Caess Perma
At last... free...
The Elemental Terror of Frost
The Accursed Frost
Nascent Titan
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Kiien - Deceased, Aoi, Kiyōna, Zetsubō
Status Active
Eye Color Gold, Blue (When activating powers)
Hair Color Black
Height 12 ft
Blood type None
Age 840
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Echo, Kanjō Gods(Former), Elemental Terrors, Twin Valleys, Lord Endlos
Weapons Water, Ice, Elementium Blade
Species Endlos - Elemental
Base of Operations Echo, Twilight, Twin Valleys
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Elemental Terror
Current Occupation Residing at Twin Valleys
Abilities Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Aether Manipulation
Fighting Style Endless Cascade, Ravaging Waters, Endless Bombardment, Flowing Water, Razor Ice
Partner Hitomara, Razorwind, Dimrune, Kalin
Team Elemental Terrors of Echo
Relatives Aoi (Daughter), Kiyōna(Daughter), Kiien(Deceased Husband), Zetsubō(Son)
Marital Status Widowed

Caess is a powerful Endlos of unusual power and skill, known once as the Elemental Terror of Frost. She is an integral part of Echo's history, not that the people of the realm remember her fondly.

Appearance and Personality

Caess is a large Endlos with long black hair and beautiful gold eyes, which glow blue when channeling Aether or Water/Ice Magic. She wears elegant black dresses and can be seen with a gentle smile. When forced to fight, she can unveil a form few mortal enemies have ever spoken to tell the tale of, a colossal titan of surging tides and glaciers, an elemental who could command the heavens to unleash their reservoirs and the oceans to crash upon the shores, and crush her enemies under titanic glaciers.

Caess herself is a graceful, kind woman who has seen years of hardship and is plagued by long, bitter, empty memories. She often dreams of days long past, her childhood in the Twin Valleys, and the torment of the recent decade which has left her family forever tarnished by blood.

She is very merciful, up to a point. So long has she endured conflict, that she knows what it means to take the sword, and cannot forgive those who fight for pleasure and sport, and will punish them until they learn of their sinful ways. For those who raise their sword against her family, she will reluctantly unleash a power that will remind the world why she became known as the Elemental Terror of Frost.


Caess was born and raised a great number of years in Twin Valleys, a remote region in Echo where the Endlos dwell. Friends with spirits and many of her community, she was always passionate and anyone who knew her valued her as a close friend. She kept to herself and liked to tend to the various gardens of the community without being asked to, and would even create new ones with great gentle care, sometimes over night as surprise gifts to new neighbors and friends.

On a fateful day, she left the confines of the valley to seek out a new flower to add to her private nursery, when she was abducted by the Elemental Warlords and through a ritual only known as the Curse of Frost, was transformed into an Elemental being with her soul bound to a crystal core, which now grows with her soul in strength and power. She was then forced to become a weapon of war along with her kin, the Elemental Terrors and for many years bitterly created great destruction.

Upon the defeat of the Eight Warlords by the hands of Phoenix, Caess promptly fled into the wilds, seeking to isolate herself for the scale of the atrocities she was forced to commit. On a particular morning tending to a wild flower field, she was discovered by the shapeshifter Kiien, who promptly and rather enthusiastically declared his love of the mysterious being, being a great sorcerer, he was able to help her reassume a form similar to her original form, and promptly wedded her.

For many years they were happy, and had three children, though one died due to the effects of the Curse of Frost. The family lived a simple, happy life, until White, the current leader of Phoenix appeared and killed Kiien in cold blood, and captured Caess and her daughter Aoi, causing her two eldest children to flee to the far North.

For years they had toiled in Phoenix's slavery, until their liberation at the hands of Kalin. Now they are slowly making new lives for themselves.


Ice Manipulation

Water Manipulation

Aether Manipulation


Nature Amplification

Caess can cause plants and wildlife to be empowered and flourish.

Vitalizing Aura

Her aura can fill beings with renewed strength, and can cause wounds to heal at visible rates, and lift their spirits.


Caess can create beings out of water and ice, with their own lifeforce. Also with the soil, but takes longer.

Sap Energy

Caess can sap energy from the environment to create water.


Titan of the Frost

While Caess was severed from the fate of her crystal, her formidable powers as the Elemental Terror were not as easily banished, and retains nearly all of the power she accumulated from that existence. She can express this untold power in the form of a huge avatar of ice and water, which can tower above the landscape and bring untold destruction to anyone foolish enough to challenge of Echo's ancient warriors of legend.