hese are the rules set for Chat. Please try to follow them as best you can.


  • Please refrain from starting unnecessary arguments. While debates are allowed, it should not become a screaming session between two or more users.
    1. Additionally try to be polite to one another. Jokes are allowed, but if someone is hurt or offended, please desist. That being said, do not immediately jump to offense if someone says something, they may not mean to incite such a reaction.
  • Moderate what you say and how you react. It's all fun and good until someone explodes or goes off on a tirade against another person. If something offends you or gets under your skin, ask that it cease rather than letting your temper flare, it will only worsen things.
  • While the Transcending Zenith Role Play wiki Chat does allow for swearing, please mind the context of what you are saying and whom you are addressing. Basically, don't call someone the colorful swear that came to mind and be mindful of how you are framing said word. If possible, don't swear at all.
  • Unless the Moderator or Administrator is telling you to do something wrong, do not argue with what they ask you to do. If you feel that what they are saying does not apply to you or that they are wrong, let them know in a polite way.
  • Try to keep the peace. This doesn't mean no energy or excitement, rather don't get too worked up. If something is that bad, inform an admin or chat mod before you do anything else. More often than not, they are willing to hear both sides of the issue rather than being baised towards one side. 
  • To Admins and Mods: Do not kick without a valid reason. A valid reason is not a bad joke being told or simply disliking a person. If you are caught doing this, you will be given a warning or harsher.
  • The same as above applies with Bans. If you are banning someone, you must provide solid evidence of why you banned them in the even that an no Admin is on or less than three Moderators are present.


For breaking any of the rules after a moderator or administrator warns you or asks that you cease, you will be given a strike. If three are accumulated within the span of a week, you will be kicked from chat or face a two hour ban. If this behavior continues afterward, the time for the Ban will increase.

If a moderator or admin breaks either of the last two rules, they will face a strike. If five strikes are accumulated within the span of two weeks, they will be temporarily demoted for a period of time no less than three days. Depending on the severity of the infringements, said user may be banned for a period of time.

Please note that in both cases conclusive and solid evidence must be given to the highest ranking person in the chat(Or another admin in the case of an administrator having a candidate for banning or kicking.). Evidence is not word of mouth. Chat logs, multiple witnesses of said behavior and Screen Shots count as evidence.

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