Angel-Ion Excalvur

The Burning Fire
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color None
Height Unknown
Blood type Ω
Age 23
Weight Unknown
Health Perfect
Affiliation Good
Species Kylotean
Base of Operations None
Weapons Kagero, Zugaikotsu
Current Occupation Ronin
Fighting Style Fire Arts


Partner Currently None
Team Currently None
Relatives Tanzar-Ion Excalvur - Father
Marital Status Single

Angel-Ion Excalvur is a strong willed fighter and swordsman from Kyloto. As a Kylotean, he has natural fire abilities.


The PastEdit


Angel-Ion is enthusiastic and very eager. In battle, he can become serious and rash. Angel-Ion can be prideful and somewhat arrogant, and is protective of friends and loved ones. Angel-Ion can often be playful with friends, and has a good sense of humour. Angel-Ion loves battle, but only enjoys a fair fight. In battle, Angel-Ion often uses Nenshō, a sword he has had since a young age. Angel-Ion has a very strong will. He is a combat pragmatist.


Angel-Ion has fiery red skin, which gets darker in colour towards his legs. He has pure white eyes. Angel-Ion has four horn-like bones on his head (3 on his forehead), looking like some sort of crown, and has a pair of bone-like blades on both arms. Angel-Ion has large, claw-like feet, a green, reptilian tail and a pair of purple, dragon-like wings.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Angel-Ion has numerous abilities and skills.

  • Pyrokinesis
    • Pyrokinetic Constructs
    • Fire Aura
    • Fire Creation
    • Firestorm Creation
    • Eruption Creation
    • Fire Shield
    • Calokinesis
    • Adapted Abilities
      • Ionikinesis
      • Heliokinesis
      • Sub-Zero Fire Manipulation
      • Typhokinesis
  • Ouranokinesis


Angel-Ion is a skilled glider and acrobat, and has superb agility. Angel-Ion is very limber and flexible, and very agile. Angel-Ion can fit through tight spaces, and can lift things five times his weight. Angel-Ion is skilled with wielding swords, pole-arms and axes. Angel-Ion also possesses a good amount of strength, as shown by how he can wield his signature weapon, which is a two-handed weapon, with only one hand. He is naturally immune to ice and electricity.


  • Zenshin Angel-Ion
  • Raijin Angel-Ion

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