The Magus Hero of the Five Heroes of the Lucioverse. Possibly the second most aloof among them. She hails from Nefis.

Ayla Cinderfuge
Ayla Charcoal
"A wise fellow is patient and deliberate in life."
The Magus Hero
The Spinner
Witch of the Hanging Thread
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Draculied Altierre(Master)
Status Alive
Eye Color Burgundy
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Height 189 Cm
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Excellent
Affiliation Five Heroes
Species Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Schwarznacht
Current Occupation Magus
Fighting Style Path of Threads
Partner None
Team Five Heroes
Relatives None
Marital Status Single


Very little is known about Ayla or her place of origin, Nefis, other than the fact that she is some sort of magical creature and that her master is one of the Old Dyn, the original generation of Dyn which inspired the name for the sun rising over the horizon. Other than that nothing is known about her and all attempts to learn more end in failure or more questions than answers. From this it can be discerned that her past is not something she wishes to remember- at least, not much of it. With no known origin or history, she is one of the hardest heroes to read when she doesn't make her intentions known.


People generally use a single word to describe Ayla: beautiful. She is fairly tall and has a curvaceous figure accented by the form fitting black dress she wears with thigh high boots and and a pointed magician's hat. She has free flowing brown hair and almond shaped burgundy eyes that always seem to smile. She has a slight tan and a bewitching smile which invites all types of people to her. Across her waist is a leather belt with a decently large field pack connected to it. She carries a long and intricate black staff with emerald, turquoise and sapphire gemstones decorating it as a ring around a brilliant transparent stone.


Ayla is somewhat reserved and quiet, but not completely soft spoken. She is kind and helps those who require it, but rarely offers the help to the same people afterward. She has no hidden intentions, but is possibly the most secretive of heroes. Essentially, no one has seen Ayla's true self or knows enough about her to discern her true nature.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Unprecedented MagicEdit

Ayla is gifted with a boundless amount of Mana that only seems to grow as she uses it. The true depths of this seemingly infinite wealth is unknown, but she claims that her Mana quantity used to be almost zero.

Instantaneous Magic ArrayEdit

Ayla can create even the most complex of Magic Arrays in moments, allowing for nigh instant castings of thousands of spells in a few seconds at worst.

Voiceless IncantationEdit

Ayla can cast the majority of the spells she knows and their categorized Systems without uttering a single word- or moving in the slightest for that matter. This makes her immune to spells that seal off vocal magic casting.

Multi-Magic Casting SystemEdit

Ayla can cast multiple spells at once, even spells of opposing natures due to an ingenious system of magic she created as a teen. It rivals her master's casting system in terms of versatility, but not power.

Magic WeavingEdit

Ayla is able to combine several spells into one, creating new spells for various systems, or add their effects to people, materials or places with ease. This comes from her uncanny understanding of weaving and spinning all types of thread.

Magic ArmorEdit

Ayla is able to cast a layer of defensive magic that protects from physical harm and magic attacks.

Aileron ArmorEdit

An advanced form of the Magic Armor that repels attacks by creating pseudo-vectors that move at various speeds and form several extra layers if defense.

False ArmorEdit

An advanced form of Magic Armor that creates solid illusions able to switch places with her and obscure her proper location. Additionally, physical and purely elemental attacks will pass through her.

Combustion ArmorEdit

An advanced form of Aileron Armor that adds a counter system that reacts to attacks by releasing non-elemental explosions or arcane bolts of magic at the attacker based on their distance from her. The stronger the attack is, the stronger the counter is.

Advanced Magick MissileEdit

Multi-Magick MissileEdit

A volley of several dozen reinforced Magick Missiles. Will endlessly pursue those targetted.

Giant Magick MissileEdit

An amalgamation of several dozen Magick Missiles that create much larger Magick Missiles at the cost of a lower number. More aggressive and much faster than the standard version.

Spiral MissileEdit

Magick Missiles enchanted to drill through targets. Can pass through solids and negate defensive attributes.

