Arnak Rivikai
Arnak Rivikai (Human Form)
"Kneel before terror incarnate."
Savage Fang
The Elder Revived
Devourer of Order
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive and Active
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Black
Height 6'5", Varies
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight Varies
Health Excellent
Affiliation The Mythological Creature Containment Program (Formerly), The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Second Gen (Variente, Archdemon)
Base of Operations MCCP Central Command (Formerly), MPD Central Command
Weapons N/A
Current Occupation Junior Officer
Fighting Style Various
Partner Isa A. Lee
Team The Enforcers: Central Command Unit
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

History Edit

Arnak was made by the M.C.C.P as a means of back up, and would be sent in if any situation regarding Myths got "hairy". He was created with the DNA of a demon and Variente, the Archdemon DNA giving him unusual powers, and the Variente DNA giving him special attributes. After finding intense dissatisfaction with his creators and the MCCP facility as a whole, he faked his death with outside help and ended up joining the MPD. He is a violent and potent berserker of the MPD Central Command Unit, The Enforcers. His Archdemon side grows stronger every day, almost resurfacing as Arnak realizes his past.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Arnak is a very tall, muscular being. He generally takes a human form, but due to being a Variente, can change his form at will. In his human form, he has pointed ears, black hair, and orange eyes with a black, cat like pupils. His hands have average length claws, but he has extremely sharp teeth, as well as having a second row of teeth. Under his hair, two small horns can be seen. He wears a ripped scarf and a violet long coat. He wears black jean like pants, and large, black boots. 

He is cunning, apathetic and volatile, not quite caring what would be right or wrong. At times he seems to be on no ones side at all, but is still somewhat loyal to his authority to an extent. He knows what he was made for, and will do as commanded to fulfill his purpose, but isn't afraid to stretch the rules. However, if he finds his authority to be going against his own true goals and alignment, he will almost instantly act out and rebel, never wanting to be on a leash. He is also calculating and cold, and tends to analyze a problem before running into it. He tends to be almost paranoid, but its because of how much he tries to make sure he has the advantage in any encounter. Unknown to most, he is extremely prideful, but it isn't inherently noticable by most. Hes surprisingly very curious as well, with the normal and natural world being somewhat of a mystery to him. With this curiousity, he has a sense of fufillment to learn as much about the world, and people. As time goes on, he finds himself more and more taken in by his surroundings. Both the environment, and people who manage to get close to him.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Archdemon Physiology (Limited)Edit

Arnak has untapped Archdemon heritage, which gives him a variety of strange and unusal powers. However, not all of entirely controllable, but he gains access to most of them in his Elder State. Due to being an Archdemon, he is more resistant to divine power and abilities due to being much strongerr than the average demon. The full and true power his heritage gives him is unknown, but is a force to be reckoned with. All or most demons or people with demonic heritage can be easily influenced and controlled by Arnak if they are under the rank of Archdemon.

Natural Abilities Edit

Arnak has access to various powers, as well as many natural abilities. Due to being a Second Gen, hes able to shape his form to aid him in battle, whether it be wings, extra limbs, or anything else of the sort. He can change his appendages into any weapon, or anything he wants. 

Ultimate Fighter/Assassin Edit

He is an ultimate fighter and through extensive training has learned majority, if not all forms of combat and martial arts, and knows how to apply them to any situation. He is proficient in most weapons due to this, almost able to master any weapon the instant he picks it up. Along with this, he has trained in the art of assassins, learning and mastering every trick and skill it comes with. He knows various stealth tactics, and almost has a natural intuition for assassination.

Supernatural Condition Edit

He has a form of Supernatural Condition, able to endure extreme attacks as well as most damage most would immediately die from. His supernatural condition extremely enhances almost every aspect of him, including agility, speed, dexterity, intelligence, strength, senses, reflexes, instinct, and much much more.

Psychic Constructs Edit

He is able to create constructs made from Psychic Energy, that can vary in form. He can create golems, weapons, platforms, restraints, barriers, and more.

Element/Esoteric Element Manipulation Edit

He also has a natural ability of manipulating all of the elements, as well as their esoteric and magical properties.

