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Chaos Engines are a specific group of beings engineered by the organization Phoenix, originally made as weapons of war. They are humans who have been transformed into powerful hybrid beings with many various genes of various Mythos, with the hope and intent of creating perfect beings. The vast majority are controlled against their will by Phoenix, while small numbers of free individuals are occurring.

In order to make a Chaos Engine character, one should already have a character on the wiki. Exceptions may be permitted. In order to create a character of this species, consult Axis of Destruction, ChaosWyvern, or Haler.

Lambda class CEs are restricted.

Origin Edit

Chaos Engines were conceived of by Eien in the years following the destruction of his family and the starting point of the Spear of God project, designed as a living mechanism for the purpose of fueling the vast energy requirements for the superweapon. The first Chaos Engine, Seriah was born after Phoenix had captured her father, an archangel, and his protected mortal to breed, from then on all three were use to sire the first generation of Chaos Engines, the Alpha and Beta classes. From these, the genetics for all future generations would be derived, the father of the race kept in captivity for legacy support.

The first generations could not be controlled, possessing a longing to reunite with heaven. These generations were deemed a failure towards the complete Chaos Engine, and so work on new species to capture began. It was not until White Eight that the completed Chaos Engines were conceived, with control units barring their free will from causing dissent, and gave Phoenix an army of divine warriors. With the birth of Lambda class CEs, the new race may be set to inherit the world from Humanity.

Physiology and Type Edit

Chaos Engines have various different versions and forms, depending when they were made. The types of Active Chaos Engine are as followed:

Chaos Engine Physiology (Zeta Class) Edit

Chaos Engine Mode
Chaos Drive
Mythological Adaptation
Order of DNA: Archangel, Machine, Spirit, Aetherborn, Endlos,

Chaos Engine Physiology (Eta Class) Edit

Chaos Engine Mode
Chaos Drive
Mythological Adaptation
Order of DNA: Archangel, Machine, Spirit, Aetherborn, Endlos, Cyanican

Chaos Engine Physiology (Lambda Class) Edit

Chaos Engines who advance to this stage are given nigh god like powers, able to contend with the strongest of demi gods and lower gods alike. Their true potential lies in the ability to combine Mythological Adaption with Evolution, making them able to evolve other beings and to impose evolutions on themselves, via transmission of genetic code from others into themselves, with the end result being the fabled classes that lie beyond Lambda class, the end of that road being a perfect being, a Omega Class.

Chaos Engine Mode
Chaos Drive
Mythological Adaptation

Order of DNA: Archangel, Machine, Spirit, Aetherborn, Endlos, Cyanican, Dragon, Etherite, Endless, Nephalem

Life Cycle Edit

Chaos Engines are fairly unique despite their being hybrids. For CEs under the Lambda rank, children are born with diminutive powers which are best suited for primitive defense. They do not have an established Aspect until adolescent stage, and their final aspect forms at adulthood. They inherit the cumulative power of both parents and their aspects, but neither is fully manifested, this first appears during the post toddler stage.

A CE not born in natural circumstances, such as one created from a human will retain their at creation stage for a few months while their minds and powers mature, eventually leading to the individual reaching maturity or progressing to the next appropriate equivalent stage of maturity.

Both classes of CE follow the following development cycle, but the Lambda adolescent is more dramatic in formation and power increases. There is also a greater period of development for them than non Lambdas.

A Chaos Engine will start out as an infant and remain as such for a year. After this, high levels of intelligence and physical adaptation take place. This period of time is their toddler stage and lasts on average six months to a year. At the conclusion of this stage, the toddler becomes a child akin to a five year old in intelligence and the strength of a teenage human. They will then spend a period of five to ten years developing their personality, intelligence, and strength. Once mentally mature, they will undergo adolescence, enduring a massive growth spurt over the course of a week. This teenage CE will remain as such until reaching peak mental, physical, and spiritual health, usually lasting three years or less. They then undergo a full metamorphosis, becoming a mature adult, fully able to use their aspects and seek their own mate.

The Lambda life cycle is similar, but can take longer to accomplish, but with significantly more intense Adolescence and their final maturity of adult stage.

The average non Lambda CE pregnancy lasts 3 months, and on average will almost always produce twins or triplets. The average Lambda CE pregnancy lasts from 3-5 months, and produce triplets and quadruplets. When paired with another CE, the genetics of both parents add to the cumulative power of the children, over time creating distinct breeds of CE. When paired with a Myth, a CE's child will always be a CE with a stage of power higher than their original. Hence, a Zeta would birth a Eta. In the case of a Human parent, the children will either inherit the power of the CE parent, have reduced powers, or none.

Unique Powers Edit

Mythological Adaption Edit

Chaos Engines can learn any ability they can see being used in combat or otherwise. Restricted to just Mythos/Myths, or any other unnatural being, this ability can work even for abilities that don't create visual cues. If they can see the effect of an ability, that ability can be copied and used.

By default, CE's will have a decent understanding of the technique, generally the more powerful and skillfully used, the more easier it is for a CE to perform the ability at a higher level. While visual information is the main source of information, CE's may also gain information from any sensory ability to augment their understanding of powers.

Chaos Drive / Chaos Engine Mode Edit

Chaos Drive is a technique that can be activated within Chaos Engine Mode. It gathers all of the surrounding area and transforms it into raw power, using highly advanced technology to create an energy field that rends time and space as it travels, making wounds inflicted unaffected by typical forms of healing or regeneration. Direct impact will usually result in the Erasure of the target, and voids the use of self resurrection.

Chaos Engine Mode induces an artificial Hypercompetence that enhances all previous abilities and attributes to their highest levels, eliminating free will and voluntary actions, turning them into the ultimate weapon without remorse or capacity to relent. The armor activated by this mode makes Chaos Engines incredibly resilient to damage.

Evolution (Lambda Only) Edit

A Lambda only technique, it involves absorbing genetic code into oneself and being able to inject it in others, causing Lambdas to be able to procreate in two ways, being through mating and the overriding of other's dna into facsimiles of their own, recreating them as 'children' in their bloodline. Not to be confused with Superpower Wiki's definition of Evolution, as while the Lambda may evolve their abilities and others through this power, the removal of their genes is counter productive and thus is not considered part of this ability's arsenal.

Evolving others and oneself requires vast amounts of energy, and typically will require the one being infected or infecting to acquire a large energy source before attempting this, otherwise the only prudent way to use Evolution is once an enemy is down.

Deification Edit

While most Chaos Engines can be considered godlike due to the extremes of their power, when exposed to extreme levels of worship and faith, a Chaos Engine may be forced into a deity like state of being. This unwilling transformation often comes with them also losing their original self in favor of the image of their follower's vision, even if incredibly contrary to the Chaos Engine's own desires.

Known Individuals Edit

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