Seco: Sure thing. It's not like I've got somewhere to run off to. *starts walking into the cold* Not even sure what I'm supposed to do here.

The others wake up as well.

"Goodness... I thought you guys said you were ready... I didn't realize you would black out from one simple mind transfer."

5x5: We blacked out? Aw crap. We gotta find the old man. Come on guys.

Gobble: I can't believe we're doing this in our current state.

5x5: Man, shut up and let's go.

The others run off after Seco

Seco: Azula, can you please tell me why I'm in Kado's memory instead of being where Kukyo is? Unless Kukyo is in Kado's memories.

They feel a cold wind blow, colder than even the snow on the ground.

"She forced me here. I assume we will have to take the hard way down."

Seco: Damn. Am I even going the right way? What's supposed to be here anyway?

As if to answer his question, there is a terrified shriek, as a young boy tears through the snowy bushes , followed closely by five hooded figures, blood dripping from the swords they wield. One of them leaps forward, and stabs the boy in the back, and just as the boy is about to be pined to the ground, he momentarily becomes a shadow, and slips away, though blood pours from him. He has similar wounds all over his body.

Seco: Hey! *as if with blinding speed, strikes the 5 hooded figures and stands infront of the young boy* You alright, kid?

Suddenly, the image of the boy and the figures flicker and disappear, the last thing Seco sees of the boy is the absolute terror and tears, and then he is gone just as soon as he had seen him.

Seco: Wh-what? Was that Kado? Never seen fear like that in any child's eyes.

"You were lucky that you interrupted the memory. ...You would have seen much worse. They held nothing back in their effort to kill him. Even to this day, I don't understand how he could have possibly have lived and endured what they did to him. He was fifteen when this all happened. ...he was always a frail child. Even by adult standards, he's still quite weak physically than the majority of his peers."

Seco: He never seemed frail when we we're around him. Must be good at hiding it.

The others catch up to him

5x5: Made it.

Gobble: *is breathing heavily* Should be in a bed right now.

Avalia: *is shivering* Goodness...its cold out here....Don't think it was ever this cold back on Earth...

Suddenly, the whole of the ground heaves, and suddenly collapses on them, and they begin falling violently down into a deep black void below the ice world.

Seco: Everyone brace yourselves!

Gobble: Talk about Skyfall!

5x5: Are you serious, dude!?

They eventually stop moving, and they look around, to see three crumpled forms, Kado, his dark self, and the little girl they saw earlier. Coming from Kado is a swirling pillar of darkness, darker than even the darkness that surrounds them.

Kado's head stirs, and a faint, 'R-run...!' Can be heard coming out of his lips, weak and hoarse. "G-get away from here... s-she's... too powerful..."

Gobble: Well, you heard the man. RUN! *gets a head start*

Everyone esle starts running

"What was that about coming to fight me....? Ha ha ha... cowards... I can smell your fear..."A voice echoes in the darkness.

Gobble: All I can smell is EVIL. And I can spell it too.

Azula gives him a 'are you f*cking crazy' look.

From the depths of the shadows, a rippling of some sort of thick darkness creeps in their direction, slowly shifting into an organized form, until it becomes an eight armed figure that vaguely resembles a human shape, with glowing red eyes and markings over its body. Their first instinct on feeling its energy isdemon.

The darkness coming out of Kado seems to grab him, and pulls him into the figure's mass, and it seems to gain a more solid outline.

"I am the first Lord of Echo... the Queen of Despair... The Abandoned One... I am Kūkyo. Leave... or you shall regret your transgressions against me in the eternal void."

Gobble: Wow, so you must be Trigon's wife, right? Love your daughter, Raven. Chick is awesome.

Seco: *facepalms*

5x5: *facepalms*

Avalia: *facepalms*

Kukyo narrows her eyes, red eyes becoming narrow slits.

"Pity... I expected more. You're not worth the minuscule energy that composes your being."

Suddenly Gobble feels a sense of overwhelming dread, as do they all. Gobble starts to remember some of the worst experiences in his life, all the bad things that ever happened to him start to play themselves over and over in his head.

"And you, what are you but a measly worm that struggles day to day just to exist? You delude yourself with your dreams of redemption and salvation. But the only future you hold is the same for all. To be erased. To no longer be. To join and become one with the void..."She speaks to 5x5, and soon a similar wave of emotions and memories assaults him.

5x5: *puts his hands together* Life isn't what you think. I have often tortured myself on the same concept of my life not meaning anything. But my father told me, that we're not here for no reason. You only delude yourself with talk of dread and past.

Gobble: *is mildly hitting his head with his hand* Out with the with the new, right?

5x5: Right. You can say all you want. Atleast the past made me the sort of man I am today. What about you? Why do you hate life so much? Surely you weren't brought up this way.

A wave of pure negative emotions blasts them, the agony of countless souls seems to rush through them.

"The past... present... neither of those matter to me. The past was long swept away by the endless hours and years. The present is continously swept away in the past's violent waves. The future holds only death for those whose days are numbered. But for those who shall live to the very last toll of the last bell... infinite and finite possibilities await.

I do not hate life. The only thing I hate is those who would stand in my way, and obstructmygoals,myfuture. I am not content to exist in an eternal prison. You shall not cease my return. You shall obstruct my path no further. You shall from this day, no longer walk the path of life... but scream into the dark abyss of death."

She summons eight energy swords, and lets out a shrill roar."Pray... but in the Void... no hope remains."

Gobble: Excuse me. Got a question. What are your goals? And what future do you possibly?

5x5: *facepalms* Oh God.

Gobble: No,no, this is legit.

5x5: Iswear if we die because of this-

Gobble: Oh no we're not. Trust men.

5x5: *gives Gobble an untrusting look* Yeah, you say that.

"Here's the way I see it. Keep wasting your time trying to talk me to death, and let me continue devouring Kado's soul. Or, you can use that muscle inside your head that's called a brain and think that you should probably not let the giant demon standing in front of you free upon the world. But no no, please, keep talking."

As she says this, she swings at Gobble's head with four giant blades half the size of a tall building.

Gobble: *is managing to dodge them* Your one to talk. You be talkin' about despair and shiz, all I asked was one question. If you had Questiophobia, you should've said so.

Ignoring him, she abruptly switches targets and stabs at Avalia, who dodges, but still gets her side sliced open, and in the same movement attacks with dark fireballs at Seco, 5x5, and Gobble.

Seco: *dodges and goes straight toward Kukyo with 5x5 right behind him*

Suddenly, the ground becomes nothing but air, and all around them, a city is in pure chaos, guns, explosions, and fire rage all around them, as two massive heavily armed armies wage war. It takes Seco a moment, but he recognizes some of the soldiers are wearing Azure combat armor, white with blue trim, while their enemies are pure black with red.

Azula looks astonished."This is... this.. this is our civil war...! But how...? I thought we were in the center of Kado's being...?"

Seco: Those this foretelling the future or revisiting the past?

"No... this already happened... this is the civil war Azure fought to gain control of the city. This was our battle against the government... was horrible. ...But why are we here...?"

Seco: I'm guessing this another way for here to try keep us from reaching Kado. Come on. *contiues to run toward Kukyo*

Her image disappears, and suddenly all of the memory soldiers are blown away, and standing at the center of the blast, is Kado. ...Or what looks like him. Red markings glow with an ominous glare, and his hair is now black and slightly longer. He silently holds a black longsword in on hand, and beckons with the other, his demeanor daring him to come closer, but his eyes are pure black, lifeless.

5x5: Is that Kado?

Seco: I don't know, but looks can be deceiving. Gobble and Avalia, you take care of this one. Let's go 5x5. *runs toward Kukyo*

Gobble: Sure thing, old man. *jump into the air and dive bomb kicks the Kado look-alike*

"Where are you going?" The voice of Kukyo rings out. Suddenly, a massive dragon of pure shadow appears right in front of Seco and 5x5, and breaths shadow fire in front of them, blocking their path.

Gobble discovers his foot is now firmly implanted in the ground, his attack had gone right through. A black tentacle of energy suddenly wraps around him, and slams him into a nearby skyscraper. The Kado then turns towards Avalia, and seven more tendrils sprout, each barbed with a dangerously sharp blade.

Seco: Ah dang.

Gobble: Oh crap! Rape! Worse! Tentacle rape! I knew this day would come!You are one messed up chick, lady! Do you do this to your own daughter or somethin'?

Azula charges, and blasts the Kado with a blast of fire, and it reels back, burning for a little while, before the fires put themselves out. It returns fire, and the two begin dueling with the elements, the Kado with darkness and Azula with light. The battle quickly becomes a incredibly fast firefight, both combatants focused on each other.

The Shadow Dragon takes a step forward towards Seco, and blasts at them again.

"Everyone! Physical attacks are useless! You have to either attack them with your own spiritual energy, or use some form of energy manipulation like fire to harm them! Preferably positive or light energy!"Azula yells to them all.

Seco: Crap. We don't have any of those. Does water count?

Azula thinks for a moment quietly. Then out of no where, she suddenly charges Avalia with incredible speed, and punches her straight in the chest, and in the next second, slams into Gobble. By the time 5x5 is ready for her, she already slams into him with great force. Seco faintly attempts to dodge her, but can barely avoid her first punch.

"What's this, gone insane or something?"

Azula says nothing, but manages to smack Seco in the stomach. She suddenly sprouts wings of pure energy, and a powerful rush of energy flows into each of them, filling them with a power they have never felt before.

"Mythologic Adaption: Empowerment."

Gobble: Holy crap, old man. You never told us you were part angel.

Seco: I'm not, dumbass. What's happened?

Gobble: I feel so empowered.

Avalia: Same here.

"You have seven minutes to use this power before it runs out. Don't be an idiot like Gobble and use up all your power in one go making fireworks. I won't explain this, but kindly keep knowledge of this ability to yourselves."

Seco: Got it. *looks at The Shadow Dragon. A portal appears below him and jumps down in it*

The others do the same

 The Soul Abandoned By All, KukyoEdit

When they come out of the portal, they are in a vast white void, and standing ahead of them, is a lone male figure. Seco recognizes it even from a distance. Kado. In front of him stand two smaller figures, a black haired boy with dark red eyes, and a girl with similar hair to Kado's, with gold eyes.

Seco: Them. It's those two.

Gobble: Is it weird that im finding the girl pretty attractive?

Everyone looks at him weird

Gobble: I'm guessing that's a 'yes'.

Everyone lands on the void

5x5: What do you suppose thier doing?

Seco: Hopefully, talking shit out.

5x5: Seriously dad, do you have to cuss all the time?

Seco: I'll cuss whenever I want, now hush up.

5x5 notices something off, Kado's eyes are pure black orbs, and the two seem to be now running away from him, even as he walks at a leisurely pace after them. As soon as she notices them, the girl changes direction and instead runs straight for them, while the black haired one seems to be more or less standing his ground, holding a single sword against Kado.

5x5: Well, we know what to do now. Gobble, you get the girl.

Gobble: I swear dude, If i get an inch of that girl,I might as well jizz my pants.

5x5: Okay...Avalia you get the girl. I'm gonna see what's wrong with Kado. *runs towards Kado*

Avalia: *runs up to the girl*

The girl whimpers in fear and grabs a hold of Avalia, her body quaking from terror. Meanwhile, Kado effortlessly disarms the boy with a careless swat of his hands, and turns to create a forcefield of darkness blocking Seco's way.

"I don't know what sort of trick that was you pulled, but I will assure you that will not happen again." He says in a dull angry tone.

5x5: Hmm, so I'm guessing your not Kado, or you are and that Kukyo chick is inside of you.

"You could say I am Kado... though Kado shall soon cease to be... and there shall only be Kukyo. Already his control over his spirit has all but collapsed. It will be a simple matter to control his body... once I deal with you pests, scampering about like rodents."

The boy lets out an angry roar, and charges 'Kado' again, only for him to idly swat him away again, 5x5 hearing ribs snap.

5x5: Hey! Stop it! If you want to smack some one, here I am.

"I think not. That brat slowed me down for countless years... I would already be free if it weren't for that fool. But if you insist on continouing your pointless interferance... I shall indulge you."

Kado's form suddenly changes, becoming a woman with lighter color hair than his, pale skin, and pure black eyes, with only a faint gleam of red marking the location of the barely visible pupil. Two graceful curing horns protrude from her head, following the contour of it. A single red line of markings trails down her right cheek and down her body, similar to the ones seen before with the boy and Hadari, which makes Seco suspect a relationship somehow between the markings. She wears fine white and black robes that are tattered at its edges, mainly around the bottom and the sleeves. She appears to have a graceful, elegant form, off put by the strange aura about her, depressed, if not borderline sad.

A still moment passes, and she summons a sword of dark fire. "Very well then... I shall destroy you and reclaim my place in the world. I shall be a prisoner no longer." Her voice is low and naturally a whisper, quiet, and not what he expected from the previous encounter. Overall, 5x5 doesn't see how a being... as beautiful as she is could be as sinister as the people of Echo proclaimed.

Seco watches from a distance, and begins to suspect that he might have seen this woman at some point, but he can't figure out where.

5x5: Listen, im not sure what your wanting to do, but do you think its worth it? The world is already going to shit and before you even get free, you will have nothing.

