Great Wyrm v. Kaiser Kaiju
Anti-God Class Wyrm
The Great Balance
Angra Mainyu
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Conceptualization of Balance
Family Alisa Suzaku(Wife), Aeon(Half-Sister), Alexian(Half-Brother), Iylessa(Sister-in-Law), Astra(In-Law), Corona Cissna "Flaemis"(Daughter), Regalia Auroria "Aeros"(Son)
Status Alive
Eye Color Amber, Emerald(IO), Violet(Samsara)
Hair Color Grassy Green, Black(IO), Fiery(Samsara)
Height 180-349,526 Cm
Blood type Unverified
Age Ageless
Weight 42-9478 Kg
Health Unknown
Affiliation Neutral
Species Great Spirit-Kaiju(Kaiser)
Base of Operations Void of Stars
Weapons Masterful Sword "Tarasque", Haos Talon "Ophiuchus", Sacred Arms "Aida Wedo"
Current Occupation Teacher, Divine Mediator
Fighting Style Highly Adaptable Observational Style(HAOS), Art of Destruction(Formerly), Art of Ruination
Partner Alisa- Wife
Team Primal Forces
Relatives Aeon, Alexian, Corona, Regalia
Marital Status Married

Anira, also known as IO, Iota, Lorea and Samsara, is a pseudo-deity that watches over the balance of Chaos and Order. While he is not as strong as some of the others, underestimating him is a bad idea, even for some of the stronger beings in the universe as he is known for holding some of the strongest weapons in existence and knowing how to utilize them with deadly efficiency, though he prefers to mediate than to fight.



Anira was born thousands of years ago as a Dark Drake known as IO. He ravaged the land around himself for years in a blind rage until his body could not bear his rising power and began to breakdown. As his power further deteriorated his body, IO was chanced upon by an adventurer from a distant land, one who offered to save him in exchange for curbing his destructive behaviors. IO, no longer controlled by instinct or impulse, accepted the young woman's proposition and was, over the course of a few weeks, restored to perfect health by the adventurer, his body adapting and changing in the process.

Grateful to the Adventurer, IO, now calling himself Iota, decides to travel with her as both a guardian and assistant, taking on a 'human' appearance to do so without drawing unnecessary attention. The two leave the ravaged land, travelling the world until news of a war spreading across the world, Taea, reaches them. The two attempt to avoid the conflict, but are inevitably drawn into it when the Adventurer's home town is destroyed during a particularly violent battle. Seeking revenge, the adventurer enters the war with Iota by her side, despite the Dragon's protests.

War of the Gods

As Iota had predicted, the war was not something that he or the Adventurer should have joined. The stress from the war, combined with the rising number of casualties and constant demand for a healer, left the Adventurer needing consolation from Iota, whom had grown to be a close friend of the young woman as they had traveled. Feeling that the war was too much for the young woman to handle, Iota decided to ferry the Adventurer away from the conflict before the next skirmish began, only to be caught in a surprise attack and see his friend perish at the hand of an enemy general.

Enraged, Iota revealed his true nature to both his allies and enemies and ravaged the enemy side until he was struck down by the same general that had slain the Adventurer  after the opposing force had been crippled. Accepting that his allies would probably slay him for his draconic heritage, Iota did not try to escape when his former comrades advanced upon him with their weapons ready. Awaiting the death blow, Iota was surprised when he was instead taken to the commander of the army he formerly served and offered a chance to get revenge on the one who had begun the war, the leader of the opposing force, a being called Zentria. Iota accepted the offer and swore to avenge his lost friend and comrade before he was thrust into hellish training and experimentation.

Months passed and the training intensified while the experiments ceased. Iota had grown stronger from the training and had strengthened his resolve to get revenge on Zentria without fail, not realizing that he was being used as a pawn in a larger scheme. He continued to strengthen himself until reached his limit and prepared for final battle with the opposing army, when he received a report from an anonymous sender about sightings of "a familiar cloaked woman." Confused, Iota sought out to investigate said sightings, only for the final assault to begin. Iota decided that he would seek his vengeance on Zentria before exploring the possibility that the Adventurer was still alive.

