Alisa Suzaku
"Care to dance, Anira?"
The Imperial Phoenix Lady
The Warm Phoenix
The Dragon Phoenix
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Akua(Mother), Kokua(Aunt), Iylessa(Sister), Anira(Husband), Corona(Daughter), Regalia(Son)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red, Gold
Height Variable
Blood type I-D
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Fantastic
Affiliation Neutral, Anira
Species Phoenix(Imperial)-Dragon(Spell)
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Phoenix Arc, Inferno, Tail of Suzaku "Wildfire"
Current Occupation Unknown
Fighting Style Imperial Phoenix Battle Dance, Dragon Killing Arts
Partner Anira(Husband)
Team None
Relatives Akua, Kokua, Iylessa, Corona, Regalia
Marital Status Married(Anira)

Alisa is the wife of Anira and daughter of Akua. She is calm and kind, but stern and harsh depending on the circumstances as her husband often finds out.


Alisa was born as the first child of Akua of the Suzaku Line, some millennia before er sister Iylessa Albeit, the majority of this time was spent within a purification chamber within her mother's laboratory. This is due to a severe birth defect that caused her health to rapidly deteriorate when exposed to any type of foreign germ or bacteria. Initially, her mother planned on turning her into a DNA Recombinant Being, a pseudo-chimerical being at the genotypic scale but not at the phenotypic scale, in order to save her from a life in a sheltered empty world, but this quickly changed when her protege, Anira, came across the chamber and offered to share his essence with Alisa, having felt he owed a debt to Akua.

Initially skeptical of his character, Alisa refused his offer and remained in the chamber until her mother's laboratory was attacked by her former ally, Zentria. Zentria, having found a potential weakness for Akua, took Alisa hostage, not realizing that she had such a condition and was rather distraught when he realized that the then young girl would die within days, something that lose any leverage he had over his former ally. This lead to him casting a spell on her that infused some of is own essence into her, making her essentially an immortal Elder Dragon like entity, so that he could use her as a proper hostage. Fortunately, this backfired when Anira dueled Zentria and temporarily bested him, allowing Akua to swiftly rescue and tend to Alisa before she dealt the finishing blow to the ever-returning being.

Not long after this was Alisa able to experience the outside world as a whole, albeit with the company of Anira while Akua was busy fixing the damage her creations had wrought under Zentria's name. Over the several years this took, Alisa and Anira grew romantically interested in one another before Akua and her daughter were called to the heavens. Several years would pass before they next saw each other, though the rugged, gruff Anira of the past had since become the slim and happy go lucky Anira of the present.

Initially off put by this change in demeanor and appearance, Alisa soon came to realize that the Anira she knew years ago and the Anira she was with during the then present, were one in the same, just more mature and laid back compared to his former self. This lightened the load on Alisa's heart, having initially thought that the man that she had fallen for had perished for years in the heavens were hundreds of thousands of years in the mortal plane, as her mother and aunt had passed tragically not long before and her sister had run away. With Anira's support and love, Alisa was able to properly ascend to the position as head of the Suzaku family and bring something akin to peace to her family before she married Anira.

For years, the pair would enjoy each other's company and affection until Anira was called to return to the mortal realm, not long after he and Alisa had a son and daughter. Worried for er husband, Alisa made frequent trips from the heavens to the mortal realm to check on him, occasionally growing cross with him when he would overwork himself or fail to take care of himself, which unfortunately was fairly often. All the while, Alisa would do her very best to teach their children the ways of the Suzaku family, while Anira, when he was allowed to return to the heavens, would teach them as much as he could about love and compassion towards others and the gift of charity. Only in the present have things changed, with Alisa choosing to master the art of war along side her family teachings to better support Anira as his partner in the upcoming struggle and to protect her family, sister and mother included, should the time come.


Alisa is a rather kind and calm lady who shows affection towards all that seek it. Her elegant appearance is accented by her noble, but not imperious, personality and habits. Still, as with many Phoenixes, she can be rather fiery and passionate. Her temper, when angry, can scare even Anira...


Alisa is fairly tall and fair in complexion. She has vibrant red hair, generally tied in a ponytail or bun of sorts and clear blue eyes. Her figure is curvy, generally accented by her choice of dress, but her beautiful appearance belies near unimaginable power born from hard work and some natural talent. Unlike other phoenixes, Alisa's pupils are slit due to the remnants of Zentria's essence within her and her affinity for fire is outstripped by an affinity for the divine. She is known to carry a parasol around and has been seen wielding straightswords and longswords with grace befitting a dancer.






Abilities and SkillsEdit

Fire ManipulationEdit

Fire CreationEdit

Fire AbsorptionEdit

Primordial Gate: VulcanEdit



"Purgatorial Fire"Edit

Solar WindEdit

Cosmic WindEdit

Flame of SuzakuEdit

Living FlameEdit

Ghastly FlameEdit

Cursed FlameEdit

Divine FlameEdit

Obliterating FlameEdit

Passionate FlameEdit

Boundary FlameEdit

Devouring FlameEdit

Original FlameEdit

Undying FlameEdit



Frigid NovaEdit


Phoenix TransformationEdit

Dragon AspectEdit

Lost StarEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Phoenix ArcEdit

Tail of Suzaku "Wildfire"Edit



Imperial PhoenixEdit

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Elder DragonEdit

Queen DragonEdit



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