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Be corroded.
Bayoll of the Plague
Knight of Clubs
Horseman of Pestilence
Dominion Gladiator
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color Grey-White
Height Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Age 500
Weight Unknown
Affiliation Chaotic Evil
Species Kylotean
Base of Operations Ardiente
Weapons Bayoll's Mask Cannon

Unnamed Bastard Sword

Current Occupation Dominion Gladiator
Fighting Style Gladiator Combat
Partner Mareije of the Storm

Geppro of the Drought

Elzante of the Haze

Shelly of the Colosseum

Organisation Dominion of Kyloto
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Unknown

Bayoll of the Plague is one of the five Champion Gladiators that are under the employ of the Dominion of Kyloto. He bears the secondary epithet of "Knight of Clubs". He represents one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, specifically Pestilence.




Bayoll is the foulest and harshest of the Gladiators, and the least honourable. He is incredibly persistent, which is sometimes coupled with his witty nature and cocky attitude. He is prone to playing dirty. He is often seen having a slouched, droopy demeanour, which is often mistakenly perceived as laziness or boredom.

In battle, Bayoll is very precise and retains his wit and general slouchiness. He seems to enjoy battle to the point that he doesn't care about his own injuries, even if they become life-threatening, however, he does not like battles that he finds boring, and, as such, he will try to end them quickly. He sometimes likes to criticise and mock others' views on how battle works.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Pyrokinesis
    • Fire Immunity
    • Fire Breath
      • Soot Breath
      • Ash Breath
        • Ash Constructs
        • Combustion Manipulation
      • Smoke Breath
    • Electricity Absorption
      • Electrokinetic Attacks
      • Electric Armour
  • Toxikinesis
    • Poison Breath
      • Smog Breath
      • Acid Breath
    • Acid Generation
      • Corrosive Touch
      • Acid-Based Regeneration
    • Benzinakinesis
      • Gas Breath
      • Gas Assimilation
        • Gas-Based Regeneration
        • Deoxygenation
          • Fire Negation
          • Water Negation
      • Benzikinetic Combat
      • Steam Manipulation
      • Rot Inducement
      • Gas-Based Explosion Inducement
      • Internal Combustion
        • Megamorphism
      • Oxidized Fire Production
      • Gas Conversion
        • Gas Regeneration
      • Carbon Clone
      • Gas-Sword Materialisation
  • Insect Control
    • Swarm
  • Blood Doping
  • Reversed Effect


  • Great Punc Fist
  • Grand Punc Fist
  • Swollen Knuckle Grenade


  • Schwarzreiter

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