"Fool. You have everything, yet nothing at the same time. As for me... I never had anything to begin with. I have nothing to lose... but everything to gain. I won't expect a rat from M.C.C.P. to know anything about that though. You're all the same. Phoenix... M.C.C.P... there is no difference between you and them, yet you proclaim them your enemy. They locked me away in a cage, even as M.C.C.P. continues to do.

Why is it that you continue to fight and survive? Is it because of your faith? Even though you should have died to protect what you stand for, you chose to live and sin against your own brothers and sisters. I would gladly die for them, as well as my beliefs. Just as you proclaim that you have something you call 'Faith', I too have a faith. Though I entrust it to none but myself. Time is my only certain ally."

She looks at Avalia. "You and all your darknesses... all of those secrets you hold onto in fear... all of which is hidden is known to me."

5x5: Your right. I have seinned by going against my brithers and sisters. Me and my family were robbed of our lives once the M.C.C.P found us. What you'll be doing will be just as bad as what we did. Faith is what is keeping me from attacking you. Cause I know there is still something I can do to help you.

"Hmmph. 'Help me?' How amusing. But there is nothing you can do for me. ...Not unless you can end it... forever.

Unless you can make all of existence's pain cease and create a world of pure bliss... whatever desire to help me you have is pointless. Do not speak of wrong doing to me... not when I have been imprisoned in the cursed blade for over eighty years... eighty... long... empty... years...! The only help you can offer me is lying down and making it easier for me to kill you."

She unleashes a wave of pure pain energy at them all, the energy searing and scaring its way into them.


The pain suddenly stops.

5x5 looks up, to see her standing over him, her sword pointed at his throat.

"The last person who ever asked me that question betrayed me. The last time mortal ears heard my desire... they merely used it against me and bound me to the sword... the last thing I want to hear from the snake's tongue of a mortal is that question.

So I'll ask you once and only once... is that really what you want to know...? Would you like to know just what I desire? Just what I want? Why would I go so far to obtain that desire...? Tell me Jonothan Waltz... do you truely wish to know the answer to that question?

...Because unlike Hadari... if you lie to me... you won't get a second chance." Her voice is deadlier than any sword's edge, the threat of its wrath looms over him with every syllable. She presses the edge of the sword directly onto his throat, slightly nicking it and drawing a thin line of blood.

5x5: *is still calm* I am no liar. Cause I know I wouldn't want anyone to lie to me. Everyone gets a second chance, even if they don't deserve it.

Seco: What isthe boy doing? He needs to stop trying to sympathize with the enemy and get the job done.

"...Fine then."

She grabs him by the neck, not violently, and lifts him up, and tilts his head to look into her single visible eye.

She suddenly throws him over to the others, though he lands with a soft thud rather than violently.

"What I seek... is something that if you were in my position... you would do anything to obtain it. ...Anything. No matter if you think it's wrong..." She pauses.

"All of the time I have lived... all of the ages I have endured... I have seen it everywhere. Yet no matter how much I reach... it slips through my fingers. It is radiant throughout all worlds... you need only look hard enough."

She closes her eye. "What I seek isn't power... what I seek isn't wealth... I do not seek an ideal... I care not for a higher power... nor do I care for the lesser and minor. None of these are my motivations. It is something that the mighty and wealthy can spend their whole lives searching for... yet it comes to those who are simple and meager... it is something that defies even the greatest of darkness's. You cannot touch it... nor can you see it... it is elusive for many... and obtained by few."

She slowly turns her head back towards them. Her eye opens, her gaze intense and focused, the weight of practically her entire being behind her gaze.

"Can you possibly begin to fathom such a thing?"

5x5: No. Will it satisfy you thoug? Do you know if it will help you? And what happenes once you run out? What will you do then?

"Then it is as I thought. You are blind to what you yourself already have, even as it stares you in the face day to day. You have something that even the mightiest of men and beings would crave... and die failing to find it.

I would spend my entire existence chasing after it... regardless how how long it will take... I will never give up. If I must, I would gladly conquer all worlds to find it. I would do anything... everything... if I could finally feel the one thing that countless others gained at my expense... happiness. Joy. Love... it has many words... many ways to express and give it... Happiness... is the only thing I desire. To obtain it... I would conquer this boy's soul... conquer worlds... kill those who would oppress me... take vengeance on my enemies... ...and if I could... I would die for it."

She closes her eye.

"But me telling you this changes nothing. It will not change my path. I told you before... this means everything to me. feel it just once... would finally give me hope to one day truly live."

5x5: Your right. You do deserve happiness, but you'll never achieve it the same way the people who took advantage of you did. I don't want to cahnge your path, but your going at it the wrong way. May this help give you a better hope. *hugs Kukyo*

Gobble: *whispers to Seco* This dude has lost it.

Seco: I can see that, Gobble.

Her eye opens slowly, and she silently looks at 5x5, her expression unreadable. Her eye eventually closes, and she suddenly pulls out of his grasp, becoming a shadow briefly, then reappearing in front of them.

Her eye opens again, and as before is unreadable as to what expression it's conveying.

"...Few things change. Those that do require a great expanse of time. Such is the way of all things. ...Since my birth at the time of the Babylonian Empire... never have I had any hope. Never have I held even a spark of happiness.

...I will simply not lay like a dog for my captors. I do not desire to remain someone's tool. Forever I will resist this fate. I will not be used... never..."

Her eye narrows. "...I...cannot bare..." She breaks off. After a moment, she resumes, her voice lower than normal. "...just a taste... but already the prospect..." Her expression suddenly becomes a grimace, and she hunches over, her hands clenched upon her shoulders in an iron vise of pain. She seems to be biting her lip furiously.

"Do not offer me this gift... and demand me to simply endure my chains... only bring me more pain!" She hisses.

5x5: Pain because you know im right or the pain because you don't want me to be right? I knowfor a fact that you hold onto hope. You want to achieve a goal you might never achieve, but you still thrive to do so, all in the pursuit of fufilling yourself. That is hope. Same with how I'm still talking to you about helping you, even though you tell me it's pointless, i still do so, cause I know there is another way to obtain your happiness. That's hope.

Gobble: Dude, she doesn't give a crap. Just smack attack the bitch so we can go home. This place is getting weird.

Seco: This is no time for you, 'Save All You Can' moments, Jon. We must contain the enemy.

5x5: She's not an enemy. She's a victim.

Gobble: Well, atleast we know how this will turn out. Let him do what he does best, old man. Jackin' things up with words of reasoning.

"...Even though the taste is warm in my mouth... it is nothing but the bait which the hunter seeks to imprison the vermin he looks down upon... I will not be caged...! You will not do this to me...!" She snarls. "Do not offer me hope, when you only desire to lock me away!"

5x5: I never said anything about locking you away, but you can't destroy Kado's soul.

Gobble: Are you fucking serious, dude?!

5x5: You were cheated out of your life and spent 80 years alone. You don't deserve to be here anymore.

"...Even if you did mean it... it will never amount to anything..." She closes her eye."The people of Echo will never willingly set me free..."Suddenly her form blurs, then fades away, and Kado crumbles to the ground, while a great darkness lifts from him and peels off into the white void beyond them.

"Yet I traveled far and beyond the land of which I was born, to a world that once echoed my heart... to find only the night I left behind... forever I wander... ever wondering if I shall greet the dawn...

And never once knowing if anyone ever cared of my passing by Dawn's first light..."Her voice and presence slowly fades away, becoming nothing more than a faint whisper, and then is no more.

Forever beholden... to these eternal chains of night...

You will never set me free... just as pain shall never cease... so too shall my eternal despair.

With her presence gone, the girl's shaking subsides, but she still doesn't let go. The kid walks over to where Kado lies, and then looks at Seco and the others.

"Hmmph. I suppose... I promise to try not to kill you... for your help." The boy growls irritably. "Now get out."

As if a titanic wall was suddenly flung at them, they suddenly wake up in the real world, sitting in chairs next to an unconscious Kado, who appears to be on emergency medical equipment.

Gobble: Well Jon, you failed again. That's what you get for being so damn soft.

5x5: *has a sad look on his face*

Avalia: *wants to put her hand on his shoulder*

Seco: *shakes his head at Avalia*

Avalia: *withdraws her hand*

"That depends on your definition of 'fail', Gobble." The Grand Eye speaks up softly. "To this day, few know of what the Warlords truely aimed for. ...I can only imagine what you might have learned deep within Kado's mind and soul myself. But whatever happened in there, 5x5... you did well. ...Though you may not think so. Sometimes there is no easy way through life. Take of it what you will, but understand you have our deepest gratitude."

5x5: *leaves still looking rather upset*

Despair UnfoundedEdit

Gobble: Not sure if you noticed, Eye guy. But thay dude was gonna let the evil chick roam amock all because he felt bad for her, cause her life sucked. So what? Lots of people lives suck, she isn't the only one.

The Grand Eye looks at Gobble briefly, then turns. "Life is not so black and white as 'good' and 'evil'. I can tell you this much though. The man who refuses to acknowledge the pain of others is damned to be treated with equal disdain. You must learn the difference between you... and your enemy. Because if you do not understand them... you will be doomed to repeat their history. Bare that in mind." He walks off silently.

5x5: *is sitting outside looking at the morning sun*

Seco notices that unlike everyone else, Azula hasn't woken up, but is seemingly in a deep sleep.

Seco: What must we do now? How can we get Kado back before Kukyo destroys him?

A man walks up from behind 5x5 and sits next to him

Man: How's it goin', buddy?

5x5: What is it 6x6?

6x6: Well, you sound a bit pissed, more than usual when you see me. Bad day?

5x5: *turns away from 6x6* Let me guess. Failed again? Old man always said 'never to sympathize with the enemy'. You always did know how to get hurt all the right ways that way.

5x5: Get lost, 6x6.

6x6: Hm. Sure thing, man. Just thought I'd give ya' this. *hands him a gun*

5x5: Where di you get this.

6x6: Got it off of Kado.

5x5: but your just a figment of my imagination.

6x6: *smirks* Yea, I am aren't I?

5x5: *realizes what he means by that*

6x6: This is 33rd time you nearly killed them over your belief. Do you know how much beneficial they'll be without you? All your problems will go away in one pull. Make the guilt go away. *gets up and pats 5x5 on the back and walks away*

5x5: *takes a moment and puts the gun up to his head*

A shot is heard. 6x6's body is on the ground dead with 5x5 pointing the gun at him.

5x5: Hold up, man. Im right behind ya'. *puts the gun next to his head and pulls the trigger, but no shot or no bullet. Pulls it again and again but nothings working* AGGGGGGGGGGGRRRHH! *snaps the gun in half and throws it away and punches the nearest pillar so hard it cracks. Then he sits back down even more upset.*

Seco feels a slight breeze, and he looks over to see Dark Slayer glowing red faintly.

"...I have left him be. ...I hope you're happy..."A disembodied voice rings in the room.

Seco: *is blankly staring with eyes eyebrows lowered* Hmmm. *looks at Kado* Looks like there was a bigger monster in you after all...

Azula stirs."He's fine now... in fact I can hardly feel any pain at all in his head. His thoughts seem so gentle and weightless now... ...Though it's weird... I'm sensing a faint sort of 'intelligence' in the sword that wasn't there before. It's like millions of thoughts are wildly running through it like electricity... but I can't sense what its thinking at all."

Sceo: I have a feeling we really don't want to know.

Gobble: So like, does the sword have a brain or something?

Seco: *bows his head is shame* Dear God.

Gobble: What?

The sword suddenly flashes in a sequence, one Seco realizes is Morse code for 'Fuck-you-Gobble', and then a minute later, 'Seco-five-by-five-shot-gun'

Seco: Shotgun? Where would 5x5 get a shotgun? *sigh* Let me see what the boy is up too. *walks dow the hall and sees a dead guard on the floor with a bullet wound in his neck* This isn't a shotgun. It's a pistol.*walks towards the doors and sees the entrance shot in the door. Goes outside and sees blood on the concrete but no body. Looks at the pillar with a dent in it and a split straight down the middle. Sees a bullet shell and picks it up* Dang boy.*looks around but can't find 5x5*

Back at the room, Gobble notices Kado showing signs of stirring from his sleep. Azula lets a tired smile show.

"Thank goodness... hopefully that will be the worst of it."

Meanwhile in Chinmuko

5x5: *is has trouble walking. Hi eyes are glowing red*

"How many times will it take for you to see that your beliefs are false? Your team is constantly put at risk because of it. All the mistakes you ever done had to be fixed by the team. They look down on you, reject you. All you've done was make their lives harder."

5x5: Arrrrggh....Rrrgghhh...*continues walking*

A distance away, a man in a fur coat with a grey cloth mask over his face watches him, studying his behavior. He memorizes the scent of the fool, and silently continues watching atop his perch on a temple pedestal.

"Your could've kept your mother and father from divorce, but all you did was sit there and did nothing."

5x5: *has flashbacks of the arguments Seco and his mother had with each other because of their jobs* Arguughh...

"Now you want to do something you couldn't do as a child. Quite Pathetic .Mother had the guts to take you. She was the only who cared. But no. She left you to go somewhere else. The old man had to take care of you then. He taught you everything. so called 'love'. It was more of a 'tolerance'. He believed to much in a broken-minded man. This is why your a failure in his eyes. You talk of peace to those who incapable of such. Your words are lost on those who have suffered like you. You were all but too late to help them. It's not like you could've helped them anyway."

5x5: * Eyes are watering. Continues to walk into the streets.*

The man lets out an irritated sigh as he continues to watch 5x5, and then leaps forward at great speed, and silently lands in front of him, arms crossed.

