Guardian of the Complex Edit

Guardian of the Complex is a beast that Dark Prynce created in order to ensure that intuders can't gain access to the Training Complex. If you beat him, you will gain an Osiris Card and obtain access to the complex. This is a nifty little, fifty foot tall creature with dragon scales, energy absorbtion, slight magic, and Supernatural Condition.

Raizo Edit

Dark Prynce's half brother. A high tier demon, but not one of the strongest.

Anti-Christ Edit

About the same level as Raizo, he is only a little stronger

Mammon Edit

Asmodeus Edit

Belphegor Edit

Leviathan Edit

Beelzebub Edit

Lucifer Edit

Satan Edit

Van Valeric Edit

A mysterious cloaked man who is the founder of the Ministry of Darkness. He has mastered the art of necromancy and the art of frost. He is also immune to fire.

The Mad Puppeteer Edit

Tsubasa no ShiEdit

Volantes Invaldi Edit

Gran Ruhk Edit

Allegory Ahriman Edit

Yggdrasil Guardian, SeigmundEdit

Yggdrasil Dragon, NidhoggrEdit

Yggdrasil Beast, SleipnirEdit

Yggdrasil Wyrm, FafnirEdit

Yggdrasil Legion, EinherjarEdit

Yggdrasil Prince, BaldrEdit

Yggdrasil Goddess, FreyjaEdit

Yggdrasil GodEdit

Hitomara Edit



Located at the Cursed Cemetery, this mini-boss is annoying in that he can't die, no matter what you do, and will just respawn later. He has Supernatural Condition and Energy Absorbtion.

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