Zentria, Manipulator and Warrior

When Iota rejoined the war, he saw how badly his side had suffered from the battles and strengthened his resolve to end the conflict once and for all. As he tore through the enemy force, he encountered the same general that had defeated him previously and fought against the man at full force. Seemingly winning, Iota was surprised when he was pushed back into a corner by the general, who, moments before, had been on the brink of death. When he brought this up, the general only scoffed and said, "A king must have a trick or two up his sleeve, Iota," before continuing his counter attack on Iota, who finally recognized his opponent as Zentria. Both beings fought, seemingly to a standstill, when Iota managed to knock off Zentria's helm, revealing none other than the Adventurer's face.

Shocked, Iota did not block the next few attacks from Zentria, who revealed that he could take on the appearance of anyone that had ever been within a certain radius of himself. He then proceeded to order two soldiers to execute the Dragon, a rather cruel smile spreading across his face when Iota slew his would-be killers. Before Iota could renew his assault on Zentria, one of the soldiers, barely able to move, managed to draw his attention away from the being with a few words: "Thank you for caring for our sister." The soldier's helm fell away before she faded away, revealing the face of the Adventurer to Iota as Zentria laughed at the situation. He explained that all of his soldiers had been copies of a single person and that the Adventurer had been an experiment and a defective product before attacking the broken Iota.

It was only by the grace of a certain mad genius that he survived.


The blow that would've slain Iota never came. Instead, the blades had been deflected by someone who chose to intervene in the battle, much to Zentria's chagrin. He accused the inteloper of betrayal only be met with a retort from the one who intervened, stating that they had never been loyal to Zentria before forcing him to retreat and taking Iota to a secret location. Once away from the conflict, the person healed the despondent Iota and introduced themself as Akua Suzaku, the one who had created the Adventurer and the soldiers that Zentria had used. Immediately Iota broke from his stupor and attempted to attack Akua, only be repelled with no effort from the scientist, who claimed that she had grown tired of creating "Sad Dolls of War" and wanted to give the replicas a chance at a real life outside of fighting. She then revealed a replica of the Adventurer and that she had sent him the anonymous report shortly before the battle began in earnest. Still wary, Iota decided to trust the scientist somewhat, a decision he would partially regret in the future.

Akua did not train Iota nor did she steer him onto the path of destruction, instead she taught him to reach a state she referred to as Lucidity, one which helped keep the mad scientist from falling into depravity and unleashing unspeakable horrors onto the world on several occasions. With this newly granted knowledge, Iota was able to reach a new level of understanding of his powers and destroy the chains limiting his growth, granting him a new form and greater power. Iota, now vastly different in appearance from his previous, was christened Anira by Akua, who had begun to take great interest in the dragon's origin and future- something that would soon bring her to a crossroad.

Between aiding Akua in her research and growing accustomed to his new form, Anira grew closer to the scientist, seeing her as more of a motherly figure than a potential partner. Akua, on the other hand, grew more and more disgusted by the origin of the dragon, having learned that he should not have been born into the world without plunging the world into primordial, bloody chaos and despair; Him acting as the world's counter measure to all of the destruction wrought at the most basic of levels. Knowing that Anira would react badly to to this knowledge, the scientist hid her discoveries and buried herself in work to keep from letting any of it out. This in turn concerned Anira, he was worried that Akua would overwork herself and tried to lighten her load only to be harshly reprimanded by her before she prepared to join the ongoing conflict once more, this time with the backing of Anira and a secret weapon...


Anira is the type of person generally classified as an airhead or dunce. He rarely seems to be present in conversations and hardly seems to pay attention when he isn't busy. This is a result of hundreds of thousands of cycles that he has seen and lived through as the Primordial of Balance, being "cursed" as a truly immortal being that infinitely reincarnates with all memories of his past lives so long as balance is required in some form or fashion in any universe or alternate reality. A secondary result of this is his truly incomprehensible personality and nature, even to the Grand Creators and Void of Origin, due to the many lives he has lived in his timeless existence. Anira is smart, caring, kind, cold, ruthless, calm, passionate and understanding at the same time. He believes himself to be a being without hope, having exhausted all options alluding to such a thing, and is instead a being of infinite possibility and variability based on his experiences.