"You remind me of a cry baby I used to know once. I can't stand people crying, when there are much more efficient ways to solve problems... what's the deal with you? Lost your pet cat, kid? Don't worry, you can always buy a new one." He says in a slightly dull, but clearly sarcastic tone.

5x5: *walks past him as if he wasnt there*Arrrrughh...Eeerrghh...

"Right, ok, cool. Now it's time for the wake up call." He suddenly wheels around and jabs 5x5 straight in the spine, and then at the base of the next, disrupting his nervous system for one whole second before it starts back up all at once, completely dislodging 5x5's thought process. The suddenly loss of control causes him to hit the dirt hard, face first.

"Did that register to you, or do I need to buy you an expresso?"

"See? They hate you. They all do. They can see your mistakes. You want to be a better man. Let me show you."

5x5: *gets up and continues walking*

The man gets a visibly irritated expression in his eyes. "I tried to be nice."

He suddenly roundhouse kicks 5x5 straight through two whole buildings, and meets him on the other side, just as he gets up.

"You know what does make me angry? When emotional fools lose sight of their way. It's so easy."

He starts lobbing various chops and punches to 5x5's chest, neck, and head. "First of all..." *SMACK!* "If you fall down, do you cry about it and wait for someone to feel sorry for you and pick you back up? No. You-" *CHOP!* "Get back up!" *SMACK SMACK!* "And..." He stops, leaving 5x5 dazed and reeling wildly.

"Considering that no one in history has ever had theballsto walk right up to the lady of darkness herself, and freaking..." *Drop kick to the face* "TALK her into backing off, andSUCCEEDING,You should be getting a toast to your honor! And..." He pauses, a twinkle of amusement in his eye. "Knowing these old windbags... they would probably do that."

A dark glare enters his eyes. His fingers take a formation as though claws. "YET, here you are all alone, whining like a little girl when your charge Kado is still in infirmary, butalive!"

5x5: *is sobbing* Why do you hate me...All I've ever wanted was to help...but know matter how hard I tried...I loose them....My beliefs...they were all but false...I can't take the pain anymore....and why would you care? No one else would...go ahead...kill life means nothing anymore...KILL ME!

He looks at 5x5. "How did that old man put it? In order to know your enemy, you must first know yourself. My parents were killed at a young age. I take comfort not in emotions but logic. It is the only sure thing in this world. That and death.

My logic tells me you're a waste of oxygen with your pathetic sniveling. But here's something else. To kill you would violate my orders. I was told to investigate and subdue the stirring of Kukyo. Nothing more. You are not part of my objective. I do not hate you. Neither do I care about you. I have no regard for emotions. But I put what you could call faith in logic. No matter who you are, I have come to know that for every man, there is something he believes in without a shadow of a doubt. Faith, you could say, drives all. Whenever it is in a god or some other form... there is always faith. Well, that's what I deduce at least. But like all things, logic only carries one so far.

So here is my last piece of logic. I will not try to comfort you. But I will explain why you should get up and quit acting like a child." He narrows his eyes.

"Regardless of how I feel about them, emotions tie others together. That's what I've come to understand about it. Regardless if you want to die... others want or perhaps even need to to live. You can run away all they want, but just maybe they will never turn their back on you. Because they have something that you have affected them with. That effect you have on them... is emotion. I do not know much about you. But I understand enough to know that you have been through worse. You have done something many would consider impossible. ...Following what you would call... faith. Your faith hasn't abandoned you. You've simply lost sight of it. Now I will only say it once more. If you fall down, then do not wait for someone else to pick you up. Life will never be so kind! You must learn to pick yourself up off the ground! Get up, or do not get up, I care not what you do."

He turns his back to 5x5. "Today... you didn't prove your faith was worthless. You showed to someone else... thepowerit can wield. And you defeated what can only be called a god... with compassion.... not a sword."

He begins to fade away into the wind. "My name is Torrent, the Wind Slayer of Phoenix. Next time I see you... you better not be such a sniveling dog!"

5x5: *eyes return to blue. He is still trembling a bit. His eyes are still overflowing with tears. He continues to walk into Chinmuko*

Back at the temple

Seco: Can't find Jon around the temple. I do have evidence that he was coping with himself.

Gobble: Again.

Avalia: *looks down*

Kado slowly starts waking up, and he slowly turns his head to face them, his eyes a dull grey color.

"Hey..." He manages to speak, though his voice is very weak from fatigue.

Seco: How are you doin', Kado? hopefully feeling alot better.

"...I feel like... I got put inside a washing machine... and then loaded into a dryer..." He chuckles weakly. He looks at Gobble. "Hey... come here a sec... I need to show you something I've been meaning to give you."

Gobble: Awkwerd, but ok. *gets up an walks over to Kado* What is it?

Kado suddenly punches Gobble in the balls,hard."Don't you ever f*cking talk like that when you'rein my freaking mind!Do you have any idea how fucking disturbing that was to hear?! That girl was!!!" He snarls.

Azula restrains herself from laughing. Barely.

Gobble: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*is spning around holding hi crtoch holding back from saying 'fuck'*

Seco: Heheh. You got hit in the balls.

Kado smirks faintly, then looks around. "...Where's 5x5? Why isn't he here?"

Seco: He went to cope with himself.

Gobble: After he nearly had us killed trying to talk to the Evil-dark chick.

"...Shut up Gobble. He did something that I would never do... ...but something that I'm proud he did. What matters to me is that what he or you guys did... did something. ...The constant pain I've felt for so long... it's there, but now I can see past it. ...My mind feels clearer that it has ever been.

I don't care what you think, but he did something I think was braver than what I could ever have done." He closes his eyes wearily, and lays back down. "...Wake me when he gets back... for now I just want to sleep..."

Seco: Sure thing...

Gobble: Is he really saying that 5x5 actually talked sense into someone evil?

Seco: I reckon so...We need to find him...

Gobble: Oh...I wish I could,but my balls hurt too much for me to be going anywhere.

Seco: Fine. Go ahead. Come with me, Avalia. *walks out*

Avalia: *get's up and follows Seco*

Torrent leans against a tree far off in the gardens, while Hiroshi angerly paces. Torrent gives him an idle look. "I don't know what you're so upset about, old man. I went to check out the situation with the demon, but it looks like they somehow managed to subdue her. With as I quote 'compassion'. Talk about cliche emotional nonsense."

Hiroshi stops and glares at him. "You KNOW why I'm angry, don't play coy with me!" He says in a flat, but angry tone.

Torrent shrugs. "All I did was beat up a sniveling child up a bit. No harm done. I wish I could have given it to Kado instead. Goodness did I have an itchy sword hand... the punk's style always interested me, even if it was sloppy."

In Chinmuko

Avalia: Where do you think he went?

Seco: Don't know the city like that, Avalia.

Both come down a street with blood stains all over it

Seco: Hmm. must of been a fight here.

Avalai: Seco, look. *points at two buildings with human-sized holes in them as if someone flew through them*

Seco: Not sure if it has anything to do with 5x5.

Continue to investigate. After a while they see a crowd of people around one of the monuments.

Seco: *looks at the crowd* Wonder if this has anything to do with 5x5. *makes his way through the crowd of people*

Avalia: *follows through*

Seco: *looks at the people, they appear to be looking upward. Seco looks up and sees a body hanging from the monument's hand.* Hmmmm...

Avalia: *looks up at the body* Who is it?

Seco: Can't tell...

The Sun comes up a bit, enough to shine light on the body so everyone can see it clearly.

Seco: *is completely shocked that his fingers start to tremble*...No....No...

Avalia: *eyes are wide and are starting to water as she struggles to put her hand over her mouth*

The body is that of 5x5, hanging from barbwire

Torrent tilts his head towards Chinmoku. "The wind changes... there's commotion. I wonder what has their little heads riled up now."

Hiroshi glares at him. "Probably all of those buildings you blew holes through. I told you to only keep an eye out on the situation, not to go and bust people's heads open."

Torrent waves his hand dismissively. "I got my job done. I lectured a fool for not using his head. It's just another day at the office if you ask me."

Hiroshi sighs with aggravation. "I'm starting to wonder who had the worse attitude, Kado or you. Let's just go." He opens a portal, and immediately walks through. Torrent looks back at the city, and a faint wind blows. "Well... maybe next time, little wolf." He pauses. "When we meet... it'll have been at least twelve years since our last contest... I hope you've been keeping up." He steps through the portal, and disappears.

A Secret FarewellEdit

5x5: *peaks from the side of the building from where he's hiding d looks at the people looking at "his" dead body* I'm sorry I had to do this to you guys, but I let you guys die over my beliefs. I'm not sure if what i'm standing up for is wrong or right. I just know its right for me. I can have you guys dying over whyIthink its right. Not sure If i'll be coming back, but I know I can be around you guys, not anymore. I'll find away to help my brothers. I will. This I swear. *looks at "his" dead body with the sun shining over it*

He hears a soft noise, and turns to see Kado behind him, leaning heavily against a sheathed Dark Slayer, obviously he is still not in a safe condition. He manages to somewhat straighten himself.

"5x5... you want to tell me what you're doing...? Especially without a goodbye no less?" He says softly, his eyes a very light ashy grey color.

5x5: See that *points at the dead body* That's my good-bye. *walks pass Kado*

Kado suddenly trips 5x5, and he lands on his back hard, and is amazed he was able to pull a move like that off in his condition.

"5x5. In the course of only a few weeks, I went from believing I had all of my life set... and I never put doubt in myself. I only saw a future where I defeated Phoenix, and changed the world. ...But in the span of these past few weeks... everything I thought I knew was torn down.

I thought I knew who I was. But you all... have helped me in ways you cannot imagine." He closes his eyes.

"...I've finally found it. ...An end to the endless pain that drowned my heart and blinded me to any hope... for myself. Though I was helpless and alone... I could see and hear all that occured deep within my soul. I saw you, 5x5. ...Jon. You did something that I would never think to do... but you did a greater good than I. If anyone truly carries the spirit that founded Azure... I would say you have a stronger one than I. You don't see by judging, but understanding others. ...You showed compassion to your enemy, and... when I should have been lost... when a great darkness should have consumed me... not only did you free me... but I believe you opened the heart of your enemy... I don't know if I could ever do such a thing."

He opens his eyes, now a soft gold color, one 5x5 remembers from before. "5x5... I never got a chance to know what it was truly like... but perhaps... you're the closest thing I could have to a brother... I'm proud of what you did..."

He closes his eyes. "...Forgive me... I must sound like a fool for telling you that..." He trails off.

5x5: Tell you the truth, I felt somewhat of a gay vibe from that, but coming from you that means alot. I still wished I could've helped Kukyo in some way. Even it mean't staying in that word with her. No one deserves to be alone in there for that long.

Kado frowns slightly. "Tell you the truth 5x5... not that I don't understand, but what do you expect to do now? There are few ways of getting off Echo, none of them you can take without direct help from public authorities, which if you're trying to stay hidden, is not an option. And if you intend to stay on Echo... you cannot simply walk off on your own. Even in this side of the world, there are great dangers. The west has its violent storms, and the east, savage monsters and beasts. Few can survive on their own."

A faint voice stirs."I do not know for certain... but he could seek aid from the Spirits."5x5 can't believe what he's hearing, the faintly, ghostly voice of Kukyo.

5x5:...Kukyo...Is it you?

"...Yes. Though my time grows shorter with every minute of every hour. Soon the only thing I will be capable of is my own senses... detached once again from the world. But like Kado asked... what will you do with yourself now?"

5x5: I must rehabilitate myself. Wherever I go, It will make me a better man. I can learn a few things here. Maybe once I learn those things, I can do better at what I do and still maybe help others who fall short on their path. I have no intention on seeing you guys again. What will happen to me, I am not sure, but I will find my way and help others do the same.

"In that case... I believe if you want to find your path, the spirits might be able to help you. They are a secluded peoples to the north and south regions, but if you wish to avoid being discovered, you may decide to follow one to one of their secluded homes. They are numerous. ...In fact..."

5x5 feels a strange sensation pass by him, and something appears to cross his path, like a veil of heat.

5x5: *rubs the back of his neck* Hmm. I will go there. If that's where my path lies.

Suddenly the figure of a girl around his age materializes in front of him, dressed in simple but long white dress. He also can't help but notice she's levitating.

"Perfect timing... what say you help him out, White Mist?"

"I could take him... but I don't know if he would be strong enough to last in the Frontier. And if you wish to speak of me, at least say my formal name. It's Shiroi Kiri. ...Boy. If you would like to accopany me to my village, you may do so. But you will help me take supplies to the village. And you may not address me as White Mist. That is only for my family and..." She blushes slightly. "Engaged ones... to say." 5x5 notices she has gold-brown eyes, and thin blue decorative markings on her skin, which he wonders the purpose of. Her voice sound thin and wispy, giving her a slightly mysterious tone.

Kukyo chuckles."So formal. Whatever, 'White'."

5x5: You treat me as if I have no form of training. I will do what you have asked.

Shiroi looks at him. "If that offends you, I apologize. Though I was not aware I said anything of the sort. I simply explained what would be expected of you. Nothing more."

5x5: Yes ma'am.

"Stop saying it."

5x5 gets a confused look. "Stop saying what?"

