Charle is one of the five heroes of the Lucioverse, the Dragon Hero.

Charle Lyones
[[File: |300px ]]
The Dragon Hero
Heir of the Dyn
The Unknown
Important Information
Gender Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Family Lyones Conglomerate
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Height 162 Cm
Blood type Unknown
Age 23
Weight Unknown
Health Amazing
Affiliation Five Heroes
Species Arsisian
Base of Operations None
Weapons Czar Son
Current Occupation Hero
Fighting Style Way of the Dyn(Learning)
Partner None
Team Five Heroes
Relatives Lyones Conglomerate
Marital Status Single


Charle was born on Arsis, a world connected to Jairis as the third child in a family of six. Their life was rather mundane and repetitive, a cycle of school, work and sleep up until they reached college and began to go out with friends and drinking buddies on occasions. There was very little special about Charle's life, up until they woke up on Jairis in a mysterious armor after a long night at a local bar.


What Charle truly looks like is unknown because of the armor they wear. The armor is black with silver and red motifs and is decorated with various sized scales and plates that seem to originate from an unknown beast. The visor of the armor is both serene and menacing because of a mysterious black smoke that flows from the grill of the helm. The armor's gauntlets are clawed and its bracers pointed, as are the greaves and faulds. A jet black long sword is buckled across the armor's back.


Charle is helpful and energetic, though a bit air headed. It is hard to know what is going through their head at any given moment, but most things are odd or nonsensical or completely random when Charle isn't focused or serious. They are honest to a fault and can be unexpectedly frank when asked questions because the idea of telling a lie is beyond them.

Charle could be compared with a Paladin under the Oath of Nature. Both are tasked with protecting the world around them before worrying about their own lives and both, as with all Paladins, keep their word by making promises and oaths within their power. Charle takes this a step further by making binding oaths- oaths that cannot be broken under penalty of death- to ensure that both sides will remain true to their word. In this sense, Charle could be considered old fashioned and naive because of their belief that people will not betray each other when promises are made and their overarching belief that everyone has some amount of good in them, even if it is buried under layers and layers of filth and deceit. Charle is not so naive to believe that everyone is immediately trustworthy and deserves a near blind amount of faith, but that people can earn such things through their actions.

Surprisingly enough, Charle has a fair understanding of character and the motivations behind people's actions, but chooses to ignore this if people show even the tiniest amount of positive change. This does make them more guilible in one way, but in another it sets Charle's ground rule: Honesty. Charle only trusts those who are honest with themselves and others, even if said people are considered unruly or branded as vile. This is not to say that Charle only looks for the honesty trait in those around them, but that honesty is the first thing that is sought. After that, Charle looks at a person's character- what they value, their beliefs, their dreams, their actions, their intentions, etc.- before ultimately choosing whether or not to aid them or not. One must keep in mind that as the heir to a powerful conglomerate in another world, Charle is a rather keen person when it comes to underlying intentions and beliefs, enough to figure out that the seemingly least trustworthy person they had met was in fact someone whom they could confide in if need be.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Unprecedented GrowthEdit

Charle has the ability to learn and master skills and techniques at an astonishing rate far beyond any average person or veteran warrior.

Unconscious ImprovementEdit

Charle improves and perfects techniques both with practice and while asleep as part of a tertiary process that occurs while she is unconscious.

Emotion SurgeEdit

Charle gains power based on emotional value and power. The stronger the emotion, the more power is granted though at a cost...

Moral SurgeEdit

A variation of Emotion Surge based on morals. This grants the Dragon Fortress the power of the Dyn.

Vice SurgeEdit

A variation of Emotion Surge based on vices. This grants the Dragon Fortress the power of the Saint Fiends.

Critical InstanceEdit

Charle has the ability to act at opportune instances, allowing for instantaneous counters against attacks.


Allows for attacks to be countered and reversed on their sender at much greater force.


Allows for attacks to be completely cancelled out.


Allows for attacks to be wholly diverted and split between multiple targets.

Full ReturnEdit

Allows for attacks to be completely and utterly countered in such a way that the attack appears to turn on the sender, but with great ferocity.