Anira does not seek peace, only balance, realizing that ultimately true peace would end all versatility and individuality within the universe he resides in, even if by accident. Rather what Anira seeks is a blurring of the lines that separate others in an infinite number of ways. He understands that conflict is inevitable, even in a vastly idyllic world, and that differences will always be seen in some way or another. In that regard, Anira only wishes that others truly understand each other rather than assume and stereotype, but recognizes that such deep rooted practices and culture will, without a doubt, be hard to remove from the various worlds and realms. This could be argued as his reason for creating his school: to dissolve the barriers of "difference" between people and bind them with understanding, regardless of status, role or position.


Anira's appearance has varied throughout his various incarnations, the only feature remaining the same being his serpentine eyes. As of his current incarnation, Anira stands around six feet tall with a toned, slightly muscular build and a visible tan from one of the worlds he visited. His hair is various shades of green with shades of brown, blonde and black mixed in evenly to create his grass colored hair and his eyes a mixture of gold and amber with large slit pupils. Anora also has a fair shared of scars, some small from slight mishaps or accidents, others large and gruesome from serious conflicts and brutal enemies. One scar in particular rests above his heart, a momento from the time of his awakening in his current incarnation.

Based on one of the worlds he visited, Anira wears a primarly black set of clothing comprised of an overcoat, cloth faulds with tassets, a fine tunic with a dark brown plate to protect his chest, fine cloth trousers that stop halfway down his calves with small draw strings, stylized black boots with multiple clasps and buckles and a set of dark brown wrist and shin protectors made from a sturdy light metal hidden beneath his clothes. He also wears a pair of crossing belts and, on very rare occasions, dawns a crow themed mask. Anira also carries two weaponless sheathes on both sides of his waist, often beneath his overcoat and connected to his belts, a silent warning to those who recognize their meaning and emits a hazy black and green aura at almost all times, a staple of this incarnation.














Abilities and Skills

Immortal Force

Anira exists as for as long as there are forces in need of balance. While he can be killed, he will reincarnate after some time as a different version of himself. His current incarnation is Ishida Ouji, a former human who was prone to being pulled into other worlds to resolve their major conflicts as either a hero or mediator.

Immeasurable Being

Anira's full power is so immense that the majority of it is sealed off to help preserve the balance of the universe. If it was not sealed, Anira would have a presence equal to or greater than that of the forces he balances, tilting the universal balance. Summoning a fraction of this power can interfere with physics and logic.

Rising Power

If Anira enters a battle, his power will passively increase as the conflict is prolonged. While this boost starts off extremely small, it grows as more time passes and provides a permanent raise in his parameters. 

Incomprehensible Presence

Anira's presence is contradictory, borderline paradoxal in nature. He is able to do things outside of the realm of possibility and causality and even defy the laws governing the universe, logic and reason itself. It can be said that he is the nemesis of reason and all logic and, by simply existing, is capable of distorting things to such a degree that they fail to resemble themselves.

Serene Aura

While Anira is calm, he comes across as serene and mellow. This aura is capable of spreading over a large area and lulling all affected into a tranquil, passive state of mind. 

Kaiju Aura

Anira, if not concentrating, may release the aura of Kaiser Kaiju, a titanic being capable of taking on the Great Wyrm and possibly winning. The aura itself is not frightening, so much as pacifying and heavy, but if Anira were to be angry, the aura would feel as if one were about to face the wrath of the cosmos head on.

Primordial Aura

Anira is, by nature, a Primordial. He naturally gives off an aura of ancient power and wisdom, but seldom is this attributed to him because of his rather silly disposition. 


Anira can transform into various beings and modify his appearance to suit his needs. His mastery is great enough to make any adaptation based transformation happen without him directly thinking of it.