Piercing MissileEdit

Magick Missiles enchanted to pierce through targets and continue flying. Can cut through the smallest and thinnest of particles with no resistance, as if passing through them.

Magick ArrowEdit

An advanced version of Magick Missile that loses some of its homing quality in exchange for greater power. More powerful as the distance travelled increases

Reverse Magick ArrowEdit

A casting of Magick Arrow made to increase the overall power by increasing the distance travelled. The bolts are released behind the caster with one command and launched toward the target with another.

Magick CannonEdit

An advanced version of Giant Magick Missile in which the giant bolts are combined into a singular mass of Arcane Magic embued with piercing, spiraling and ballistic attributes. After a certain distance is travelled, the mass explodes into Magic Cancelling Particles and creates a strong negative space that degrades all projection and projectile effects within.

Magick BlastEdit

A pinpoint explosion of Arcane Magic that disrupts elemental attributes and skills.

Magick BombEdit

A powerful explosion of Arcane Magic made by gathering Mana and energy from the surrounding area and those within a several mile radius. When released and detonated, all magical and elemental abilities, regardless of power, source, typing, resistance and scale, are cancelled and negated. Those with high magic power or elemental control recieve heavier damage. The cancellation effect applies to enhanced physical attributes gained by magic or alignment as well.

Magick Collider BombEdit

A more powerful Magick Bomb that turns all Mana and power in the area into a catastrophic blast wave that not only cancels and negates all abiloties related to magic, element and physiology, but also causes anyone with magical power of any kind to lose control of it and take damage from that as well as any increased damage based on Magic quantity and Mana.

Mana CalamityEdit

A spell of unparalleled power in the Arcane branch of Magic. Its radius easily covers several planets at full charge and devastates the area in range by irradiating the area with potent Mana before igniting all of the Mana at once, creating a cataclysmic nucleus of unlimited destructive power that is compounded when the sphere of super condensed magical power is compacted to the size of a single neutron then released as a calamitous explosion that acts as a Magic-tyoe Big Bang, spreading magic across the cosmos. Requires several minutes to cast at full power.

Graviton MagicEdit

Singularity Spell SystemEdit

A spell system governing several dozen spells related to gravity, pressure, magnetism, momentum and force.

Elemental MagicEdit

Prismatic Spell SystemsEdit

A spell system containing hundreds of elemental spells related to offense, defense, support, debilitation and recovery.

Spacial MagicEdit

Dimentio SystemEdit

A spell system governing space, dimensions, planes, summoning, teleportation and movement.

Chronode SystemEdit

A spell system related to time, distortions, logic and compression.






Weapons and EquipmentEdit


A long intricate ebony staff with emeralds and sapphires decorating it. At its head is a brilliant cut diamond engraved with a series of innerweaving symbols. It acts as a conduit and detector for magic.

Puppet MasterEdit

A bizarre dagger enchanted with a mind control signet. Any wound inflicted casts the signet's effects onto the wounded, possibly puttung them under her control depending on their mental power and the number of injuries inflicted by the dagger. This allowed Ayla to subjugate Griffith before they became proper allies.


Strange Phials that contain a fire like liquid. Their use is unknown.



A Garmr-type Magical Beast contracted by Ayla at a young age. It appears to be extremely fierce and dangerous, but is actually a calm and intelligent being.


A Faerie-type Magical Beast contracted by Ayla at a young age. It appears as a woman surrounded by a perpetual icy haze that obscures her features. Despite appearing to be standoffish, it is a rather meek being.


An Armor-type Magical Beast contracted by Ayla at a young age. It appears as a transforming set of floating armor with a glowing eye. It is the most robust of Ayla's familiars.


A Draco-Griff under contract by Ayla. Initially a rival Magus before his transformation, Griffith fought against Ayla and Puppet Master's influence until they came to a mutual understanding and Puppet Master was no longer required to het his cooperation. Of all of Ayla's familiars, he is the closest to being her partner in battle and the most ferocious among them when his pride is at stake.

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