The angel prepares for the coming flight
Angel of Death
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 12/25
Family Diek(Daughter), Drein(Son, Fienjer(Spouse)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6"
Blood type O-
Age 50,000,000+
Weight Unknown
Health Good
Affiliation Kado
Species Angel
Base of Operations Twilight
Weapons Sword of Banishment
Current Occupation Kado's Personal Assistant
Fighting Style Light Attack
Partner Fienjer
Team Kado Affiliated
Relatives Aphrodite(Mother), Hirishimo(Father)
Marital Status Married


Being beutiful isn't always good. Neither is popularity, fame, or fortune. All of these Chika got from her mother's status. Her father was a drunk God of Death that hooked up with her mother, so she didn't know him. Until age 16, she hadn't known anything but popularity. She had the smarts of Athena, stength of Ares, and powers of Hades. At birth the oracle cursed her and at age sixteen, her mother was killed. Her father hid her in Fantasy lost contact. After that, she layed low and stayed on the quiet side, training with monks and making a family with a lower god.


Slight Omniscience

Can see and know everything to an extent.

Future Sight

Can see the unchangeable future.


Cannot fully die by the hands of mortals. Can regenerate even the most deadly of wounds.

Death Chance

Can kill mortals (Non-powerful) with her touch.


Can fly with wings.

Gold Refinery And Construction

Can create and refine gold products.