Ability Dampening

Anira can, if necessary, supress the abilities of everyone within a certain distance of himself, either to camoflage them or stop them from conflicting with one another.

Dragon Killer

Anira is especially dangerous to dragons or beings in the form of or in relation to dragons. Dragons and beings similar will take additional damage from him and their powers will be disrupted on a large scale. This ability was born in the first of the worlds he was called into and was nurtured in the worlds he visited, unwillingly, soon after.

Presence Erasure

Anira can completely erase his presence, to the extent that even with direct eye contact on him, he will be substituted by part of the environment and completely untraceable for as long as he wills it. Long before he mastered this ability, people would never notice his presence, even if he was raising a serious ruckus directly behind them and had been doing so for twenty minutes or longer. In this respect he could relate to a certain knight who was never noticed by his allies or enemies.

God Slayer

Anira can, if the right conditions are satisfied, slay gods and even other Primordials, but for as long as they  disrupt the universal balance.

Law Ratification

Anira can rewrite Laws governing the universe, but only to the extent that they promote universal balance. He can cancel and completely destroy laws that disrupt balance however.

Haos Style Original

Though he may not seem it, Anira, as Ishida, created a legendary fighting style that draws out the true potential of the human form and weapons known as the Haos Style. So far only two people have learned this style from him and mastered its secrets. Consists of far more techniques than displayed.

Kira: Impossible Slash

By synchronizing mind and sword, one may cut the intangible and shatter the invincible. A sword technique that renders defense useless as it cuts through the bonds connecting self and plane. Deals more damage to beings and objects with greater defense. Anira Only: Overrules invincibility and damage immunity.

Kira: Arc Slash

The bite of one's blade surpasses the horizon when one fully integrates themself with their blade. A katana technique that renders distance negligible and parts the clouds. Deals greater damage as distance ignored increases. Anira Only: Followed by a powerful thrust that utilizes all muscles in the body.

Kira: Hyper Draw

One's sword is not their only weapon. One's scabbard is just as crucial as their sword. A sheath technique that unleashes a shockwave once the blade is sheathed then drawn once more. Projectiles are repelled while objects and beings are stunned. Power dependant on speed of redraw. Anira Only: Unleashes a second shockwave that renders those within range airborne and those underground immobile. Airborne beings are frozen in place and stunned.

Kira: Impulse

A sheath matches one's sword as a shadow matches a person. Just as shadow lashes out with body, one's sheath shall follow sword. A sheath technique that reenacts ten sword attacks and techniques used as phantom attacks once the sword is sheathed. Anira Only: Creates an array of phantom attacks to supplement the ten phantom attacks. Ignores physical and spiritual defense.

Kira: Risoluto

One must merge body, mind and weapon to draw out the true potential of an attack. Power flowing from body, mind and heart to a single point that pierces even the world. A rapier and spear technique that focuses power into the weapon's point then unleashes it in a thrust that ignores defense as it pierces through everything in its path. Anira Only: Followed by a thrust upwards that pierces the surrounding area with phantom blades from above and below.

Kira: Ascent

The flight of an arrow is true when one truly understands the medium from which it it fired. A bow and spear technique that unleashes an arrow that strikes its target true. Instead of an arrow, when using a spear, the strike comes from the spear wielder from above. Anira Only: One arrow becomes many which strike in succession with increasingly greater power and the spear is thrown instead of stabbed into the target, detonating shortly thereafter.

Kira: Severance

To truly cut with a blade, one must understand the lines to be cut and the way in which to cut them. A twin blade technique that consists of hundreds of slashes aimed at joints, arteries, veins and spirit in the span of a second. Each slash is supplemented by several more phantom slashes that ignore defenses and barriers. Damage is increased on organic beings and beings with cores. Delayed reaction damage. Anira Only: Each strike increases in power and gains a chance to cause lethal damage to the entire target's being. Additionally, each slash is precise to the microscopic scale and smaller, delaying reactions further.

Kira: Ore no Monogatari

Anira Only: The culmination of Anira's experiences and efforts brought out in a technique that combines sword, twin blades, bow, sheath, spear and fist into the ultimate art.


