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Alexian with Shiki Ouji, his Familiar
Awakened One
Walker of One's Own Path
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 11/23
Family Aeon(Half-Sister), Anira(Half-Brother)
Status Living- Awakened
Eye Color Slate Grey
Hair Color Grey Blue
Height 230 Cm
Blood type O-
Age Unknown(Assumed 18-22)
Weight 74 Kg
Health Very Good
Affiliation Self, Endlos
Species Primal
Base of Operations Endless, Twin Valley
Weapons Light Bringer, Pretas
Current Occupation Primal
Fighting Style GOD Hand
Partner Iylessa(Rival)
Team -
Relatives Aeon, Anira
Marital Status Single

Alexian Alexiel Alexandros Schwarz or simply Alexian is a being surrounded by mysteries. Formerly thought to be a human, Alexian is a Primal, a being whose lineage dates back to before the concept of time.


Alexian was born into a wealthy family, the youngest of six and the only boy. For his first twelve years, Alexian was pampered and received everything he asked for without question or hesitation. He was known to be a rather spirited and active child despite having a physical condition that caused him to black out at random times and see things that were not there. Once he turned thirteen, everything changed.

As a teenager, Alexian was reclusive and brooding. He stopped caring about many things such as fancy clothes, cars and money because he did not see a use for them. It wasn't that he wanted to be alone and was going through the mental changes that puberty implied , rather he realized that his own opinion differed greatly from the rest of his family's so he chose not to interact with them to avoid any confrontations. Eventually this carried over to his school life and by the time he reached high school, he was considered to be a delinquent by many because of how he treated those who had not earned his respect. Conversely, Alexian was loyal to those who had earned his respect and treated them like a second family. Curiously, despite his attitude and branding as a delinquent, Alexian never hurt anyone without a valid, highly justifiable reason, but nonetheless this resulted in a strained relationship with his mother, who believed that the eventual head of their family needed to be more dignified.

This ultimately lead to him running away from home and living in the slums with a group of his good and true friends, valuing his bonds with them over the wealth and eventual authority he would have had if he had inherited his mother's position. It was here, however, where he met Seraph and quickly bonded with the mute girl, though their relationship would not last more than a few months before the two were torn apart by the arrival of a certain doctor.

After nearly half a year away from home, Alexian would receive a summons back to his home, due to his mother wanting to make peace with him, having learned to respect his decisions as her father had learned when she had been in a position near identical to his own. This went very well, surprisingly, but was short-lived when Alexian's mother and father were killed before his eyes by Volmond, who deemed them as eventual threats to his plans- albeit for reasons then unknown. Stricken by grief, Alexian attempted to face the doctor, but ended up being stabbed through the heart and sent to the underworld.

Upon arriving in the underworld, Alexian, barely alive, was preyed upon a group of evil spirits, resulting in his soul nearly being devoured until one of The Yama arrived and took pity on him, bringing the young man to the Lord of the Dead to be healed as his time had not yet come. Feverish and suffering from amnesia due to large portions of is soul having been eaten, Alexian accepted a proposal he hardly understood until he awakened some time later, with little to no recollection of his former life, barring memories of Seraph and the doctor. Several days would pass before Alexian learned of his situation: In exchange for his life being spared, he would have to serve the Lord of the Dead as one of his agents until his soul fully recovered. This translated to him working as one of the relatively few proper judges of the underworld in a realm without time, but only until the Lord of the Dead began to give him special assignments in the world of the living, having grown confident in his semi-mortal agent's abilities to perform his task.

One particular assignment sent Alexian to The Kingdom, where he would meet and eventually bond with Iylessa before he was called to return to the underworld after an extended, albeit forced, stay. Seeing that Alexian, was indeed attempting to perform his duty, even while he had gone missing, the Lord of the Dead granted Alexian autonomy in exchange for a heavier work load. This arrangement ended up being for the best, as it allowed Alexian to learn more about himself, while also fulfilling his duty as a pseudo-Death God. Through out his travels, Alexian encountered many familiar faces, in particular the doctor, Seraph and Helios, and many new ones as he recovered more and more of himself. Sometime during this period, Alexian awakened the power of Order and became its avatar and Primordial for a period of time, further increasing his work efficiency and granting him a great deal of power. It wasn't until his soul had nearly recovered, when Alexian made a mistake that cost him his autonomy for a period of time and resulted in a curse that prevented him from traversing the dark until the wrath of several million souls was appeased. Tired, and weary from this, Alexian was coerced by a certain individual to visit Iylessa once more, in doing so fully restoring his soul and his memories.

