The water will carry your fate onward.
Summoner of the Abyss
Master of the Primordial Sea
Queen of Tsunamis
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Unknown
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver
Height -
Blood type O+
Age 600
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Phoenix, Cloaks
Species Nymph, Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Elemental Slayer
Current Occupation Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Unknown
Team Phoenix
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Ayamatta is one of the many mysterious beings who appear to be observing the events related to Phoenix but to what end is unknown.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit



While one cannot see into Ayamatta's past at present, it would seem from limited observations, she seems to be a previous member of Phoenix, and a Water Slayer at that.

Further observations would indicate she is one of seven individuals who seemed to be known as the Sovereign, and of the seven, there are four including her who command the actions of these seven.


Primordial Water ManipulationEdit

Weapon Proficiency Edit

Lucid Rage Edit

Lucid Rampage Edit

Abyssal Summoning Edit

Combat Empowerment Edit

Silver Moon Edit

Mirror's Edge Edit

Mirror Manipulation Edit

Creation Edit

Destruction Edit

Blood Empowerment Edit

Wound Empowerment Edit

Enhanced Armor Edit

Weapon Insight Edit

Create / Summon Ancient Weapon Edit

Create Weapon Edit

Create Armor Edit

Summon Colossus Edit

Summon Familiar Edit

Dual World Manipulation Edit

Personal Domain Edit

Plane Stealer Edit

Free Form Edit

Weaponize Space Edit

Weaponize Object Edit

Weaponize Soul Edit

Weaponize Person Edit

Primordial Sea Edit

Primordial Abyss Edit

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