General of Vexia
Cato Legolias

Armoured Warlord
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color N/A
Height Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health 100%
Affiliation Evil
Species Vexian
Base of Operations Phazon Headquarters
Weapons Pulse Cannon
Current Occupation General of the Legion of Phazon
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner None
Team Legion of Phazon
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Cato Legolas is a general of the Legion of Phazon, serving as Emperor Phazorus' left hand man. Cato is a member of the reptilian race of Vexians, a race that was previously taken over by Phazorus.


Pulsar CannonEdit

As part of his heavy armour, Cato has a powerful arm cannon on his right arm, which can cause deadly blasts. It also has a handle on the side so he can aim it better.

Exuro TailEdit

Cato's ability to absorb sunlight allows him to use collected solar energy to use his tail as a powerful bludgeon.


After collecting enough solar energy, Cato can fire a powerful blast from his mouth at will


Armoured CatoEdit

Heavy battle armour made from metal and crystal materials from Vexia, his Homeworld.

Exuro FormEdit

With enough solar energy, Cato can us the power to transform into a fire monster that use various fire attacks as well as his Exuro Tail and Solarcannon powers, which can be used repeatedly in this form.


A form that turns Cato into a large dinosaur-like creature.

Exuro SaurianEdit

Cato's deadliest form, combining his Saurian and Exuro forms into one beast of destruction.

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