I'm nothing but a monster. Don't have pity for me, or you'll be destroyed too.
The Lambda of Destruction
The Blue Goddess
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unnamed Mother, Abeni, Gurīn
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Height - 12ft
Blood type Ether
Age 50
Weight -
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Phoenix(Organization) Azure (Organization)(Former)
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons All Smiting Blade (Satsujin)
Current Occupation Destroyer
Fighting Style AZURE Death, Martial Arts, Void Edge, Relentless Assault
Partner None
Team The Lambda Sisters
Relatives Abeni

| Gurīn | Unnamed Mother

Marital Status Single

Azula is a rare Omega class Chaos Engine, who was original a mere Zeta class. She was Kado's love interest for much of the beginning of the story, but now the two lovers are at odds though not of their own will.



Azula and her sisters Abeni and Gurin were born off the coast of Downation in Fantasy, and lived simple lives, with Azula helping her mother maintain the home. Their lives were shattered when Phoenix invaded the island and took the three sisters to become part of the Chaos Engine Project, though only Azula initially survived the procedure. It was discovered that Azula could power an incredibly power doomsday device known as The Spear of God, and in order to protect this powerful being for their advantage, White sent her to spy on Kado in Azure, where the two would become the leaders of Azure, and where she would eventually fall in love with him. Just as he was becoming aware of these feelings, Azula was reactivated for White's war effort.

With Azula in her hands, White would soon turn her and her sisters into perfect tools of war, the first Lambdas. Being deployed against Endlos himself, and being sent and succeeding at destroying the capital of Upnation, Azula has already made an infamous name for herself as the Lambda of Destruction With the new war beginning, she could mean the end of humanity itself.

Appearance and Personality

Azula appears as an odd assortment of beings, possessing whisker like scales on her face, taloned feet and clawed hands like that of an Etherite, while her body's skin is composed of feather soft blue dragon scales, and her body seems to possess a blue tinted exoskeleton of blue armor, which is completely one with her form. She possesses blue hair and beautiful blue eyes, though her hair shines with iridescent colors in the light. Blue Ether pours from her forearms. She possesses six wings of heavenly blue light.

Azula is a relatively quiet individual, dragged down by grief, bitterness, and despair. She is incredibly kind and just, wishing for a more noble, kind world in which man and myth coexist. The conflict Phoenix has caused and is forcing her into is slowly destroying her heart, leaving her hollow and bitter. She wishes for an end to seemingly endless madness and destruction.


Azula's Zeta Form


Chaos Engine Physiology

Sub Abilities

  • Mythologic Adaption: This is a power unique to Chaos Engines, it allows the user to acquire the abilities of any enemy they see. It requires the abilities in question to be used in their line of sight, and will give the Chaos Engine control over the ability at the same level as was seen being used. If an ability has multiple components, only the components used can be learned by this ability.
  • Mythological Empowerment: Azula can grant a temporary amount of power to an individual, and has full control over how this power is used and how long it lasts. Subset of Mythological Adaption.
  • Psionics: Azula possesses a powerful mind capable of reaching nearly any realm save for those actively repelling intrusion or those sealed off from her. Due to her vast experience with this ability, she is able to warp the world around her with its power, and save for a few individuals, cannot be accessed. She is almost completely immune to psychic attacks, as well as attacks involving sensitivity, being an issue she adapted to long before being a Lambda.
  • Exceed Nexus
  • Shadow Matrix
  • Ether Manipulation
  • Aether Manipulation: Azula's ties to the Aether Realm are strong, but inhibited due to White's control. At times however, abilities have formed of their own accord, including limited time vision and limited healing abilities.
  • Nether Manipulation: Azula's ties to the Nether are incredibly strong, helping to fuel her destructive powers even further.
  • Evolution: Lambdas are a unique level of CE that can evolve into even stronger class CE's without being modified in a lab, capable of self evolution. This ability allows them to upgrade themselves and others around them.


Not to be confused with Destruction, Destructure allows Azula to annihilate conceptual forces in such a way little is left but cosmic ashes, if even that. She has two distinct branches of this, Destructure Physics which destroys the laws of physics in a given area, and Destructure Magic, which acts like an EMP and disables all supernatural powers within the blast radius. Incredibly lethal, especially to gods and conceptual forces.

