Is that all? I wonder...
The Wanderer
The Bringer of Misfortune
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 10/01
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue, Red
Hair Color Iridescent White
Height 189 Cm
Blood type Unclassified
Age Unknown
Weight Variable
Health Perfect
Affiliation Antagonists-Neutral
Species Unknown
Base of Operations None, Wanderer
Weapons Annihilation, Gungnir
Current Occupation Wanderer
Fighting Style God Killer, Dream Step, Ether Step, Dust Step
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Aeon, Obscura
Marital Status Single

Antemia is a fraction of Aeon's soul that broke off when the Aeon Slayer was created. She is not necessarily evil, but more so bored with the current state of everything. Meeting her is a sign of an impending disaster.



Antemia is hard to read. She comes across as a strange mixture of flirtatious and sinister, thougfh she isn't evil by nature, only bored. She claims to be the real personality of Aeon, though whether or not that is true remains unseen. Her boredom knows no limits and because of her ability to absorb knowledge, it is difficult for her to not easily master a skill set. She finds everything ultimately to be dull as they are now and wishes to end her boredom... Even if she has to send the universe into an uproar to do so.

Antemia easily befriends and seduces others with her attractive form and rather persuasive words, something that makes her especially dangerous to have as an enemy. She often shows no signs of her emotions outside of flashing a smile before she commits actions ranging from mischievous to dark and sinister. She seems to have some remorse for her actions at times, but she will always affirm that her boredom is what fuels her.






Abilities and SkillsEdit

True ImmortalEdit

Antemia cannot be permanently killed, even by immortal killers and rule breakers.

Inverse: AeonEdit

Antemia is an inverse of Aeon, so she shares almost all of Aeon's abilities. 

Ability MirrorEdit

Antemia is able to mimic and absorb skills and abilities used on her. When used on Aeon, it allowed her to mimic the deity's Final Form.

Dream StepEdit

Antemia is able to move in such a way as to appear phantasmal. Any attack that she makes will bring her target into a dream like illusion that Antemia has full control over. 

Dust StepEdit

Antemia is able to move in such a way that dust whirls around her in a fierce storm. This storm comes from the pressure and swiftness of her movements and often confuses her opponents with its completely unpredictable movement. Few notice the steady amount of damage they are taking by simply standing in the storm. 

Ether StepEdit

Antemia is able to release concentrated Ether as she moves, resulting in a "burning field"  around her as she does. Anything that comes in contact with the Ether will experience severe burns on par with contact with plasma and will have its information absorbed and copied.

Planar StepEdit

Antemia can move through the planes of existence as a quicker mode of transportation, though she could theoretically use it to cause dimensional damage or trap opponents in different realms.

Planar DistortionEdit

Antemia, holding as much raw power as she does, naturally causes heavy distortions and warps in the universal fabric. Unless she limits herself, the distortions may break reality itself if left unchecked.


Antemia cannot be observed or viewed in any timeline or through any mystical means. One must visibly see her to know that she is present.

Presence ErasureEdit

Antemia can completely erase her presence, to the point of being completely invisible and inaudible in plain sight.

Energy Projection GenerationEdit

Antemia can generate and shape her energy into an abundance of weapons and tools with a variety of applications and uses.

Knowledge AbsorptionEdit

Antemia can, via physical contact, absorb knowledge and information. This absorption varies from the degree of contact, but she could easily strip someone of all of their intellect if she chose to devour said knowledge.

Misfortune BringerEdit

Antemia attracts bad luck and terrible misfortune to all who cross her path. A smile from her is equal to one thousand curses and a kiss is equal to a terrible curse that will last for generations.

Code: CXOEdit


Weapons and EquipmentEdit


A fabled spear said to never miss its target and always return to its master. While not as uniquely useful as Hexberyl or as destructive as Rhongomyniad, it is by far the most efficient of the three Spears, especially so after being combined partially with the spear Gae Bolg, granting it unsurpassed piercing power.


One of three swords formed from demonic dragons. Annihilation could be considered as the eldest of the three swords as well as the most powerful. It lacks the grace and refined nature of both Ragnarok and Orochi, but boasts the greatest offensive and defensive capabilities. The sword itself appears as a demonic greatsword the color of iron, rust and dried blood that emits an aura of unbridled killing intent and madness. It has the least number of transformations, but each is deadlier than the previous its own right. Once Annihilation tastes its owners blood, it true power is unleashed...


Antemia's cloak, similar to Aeon's Mu and Obscura's Yami. Hikari represents the radiance and might of divinity and, as such, is able to manifest its own legion of artificially created angels and higher celestial beings along with a field that can absolutely repel all attacks unable to pierce its defense. Like Mu and Yami, it can manifest an infinite arsenal of weapons, fitting its more offense oriented nature. Hikari is capable of entering a Berserk State when it senses that its owner is in danger and becomes a set of armor to better protect Antemia while maximizing its offensive potential to destroy all threats in the area.


Final ModeEdit

Last God ModeEdit

End God ModeEdit

Omega God ModeEdit

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