Just a note to anyone who reads this; this page is intended to make sense after we Archive and go back through all our roleplays this season. So if something doesn't quite match up, then that's most likely why. -DK

"Alright, I guess I'm allowed to break the fourth wall for once." Drake chuckles. "Ok then, so since DK saw Kam doing backstories for two of his characters, he decided to do one about little ol' me. He says this is for anyone interested with me and my backstory, but in reality he's making this page just so he can keep track on me since he's... Forgetful like that, oh and just a couple of things. I will be talking towards you, the reader in the italic and bold font, and now we have that cleared up, I guess I should begin this off. Oh, and to make more sense to the reader, I will be going over parts that don't involve me, ok, NOW let's start."

Early Years (Year 6444 AR - 6446 AR) Edit

In one of the busiest cities in Cyanic's main region during the later hours of the afternoon, in the outside area of a homely, ultramodern yet packed cafe, one man stands out. A man dressed sharply in a black suit with a few white lines that start from the shoulder to the edge of the left side of the jacket. White, tidy(ish) and medium length hair, a pair of smart glasses with one of the lenses showing the man some information. He grabs his wine glass and takes a swig of the drink, he turns his head towards a holographic screen that projects above the table he's sat next to.

'And reports say that the conflict between the two planetary giants are in fact increasing, some say that this conflict will soon turn into a war. As the council for Cyanic are at an impasse with what they should do regarding their Kinaran rival, this much is certain; we are not safe--'

"Such exaggeration..."

The man shuts the screen down and sighs just as one woman wearing a outfit with the cafe's logo on it walks up to him. "Is anything the matter, sir? If it's the drink, we can bring a new bottle." She says hastily, almost stuttering on her words.

"No no, that won't be necessary, Abril. I'm just starting to get disappointed with the choices the council are making in regards to this whole mess... Come, take a seat, you look like you need to take a small break."

The man says while pouring another glass of wine for the woman, she sits opposite to him and takes the drink before taking a sip and looking at the man. "So, how's the kid?"

The man smiles. "Cayen? He's energetic... Very very energetic, he has me and Yurisa exhausted while he's barely affected, his mother and I have no idea where he gets it from."

"Yeah, but that's kids for you; they're not tired until you are eight times over." Abril laughs and asks the man another question. "So I've heard from Yurisa's friends that Cayen is starting to develop red eyes, is that true?"

The man simply nods, which causes the girl's smile to widen. "Really? No way!"

"Yeah, I'm serious, it's quite the sight actually, especially on a child." The man chuckles. "Maybe that's where all that energy comes from, has Yurisa worried sick though. She believes that the red eyes will attract attention, and you know how she is when it comes to attention."

"Oh yes, she is quite the shy one, that's a strange combo then, an energetic red eyed boy with shy Yurisa... Although she must be used to it too, since she has them too." Abril says curiously.

"You'd think so, but she's considered wearing contacts to hide her eye colour, she asked me if we should do the same with Cayen."

"And your answer was...?"

"Well, I'm against the idea, maybe with all that attention he can finally get exhausted himself before we do." The man laughs before he goes quiet.

"Umm, what's up?" Abril asks.

"...I'm just wondering ahead of time, what if this conflict does breaks out in an all out war?" The man replies as he takes another sip of wine.

Abril smiles and reassures him. "I wouldn't worry about those two, remember, it's not only this cafe that you own, Kiraleath, you're part of an enormous company for this city. I'm sure with that, you can find a way to protect them two."

"Big for this city, microscopic for Cyanic." He drinks the rest of the wine that's in his glass before standing up. "Well, I should be off, I doubt that Yurisa can keep Cayen from boredom for long, I'll see you some time. Keep the good work up, Abril."

"Oh I will! And tell them that I said hello!" Abril says as she begins to wave goodbye to Kiraleath, who blends in with the crowds. Some time passes until Kiraleath breaks away from the multitude of people into a small street, after a bit of walking, he finally approaches a geometric style house that is lit up with aqua coloured lights. Despite the house being 'small' in Cyanican standards, the house itself can be described as a small mansion as it takes up a quarter of the side of the street. Kiraleath walks up to the door, by a quick scan of his eye, the door slides open and he enters, he gets welcomed by the familiar sound of a calming electronic song played within the speakers around the house and the savory smell the emanates from the kitchen.

Geometric sculptures, abstract paintings and some glowing plants decorate the entire interior, while on one wall there is a screen displaying the news. Kiraleath smiles and sighs contently before taking off his jacket and hanging it up, he then goes into the kitchen where he sees Yurisa; a woman with soft, long brown hair which flows over her shoulders, a smooth complexion, well tanned skin but the most distinct feature are her ember red eyes which seemingly glow. Yurisa looks at Kiraleath and smiles like an angel, she then walks over to him and hugs him a warm welcome.

"Welcome home, darling, it's great to see you." Yurisa says quietly, her hug tightening before she leans back, holding onto Kiraleath.

"It's great to see you too, so how has the day been?" Kiraleath asks before plucking a small kiss on Yurisa's cheek which causes her to giggle and blush lightly, she then stands up properly and lets go, walking back to what she was cooking.

