Charade is an enigma of a woman with a complicated relationship with Riot and several others affiliated with the group. Her influence is widespread on Earth, Echo, The Kingdom and other worlds within the universe and the various criminal organizations present.

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History Edit

Literally nothing is known about Charade's past beyond her hunt for Ark's father which led to the death of his known living family members. How she became so darkly influential and powerful is utterly obscured, far more than the secrets of Patrikolos and thus the UIU is offering a large sum of money to individuals with insight on these two.

Appearance Edit

Charade's trademark is a black mask reminiscent of a gothic style butterfly with flowery wings. It is known that she has ghostly white skin, long black hair and rose colored eyes, but this could easily be an illusion or double due to the fact that no one matching this description has been caught after being sighted in areas where acts of terror have been committed in the many worlds such a person has appeared on.

Personality Edit

Charade's motivation is completely in the dark, even to those who psychoanalyze the minds of criminals. It is inferred that she has some sense of pride and honor, but cases justifying the latter contradict the killing of Ark's family and is thus under review until more evidence is provided. A growing theory is that Ark's father came close to finding out something about Charade and thus she attempted to silence him and anyone connected to him, but this is mere speculation as of now.

Abilities and Skills Edit

The Chief of the UIU would like to remark that if the Union itself can't link any records to her committing any known actions, it cannot provide any details regarding her capabilities other than a statement from Ark during his hospitalization:

"One moment I was raring to go... Then an orange flash went off and I was the only survivor..."

Any records of such abilities appearing appearing are gone, lost in the passage of time.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Any information on Charade's weapons, if any, is currently being researched and validated. Any information on this subject and the one prior is highly requested by the UIU. Please do not be shy.

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