"Stop saying 'Yes ma'am'. You are neither my underling nor my superior. We address ourselves as equals, Jon. I told you to refer to me as Shiroi. Spirits do not live in castes or societal differentials. You are simply Jon, and I am simply Shiroi. There is no sir or ma'am. There is only ourselves." She turns, her dress billowing with the movement. "Come with me if you intend to go. Though if you can't keep up I will leave you behind." She stops levitating and starts walking to the other side of the building, the only sound she makes comes from the extremely light footsteps, barely registerable as faint taps.

Kado looks at 5x5. "I wish you wouldn't do this to them. We all take risks, no matter what path we follow. No matter if we follow our paths or not, our loved ones will always be put at harms way. I won't stop you from doing what you think you need to do 5x5, but I would strongly recommend you think long and hard... about if you're really willing to put everything you care about behind.... for something you may come to realize you already had.

...Trust me on this... one day you will look back... and you might regret the path you have taken. So..." Kado looks away. "Choose carefully what doors you wish to open... and which ones you close." He looks down towards Avalia.

"Because you won't get another chance."

Shiori stops at the far edge of the building, and looks back at 5x5. "Two doors, Jon. Once one opens, one will be closed forever. What door are you willing to leave behind?" She looks at Kado, seemingly interested in him, but quickly returns attention to 5x5.

5x5: Up to this point, really don't know what I want, but that body hanging down there tells you something. I could never be like that around the team. I have jeopardized them more than once, I ant let that happen anymore; besides I always wanted to live a life away from the M.C.C.P. A life I would be happy to have. I will miss them though. But it's time for me to go on my own and not behind my father. They fail to see we can start a new life here and not just become strangers in a strange land. This...Is what Itrulywant.

Shiori looks down on the streets. "Well, head to the north side of the city, the north market at the far end is where I will be waiting for you. I trust you don't need my assistance in that?"

Kado slowly sinks to the ground, leaning even more on the sword. "Fine... then go... I'm sorry to have wasted your time..." He says under his breath. "Just when I thought I could finally count on someone with ideals like mine..."

Kado silently begins to limp off, and slowly jumps off the building, once on the streets, he simply begins to slowly limp away.

I don't know what he thinks he's doing... he's thrown everything away...!Kado snarls to himself.

5x5: *watches Kado leave*I hope he truly understands, that im doing this for the others. I never truly had anything I could call my own, but know if I can do this, maybe I can. I know you don't see it that way, I cant force you too. Besides, a brothers are supportive of each others choices. *walks off toward the market*

When he arrives at the market, there is practically a mountain of large crates, and Shiori is standing next to them.

"We'll be taking all of these all the way back home." There looks to be well over twenty crates, some almost as big as he is.

5x5: *is shocked* Hooooolyyyy Craaaaaap. goes. *picks up a box and put it on his shoulder and picks up another box and puts it on his other shoulder and puts 2 more on each shoulder* Alright. Show the way.

A New ResolveEdit

Back at the temple

Seco: *brings in "5x5's" body in his arms with a sobbing look on his face*

Gobble: Fuck's wrong with you, old man.

Seco: Jon...

Gooble: Yea, what about him?

Seco:...dead...Jonothan...he's dead...

Gobble: *laughs for a while* You go me there ol' man. Who's the guy there. *looks at the body and sees it's 5x5. Once he looks his smile is gone and his eyes are huge* can't be can't be...*sees the barbwire around 5x5's neck. Falls on his knees and starts crying* No..jon! Please come back! I didnt mean it! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! *is crying on the dead body of "5x5"*


Avalia: *is crying with her wrist against her forehead* I didn't even get to tell him...

"...He was a good man. I'm sorry for your loss." Kado says next to her, leaning heavily on his sword for support, a dim look in his eyes. "I'm sorry you have had to go through all of these things over these past few weeks. If you need anything... just ask." He looks down into the crystal clear waters of a nearby fountain.

Avalia: *still cries*

Inside the temple

Gobble: *is curled in a ball on the floor rocking back and forth with a trembling look on his face* I can't belive he's gone...

Seco: *is sitting in a chair and still holding "5x5's" body* Me neither...

They hear soft footsteps echoing as someone enters. Kado walks in, limping in with his sword, and walks past them to the room they were in before, and leans against the doorframe, tired.

Seco: Guess you had a long day too.

"I think it's safe to say all of us have had a shitty few weeks. I'm so sorry Seco. ...I can't begin to imagine how you must feel."

Seco: Start with feeling like a dumbass for putting to much faith and too much pressure on my son...I wasn't the one who took care of him...I couldn't unteach him what his mother taught him...My fault for pushing him too hard and away...

Kado turns and looks at Seco, the shadows giving him a very dark look, the grey in his eyes tinted by red.

"Don't ever blame yourself. The only one to blame for his death is himself. I know one thing, and that is 5x5 lived for his ideals. No matter what, always believe that you did the best you could have done. We're all people Seco. We all make mistakes. Sometimes our choices don't lead us the way we want them. But considering what your family has had to go through... you had no reason to not have faith in him.

I have a question, and I think it's something you need to consider. 5x5 has gone on to a new life. ...Hopefully a better one than the one he left behind, in the grace of his lord. ...I have to ask, what will you do with yourselves? Embrace a new life, or live in the shadows of the past? I know that for me... I cannot stay the way I have been. I get that this is all painful, and maybe you don't want to hear this from me... but have you given any thought to your future here? You will need to reinvent yourselves, Seco. You are no longer part of M.C.C.P. You are Seco, you are Gobble. You can give yourselves a new future now. Free to lead your own destiny, not one dictated for you."

Kado begins to walk into the room, and as he closes the door, he says one last thing.

"The caged bird has been set loose from its cage. Now it is time for it to decide whenever to fly, or to wonder why the door is open."

Seco: *looks at "5x5"* I'm not sure what to do. I know for a fact that he left us, cause he couldn't stand us dampening his beliefs and that he didn't want us to die because of it. But we never had a life we could truly call our own, ever since we joined The M.C.C.P...*thinks* Im just not sure...

The Grand Eye walks in, and overhears. "Echo is much like Earth, yet it is vastly different. We are a people who struggle with survival, from the tensions of the cities to the simple wild life, community is something far more important than the racial differences that compose them. Find something that is to your calling, and pursue it. Here, at Chinmoku, you can take up some of the finest studies and crafts, our academies are unparalleled in many worlds. Azure often recruits people like you who may not be able to take the quiet life, and assigns them to various positions. They have their Vigilante Squads, but they also have their Homeland Security Corps. ...I believe you would be familiar with them, Seco. You did fight them in your battle with Azure. From police to national security, if you wanted something a bit more professional and less rough and tumble, you could secure a place within the Corps."

He smiles. "Echo is a land of struggles and trials, but it also is a land of possibilities. You just have to open your mind to them. You have all of this world to traverse, and all of these peoples. Despite the bad blood that still runs among some of the people, they will undoubtedly give you a chance."

Seco: I'll...give it a chance...but give us time...that's all we need...

"Time moves swiftly on Echo. You will have many more years of life than you would ever on Earth. So you have more time than you know... take as much time as you need to find yourselves."

Seco: We will...

He silently walks on to Kado's room, where he knocks. Before he goes inside, he turns. "You are my guests here. Should you need something, ask my guards for me, and I will be sure to come when I have time. Do not be afraid to speak to me about anything." He walks inside.

Gobble: *is still rocking* Can't believe he's gone...

Kado looks up at the Grand Eye. "Do you need something?"

"How are you feeling?" He asks simply.

"Fine I guess. ...I still feel real weird, but I guess it's just from a spirit trying to take over me recently and all."

The Grand Eye silently nods. "I see. Please let me know if you have anything to talk to me about." He begins to leave, but Azula grabs his hand.

" you know anything about me? ...I don't know hardly anything about myself..."

The Grand Eye looks at her with a sad glance. "Unfortunately, I couldn't begin to grasp what you might be." He bows his head, then leaves.

Seco: *gets up from the chair with '5x5' still in his arms* Come on...*walks out the room*

Gobble: *gets cloth and follows Seco*


Avalai: *sees Seco and Gobble heading toward the fountain. Gets up and goes up to them*

They lay '5x5' on the cloth and wrap him up. They put him in the fountain and say their vows and regrets.

Seco: * Pulls out a blue 5/5 domino and puts it on '5x5's' chest. Pulls out a match and sets the body on fire*

They stand for a moment of silence

Kado looks at them from a window in silence. Azula looks at him."Did it have to be this way Kado? Wasn't there another way?""...I'm afraid that 5x5 could not see another route to take. Though I wish he trusted in his family like Seco did for him."

She clutches her chest."This feels... so wrong. To not tell them the truth... it just feels... horrible."To her surprise, Kado walks over and hugs her."I know. I understand."

Holding back her longing, she embraces him in turn."But it has to be this way, Azula. His path is his own. I just hope he finds what he's looking for."

"...As do I. ...But Kado... have you found what you're looking for yet?"

Kado blinks. "What do you mean?"

The others go back inside and talk about the good times they had with 5x5. It made them happy and sad at the same time. They all regret not supporting his dream of untiy.

Gobble: This definitely sucks though. I know he wanted to leave The M.C.C.P, but I'm guessing he didn't have this in mind

Seco: *shakes his head* Definitely not.

Avalia: I never thought we would push him to this...

Seco: It's my fault. I didn't tach him the way any father should have...

Gobble: It's also my fault for being a total asshole to him, even though he was always there to help me get off my ass.

Avalia: What are we gonna do now?

Seco: We're gonna have sometime to ourselves to get over this...This is probably the hardest thing I had to get over next to my divorce.

Gobble: Hmm.

"Kado. Learn to live for once. I'm tired of seeing you tear yourself apart, going after your past... never once thinking about your future."

"I have thought about my future Azula! I am going to change things, make things right for Mythos and Man. I cannot sit around while -"

Azula sighs."Kado. That's not a future. Or at least... it's not a future that we may live to see."

Kado looks at her confused, not noticing her embrace becoming stronger and more passionate.

"What do you mean by that? Where are you going with this?"

"Kado. Please. I've been by your side all of this time. I've watched you grasp at a future that while we may prepare the way for it... just realize that it may not come as quickly as you want. ...I've watched you live in the future so long, I wonder if you even look back to the present. Here. Now. Right now, you're not in that world yet. I need you here. Because while you've been looking for that future still so far ahead... I've been trying to find my future. But it won't look my way."

Kado freezes. He feels the passion of her embrace, and relaxes in her arms. "...I see...I'm sorry... you're right. You've been by my side for so long, and I never so much as looked your way. I never really thought about it... I'm so sorry."

Kado closes his eyes, the two embrace each other more soothingly, until Kado smiles faintly. "I think it's time we finally had a casual outing... don't you agree?" A playful smile crosses his face.

"Don't lie, I know you're about to burst your bank on a high class dining experience."She subtly suggests.

Kado laughs. "Fair enough." His eyes glance over to the door. "But I think those three need something to help them out as well."

Gobble: So what kind of jobs do they have here?

Seco: They have security guard. That's sort of up my ally I suppose. They also got Vigilante Corp.

Gobble: That sounds boss. 5x5 would've loved that.

Avlia: *chuckles* Yea.

Kado and Azula walk out of the room, a strange air of happiness seems to be coming from each other, usually they both give off a very serious aura when they're together. They overhear and walk towards them.

"If those positions are something you would like, I can arrange it for you."She says to them."How about you, Avalia? Do you have any idea what you would like to do?"

Seco notices that Kado is occasionally stealing glances at Azula, but appears to be otherwise himself, admittingly a bit unusually cheerful.

He looks at Seco, and offers a smile. "Since you all have had a pretty rough time, I think it would be good for you to go and enjoy yourselves." He hands Seco a rather hefty amount of currency.

"I want you to share that money with each other and enjoy yourselves for once. You deserve it. He would have wanted you to be happy if at all possible."

Seco: Thanks.*splits the money between himself, Gobble and Avalia*

Avalia: Im not sure what I could do. I just want to rest somewhere.

Seco: You guys goin' somewhere too?

Kado nods slightly. "Yeah. We'll have to be back before evening, as I'm pretty sure the Council needs to inform Azure of its findings regarding Earth, but the day is still long from over."

Azula puts a hand on Avalia's shoulder."There a number of hot springs, spas, and a great deal of libraries and other quiet places throughout Chinmoku you could go to if you wish, you could always ask a city guard for help."

Kado and Azula leave the temple, not before Azula reminds them:"If you need anything, use the mental link and we can come help you."

Avalia: Hot Spring...Don't remember the last time I went there.

Gobble: Where are we going, old man?

Seco: I'm gonna go to a bar.


Seco: Yep.

Kado and Azula arrive at a restaurant, and while he chooses a less heavy meal, Azula catches him off guard with a rather exotic assortment of dishes, and Kado realizes she really is going to likely break the bank. She winks.

"Well I see you're enjoying this quite well." He says teasingly, and she merely sticks her tongue out in response in equally playful manner. She looks at him with a strange look."That isn't the only thing I've got in store for you..."She just winks again.

Avalia: Sorry to interrupt, Azula, but where are the hot springs?

Avalia suddenly feels Azula's consciousness enter her body, and looks through her eyes, and suddenly Avalia feels a mental map being drawn inside her memories being created, showing her each and every visual reference and street name she needs to take to reach them, and literally becomes able to see how to get their as though looking at a 3-D model.