"It's been well, I had some friends come around, went out to grab some stuff... The usual." Yurisa replies, but notices that Kiraleath has a skeptical look on his face.

"...And what did you get today?" He asks.

"Clothes, food, the toy Cayen wanted." She responds with a mischievous smile, Kiraleath then takes a look around.

"Toy... By any chance, the toy isn't that beginner spellbook, right?"


Once Yurisa says that, Kiraleath sighs. "Alright, I guess I'm finding him before he does something reckless, he may be just a small child, but that doesn't mean he's not dangerous." He then goes off to find Cayen, leaving Yurisa to giggle as she turns to look behind the counter to see two big red eyes of a child looking right at her. "Go on, he wants to play tag, and you're it." She then tends to the food again as she hears little pitter patter of footsteps.

While this is happening, on the other side of the city inside a bar of sorts, two visibly armed men with a handgun, knife and a few scuffs are conversing with one another while being served a few drinks.

"Yeah thanks..." The first man takes a sip and groans in annoyance. "Honestly... They expect us to do that shit with so little pay?"

The second man takes a sip out of his own drink and somewhat loudly slams it down onto the table. "Clearly. No point in doing a job that'll give less money than selling my piss would."

"Well as much as I would enjoy you having your tantrum, I don't want to spend the extra reils on the glass if you shatter that..." He takes a bigger gulp out of his drink and sighs. "So the question is how are we going to get the money we need?"

The other man sits back in his chair and sighs, closing his eyes before opening them again and grinning. "I think its time we cash in something that belongs to us. You remember the one who left, Kiraleath?"

"What, the quote unquote right hand man of the commander? Who could forget, I heard he has a branch of cafes on the other side but what's so important about him."

"Not him, before he left there were rumors of a child. A Feral child. Kiraleath's son would be that child. No one ever leaves us without getting away with it and you know that. That child is ours."

"A Feral? ...How fitting if we were to adopt him into our mercs, and I never liked Kiraleath... The bastard. However think about this logically; sure, we have the kid but then what? We can't exactly look after a child."

"We can figure it out. If anything we're the group that could easily figure out how to look after a child. Don't forget who we are."

The first man laughs and finishes his drink. "Right, and what happens if all of this blows back in our faces?"

"It wont. Kiraleath already knows the possible consequences of his actions and knows that doing anything against us will only make his situation worse."

"So the plan is to walk up to his house and to tell Kiraleath to hand over his only child into a mercenary group? You have a lot of confidence in this don't you?"

"I wouldn't be alive if I didn't have confidence and I'm sure the same could be said for you. Kiraleath can't take on too many of us and he's smart enough to know how horrible things could go for him and his family if we dont get what we want."

The first man gives a smirk and stands up. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's bag ourselves a Feral." The man is the first to make his way out of the bar.

The second man follows suit, keeping his hand close to his weapons as they leave the bar.

Back at the house, Kiraleath is searching through the hallways and rooms for Cayen, all while Cayen himself is hiding away quietly giggling with glee. Soon after, the final room Kiraleath checks is his son's room, from a simple glance he is reminded of Cayen's favourite colour as the room reflects a faint green. The messy bed has green covers as well as the patterns on the wallpaper, toys splayed across the floor and a small nightlight eminates a green light near the bed. 

"He sure does make a mess, I need to make sure he tidies his room after I find him..." He steps over the toys and looks underneath the bed and the closet, meanwhile Cayen quickly scurries just behind the door and peers through before opening his spellbook and attempts to say it. 

"Lai... K-Kiato."

With a sudden glow, the toys slowly rise and are launched towards Kiraleath, he doesn't have time to respond as he begins being pelted by the objects. He quickly escapes the room and slams the door shut, taking a moment to register what just happened, while just by his feet Cayen tugs at Kiraleath's leg. "Tag you're it!"

"Oh..." The father looks down to see his little son; short white hair, bright red eyes, cladded in a green shirt and shorts who is smiling widly back him. Kiraleath can't help but chuckle as he picks Cayen up and holds him up in the air. "So I'm it? Well what happens if I do this?" He begins tickling Cayen, his childish laugh fills the air as Kiraleath tags his son back and puts him back down.

"Mommy got me a new toy!" Cayen says, eagerly showing him the book to his dad who simply gives back a concerned smile. "And you've already learned a spell? How long did that take?"

Cayen responds by holding up two fingers, one on each hand. "This many minutes!" The answer only makes Kiraleath's expression more present as concern takes over. "That long huh...? Oooooh boy this is going to be a challenging upbringing... Speaking of which, your mother has food cooking but you need to tidy your room first." 

"Awww really?" Cayen moans, looking up at his dad with puppy eyes however he isn't having any of it. "Make a start now and you can have dessert, ok?" Once that is said, Cayen attempts to swin the door open to get a start but can't reach the handle, causing Kiraleath to open the door for him. "Come back to the kitchen when you're ready." He then walks off and leaves Cayen to tidy his room.

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