Anti-Prynce has yet to appear, but is known of only by Dark Prynce and Aeon. However, Dark Prynce alone knows of his origins, and his power is completely equal to Dark Prynce, as well as his intelligence. They have yet to meet.



In order to defeat Dark Prynce, God and Satan decided that they needed another Nephalem. So together, the created him from the remains of Dark Prynce's parents and trained him to be the ultimate warrior of Heaven and Hell.


All his life, he's been trained in combat and magic, in order to best his main opponent. Eventually, he defies God and Satan declaring his life is too boring, and leaves  their dominion in order to pursue some fun. However, being a good guy and helping people grew too old for him so he turn to death and destruction. He would visit other worlds posing as an angel and tricking them into conflict and war which would wipe out their civilizations. Always thinking of more ways to do this, he hasn't lost track of his main purpose in life, which he deems will be the "Most fun he'll ever have" and still trains to battle Dark Prynce.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Science ManipulationEdit

Control all aspects of science and nature. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.


Control all aspects of magic. Alchemy, Dark Arts, Necromancy, etc.


Control all holy aspects.

Primordial Force ManipulationEdit

Control the force that created everything.

Apocalyptic Force ManipulationEdit

Control the force that can destroy everything.

Elemental ManipulationEdit

Control the fundamental elements and all versions of them.

Chaos ManipulationEdit

Turn order and peace into a disorganized mess and trust into distrust.

Order ManipulationEdit

Make any situation orderly and understandable.

Nether ManipulationEdit

Control the death force and anything associated with death and destruction.

Aether ManipulationEdit

Control the life force and anything associated with life and creation.

Weapon ManipulationEdit

Control weapons and master them with efficiency.


The ability to be skilled at everything, or many things.

Transcendent Demonic PhysiologyEdit

Turn into a demon of unimaginable power and have their abilities and traits

Transcendent Angelic PhysiologyEdit

Turn into an angel of unimaginable power and have their abilities and traits.

Absolute ConditionEdit

Have the abilities to hurt anything, get hurt by nothing, never die no matter what, know everything, and do anything.

Absolute ExistenceEdit

Control one's entire being without limit. (Limits placed on himself for power)

Constant Velocity ManiplationEdit

The ability to make all attacks move at the exact same speed no matter what. Used to bypass Vector Manipulation and only used with he guns.


Create anything without limit


Destroy anything without limit.

Darkness ManipulationEdit

Control Darkness.

Light ManipulationEdit

Control Light

Power MatchingEdit

Match the strength and speed of an opponent the longer you fight or are around them.

Tranquil FuryEdit

The ability to attack with all the force of the user's rage while still retaining complete control.

Opposing BondEdit

Anti-Prynce has an empathic bond with Dark Prynce, being made from the same basic building blocks as him, and being his eternal opposite. This also allows him to know Dark Prynce's true name.


Distruptor BlastEdit

Concept ErasureEdit

Mocking AngelEdit

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