Reveryn: My name is Reveryn. A wood elf archer-No wait…a badass wood elf archer. And this is my life before The Party. Before I get started, I wanna say a few things. This story covers some real-life problems that some us have faced or are facing. So if you’re very sensitive to any feelsy content, either read with caution or keep yourself form nearly crying. Also, im not gonna go through every aspect of my life, im only gonna time-skip from here so you can see the important parts of my life. Now without further-a-do, let’s get started. Ahem. It all started when I was born. I opened my eyes for the first time. The first thing I saw was the doctor who was holding me, and when I looked over to an empty bed and chair, no one was there. You can probably guess who’s missing. I abruptly began to cry, starting off my life with a greaaat start.  Anyway, time-skip some years.

5 years later

Reveryn: *is playing with a toy train in his room* Choo choo. All aboard the train around the Sun! Choo chooo!

“Trains don’t go around the Sun, Reveryn.”

A man wearing leaf-looking robes, long, swept-back hair, and a beard stands in the doorway.

Reveryn: Aaand that right there is my douchebag father, Ro’chun. He is High Chancellor of the Wood Elves in Havood, home to the Wood elven. He’s also a major control freak, as you’ll see in a little bit.

Reveryn: Hi daddy.

Ro’chun: *walks in* What are you doing in this time of day?

Reveryn: My train can go to the Sun!

Ro’chun: Really? Let me see. *takes Reveryn’s train and goes over to the balcony*

Reveryn: H-hey! *gets up and follows* That’s mine!

Ro’chun: You said your train can go to the Sun. I just want to see. *tosses the toy train over the balcony and it plummets down to the deep ground below* Hm…I think your train must be broken

Reveryn: *begins to wail* WWAAAAAAAA! I LOST MY TRAIN! WAAAAAAAA!

Ro’chun:  Hush up! No son of my weeps for a simple toy. Trains can’t go to the Sun, Reveryn. It's called reality, something you should try living in sometime.

Reveryn: Can’t you get me another one?

Ro’chun: My son shouldn’t bee playing with toys, instead he should study our culture or how to be in touch with the our people.

Rever: Oh…can you atleast go get my train?

Ro’chun:  Can you see it down there?

Reveryn: N-no…

Ro’chun: Then there you have it. *turns and leaves the room*

Reveryn: *simply looks over the balcony, then plops down and begins to silently sob*

Reveryn: Yea, and thus begins my growing dislike for my father. You will be seeing alot of this.

4 years later

Reveryn: *is sitting on his bed reading The Adventures of Robin Hood and his Marry Men*

Reveryn:Around this time I took an interest in earth folktales. My favorites was Robin Hood. I always liked the entire basis of him. He was apparently some charismatic archer guy who lived in the woods and would take from those who had plenty to spare, to those who where vulnerable to the world. He was an outlaw during that time as the King Richard was away at war and his douchebag, money-grubbin' brother, Prince John to over while he was away. While he was in power, he began to tax the people in his rule, and the poor suffered the worst, if not for Robin Hood trying to provide for them the best he could along with a band of men who helped him take from the riches and give o the rags

Ro'chun: *comes into the room* What are reading there, son.

Reveryn: *looks uyp rather surprised* Nothing...

Ro'chun: *gives Reveryn adeath stare*

Reveryn: .....I'm reading Robin Hood.

Ro'chun: Letme see.

Reveryn: *slowly hands him the book*

Ro'chun: *skims through the book* Robin Hood you say....This wouldn't be the some one who take from those who earn their wealth and give it to the money-grubbing beggars would it?

Reveryn: Noooo....

Ro'chun: *twists Reveryn's ear*

Reveryn: *feels an agonizing pain* ARRGH!

Ro'chun: *let's go* I don't like lies, Reveryn.

Reveryn: *falls to his knees holding his ear, with his eyes watering*

Ro'chun: Lying is for cowards, Reveryn. Are you a coward?

Reveryn: N-nooo...

Ro'chun: Good boy. Don't let me here another lie come out of your mouth again.

Reveryn: Yes sir...

Ro'chun: There are people in this world Reveryn. Hard working people who make a profit from their ambition and effort. That is why their set for life. This is why they have a house to live in and food to eat. The poor only want to leech of them. They do not work for what they want,they simply ask for what the workers have. *walks over to the balcony and drops the book over to the depths below*

Reveryn: Nooo! *runs to the balcony just in time to see his book disappear disappear into the fog* My book...

Ro'chun: The street vermin leech of those who've earned their winnings. They do not know what is like to earn from the sweat of ones brow and the strength of ones mind. Thus, they will die not knowing the feeling cause they continue to grovel in the dirt from our footwear, not wanting to change that.

Reveryn:...You know that's pretty messed up, Father...

Ro'chun: It is a sad truth they do not wish to know. *walks out*

Reveryn: And that got me thinking. I never worked for anything before in my life, so inn my mind, I thought I was just like the poor. always expecting someone to just give me something because of my status in this society. And it wasn't the poor people's fault they can't provide for themselves, well that was only half true, but they need help. And I thought I knew how.

Reveryn is in the woods with a bow and arrow in hand. He's standing across from a tree with carved-out target sign on it. He takes the arrow and draws it back. He takes a deep breathe and has one eye opened. Once he's about to let go he open both of his eyes and lets the arrow fly. The arrow flies past the tree, bounces off a rock. The arrow flies up and bounces off a branch and heads back down. The arrow then bounces off a rock behind Reveryn and it hits right in his rear end.

Reveryn: *screams loud enough to scare all the animals in the forest away*

Back in his room

Ro'chun: *pulls the arrow out of Reveryn's bum*

Reveryn: Aaaagh! Oooowwww!

Ro'chun: What were you thinking? Hunting. My son does not hunt, for we have certified hunters to do that. They are the workers, you are a Chancellor-in-training. Such mundane works are to defile our hands.

Reveryn: But I wanted to work...

Ro'chun: You can work. By doing your studies.

Reveryn: Awwww...

Ro'chun: *takes the air and heads out the room* There's leaf patch next to you. Put it over your wound. I'll back to see if you've actually been reading.

Reveryn: *gets to his feet and puts the patch over his wound* Ow! Ooohhh...*pulls his pants up* I don't wanna read about Speechcraft...

Reveryn: I was never one to speak to people when I was little. I was isolated in my room for awhile and I enjoyed being myself. Gave me a sense of serenity. I just didn't like it when it had to be ruined with studies. Now at this age im practically good at social communication with others, but I would generally prefer to be by myself.

Reveryn is back out int the woods. He sits on a rock and reads a book about archery. While he read, he sharpens a white rock with with another white rock.

I wasn't  going to be deterred from my goal of mastering archery. Sure, I might have took an arrow to the bum, but that was just a test run. Everyone is bound to get hurt from trying something new, especially if it's something they want to do.

Reveryn stands up and draws his arrow back. He aims towards the target on the tree in front of him. He takes a deep breath and releases the arrow. The arrow flies past the tree and begins to richochet off of various objects until it finds way back into Reveryn's left butt-cheeck again



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