Caim is an odd existence, born-rather created- from the whim of a certain being. He is known as the Wanderer and Heir of the Eternal Castle, but has no idea why.


Caim is what many would consider to be a blank slate. He has no recollection of anything before he suddenly awoke in a vacant home on Echo. From what he has gathered in the months that followed, he has learned that he was known as the Wanderer, an adventurer with no ties to any race or kingdom across the divided world and that he has some sort of connection to life and the druidic arts. As more time passed, he became aware of two bizarre statuses he holds: Non-Combatant and Heir of the Eternal Castle, both of which bringing more confusion to the already lost man as he searched for answers.

Several years would pass before Caim realized that he was an unchanging person. He had not physically aged since his awakening and all injuries he sustained would be completely gone within hours, if not minutes or faster. In one particular instance, he found himself impaled and trapped under several large rocks from a cave in that sealed a cabern he was exploring, but he found himself alive, well and outside of the rubble that had nearly ended his life the next day. Not long after this did Caim meet a person would would call their self his benefactor, a macabre person with a name meaning illusion.

Beyond that, Caim has since made his way to Earth to find out more about the Eternal Castle and his title as its heir, searching for those apart of the Eternal Court, a group of seven that keep watch at the most sacred of places on the planet.


Caim is the type of person known for being indecisive at critical moments and wishy-washy when it comes to hard choices. He has issues being decisive and is more likely than not to trust others to make important decisions in his place. He dreams of "True Justice for All," the path that favors neither side of an issue if there is a middle ground that works in the favor of both and produces the least amount of sacrifices possible, ideas that are often trampled over by his fear of making large decisions and tendency of overthinking the simplest of things. Despite this, in the rare moments that he can get over his fears, he shows unbreakable determination and almost zealous resolution for do what he deems must be done.

In terms of alignment, Caim would be one of the few that could claim to be completely neutral to the affairs of the world around him. He does not pick sides and rarely agrees with decisions that others make if they involve potential conflict, but will follow any decision made so long as it doesn't fully pull away from his lofty morals even if he disagrees with what choices were made. Caim is the type that would warn the group of an oncoming disaster, then take full responsibility for not giving his all to prevent said disaster should it strike as he foretold.

Beyond this, Caim is a tried and true pacifist. He abhors violence and bloodshed and will not take part in any form of it beyond defending himself and those following him on the rare occasion he does have people who choose top follow him. Even when ordered to take lives, he will attempt to find a way to get around such orders while producing results needed for the final goal of his task. Ironically, Caim is by no means weak or unfamiliar with combat, he would just prefer that no one get hurt by his actions, to the extent that he can be heard apologizing to anyone he does harm while defending himself when words fail.


Caim is of average height and is one of the few people with naturally pink hair. His eyes are a dark brown and he has a sun kissed complexion from being a traveller. On his back are two crests inscribed with foreign text that can be translated as "One who Faces None" and "Lordling of the Castle Beyond Ages," the former being a circle and the latter being in the vague shape of a crown. His body is completely devoid of scars due to one of the many odd conditions he has and he radiates a great deal of natural body heat due to another.

Caim's attire consists of an incomplete armor set, really just a pair or greaves, a gauntlet and a chest protector made of a heavy black metal, and travel friendly clothing inbetween. He wears a shirt of flexible fibers with thin metal plates in the area the chest protector doesn't cover, a fur lined coat tha cuts off at his midriff and has simple quarter sleeves, a forearm protector made of treated leather coated in a hard layer of enamel and treated in plant oils for flexibility, thick pants made of pierce resistant fabric with a soft interior and a belt with various pouches and utility slots. Over all of this, Caim wears a mantle of innerwoven metal and scales, one of the few articles he woke up with.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Weather ProofEdit

Caim is unbotherer by the harshest of weather, namely because of his inability to change from external and internal conditions he is exposed to. To be more spacific, the weather may harm him to an extent externally, but anything beyond that has no effect on him.

Ailment ImmunityEdit

Caim is immume to all forms of ailements, be they physical, mental, spiritual, etc. Curses and the like are also unable to affect him, namely because of his inability to change in any way.

Suppression ImmunityEdit

Caim is one of the few beings able to negate abilities that reduce a person's status, this not being due to his immunity to change. This is a passive ability and therefore he has not control over its activation. In exchange for this immunity however, Caim cannot suppress his own power in any way beyond minimalizing his efforts when performing actions, something he has since become a master of doing.

Life AuraEdit

Caim exudes an aura of life energy that can heal the injuries of others. As this is a passive ability of his, he cannot actually stop it from working.

Refreshing AuraEdit

Caim's Life Aura can, with long enough exposure, cure ailments of any degree despite his inability to learn magic. This takes a certain of time before it begins to work, but its effects are long lasting. The Refreshing Aura can also heal fatigue, crippling conditions associated with age or birth defects and can even negate conditions like dehydration, hypothermia and heart failure or cardiac arrest.

Druidic ArtesEdit

While Caim is unable to learn magic, he can connect to the life flow of the world he stands on and borrow its power temporarily to produce any number of effects. Continued use of this connection to the world and its titanic power have granted him several permanent abilities that bypass his immunity to change, namely the ability to tread upon the surface of any form of nature, liquid and hazardous alike, as if it were the ground beneath his feet, the ability commune with animals and plants and the ability to detect life of even the most concealed beings within a thirty kilometer radius of himself. From this he has earned the title Nature Walker.



Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Gaea's LanceEdit

A viridian spear crafted from the life of both Echo and Earth, granted willingly to Caim. The spear allows him to travers the two worlds like two side of a mirror and guides him when he is lost. While it holds a wealth of power, Gaea's Lance cannot be used offensively, only in defense.

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