Dragon FangEdit

Etir VonEdit

Fang of Snow. A piercing two part attack in which the opponent is stabbed by a frigid blade, then frozen from within by blood formed ice spikes

Dun VonEdit

Dry Fang. A searing attack in which the opponent is stabbed by a blade wreathed in brilliant flames.

Rud VonEdit

Fang of the Jagged Arrow. A two part attack in which the opponent is stabbed by an electrified blade then struck by lightning soon afterwards.

Foh VonEdit

Gale Fang. A tearing attack in which the opponent is cut deeply by a blade surrounded by fierce rotating winds.

Cyt VonEdit

Storm Fang. A three part attack in which the opponent is deeply cut by a wind covered blade, pierced by a freezing blade, then struck by lightning from above from behind.

Est VonEdit

Earth Fang. A simple attack in which the opponent is pierced by a heavier than normal blade, then impaled by earthen spikes from below.

Reiv VonEdit

Fang of Seasons. A complex attack in whick the opponent is cut by a frozen blade, pierced by a blade of wind, water and stone, struck by lightning then engulfed by a pillar of intense flames, crushed by an abnormally heavy and cold blade before being frozen solid and finally shattered by a blade wreathed in all of the elements that fire off in rapid succession.

Dynsoph VonEdit

Fang of Brilliant Wrath. A destructive attack in which the opponent is pierced by a sharper than normal blade before being engulfed in the calamity bearing light of ruin.

Dyn DohlEdit

Charle calls upon the power of the ancient Dyn, creating a link with them until the link between them is broken. Creates a heavy strain on Charle with prolonged activation.


Charle invokes the brilliant power of Alkaid, gaining power over the Divine, Holy and Arcane until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the vibrant power of Sirius, gaining power over the Earth, Star and Light systems until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the unfettered power of Polaris, gaining power over the Form, Vessel and Spirit systems until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the vehement power of Antares, gaining power over the Infernal, Cursed and Eldritch until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the polar power of Arcturys, gaining power over the Elemental, Mana and Soul systems until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the fierce power of Alioth, gaining power over the Arte, Technique and Control systems until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the serene power of Spica, gaining power over the Anima, Path and Potential systems until the link is broken.


Charle invokes the sinister power of Megrez, gaining power over the Abyss, Lost and Oblivion until the link is broken.


Impossible ArrowEdit

Charle releases an arrow that, regardless of distance or defense or obstacle, will strike the target.

Sophven ArrowEdit

Charle fires an arrow wreathed in a mass of electricity capable of tearing through the sturdiest of stones and armor with little effort.

Lunven ArrowEdit

Charle knocks an arrow that can traverse the divide between space and time to always hit its target at their weakest of moments and in their most critical of weakpoints. Requires a specific bow to fire and serves as a conceptual attack that activates the moment the name is said, so long as the bow required is in Charle's hands. The attack ignores all defenses, regardless of type or level, by completely bypassing them rather than cutting through them. The attack never misses and does not end if Charle were to be slain during its use, rather the arrow has already pierced the intended target even if not visibly fired.

Rudsophven ArrowEdit

Charle fires an arrow wreathed in True Lightning, one of the components of Dyn, capable of shredding through the greatest of defenses in an instant. Requires a specific bow to fire.

Mystic Circuit: RhapsodyEdit




Endless ArcsEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Czar SonEdit

A jian type long sword with black and red patterns decorating its blade. In the center of its crosstree is a sterling silver motif of a sleeping dragon. The blade is unevenly weighted, with most of the weapon's weight centered at the middle of the blade to enhance the power of slashes. Additionally, the weapon is enhanced with a plethora of mystic attributes, most of which increase the damage of the weapon while decreasing the weight while in Charle's hands. A particular trait of the weapon is its natural indestructibility and unwavering sharpness.

Luminous ArchEdit

A resplendent bow made from spun crystal that reflects all colors of light. The bow fires crystalline arrows with great piercing power, formed from Charle's dormant Touki or Fighting Spirit. It is one of the components required to create a certain bow of legend.

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