A twin blade oriented technique that exchanges stamina for power and ferocity.

Blood Surge

A technique that exchanges vitality for power and agility. Suitable for any weapon.

Absolute Force Manipulation

As the Primordial of Balance, Anira can choose to manipulate the largest forces within the universe down to the smallest scale should be required to preserve Balance.

Qi Manipulation

Anira can control his own Qi and the Qi of the world around him, making even the slightest contact with him a mortal blow or completely rejuvenating. His mastery is great enough to manipulate Elemental Qi and his own Qi to a nano-cellular level.

Vibration Manipulation

Anira can manipulate vibrations and frequencies as if they were the surface of water. This combines with his Qi Manipulation, making it difficult to harm him without coming to harm and increases the lethality of his armed and unarmed attacks should he choose to turn himself into a high frequency weapon or apply the same effect to his weapons. This alone allows him to stimulate his cells to react faster and recover almost instantly, but grows more potent due to his vast control over Qi. Additionally, Anira can literally destroy things on contact by attuning with their fundamental frequency and striking their harmonic frequencies. Another trait of this ability allows him to phase through solid objects by modifying his frequency as he moves and cancel out any type of physical or mystical attack that comes in contact with him should he choose to.

Energy Manipulation

Anira can control energy to a great extent, not limited to, but including: 

  • Conversion
  • Efficacy of use
  • Limitation
  • Distribution

He lacks the ability to drain energy or absorb it, but can modify its flow. When combined with High Frequency Qi infused strikes, Anira will deal explosive blows of immense power.

Wave Manipulation

Anira can manipulate an odd force known as Wave, which acts like series of microscopic strings that are connected to everything that lives. By manipulating these strings, Anira can see the various paths and immediate actions a being will take and react to them before hand. In exchange he must bear the brunt of the butterfly effect not taking effect as mental strain or various other side effects based on the severity of the change.

Lost Element Manipulation

Anira is one of the very few who can manipulate all four of the Lost Elements, excelling in the Wild and Lost Element.

Black Element

An element with the physical properties of fire and electricity combined with inky blackness. While similar in appearance, the Black Element is unrelated to Darkness and thus Darkness Manipulation cannot produce it. When used, the affected is physically stricken as if cursed or made seriously ill and experiences extreme pain as a black mark spreads across the body over a long period of time. Cannot be dispelled by anything but the passage of time. If overcome, the affected will awaken a new ability.

Wild Element

An element that has the properties of dust and dry air. Like the other Lost Elements, this property is only physical and thus manipulation of said elements does not grant access to the Wild Element. When used, the affected has whatever state they are in set as their natural state(i.e. If the affected has a cut on their hand that hasn't healed, said cut will never heal beyond that state even with Arias). A secondary effect is the ability to awaken the inner power of the affected by unlocking any locks on their strength. Can be dispelled if another Lost Element hasn't been used on the affected before this one was applied.

Lost Element

An element with the properties of mist and ice, but is unrelated to them. When used, the affected will gradually fade into a realm beyond Nonexistence and Oblivion, where all things that are lost eventually find themselves. With precise use, one can erase limiters on others. Those who are Lost may never return if they cannot halt the process. Can be dispelled, but a surefire method has not been found.

White Element

An element with the properties of light and ice, with no relation to either. When used, tge affected is reduced to zero(i.e. the lowest possible state they can be in if living or unformed if inanimate). Too short lived to be dispelled, but effects are immediately noticeable. Applies to anything tangible, finite, with a source and/or capable of being overruled by the user.

Ailment Immunity

Element Immunity

Restorative Magic

Elemental Magic

Eldritch Magic

Transcendental Magic

Universal Magic

Infinity Flare


A set of skills learned by calming one's heart to the fullest. Taught to him by Akua.

Mind Over Matter

Anira manifests a portion of his mental body and becomes immune to all forms of damage until the mental body is destroyed. Failing to do so in a timely manner will result in Eternal Slumber. Mental body components are highly resistant to all forms of damage and are immune to Destruction, Psionic, Force and Void type Attributes.