"Follow that and you will get there without any trouble."She says kindly, and then exits her body.

At the Library

Gobble: Can't believe I'm here. *looks at the entire selection of books* Wonder if they got some espionage novels like David Boldecci

A librarian looks at him. "Is that an Earth novel you're talking about?" The man bows.

Gobble: Yeah. Got any of those.

The man points to a huge section of the library. "If it's here, it'll be in that section. We have many books within our collections from Earth. If you need help finding one, a Terminal will be located in each section." He indicates a pedestal like device.

Gobble: Cool. Thanks. *wlaks over to the section and looks for some books* Oooooh snap, they got The Camel Club what is thiiiiiss? *puts the book under his arm and keeps looking*

After their meal, Azula takes Kado to one of the massive gardens by a lake, and the scenery appears to be having an effect on Kado, who begins to become sleepy, and quietly falls asleep against Azula, who quietly makes herself more comfortable for him. "Alright I'll allow it..." She lovingly tells his conciousness, which causes Kado to lose his stiffness in his muscles, fully relaxing into a deeper sleep. Azula somehow cannot help but love seeing the expression he has while asleep, it being such a sharp contrast to when he is awake and guarded.

At a bar

Seco: *is drinking a glass of wine while looking outside* I'm gonna miss ya' Jon. I hope you can find it in that big heart of yours to forgive me. *takes a sip of his wine* Hm, taste like grape juice.

A nearby woman quietly observes him, the majority of the people haven't seemed to really notice, but she and two other people, including the bartender and a man off in the corner seem to have picked up on his emotional state of mind.

Seco: *notices* How's it goin'?

"I was going to ask you the same question. You seem quite down." She looks at him for a moment. "Lost someone precious to you I see? I remember you from back at the city, though doubtless you wouldn't know me." She smiles from slight amusement. She looks at the man in the corner. "My partner is over there. Interesting to meet you, 'Seco' Second."

Seco: 'Seco' is short for 'Second'. Nice to meet you aswell. Yea, I'm abit down. My son, he...

"...Is dead? I heard about that. Word travels quickly but quietly through these streets. It's already common knowledge in Chinmoku. Any thing on the menu you might like? It'll be my treat. I know Kado gave you money, but let me take this tab. I got more than enough savings. Food, Sweets, a drink, I can get it for you."

She changes form, to a woman with long braided dark violet hair with form fitting grey combat armor with the typical shapeshifter eyes, she has a subtle softness to her face, though it is equally stern with a soldier's experience.

"I'm Oliv Walker. SS Rank A.H.D.S. Agent. Let me treat you tonight."

Seco: Thank you, Miss Oliv. I think i'll just have a slice of pie.

She orders the pie for him, and then looks back at him. "So then, ever thought of a particular division of A.H.D.S. you may wish to join? It is the Azure Homeland Defense, but it has the police force, private security, assault squads, relief and aid units..." She pauses. "The reason I ask is I assume you aren't the guy who likes to wing it, you'd rather prefer a more professional line of work. Am I right?"

Seco: *is eating his pie* Your right. We we're trained a certain way at the M.C.C.P. We were only to improvise if original planning or survival tactics did not work. Other than that, yea.

She nods. "Ah, I see. I know the scientific research quarter and the reverse engineering department are all furiously examining that machine of yours. Clever piece of work it is."

She puts a hand on his shoulder. "And hey, just so you know, while people may not be exactly pleased with you back at Azure, I can promise you that we have a strict policy on squad behavior. Even if someone was somehow filled to the eyeballs with bricks for brains, I promise you that if anyone gives you garbage upon joining us, it'll be shut down. No matter what the history and the past, even our enemy can have their chance to stand beside us. Cause after all, the thing that defines who we are, is what we choose to be, not what we were. The past is the past."

She looks at him with an interested look. "Were you ever designated a Rank?" She pauses for a moment. "You WERE classified as SSS ranks, but that was because we knew nothing about you guys after capturing you. You guys seem like you would be at minimum S ranks like Kado."

Seco: We are only labeled, not ranked. I am the leader of one of the M.C.C.P's best squads. 3rd best anyway. I've trained efficiently and handled my missions and tasks fairly well. That's as far as I can go with that.

"I see. Would you like to talk about your son, or would you like me to leave you in peace? I don't wish to bother you if you don't want the company."

Seco: I'm not sure if I should talk about him right now. I'm just now getting over him. Maybe another time thoug. Thanks for the pie.

She nods. "I understand. See you around." She puts money out for the bartender, and then she and her partner leave.

Seco: Hm nice lady. I wonder how the others are doin'. *takes another sip of his wine*

At the hot springs

Avalia: *is sitting in a hot spring, still thinking back about the first time she met 5x5* I'm going to miss you, Jon.

Kado's sleep begins to become interrupted by visions, visions of earthquakes, floods, the sky tearing itself apart.... he sees Elaonore and Daikaeim together, and suddenly watches as they are torn apart from one another by death. The visions continue, tearing at him like a black tide of death and destruction. Finally, they abruptly halt.

I have sensed a great unrest in the worlds... I fear something terrible has happened... Kado... go... tell the Council of what you have seen... and do not delay.

Kado eventually wakes, at first assuming it was all just a bad dream.

I only wish it was...

Kado bolts up out off Azula's lap in alarm. "A-Azula... s-something bad is going on. Something very bad...!" He gasps.

"What did you see?"

"...Death...destruction... ...everywhere." He shudders. "I have to go!" He bolts up, and begins running as fast as he can, willing himself to warn the Council of what he had seen.

Back at the Library

Gobble: *has a boat load of books under his arm* Gettin' some books. Gettin' some books. Gettin' some books.

Seco: *is walking back to the temple*

Avalia: *falls asleep in the hot springs*


Van Valeric appears in Chinmoku and looks around the immense and grand scenery of the city.

Van Valeric: If Atlantis had not sunk, this is what it would look like. *sees the temple and makes his way there*

Kado is about to walk up the temple steps, when he feels a prickling sensation from his sword. He looks around, and at first sees nothing, then walks up.

"Kado... there's some... *static*"The voice of Kukyo cuts off, as the sword finishes rebinding her to its lonely depths. Kado doesn't need the full message, and turns around and looks down the steps at an approaching figure.

...Have I seen this guy before? ...A forest wasn't it...?

Kado anxiously raises a hand to his sword hilt out of caution as the figure gets closer. "Who are you?" He makes it clear from his voice he doesn't particularly trust the figure.

Van Valeric: Quick to the point, are you? Quick to the sword too. A warrior's spirit I see. I can see it in you. You must be of a shapeshifter. You just have tone like most and the feeling im getting coming of from you...You are part spirit...remarkabe. There has never been a Shapeshifter-Spirit hybrid. Looks like I got something else to lap-book in my journal.

"You could say I've had plenty to write about in a journal myself. Not to be rude, but I'd like to ask the question again. Who are you?" He has a slight curious cast to his eyes, but his guard still is quite clear.

Van Valeric: Oh, my apologies. I tend to be distracted when I make a new find. I am Van Valeric, Minister of Darkness and ice god.

"A god...?" Kado restrains a strange desire to say something sarcastic. "...Well then... what is a ...'god'... doing here? I'm no expert but I would generally assume that whenever a being of otherworldly power decides to give me a visit, it's usually not because they want to have a cup of tea. I assume you want something from me... Valeric, though I wouldn't know why. My powers and prowess are not the... most admirable."

Van Valeric: I can understand. I have felt a sense of negativity and negativity that somewhat pains me to feel and now I can feel it with that sword you wield.

"The sword is Dark Slayer. It has the spirit of... something... inside it named Kukyo. ...We've not exactly gotten along. She was sealed... what, eighty years ago by an organization that removed her and seven other beings like her from power after they ravaged both this world and Earth. Many people on this world hate her for what she's done in the past. You mean you came all this way because of it?"

Van Valeric: Yes. It somewhat disturbed my inner being in away. I...enjoyed it, but...I can feel what she is she could never have die to the greediness of other, am I wrong?

Kado takes out the sword and looks at it. "I don't know much about her. All I know is what I've been told by my people about her. I know there's more to her than what they said now. But... what exactly is your aim with all of this?"

Van Valeric: To giver her the happiness she could not get from others. For they have no true happiness within them.

"I guess I won't... or rather can't stop you if you're intent on this. However much of what power I have lies with Dark Slayer. If she is freed, I won't have access to any of the powers I once had. ...Considering the strength of my enemies, it will probably force me to retire... no way I can defeat my kin with such limits. I may be a hybrid of shapeshifter and spirit, but that might as well be worth nothing. I can't willingly access that side of me. And time times I have accessed it subconsciously... my power ended up hurting the ones I wanted to protect."

He holds out the sword. "But considering the life I've lead up til now, not doing it would go back on the principles I've lived by so long." Van observes the making of the sword's seal and the various spells that went into its power, and has to admit for mortal work, it's almost unparalleled.

Van Valeric: *studies Dark Slayer* Unique, but nothing I cannot solve. *puts his hands together and Dark Slayer starts floating in midar. It then glows with dark light*

He feels the presence of the consciousness of the sword stir, and he can feel it trying to ascertain his motivations, the contact like the unwinding of a giant serpent stretching itself towards him, though it doesn't seem able to actually communicate with him.

Van Valeric: Are you the one they call Kukyo?

He hears like a static in his mind, and he determines the spirit is still largely cut off from being able to communicate due to the sword.

Van Valeric: I see... *the Dark Slayer gets lighter and lighter to the point where the Dark Slayer drops to the groud, void of its power and the darkness is still right above them* How about now?

Suddenly a massive burst of spiritual energy rips from the point where the darkness was released, as the darkness suddenly looses the bonds that restricted it for many years, and momentarily loses shape and spreads throughout the area, the effects shaking all of Chinmoku. As the city begins stirring into alarm, Van slowly feels the presence of the sword's spirit come back into being as the darkness slowly begins to retract again around the point where it formed.

Kado wearily looks at Van. "Well great. You drew the attention of the neighborhood. ...This'll be fun..." He says with light sarcasm, spooked by the burst of energy.

Seco: *walks in and looks at Van Valeric* Waht the f-*his calfs is frozen* What is this? *looks at the darkness* So, you must be Death.

Van Valeric: No, but I can let you meet him, if that's what you want.

Seco: No thanks, I think I'll let age do that for me.

The darkness begins to organize and become more tangible, spiraling tighter and tighter into a vague form similar to a humanoid, and then it suddenly compresses all at once, and Kukyo materializes, but immediately collapses onto her hands and knees.

Seco:..Oh...its her...

Van Valeric: She must be weak, due tothe power she was outputting..

Avalai: *walks in* I'm ba-*looks at Van Valeric* Oh what the fu-*her calfs are frozen* What is this? Is that Death?

Seco: Wish it was right now.

Kukyo lays there, doing little but gasping for breath.

Van Valeric: *kneels down and touches her chest, takes his other hand and touches his forehead, his left shoulder and right solder. Kukyo's heart burst with golden streams of light and it then surrounds her entire body* This should help until your strength returns to you.*also gives her a potion bottle*

She manages to stand up with a slight stumble.

Her eye opens up slowly, the red dot in it shrinks in response to the unexpected strength of the light. After a minute or two, her eye focuses on Seco and Avalia.

"....You...two..." She says, her voice cracking from lack of use.

Gobble: *walks in happily* What's up, guys? Just got back from the library. Can't believe how many books they ha-OH MY GOD, IT'S DEATH! *drops his books and slides on his belly to Van Valeric's feet* I'm so sorry, Death! Please don't kill me! I didn't mean to flick you off that one time I was about to die! I just didn't know who you were at the time, that's all! *starts whimpering*

Van Valeric: Get up, fool.

Gobble: Not until, you promise not to take my soul.

Van Valeric: How about I take your soul for grovelling at my feet.

Gobble: *immediatley gets up*

Kukyo's eye wanders toward him. The clothing she has appears tattered, and she seems not as healthy as she was when they had seen her in the spirit realm, even her hair appears not as lively as before.

"...You again..." She looks away.

Gobble: You...Oh God it's you isnt it? Oh, i've been waiting for this. *slugs Kukyo in the face but is passes right through her*

Kukyo turns and faces him. "You hate me. You cannot help yourself. After all, if it's one thing I know about mortals, it is their desire to push their problems on others. To blame others for events they cannot control themselves. They become angry at those who had nothing to do with their problems. You blame me for Jon's death. I know. I've seen it. I was there. Or rather... your pain became a part of me... I felt your pain along side you... and your anger... and your hate." She turns to Seco and Avalia.

"Yours as well... that and more. I was there when you grieved over the loss of the woman you loved... All of the negative things you've endured..." She puts a hand to her heart. "Are a part of me..."

Guards begin showing up, upon seeing her, their faces bare anger and hate.

"...I've felt all of your pain...everything." She pauses, and her eye narrows. "But your pain is nothing. Nothing compared to the collective pain of over a thousand years of history. The pain of every living thing ever born... can your pain begin to measure?" She says softly.

She closes her eye. "Is it really so hard to just accept that Jon is dead and will never be again? You cannot simply move on? Are you that desperate, that you would go against what your brother stood for?" She asks quietly.

Van Valeric: Mankind wants to keep everything they are given. Unwilling to let it go once it is lost. Funny thing is, they are given what they do not deserve. All man know is how to hate. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions. It is their own fault they are still pained. Because man can never let go of what they loose. Maybe if they took care of it, they would never had lost it in the first place.

