Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 12/30
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Clear Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6"
Blood type O+
Age 25
Weight 105 lbs
Health Astronomical
Species Presumed Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Azure
Quests unknown
Previous Occupation(s)
Current Occupation
Fighting Style
Partner None
Team None
Marital Status Relationship with Mizora

Alice is a mysterious red haired girl who showed up with Mizora, the two live together and are close partners within Azure's squads.


At some point, Alice appeared along with Mizora, and began working for the organization Azure. The two remain close partners within the force, and a small few suspect a possible relationship, but it is proven difficult to validate these flimsy rumors, as the two seem to be naturally aware of unfavored attention.

Appearance and Personality

Alice is a young woman with bright red hair and blue eyes, she often wears simple street clothing when off duty, and wears standard issue white and blue armor during missions.

Alice appears to be a pretty simple girl who puts a lot of energy into her work, and is very familiar with the costs of her line of work, understanding when sacrifice and duty comes before comrades.

There have been times people have noticed Alice's hair and skin changing colors, either extremely pale or growing close to black. This is believed to be some manner of power she developed before joining the organization. Her eyes slowly shift red in both states.


Negative Energy Feeding

Related to Alice's strange changing of colors, Alice seems capable of metabolizing Negative Energy.

Superhuman Strength

High Speed Mobility

Supernatural Endurance

Elemental Manipulation

Magic Resistance

Martial Arts Prowess