Vector Manipulation Edit

He is also able to manipulate vectors. manipulating the magnitude, velocity, and direction of an object and sometimes organisms. This also applies to non moving and or static objects. With this ability, he can do various things that involve vectors in any shape or form, with the limit of not being able to manipulate Quantum, distort time or space, or do any sort of chronolock or absolute defense.

Corrosion Manipulation/Magic Edit

Arnak can corrode various materials. even if they aren't metal. He can disentrate majority of the materials he wants, via a spreading substance.

Organic Manipulation/MagicEdit

Arnak can manipulate the matter and tissue of organic beings or objects, able to change them in anyway he wants. This can include growths, decay, shapeshifting, or anything of the sort.

Biological Absorbtion Edit

Arnak is able to temporarily gain powers if he consumes the organic matter of one another. However, if a large amount of a persons organic matter is consumed, he permanently gains their powers. With this he can also gain access to all of a persons memories. Depending on the strength of the person consumed, Arnak can also possibly gain their forms. However, regarding forms he will gain the forms if only through temporary means, but he will not always gain the forms permanently if the person is consumed.

Demonic MagicEdit

Arnak can use his Archdemon heritage to use demonic magic, a powerful and chaotic form of magic that can be used to shatter the rules of reality. Not all of the effects are known, but it is known that all must be extremely devastating.


Arnak can transport himself and others by instantaneously blinking to anywhere he wants. Looks like he turns into various wisp like particles and reforms.


Overrule is the ability cripple and nullify the abilities and strengths of enemies. Lest an attack be greater than the user's power, it will harm the user not and the attacker shall be weakened for both being within the user's sphere of influence and for daring to strike at the user's form. The user may also call upon the power to rule those weaker than they with a voice with the power of a truly iron fist. Given to him by his status as an Archdemon of Pride.

Arrogance InducementEdit

Arnak can induce pure arrogance and pride ito anyone he wishes.

Indomitable WillEdit

Arnak's will power is unusually and extremely strong.

Darkside ViewEdit

Arnak can force anyone to bear witness to the corrupt and evil side of their soul, mind, and sense of being. Victims can be driven to the point of insanity, become corrupted, or even die.

Pride EmbodimentEdit

Due to having heritage as an Archdemon of Pride, Arnak embodies the very aspects of Pride and Arrogance.

Negative EmpowermentEdit

Arnak can feed off from his own and others negative energy and emotions to become enhanced in everyway. Some emotions include Pride, Anger, Despair, Fear, Guilt, and general negative states of mind.

Psychic ShieldEdit

Arnak is immune to most and night all forms of Psychic attacks and influence, causing most trouble for those who rely on psychic abilities.

Absorbed Powers Edit

Cracker BlastEdit

Arnak can create small explosions by clicking his fingers.

Shield KillerEdit

An orange energy wave capable of cutting apart any barrier or energy shield.

Source EnergyEdit

An energy Arnak absorbed from Phazorus, but modified to be much more corruptive and corrosive, and gaining a black color instead of its original blue. Basic abilities include normal blasts and beams, hurricanes, weapons, and constructs. He can surge Source energy into others, and those who are weak will instantly die due to the corruptive mass. If they are killed by this, he can also absorb powers this way. He can siphon any and all types of energies from others without harm, converting said energy into source energy.

Executioner CannonEdit

A powerful cannon used to execute people. This technique is used to fry the heart and brain of the victim.

Mafic BlazeEdit

Modified version of Phazorus's "flamberge". This is black in color, and can burn even hotter than its original version.

Shadow MeldEdit

Arnak can vanish within shadows, dark places or at night.

Ancient ArtsEdit

Arnak's modifed and renamed version of "Dark Arts". The various techniques are listed below.

Ancient Arts: Void - A modified version of Dark Arts: Respira. Dark, purple breath spews out of Arnak's mouth, creating some form of dark haze. The haze will begin to burn the insides of those who inhales it. It is not lethal, however unlike its original version it can cause permanent damage to lungs, making it hard for victim to breathe.

Ancient Arts: Shadow Whip - A modified version of Dark Arts: Shadow Blade. Arnak creates a large sword like whip made of shadow and pierces the floor with it. The whip comes up in front of the victim and quickly slashes across their body multiple times, leaving large lacerations that will not heal until Arnak has left the area. The whip can grab, stab, and almost act like a seperate arm.