Others give Van Valeric a angry and hateful glance

Van Valeric: All I see in mankind is savagery.

Kukyo moves away from him and towards Gobble, and sits in front of him. "Tell me why you hate me. I want to hear your answer."

Gobble: My brother died because he wanted to save you...I know you had doesn't something to his mind to make him do what he just did to himself...

Suddenly a thick wave of negative energy begins to peel off her, so thick it literally blocks the light from the sky, leaving only torchlight. Gobble suddenly sees a human girl standing in her place, with a dark bruise around her neck... in the shape of....

A noose.

"...I used to be a normal girl... no... I never was... but once I was human." Soft amber eyes bore into Gobble's, completely different from the soulless eyes from before.

"But you know something? Me and Jon DID have something in common. ...We both grew weary of the world. Both of us sought an end to the days where we were used and abused as tools, not people. We grew tired of people denouncing our way of life, our beliefs."

Suddenly their vision all changes, and they are in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, as it was in its prime.

Van Valeric:...Babylon...The human mind is primitive. The understadn so little, but when they do try to understand they try to make-up every possible answer through their false sciences and they still don't understand that the answer was so simple to begin with.

Kukyo stands at the edge, looking over the city. She looks toward Gobble with an empty gaze.

"How many years has it been since I last stood here...?"

What she is implying catches on in Seco, Avalia, and Gobble's minds.

"You know nothing about me... but I know everything about you. ...If you do not first know your enemy, you will never know yourself..."

Van Valeric: They know all the wrong things. They only know what theywantto know. Not need or supposed to. It has been several thousand years since I've seen this place. I can still her the fall of the wickedness that filled the walls of 1st World Empire.

Gobble: Good to know,bro...

Her eyes suddenly have a red glow. "I will fill in the blanks of your ignorance." An awful flash of light blinds them, and they begin to see memories of a girl growing up, and everyone in the village from her birth experience a time of peace and happiness unrivaled to most recorded history. However, their every thought and lingering notions of anger, sadness, pain... every bad and negative emotion they could describe instead is cast into her, and every day she feels the number of minds growing. But the years all fly, until one day the girl is a teenager, roosting in her favorite tree, when she sees it.

An army from the nearby city rises up from the north, and descends on the village, killing every man woman and child they find... they see her run for her life as the men chase after her, even as she reels from the terrible agony of the deaths of each and everyone of her community, her own pain and the pain they felt as they died screams inside her mind.

The next memories are of being dragged to the city of her enemies in chains, and enslaved by the regent of the city. Years pass of humiliation and imprisonment, when it happens again. Another army rages into the city, and once again kill many... but take her prisoner. The girl realizes in that horrible moment that not only have they desired her unique gift...they worship it.The sounds of their praise to her rings like cruel torture, and many years and many wars rage, filled with various masters, from treatment like royalty or the divine to imprisonment in the darkest dungeons. There is even masters who perform unspeakable actions on her, experiments that tested the limits of her powers, which leads to them discovering she generates immortality, to attempts to spread the girl's line through the royal bloodline and create the perfect bloodline, all of which fail and she is forced to watch the destruction of each failure.

...And finally... the Babylonians come. They come and destroy the masters she served, and she delved deep into despair, though they were her kindest masters... they still made her into their ideology...forced her to be the ease of their every ailment and suffering.

And then the day came... countless lifetimes of pain and death rage within her soul, the energy of everyday sufferings to the darkest days of society's lives begin to drive her into the depths of depression... and one day... standing in the majestic gardens... she takes the chains used to bind her hands, and painfully tears them off... the next few moments are the slowest of her life, as she slowly chokes herself to death with the chains of her own masters...

And yet awakes in the the rubble of the great city, neither dead or alive... reborn as nothing but a will and a collection of negativity... for a brief time the pain stops coming... but it all returns like a dark tide...

In her pain and agony... she abandons all the names she once had... she destroys every idol and mention of her, she destroys every document and journal that ever uttered her name or rumor of her existence... she then leaves behind the wretched world for the great nothingness, and descends upon an abandoned world...

And she finally knows who she really is...

Emptiness... and as she would be later called...


Van Valeric: Monsters the humans are. Even before now, they treated those that were not like them, like they were monsters. The day will come where Myths will not have to fear the humans anymore.

Gobble: I have to admit, that was *sniff* pretty sad. *tears a page out of one of his books and blows his nose in it*

"The Eight Elemental Warlords... people always say I was their leader... they always say I was the one who brought them together... you see that's just not it...

When they first appeared... I reviled them... I wanted nothing but to be alone. But they would not leave me. So I accepted them, and from us, the Elementals of Echo were born. We gave them purpose and lives to fulfill. Yet the others grew weary and began to fight among themselves for entertainment. When the shapeshifters were placed onto the world, I treated them with caution, but the other Warlords wanted only violence. But these were no ordinary beings. They proved to be very powerful. I knew what they were doing against the shapeshifters was wrong...

But..." She trails off.

Van Valeric: I presume it has something to do with the sword you were bound in.

"...I couldn't begin to turn my back against my own children... ...yes... the Warlords were my children reborn... could I even begin to consider the possibility of betraying them...? ...No... not after their lives were so brutally stolen from them... ...even though I knew what they did was wrong... ...I wanted to believe they could change... ...I couldn't bare the idea of it all.

...But it was that decision that lead to me being made to be a villain...

You all are quick to judge, and slow to understand... you learned nothing from Jon's death..."

The scene turns back to Chinmoku, and the guards are all knocked out. She opens her eye.

"You mortals fear death, hate it. For me, all I see of it is a sweet release... and a return to the father. ...You are blessed. And so was Jon. ...But I will never know that great blessing. I shall never feel the bliss of the father's love and embrace. ...For as long as there is negativity in the worlds... I can never be free."

She walks over to Kado, and puts a hand on the powerless Dark Slayer, and it begins to turn black once more. She takes a hold of it, and looks at the blade. Without warning, she impales Kado straight in the chest, where the heart would be, but no blood comes out. She pulls on the sword, and a rippling copy of it takes form, and she lays it in Kado's hand.

"You alone I will trust with my power."

She begins walking away. "...I will leave this world behind. There is no place for me anywhere in the world of mortals. ...But I have one last place I must go."

Van Valeric: I already have a place for you. A place void of negativity. A chance to rid yourself of the pain of never dying.

She turns for a moment and looks at him with her eye. "If you mean Downation... not even that can free me. I feel the pain of Earth even now. ...A girl just died in a car crash... and a old man died alone... no matter where I go, my curse ignores all boundaries... even my momentary death only delayed the return of the negativity.

But like I said. There is somewhere I must go."

Van valeric: I do not refer to Downation. It is connected to Erth and the barrier won't block out the suffering of the sinners. I can take you to place where you can never her the screams of a dying women or the crying of an infant child.

Gobble: You talkin' about Heaven?

Kukyo looks at him. "You can tell me of it later. There is somewhere I must go, as I told you. But until I do so, I will not hear of it."

Van Valeric: *bows his head* I will be waiting for you here once you come back.

She disappears into a large ball of shadow, and suddenly tears away with violent speed, disappearing over the horizon in mere moments.

Gobble: So...what know...*looks at everyone*

Kado looks at the new Dark Slayer in his hands. "...A-amazing... I can't believe that she actually...replicatedthe sword... they're supposed to be... only one of a kind..."

Gobble: Man, that's what they say about everything.

Van Valeric: One to speak your mind, aren't you?

Seco: Yep.

Avalia: You have no idea.

Kado swings it around, testing it. "...It feels... different... like a perfect match... the other one was... heavier. This one is... so light..." Kado notes the sword seems to not look like metal, but almost appears to crystaline in apperance, rippling with a purple energy aura.

Gobble: *surveys the sword* Might be a cheap decoy.

Kado experiments with the sword on a pillar, and to his amazement it cuts right through it without effort.

"...It never did that before." He looks at Van. "What did she do? It's as if she.... perfected it..."

Van Valeric: Perfection is rare. Her negativity must have effected the efficiency of the last one. So she gave you another more...suitable for your usage.

Kado frowns. "It's a shame I won't be able to use it to its fullest extent... But at least the blade is enhanced, so that should help a little."

Seco: Ever thought of namn' it?

Kado looks at him. "It's called Dark Slayer, do you mean I should rename it?"

Van Valeric: Curious as to why you have not use this sword to the full extent of it's abilities.

Kado looks at him. "That's because Phoenix sealed my powers when they tried to kill me. I can only use two of its powers right now. They're the people who originally made the swords."

Van Valeric: I see...

Gobble: Do you gotta bust out some trainin' or something like that?

Kado looks at Gobble irritably. "Gobble, if training was the issue I would have unlocked them by now. I meant sealed as in unless I kill or convince them to remove the seals, my powers will remain sealed."

Gobble: No emotional shit?

Kado glares at him and a red marking appears on his right cheek. "Considering that Phoenix was once my family and I'll have to execute old friends and people I care about to do it, there'll be plenty of that. Would you like me to remove your tongue while we're on the subject of shit?"

Gobble: *sticks hs tongue out and holds it* Nah, i think im good.

Van notices the mark is that of a Negative, but Kado himself doesn't appear to be an actual negative, nor a positive, yet he can sense both.

Kado casually trips Gobble onto his face instead, whistling as he does so innocently.

Gobble: *turns around* Retard!

Seco: Hold your tongue, boy!

Gobble: *angrily holds his tongue*

Kado shrugs, then looks at Avalia. "How are you holding up?"

Avalia: *still has an upset look in her eyes* Just fine. Thanks.

"We're all friends here. If you ever need something, just say something ok? I realize that we've not always been on the best of terms, but I want to help you guys anyway I can." He looks at Gobble. "...Even ifsome of usare annoying at times."

He ignores Gobble's expression and looks at Seco. "How was your break? You know, before you came running after Van here let Kukyo out a bit too quickly?"

Seco: Pretty well. I have been offered a job at A.H.D.S.

Kado smiles faintly. "Oliv? That woman always has been opportunistic. She is a decent woman though. She actually was one of our early members, if you can believe it."

Seco: In this world, I can believe about anything.

They suddenly notice a shadow beginning to take shape, and Kukyo gradually reappears, though not as solid as before.

"Alright Van... what exactly were you talking about? I'll hear what you have to say, but that doesn't mean I will accept. What is this place you speak of?"

Van Valeric: The In-between of everything. Of every opposite and opposition. From there you can watch the world and not feel the suffering of others.

"And then what? That would not give me happiness. I may not feel suffering... but I would not feel happiness either. What a pointless existence... I would rather suffer until the day I found my real happiness. That is something more valuable and tangible... more meaningful than simply existing."

Van Valeric: I can see that pain exist in this world too. It is the sheer fact regret that I wish to help you.

"You have helped me plenty alone in your act of kindness in freeing me. I am grateful. But I have one more request to make of you. Should you encounter the blades holding the spirits of my children... the Warlords.... I ask that you do not set them free. ...They must learn from their past. ...I cannot allow them to resume the actions they committed against the world... once they have learned better... once that day comes... perhaps then. But this is their mother's will... I do not wish any more harm to them or the worlds by my line's account."

The intensity of her gaze grows stronger. "Please. Promise me this. Do not allow them to be freed. They must learn from their mistakes. It pains me to ask such a thing. But I must. History alone proves I was wrong to allow their actions. Dark Slayer was my punishment."

Van Valeric: I promise. There is enough destruction on your hands as it is. I would not doing anything of the sort.

Kukyo closes her eye. "Thank you. While I shall depart, I will not be leaving it to fate." She turns and looks at Kado. "Phoenix must be stopped. I say that out of a personal hatred, as well as knowledge of the disaster they will bring." She gives a glance towards Seco, Gobble, and Avalia. "But I foresee that M.C.C.P. must be dealt with. The whole reason I invaded Earth along with the Warlords was for the sole purpose of annihilating it. I felt a dark future should they be allowed to continue their ways. For that matter, the very way of things on Earth must be struck down if peace between the races is to be assured."

Van Valeric: I'm afraid the damage dealt by The M.C.C.P has far exceeded than you realize. Even after they are gone, a new threat far worse will arise. But stopping Phoenix can be done.

"It is because of the damage they have wrought they must be ended. To allow them to continue would only make things worse."

She walks toward Kado, who freezes in discomfort. She grab his head and makes him look at her. "If anyone may carry my will... it will be you. Your bloodline was poured from me down to Hadari... through the generations to you. I have given you the sword that will help you shape your destiny. Use it as the sword of chaos, bring down the injustice of the human's order. From it, make a new order built around the justice of man and Mythos.

...And when the time comes Kado... when your spirit yearns to break free of its chains... come to me. Come to me and I shall make you even stronger." She whispers all of this to Kado.

"What... what are you saying? You mean...?"

Kukyo looks at him sternly. "There will be a time where your ancestory will begin to awaken Kado. It happened once before, on your birthday at the age of fifteen. I foresee that you will have a second awakening. You will need my guidance when that time comes. I'm counting on you." She begins to fade again.

"I'm sorry Van, but I must decline your offer. I have enemies who I have yet to settle the score with... and I have a future to find."

Van Valeric: I understand, but I warn you; The future has already been decided.

She disappears with a faint gust of wind, just as the guards look around and appear bewildered.

