Azure Emblem

The Emblem of Azure


Azure is a renegade organization created by Kado and Azula with the aim to bring peace between the various races, using various suppression tactics to bring down governments and organizations threatening peace. It is a city state located in the Central Valleys and has an alliance with New Vince, and maintains diplomatic ties with various other nations throughout Echo.

Leader: Oliv Walker

Former Leaders: Kado | Azula



The Azure Homeland Defense Squads, composed of the finest warriors of Azure. Unless a human has extremely abnormal abilities, the A.H.D.S. does not recruit humans, even if they may exist on the Azure homeworld. With instantaneous transportation and reaction times, this branch of Azure can instantly counter a full scale invasion with only four squads. They continuously train to prevent from losing their skills.


Azure's Transport Squads are responsible for insuring the various branches of Azure can ordinate their efforts to the letter. Located at a secret location, only Azula knows of their whereabouts.


Individual members of Azure have extensive rights, but are not privy to the knowledge of where the various squads are based.

Map and Geography

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