Ancient Arts: Umbra Body - A modified version of Dart Arts: Sombra. Arnak can make his very own shadow act on it's own, allowing it to move around, grow in size or even attack enemies for him. The shadow can leave the ground and become a clone of Arnak, able to use all of the powers Arnak has access to. The clone cannot be controlled by anyone other than Arnak.

Ancient Arts: Storm - A modified version of Dark Arts: Maelstrom. Arnak sends dark energy into a large body of any liquid. This large body of liquid soon becomes a deadly maelstrom with corrosive spouts of the inhabited liquid.

Ancient Arts: Dreamkiller - A modified version of Dart Arts: Dreamweaver. Arnak creates a large dark dreamcatcher that sends people into a deep sleep, causing horrendous nightmares. Arnak can also enter the dreams of said person, free to do psychic and mental damage in anyway he likes.

Ancient Arts: Puppet Master - A modified version of Dark Arts: Puppeteer. Arnak can control people as if they were a puppet, and can even use them as extensions of his own powers, as well as giving him access to the powers of who is being controlled.

Ancient Arts: Cataract - A modified version of Dark Arts: Torrent. Arnak can fire immense blasts of powerful corruptive water, leaving nigh permanent water that does lasting damage while its still on the victim.

Forms Edit

Elder State Edit

Arnak's body goes under an unusual metamorphism, looking more Variente like as well as a cross between a Demon. He turns fully black in color, with a few exceptions. He grows in size and his legs become hocked, growing large reptilian like feet with two large sharp claws on his toes. The middle of his body indents and creates a hold surrounded in what seems to be spikes made of tissue. The inside of the hole glows a vibrant purple. His arms become slender yet muscular at the same time, growing extremely large claws and bone like spikes and ridges on his arms. On his back grow eight slender and long tendrils that continously move and sway behind him.His shoulders grow large jagged spikes that shoot upward, turning an even darker black as they go along. His head takes a strange shape, the jaw and front elongating as the top of the head is rounded and smooth. Two large almost branch like horns grow out of the sides and point backwards, with two smaller horns growing from the back of the head. His mouth is very large and his teeth appear to be black spikes instead of traditional teeth. The inside of his mouth also glows a vibrant purple. He has six small purple eyes, three on each side of the head. Along his head is a strange design that appears to be the symbol of pride, that is purple in coloration.

His physical abilities along with his powers greatly increase in this form, giving him complete mastery over all of them. His elemental manipulation turns into a Dark variation, increasing in power and being corruptive to most as well as being able to heavily counter and over power other normal elements. He can call upon lesser demons to fight with him and serve him, and in some cases summon high ranking powerful demons. He also has Necromancy, being able to summon and rise the dead.

Abyssal StateEdit

The Abyssal State is similar in design to the Elder State, but different in multiple ways. He grows larger but skinnier, and gets a violet sheen to his black body. In the Abyssal State he almost looks skeletal, the outline of his tissue being semi seen. His legs remain hocked but look more humanoid, and his knees small spikes. The tendrils on his back take shape and combine to form large wings, with the membrane being purple in color. The bone is black and as the membrane goes down, gets ripped near the bottom. The top of the wings have spikes that jut outward. The indent in his stomach becomes even more defined and grows larger in length, and his ribcage is clearly seen as jutting forward from the hole. The large spikes on his shoulders dissapear, being replaced by two much smaller spikes at the base of the neck. His head is less alien like and more humanoid. His six eyes are replaced with two normal eyes that glow purely purple, strange energy coming off them. His branch like horns now point upward and look less like branches, curving outward, then inward, and then outward at the ends. He gains three smaller horns on the very front top of his forehead. Below his two large main horns are two more horns, one on each side that point forward diagonally. His arms are even more slender than before, but look more proportionate to the body. His claws become shorter but larger in thickness. 

In this form Arnak gains various powers that make him closer to when he was an Archdemon, gaining Soul Manipulation, Hell-Fire Manipulation, Corruption Manipulation, limited Chaos Manipulation, Nether Manipulation, and possibly more. Along with this his already existing abilities greatly increase once more, allowing him to combat the strongest of opponents on par levels. It is exceedingly rare for Arnak to achieve this form.

People Arnak Has absorbed Edit

- Phazorus Rezfarda