Gobble: *looks at the gueards* Oh know you wanna show some god damn emotion.

Kado pokes Gobble. "Hellllooooo hypocrite."

Gobble: *folds his arms* What you talkin' about?

Kado sighs. "Says the one who talked down to his brother and gave him crap when he needed support not abuse. You're about as emotionally sensitive as a rock sometimes." *Prepares for face punch with intangibility.

Gobble:Oh....that...*curls up into a ball and starts rocking back and forth again*

Kado sighs and facepalms. "...Great job Kado... you're officially an asshole..." He mutters to himself.

Kado picks up and puts Gobble's books into a bag, and hold one out to him. "I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't be so hard on you... not with your brother and all..."

Gobble:'s ok....I am sort of a dick, I know....*continues to rock*

Kado crosses his arms. "George. Please just take the book. While I admit that you have been less than pleasant sometimes, I know you cared about your brother. It was out of line for me to say that to you. You didn't deserve that."

Gobble: *eyes are watering* I don't deserve anything...All that I have, I don't deserve it...

Kado looks at Seco. "Dear lord please help me! What do you do when he gets like this?!"

Seco: *grabs one of Gobble's bookd and smacks it in Gobble's face* Shut up and read, boy.

Gobble: *nose is bleeding but opens the first page and starts reading*

Kado looks at Seco. "...Ok then." He looks at Van. "So what are you planning to do now?"

Van notes the spirit mark hasn't disappeared from Kado's face, but it seems duller and less noticeable. It appears different from a full on Brand, as it doesn't travel along his body at all. He notices again the presence of Kado's soul, but can also feel two smaller ones, a gentle, weakly flickering soul and a much stronger, almost malevolent. The two seem to not have fully awakened, as they seem to be merely lingering, not fighting as he would expect a negative and a positive to do.

Van Valeric: I can feel them. The 2 positive and negative remainants of yourself. Was it the result of the Dark Slayer?

Kado shakes his head. "...From what the Grand Eye was able to infer... I probably did it myself. I was raised by Phoenix... they were like my family. ...So when they betrayed me... when they tried to kill me... it tore me apart. ...I was so desperate to escape the pain and terror... I unconsciously used my power and split myself. ...For a while I didn't have any idea. ...I thought it was just my mind that was broken... but it was more than that. ...I can't feel that power anymore. If I had to guess, the portions of my spirit power was cut off into them... leaving only this part of me. If it weren't for the Slayers I wield... I'd be just your run of the mill Shapeshifter."

Van Valeric: Quite Fascinating. But with 2 of negative and positive it must be destroying your mental psyche.

"...Yeah. It's been irritating lately. The rage keeps building in me all the time. The other one hasn't really ever shown up before. ...I'm kind of glad she hasn't manifested yet."

Van Valeric: If your tired of them, why haven't you rid yourself of the two?

Kado shakes his head. "I couldn't do that. They're a part of me. Even if I find it inconvenient... well, I just couldn't. It's my struggle I have to overcome. Who knows what will happen."

Avalia thinks about the two spirits within him she and the others encountered, particularly the little girl, and remembers how it was only the dark one that seemed to carry any real personality, the girl was just sort of there.

Van Valeric: Is it because you do notwantto get rid of them or you do not knowhow?

Kado frowns. "I... don't want to. I don't think I'd still be here sometimes without them. ...Even if they do complicate my life sometimes."

Van Valeric: So you are saying you had no say in the matter of becoming your own person without something else within your mind making the decisions for you?

"No. I'm saying that even though it's true they've made my life less than pleasant, I wouldn't destroy them. They are a part of me. I'd also like to think they've saved my life one way or another. Plus my struggles have made me stronger as a person. Destroying them would mean losing what I have gained through learning to cope with my problems."

Van Valeric: Who said anything about destroying them? I am not a life taker. Not by nature anyway. I mean give them a life of their own.

Kado closes his eyes. "...I don't think that would be the best of moves." Kado holds out his hand. "The last time one of them was set loose... just take my hand... you'll understand."

Van Valeric: *reaches towards Kado's hand but all of a sudden stops half way as something strikes his mind* He is coming...

Kado gives him a look. "Who...?"

The Grand Eye walks out of the temple. He clearly isn't pleased to see Van. "Van Valeric, Minister of Darkness... why is it that one such as you have come to our world? And if I may venture. Is it the 'god' of destruction who I have now sensed?"

Van is impressed that this man seems to know of him.

Van Valeric: You must be a deity. Yes, something on Erth is happening. It is feeding the urges a fellow god. God of Destruction: Jibaku. Once the bound of Life is broken, he will be free and ravage the Earth is chaos. After all life dies on this planet, he will search for more worlds to destroy.

"I am aware. Phoenix has unleashed their wrath upon Earth. I became aware of it fairly quickly, but we could not do anything without Azure being in the know. We had to deal with Kukyo, as she attempted to take over Kado's body and soul to escape, it took a number of days to accomplish. I won't ask why you freed Kukyo, even though the people will be enraged to learn of such an action.

And as for me, I am a mere Shapeshifter. The only power I possess is the vast knowledge I have gathered over the course of my lifetime as Emperor of Chinmoku, this fair city and vast nation. I watch from my throne and learn many things. I am impressed that you entered without my immediate knowledge. That alone proves the accuracy of the words and tales I have learned of you.

But now that Azure's leaders are back in gear, it will be soon time for Echo's response to this invasion. Earth may not appreciate our intervention, but Phoenix was our problem long before theirs. It is our mess and we shall resolve it."

He closes his eyes. "I could not begin to imagine they could cause such a catastrophe... how the just and the mighty have fallen to the insidious and cowardly... I should have dealt with them far sooner than I had."

Van Valeric: I suggest you resolve it quickly for I fear when Jibaku is free, we will be at odds. *disappears*

Kado looks at the Grand Eye. "Is there a way we can get to Earth without rifts? I would hate to leave Azure open to attack again..."

He silently nods. "We have several unused gates to Fantasy Proper and Earth itself. Getting your men here would take time however..."

I can do it.

"K-kukyo?!" Kado stammers.

Just tell me who you all need sent.

Kado begins to relay the information through to Azula, who begins selecting all of the best men they have.

He then looks at Seco, Avalia, and Gobble. "You don't have to come if you don't want to, but if you would like to help us, that's fine. ...Just remember that the likely hood of having to deal with M.C.C.P. could be high for you. If you don't want to risk going back to that life, I understand if you want to stay."

Seco: Here is where we start a new life. We're going to help you.

Avalai: *nods*

Seco: *looks at Gobble who is still reading* Gobble!

Gobble: *still reading* Yea, sure, whatever...

Kado nods his head. "Thank you then. But before we go... there's someone I need to speak to. ...Azula. Can you please astral project me to them again?"

"...Alright then. Are you sure?"


2nd MeetingEdit

The representatives are all conversing on how will they mange to combat the invading forces and will come of the Earth, with low fundings for reconstruction.

"...So things are as bad as they told me... huh?" A presence becomes apparent to them, and the president looks up to see the same masked man as they had encountered last time, though this time his mask is missing, showing his rather young face. He looks at the reps, and mentally prepares himself for the insults and other talk he had heard before.

Rep. 2: I knew it had something to do with you!

Rep. 5: Your world couldn't have left us alone.

Rep. 3: Do you have any idea how much will have to be done if this ever ends?

Rep. 2: Our families, homes, children and loved ones die, not cause of the Mythos anymore, but of soldiers from your world!

Rep. 3: Your world could handle us. Why call on an invasion on us? It's not like our attack your city did anything.

The President: All of you, quiet. Our friend has something to say.

Rep. 2: Friend!?

The President: *gives Rep 2 a stern look, then looks back Kado* What is it?

While they had been yelling at him, a red line that seems familiar from the time he had caused destruction in London formed, but he lets out a breath and it fades, only the president catches it.

Kado holds out a red bird emblem. "The soldiers you've seen... they have this emblem, am I correct? That is not our emblem. It is an organization named Phoenix. ...I was a former member, until they tried to have me killed twelve years ago. Ever since, I have sought to put them down."

He looks at them. "I realize I tainted my honor back at London. I fully admit responsibility. But that was not why I came there. Earlier, I left after a mention of someone named 'Earth Slayer'. He is one of the senior members of Phoenix. He was my master. I had already known they had a hatred of humanity, so I sought to intervene before he could do anything. ...My efforts were in vain and he drew the monster of my heart forth. ...He knew me too well. After all... that thing... was born inside of my soul because of Phoenix.

But if you think what's going on right now is bad... you have no fucking idea what you're in for. The invasion right now is only the very beginning. Phoenix intends to wipe humanity out. Once and for all. If I have not made it clear to you before, my mission, as is Azure's, is to protect the innocent and the weak. We have no intention of allowing them to continue their plan any further."

The President: We will accept any form of help at this point. Our own forces grow weaker and only ones fairing this invasion are the mythos.

Kado closes his eyes. "Please inform your agencies to not start fights when we arrive. Our troops are a union of humans and mythos. It would not help matters if they complicated the situation. All of our members will be wearing their armored uniforms, with no exceptions.

...And pretty much the real reason I have come here... is to announce that this was my last act as leader of Azure. I announced my decision to end my office at the Echo World Summit. And now I seal that pact with this meeting."

All the reps. clap except for The President.

Rep. 2: Maybe now a moresaneperson can lead your nation away from unasked retaliation. Don't you know how much right we have to retaliate against you and your world?

The President: We have the right, yes. But we're not going to use it.

Rep. 2: *is morally confused*

The President: I trust that this man will fix the problem.

Rep. 2: This same man who decimated all of London because of his hatred for one man?!

The President: I admit, that action was rather disappointing to see coming from a man of such honor like you. But I'm will to look past that as the same will happen right now. We will not retaliate against your world for this.

The reps. are silently debating over this.

Kado looks at someone out of sight. A woman suddenly appears. "This is Azula, she is the new leader of Azure, and was formerly my assistant." He looks at them, and back at her. "...And she cannot speak verbally. She can speak with her mind, but she won't access your mind unless you giver her permission otherwise. She is the one who is projecting me at the moment."

Rep. 2: Hopefully, she isnt asrecklessas you are.

The President: Enough of that. It is an honor to meet you, Miss Azula.

Rep. 2: *is once again morally confused* An hono--

The President: Yes! An honor...*looks back at Rep. 2 more menacingly*

Rep. 2: *slouches in his seat*

Azula looks in the Rep's direction for a moment, and eventually her voice rings in their minds, though it is focused strictly on the very outskirts of their minds.

"An honor to meet you as well. Mr. President. It is a shame that the rest of your colleges feel the need to disrespect a national ambassador in a diplomatic setting. Even if we are Mythos, we still command your respect, as we give you ours. Do not take me lightly, Representative. I will not put up with your tongue, unlike Kado. I'm not here to be enemies or to be hostile. I just think it's unprofessional of someone like you letting charged emotions rule your judgement.

Azure will be providing you support as soon as we can muster our forces. And as for reconstruction, I cannot guarantee it but we can call on favors from the other nations to provide you with relief. We do not wish to be hostile with you. But for the sake of relations between Azure and your world, it would be best if you thought about redefining your attitudes, if only for the sake of diplomatic progress."

The President: I definately agree. We should not let these hardships harden our hearts and minds. What say you, Representatives of Neo Pangea?

The Representatives stand and agree. Rep. 2 takes awhile then finally stands in agreement.

The President: We appreciate your help. May God be with you.

Suddenly a white figure appears, though a projection as well. "Ahhhh Kado, you still adore these little animals? Touching. More like disgusting." Kado's eyes narrow dangerously. "White...!" He growls.

She smirks. "That reminds me... my little Dark Phoenix, you never did give me your response... ...surely you don't really want to fight us?"

Kado snarls. "What are you talking about?"

White smirks again. "Why my invitation to rejoin us. There is no need for family to fight one another! I'm sincere dear Kado, we had to make sure you truly were ready... the rigors of being the Dark Phoenix are demanding... as you know now. But you're alive! You survived your test! We all wish you to come back... and sweep out these rats!"

Kado growls. "Bullshit. Get out of here. When I see you, I'll put my blade through you and end this war of yours."

She frowns, only lightly. "You'll reconsider soon enough." She looks at the President and Representatives. "Oh hey, morerats." She disappears.

Kado lets out an aggravated growl. The marking seems to be back, along with a second one burning across his right cheek. He looks at Azula. "Be more careful about your mind links Azula. That could have ended bad."

"You don't need to tell me that. ...I apologize about that unwelcome interruption... that was the leader of Phoenix."

The President: The only thing I saw was a rat with wings. Put a sword through her neck, if you wish. Just make sure you get it on tape while your at it. *smiles evilly abit*

Kado makes an attempt at a smile, but gives up. He turns his head, even as some of the reps notice the markings. "We will begin preparations as soon as possible, Mr. President. But just so you know... this will not be an easily won battle... even with our help. The main members of Phoenix are nothing like what you've encountered so far."

The Preisdent: I see. But I have a deeper feeling that the current predicament we are facing isngoing to be the real problem.

Everyone is confused on what he's talking about.

Kado frowns.Does he know of that Destruction god guy...?

"Elaborate." He says shortly.

The President: It's rather heard to explain, but I can just...feelit. Like something is coming to ravage this world until neither forces are left

Kado sighs. "I was told by someone named Van that a 'god' of destruction has been incensed by the invasion. If that's true..." Kado pauses, then sighs.