Eternal Slumber

Should the figments of Anira's remain in the physical realm for too long, they will unleash what could be described as a wave of sheer power capable of rending the universe and laws of causality. A conceptual attack that forces utter ruination upon all targets.

Serenity Pulse

Anira releases a pulse of energy that instantly pacifies those struck by it and applies the concept of antipathy to them. While antipathic, any notion of fighting is erased and the affected will instead flee battles rather than participate in them. Causes minimal harm.

Tranquil Palm

Anira uses a deceptively deadly attack that expels one's conscious and soul from their physical body, putting the affected to "sleep". Should the target lack a physical body, their mental body or spiritual body will be utterly destroyed.

Song of Renewal

Anira sings, fully restoring his allies to peak form. In exchange, he takes increased damage from all sources. Too much damage, however, will result in <Gehenna> and <Cocytus> or <<World of Ruin>>.

Calm Soul

Anira makes all allies immune to mental assaults and applies the trait of True Strikes to their weapons and offensive skills. When applied to himself, it multiplies the potency of his next action.

Etheric Flow

Universal Pulse

All Seeing Eyes

Third Eye

Fourth Eye

Ultimate Eye



The Universe

Weapons and Equipment

Destiny Eraser "Ahriman"

Masterful Sword "Tarasque"

Preordained Piercer "Nidhoggr"

Haos Talon "Ophiuchus"

Sacred Arms "Aida Wedo"



Anira becomes a titanic metallic dragonoid entity. Copper colored scales denote vast power over lightning and the earth, easily capable of Overruling them. Flightless, but by no means slow, even for this form's size. Can use Chaos Breath to an extent.

Grand Kaiju

A more powerful Kaiju form with silver and copper scales. Larger and stronger than the previous form, but lacking in flight capabilities. Has massive control over water and ice along with the prior form's lightning and earth manipulation. Capable of using Chaos Breath and Annihilation Breath.

Kaiser Kaiju

An even more powerful Kaiju form with gold, silver and copper scales. Smaller than the previous forms, but stronger, faster and capable of flight in any situation. Has near authority over fire and wind, along with the elements of the prior forms. Unlike the previous forms, this form can also be channeled through Anira's base form, allowing even greater power to manifest. Capable of using Chaos Breath, Annihilation Breath and Cataclysmic Breath to their full potential.

Aeterna Kaiju

By channeling the power of his Kaiser Kaiju form, activating his various eyes and entering the state of lucidity, Anira can transcend into this prismatic Kaiju form. In this form, all elements bend to his will and his strength and speed are unable to be matched by the vast majority of the universe, beings capable of exceeding light speed included. In exchange for such a massive boost in power, Anira can only use this form once for two minutes and with a cool down period of six months. It should be noted that attempting to manipulate time to shorten or extend this duration will be met with failure.

Reversion: IO

While not entirely a transformation, Anira and his other self switch places, shifting the spectrum of his abilities and augmenting his purely destructive power to a new extreme.

Advancement: Samsara

While not truly a transformation, Anira and his future incarnation switch places, shifting the spectrum of his abilities towards Lucidity and the Dao.

Conversion: Atma


Dragon Slayer

Similar to entering his Dark Mode, Anira fully activates his Dragon Killer aspect and becomes lethal to all dragons and dragonoid beings in the area. His physical parameters and mental parameters skyrocket, but he loses access to all of his Kaiju forms and dragon-esque forms.

Cursed Dragon

Anira becomes an ancient, sealed and utterly reviled dragonoid being based on his past self. To call this form a dragon would be sorely mistaken as that is only the initial phase of this transformation. Closest to his Great Destroyer form.

Exalted Dragon

Anira becomes a brilliant dragonoid being based on his incarnations yet to come. To call this form a dragon would be equally mistaken as calling the Cursed Dragon form a dragon, if only because the dragon form is only a catalyst for the true form.

Anira -Paladin Mode-


Anira -Dread Lord Mode-


Anira -Balance Mode-


Anira -Serenity Mode-