Sacred Arts

Being in Azula's mere presence incites fear in more powerful beings of evil, but beings of minor evil such as common demons run the risk of spontaneous combustion in her presence.

As Azula's divine nature has been tempered to their highest limits, she is on the cusp of becoming a true deity, and it is incredibly hard to manipulate or trespass upon her being without explicit permission.

Sacred Sub Abilities

  • Divine Punishment: Azula can smite lesser beings with holy power, overruling minor gods and is able to cause the death of evil beings by her mere presence should they be weak enough. Unlike her Destruction Aura, this can be halted.
  • Solar Manipulation: Azula has a primary association with the sun, bearing authority over it as though she was a goddess of the sun itself. She can even assert control over other stars.
  • Elemental Manipulation: Azula controls the eight elements of nature, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Light, and Darkness. Her degree of control over the elements dwarves even masters of the art from Phoenix.

Destruction Arts

Azula's divine embodiment is pure and total destruction of the highest order. It transcends mere Destruction and beyond even mere Erasure. It is likely its maximum threshold is Annihilation at present, but rapidly grows with her every step.

Destruction Sub Abilities

  • Destruction Aura: Azula constantly Erases her surroundings, at its lowest setting it merely cracks the ground beneath her feet, at maximum it tears at earth, sky, and water alike with no discrimination, scarring the land.
  • Annihilation: Azula Annihilates a target, but may use lower grade forms of Void such as Erasure if she pleases.
  • Cataclysm: The bonds of the Elements are broken, and the world is sent into unchecked Chaos, causing total destruction of an entire region.
  • Azure Flame: A unique flame element born of divinity and the void, even a light touch can scar opponents for life.
  • Void Regeneration: Azula disrupts regeneration abilities by matching the regeneration rate with a cloud of corrosive Destruction.
  • Destruction Empowerment: Any and all forms of destruction caused by Azula or merely being in the presence of destructive events fuels Azula's power. Due to her destruction aura being unable to be shut off, this in fact causes an exponential growth in power she cannot stop, despite any desire to do so. She technically possesses infinite stamina for this reason.



Tiamat is a white and black headed double headed serpent with the ability to absorb and reflect, and unleash pure destructive energy. The White head absorbs all attacks and redirects them, and the Black unleashes pure destruction. Each head's power is amplified in their respective Black or White mode, each has eight heads. Forms/Modes:

  • Standard
  • Defensive White: Tiamat becomes a eight headed white hydra, and is able to absorb all attacks directed at it and redirect them to their opponent. This includes status effects and virtually any conceptual form of 'harm'.
  • Offensive Black: Tiamat becomes a eight headed black hydra with unparalleled offensive power, and can only be harmed via the eyes. Each head unleashes one of the following: Erasure, Void, Annihilation, Destruction, Chaos, Plague, Misfortune, and Madness
  • Primal Tiamat: Azula and Tiamat merge into one and become a being among the Astra, a towering world serpent that can completely wrap around the Earth. Its strength is unrivaled and can only be harmed via the eyes. Each Eye casts visions of madness upon the world and makes them reality, while its blast attack can take on the properties of both the Offensive and the Defensive modes at any time.

Divine Instrument


The All Smiting Blade (Satsujin) is a blade forged from Azula's own essence, and has a direct link to her Ether Network. In its sealed state, when called upon by its improper name, it can absorb a limited amount of information, and possesses the ability to erase whatever is cut by the blade, though this can be resisted. The blade's damage done however will linger and ignore all forms of healing for an extended duration of time, making healing and regeneration worthless.

When its proper name Satsujin is called, the blade becomes able to take on the characteristics of what causes the most harm or fatal damage to an enemy, even if this isn't normally logically possible. As its name 'Murder' suggests, it has the ability to kill anything, via Phenomenon Elimination. The user can call the name of a desired victim and kill it, with limited opportunities to resist. This can be very specific, allowing Azula to target skin, armor, organs, or any number of things and destroy them without fail. In this form, the blade itself is akin to a Etheric Storage/Library of an unprecedented scale and can absorb countless foes and their data and transfer it with ease to Azula.