"It must certainly be great for those Mythos with actual power..." He freezes. "Would there happen to be a very violent metal dragon capable of creating volcanoes?"

The President: We have received report about it. Yes.

Kado groans. "Hitomara... why does it always have to be that dragon? I swear that is the one monster I wouldn't mind dropping into the ocean. He was such a pain back on Echo. I wondered where he went."

The President: It's unclear, but you might wanna check the more larger cities. There is also more reports saying their could e more of those beings out there.

Azula is seen idly messing with her hair, and the president notices the odd lump on the back of her neck, he had been mildly curious before, but now he wonders what sort of Mythos she might be.

The President: Are you a myth too?

Azula and Kado exchange looks. They seem to be having a silent argument between them, and Azula finally says,"You did make me the leader, did you not?" "..." "That's what I thought."

She turns towards them."In one way, you could say I am. However, despite the efforts of our scientists, what I am, and where my powers come from are all unknowns. Even the M.C.C.P's CRAzy was unable to identify me. This is usually SSS Class information. We don't normally share those kinds of details."

The President: A myth, that isn't recognized...That is quite strange. We've discovered nearly any and every possible hybrid on this planet, but you are the only unknown. It's quite....worrisome

Azula closes her eyes."The only known genetic material that was identified was human. However, it seems to make up only a small section of my dna, the rest are sections of unknown sequences.'re not the only one who worries about that fact. It's only one of the many reasons our organization has me listed as the only SSS Class Mythos in our rank system."

The President: I'm only worried of what you're capable of.

Azula lowers her head."I know. But good relationships cannot be established with fear. Are there Mythos that will use their powers for their own gain? Yes. Will I ever do such a thing? No. Those who do not fear their power will inevitably bring down everyone, including themselves."

Kado looks at her, and then at the Reps and the President. "It's one of the many philosophies you'll hear on Echo. 'Those who do not fear their power will be destroyed by their power. Those who fear their power will instead rely on their fellow man and together build society.' It's also a founding principle of Azure. We trust rather than fear. Those who would harm society... well they are punished as they should."

Azula looks at them."...I must make this last thing known as well. While we are compiled and will help you... at the same time, there is a clash of ideologies here. We're overlooking them for the sake of the greater good, overlooking our past history, and despite our own problems."

She closes her eyes."I cannot and will not guarantee we will come to your aid again, should another invasion like this happen. It is of my understanding that Phoenix in the old days protected humanity in the Fantasy War from their own world, and their efforts to protect you were instead of being respected... were treated with the same hatred as the rest of the Mythos. The saviors turned the hunted. And now, look where history has lead us. Do you see why I have this stance? What will happen when this is all over? Will you just go back to what you've done before, and turn on us as well as you did with Phoenix?"

The President: Not likely. Not as long as I rule this Nation.

She closes her eyes."...Very well. I will leave it at that for now. We have preparations to do."

The President: We'll be waiting for your arrival. God Bless.

The images of Kado and Azula flicker and disappear.


Kado looks up and turns towards Seco, Avalia, and Gobble. "Well, they know we'll be coming. It's time to get ready. Azula, please contact all appropriately ranked members of Vigilante Squads and any available A.H.D.S. agents. Tell them to prepare all of the necessary supplies for a full class war."

Azula nods, and closes her eyes.

Kado sighs. "As for you three, wait for the A.H.D.S. squads to arrive. Oliv will make sure you are all equipped for the fight ahead."

Seco: Sure thing.

Gobble: *is still reading*

"Oh, so I see the soldiers have found a new cause..." a voice said as the temperature in the area dropped a few degrees. "You've obviously been busy, Ninja boy."

Kado pauses, and slowly turns around. "...Kalin? It certainly has been a while."

Azula looks towards Kalin."It is a pleasant surprise to see you, Kalin. What have you been up to all this time?"

"sigh. So much for a suprise." The temperature in the area began to rise again as a black mass collected in the center of the room. The mass created a humanoid form before receding, leaving Kalin behind. "Hey guys, lady." He said, nodding to azula. "To answer your question, I have been searching for answers. I even managed to find them, if not without a cost... But after the day was done, and I prepared to rest my head, a new question popped up." He said, holding out his hand to reveal a black orb. Allowing it to drop to the floor, Kalin stepped sideways as the sphere expanded. It began to morph into various scenes from Kalin's memory, including the initial invasion, as well as his fight with Caess. "The question was simple: What the FUCK is going on around here?"

Kado looks about. "Well... you could say that my past is now coming back and determined to kill everything. A lot has been going on, to be honest."

"You don't say." Kalin said sarcastically. "So I'm guessing you've already begun some form of contingency plan, correct? Earth could probably use it sometime soon, you know, before everyone dies...(sighs) Despite that, it is good to see you guys again. If I were there, I'd grab you all up and hug you...oh what the heck!"

Shadows envelop everyone in the area and trap them in a tight grip as they are all pulled to Kalin, who stands there with his arms open wide.

After the hug, Kado blinks in surprise. "Well that was unexpected, but it's great to see you as well. We're actually preparing to come and assist Earth, but it will be a few hours before Azure is ready to mobilize. For us it should take about an hour or two more, but for Earth is probably been several hours since we communicated with them."

Well, as much as I'd like to join you, I have a mission of my own. Some pretty big friends of yours are sitting around, preparing to save an ally whose under the control of the enemy. I said I'd tag along and do what I could."

Seco: A good friend of yours im guessing. Is he gonna help too?

"Perhaps. Not sure. We'll see you soon if you're not staying, Kal."

Gobble: *lifts his head* Hey guys...this maybe weird...but why do I feel like shit's about to go down, besides the shit thats already about to go down.

Kado sighs. "Probably cause the end of the world is coming."

Gobble: Duh. I know that. But its something else. Something even worse than the end of the world. Can you imagine something like that?

"Doubtful. Hell comes to mind though. Regardless. It's almost time to go."

Seco: Alright. *looks at Avalia and Gobble* You heard him. Get ready.

Gobble: Can I bring the book?

Seco: *walks over to Gobble and slaps the book out of his hand* No. *grabs him by the collar and pulls with everyone else*

Gobble: Aw man! You could've let me save my page!

The forces of Azure are finally summoned to the city, and there appears to be a few armored vehicles with them.

Kado turns towards Gobble, Avalia, and Seco. "Time to armor up. The vehicles are to supply you with weapons, any you need, as well as standard issue body armor."

Gobble: Aw snap! Is it gonna be like Halo!

Seco: *slaps Gobble in the back of the head*

Gobble: *rubs the back of his head* Owww...

Kado rolls his eyes. "Go check it out and see what you guys like. We have more than plenty."

The others head down to the armory

Gobble: *looks at the braces* Can't believe he had these bound to our DNA. He culd've atleast taken these off of us by now.

Seco; I don't think the would have work. They will regrow everytime.

Gobble: I still say it was uncalled for.

Seco: So was us coming here in the first place.

One of the A.H.D.S. troopers stationed there chuckles. "We can turn the braces off and allow you to use full power if we deem it necessary. However while we fully invented a way to make a suppression device unable to be removed, we have yet to find a way that works both ways. We got bazookas, grenades, assault rifles... take what you want with you, but just understand they're not necessarily your weapons, Azure agents just rent out guns from the supply houses, so kindly don't lose them if possible. Then you have to pay for it."

Gobble: Would you kindly...Errrgghh.

Seco: Thank you. *enters the supply house with Avalia and Gobble right behind him*

Gobble: *looks at the trooper* Would you kindly...*walks in the supply house*

Kado himself walks in and grabs a few things, then looks over at a collection of masks, and looks some over, eventually settling on one with red stripes on the sides, with the Azure logo on the forehead, and puts it on.

The others take armor and guns. Gobble gets 2 akimbo shot guns and a chain gun. Avalia: Get's a sniper and assault rifle. Seco only gets a assault rifle and a pistol.

"Well... pretty much time to go. You ready?"

Gobble: You asked us that about 40 times already. And it's always been 40 yeses to that answer.

Kado closes his eyes. "Then let's head out to the portal chambers."

Seco: We're right behind you. Lead the way.

Kado meets up with Azula, where the troops are all assembled, and Seco can only roughly imagine how many soldiers are actually present, seeing as they stretch out of sight into some of the streets, but at least 5,000 alone are present in the courtyard. Oliv sees Seco and beckons them to join her and her partner, who eyes Seco with a guarded look.

Seco and the others stand beside Oliv

The Grand Eye stand infront of a large ring, and his head bows. Blue lights begin to flicker on the ring.

Gobble: *whispers* This might the time where he reveals that he really is God the Father.

Seco: Doubt it though.

"Lord of Creation, guide these soldiers home, regardless if it is to Heaven or to their homes here on this world. May they fulfill the destiny they were meant to." The Grand Eye says softly.

The portal's lights glow solid.

He turns to the gathered army. "Good luck to you all. May you return safely." He steps aside, and the portal opens.

"Focus on the destinations you wish to arrive in. You will appear without fail."

Gobble: Where are we going, old man.

Seco: Where ever Kado is going. We're with him, arent we not?

Gobble: Yea, your right. Where'd he go, anyway?

Kado and Azula stand at the front of the army, and Kado bows and steps aside from her, and she takes the front, the significance of the gesture not lost on the crowd. A slight somber air fills the crowd, and Azula turns to face the crowd.

"Have no fear in your hearts. We fight for what's right. Our cause is stronger than any sword the enemy may throw at us. Remember the sacrifices of those gone, who fought for the ideals we the living still cherish, which shall one day be made reality. Today we shall show a hate torn world what the strength of brotherhood can be. Let us go and show them who we are, and pave the way for the azure skies to once more be free of clouds."

gobble: *a tear forms in his eye* That was so beautiful, mane. All it needed was an epic song to play in the background.

Kado looks at Oliv. "Team Oliv, please step forward." As Oliv and her partner begin to walk towards the front, Kado looks at Seco, Gooble, and Avalia. "That includes you three."

Gobble: What us? *shrugs* Ok.

Seco and the others walk toward the front aswell

Kado looks at the five once they've assembled. "We will be dealing with the main members of the organization, Azula shall lead the main forces against the ground forces of Phoenix."

Gobble: Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait. You send us to fight the guys you all consider as unrivaled gods of nature?

Avalia: Does it matter? It's an order and we are obligated to do it.

Gobble: It sounds more like marching toward our death than taking orders.

Seco: Your glad someone is actually leading us.

Kado rolls his eyes and sighs. "The seven- six members of Phoenix aren't gods. They're all shapeshifters with Slayers. The sword's spirits however pretty much are 'unrivaled gods of nature'. And yes,we'regoing to fight them. As in, you, Avalia, Seco, Oliv, Jason, and myself."

Gobble: *is excited* Oooohhhh snap! You got Jason Vorhees up in here? Were's he at?

Oliv's partner sighs. "Permission to smack the life out of him?" Oliv looks at him. "Permission denied."

Gobble: Psst. Kado. Not sure if you noticed...but that aint Jason Vorhees.

Seco: *hit Gobble on the side of his head the butt of his assualt rifle* Shut up, now!

Gobble: *is whimpering in pain* But he isn't, dad..

Seco: hits Gobble on the head again* What did I say?

Gobble: *looks down* He isn't...

Kado sighs. "Let's not do that alright?" Kado looks at Azula."Can you find any of the Phoenix members on Earth for me?"

Azula concentrates for a minute."Found one."

She sends the data to Kado, who now has a darker cast to his eyes. "Alright then guys. Stay close behind me." He walks through the portal.

Seco, Avalia, and Gobble follows Kado through the portal

Dawn of the Final DayEdit

The Grand Eye stands before the temple alter, looking up into the stained glass images. He hears the approach of Shirubā, and turns.

"What brings you here, o' great wind spirit? My friend, Shirubā, what news do you bring before me?"

Shirubā bows politely, before addressing him in her human form, a graceful woman of simple figure and a brilliant white dress, and little white fox years.

"My friend, it is as you long since believed. Time itself now unstable. I have seen it with my own eyes. The boy is an artifact of the future. His existence could undo everything in this world. While I do not believe it is fair, he should not exist. He should be sent back to his own time, before it's too late."

"Ah, but dear Shirubā, it's already out of our hands. When but one ripple strikes across the pond, the surface of the pond is radically changed. We can do little more than protect the two now. Their existences, and ours, are tied." The Grand Eye solemnly says.


"No buts. We have other things to worry of, regardless. The hour has come, and Jibaku and Van Valeric should be due in a matter of minutes, hours, it is unclear. But today is the day when the fate of the world must be decided. We can only pray that the will of the righteous can prevail."

Shirubā nods reluctantly.

"And Shirubā?"

"Yes, Grand Eye?"

"Do not fear... God is with us."

She closes her eyes, and begins to fade with a smile. "You always have that iron faith... it shames me so..."

The South Pole

The Black King silently observes Kuria and 5x5, and lets out a small chuckle. "Finally... the time has come..." He looks up from the sphere where he spies upon them, at his servants.

"You, miserable dogs! Summon forth Lord Ninetails! Tell him, that his master has a task for him!"

His Negative Spirit servants scamper in fear. He lets out a dark chuckle.

"Have fun while it lasts, Van Valeric... soon I will hold the playing cards... and you'll be forced to play frommyhand..."

Thunder ominously rumbles outside the Black Fortress. A new day has dawned.

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