Initially shocked, Alexian returned to the underworld, where the Lord of the Dead annulled their contract, both having fulfilled their ends of the agreement, before suggesting that Alexian return to the ruins of his home. Slightly put off by his former liege's cryptic words, Alexian did indeed return to his original home and found his five sisters waiting for him in a trance-like state. Growing rather concerned, Alexian approached them and found out that the reason behind their parents' deaths was due to their nature as Primals, ancient beings that once existed beyond the confines of the universes, and the the threat that they would eventually pose to a certain group of individuals not much later. In this regard they offered Alexian a chance to avenge their parents or follow his own path, giving him the chance to awaken as a Primal where they could not. Heart heavy and tired of being the pawn of others, Alexian accepted and was reborn as a new being, though not without having to first pass along his power of Order, power that would permanently be barred to him upon his choice, to a person he came to trust as much as Iylessa. Shortly thereafter, Alexian was given new armaments and given access to a new well of power sealed beneath the remains of his old home before his sisters left, each planning to live their own lives after having fulfilled their parents' will of having Alexian succeed them.


Alexian initially comes across as rude and disrespectful to any and everyone he meets. Depending on how much he likes said person his attitude may worsen or lessen towards them. Still he respects authority to an extent and will not act infallible if he realizes that he is in the wrong. Pissing him off is not a wise idea however.

Another thing to note was Alexian's fear of women, one that was both irrational and without an identifiable source. For the most part, any woman he met would have caused him to shriek and potentially faint. Should physical contact be made, depending on the type of contact the teen could faint or go into a coma for a few days. Fortunately Alexian grew past this fear after a certain experience.

Upon learning of his true nature and his reason for being, Alexian dropped the mantle of Order, passing it along to a person he deemed more than worthy, in order to to take up the mantle of Primal, a being no longer bound by the endless conflict between Chaos and Order, instead one who exists outside said conflict, having decided to never be the pawn of an unknown higher power again. This translated to a sudden maturation of his personality- or rather a visual maturation compared to the multitude of internal changes he underwent as time passed. He is aloof and quiet, but will not hesitate to state his opinions if the need is felt. His rebellious streak remains strong, to the point where no authority can bind him other than his own; his loyalty and respect are his own to give and take at will.


Alexian has a very pale and sickly complexion. His hair is white with slight blue tinting, a side effect of his power awakening, and appears as slightly messy. His eyes are slate grey and hard to read beyond the often visible dislike that appears in them. He often wears simple white or grey shirts and black pants with several belts looping through and around them. On the rare occasion will he don a black jacket with fur lining, this being a very symbolic piece of attire to him. After awakening as a Primal, Alexian now has a healthier complexion and somewhat messy grey-blue hair. He is also wearing an eye-patch over his left eye where he lost it in combat in an otherworldly war.



Alexian sees Aeon as a bit of an annoyance, though he sees the deity as more of an older sibling. The two do not agree very often, but when they do they become a force to be reckoned with.


Alexian sees Anira as an elder brother and respects his thoughts for the most part. He believes that Anira comes across as too reserved at times and too loose at others, but will gladly help out the Kaiju.


Alexian has very obvious feelings towards Seraph, chiefly remorse because he could not help her as much as he wanted to. More than anything else, Alexian wants Seraph to remain safe(Even if it means allowing her to stay with two people he detests.) As of late, Alexian sees the woman as a sister of sorts, a distant one but one nonetheless.


Alexian openly despises Helios, though for reasons yet to be revealed. The two have a relationship worse than Aeon's with her dark clone. Putting them together in the same room without Seraph is asking for a disaster. Lately, however, Alexian has learned to tolerate the Transcendent Being.


Alexian despises Volmond more than he does Helios, but is unable to confront the mysterious doctor head on because of the doctor's method of correcting their positions. If given the chance, Alexian would have never allowed Seraph to fall under Volmond's wing.


Alexian's rival and one of the few people he does not actively taunt or insult. While the two do argue often, Alexian sees the phoenix as his best friend and a woman he can trust. Likewise, the two would do just about anything to help the other out. After years of knowing one another, the pair grew closer, but whether anything came of that is up in the air.

Abilities and Skills

Primal Body

Upon discarding his role as Order in order to awaken as a Primal, Alexian lost his immortality, but instead became a timeless being, largely unaffected by anything thrown at him. Instead, to those he hasn't made unaffected, he drains the power from his surroundings passively, while actively being able to nullify abilities and skills without having to move a muscle. Aside from his durability increase, which barring his blatant near immunity things his damage resistance as since reached an utterly obscene high, his sheer strength, speed and magical power have skyrocketed. He also outright repels damage that is below a certain threshold, harming the attacker regardless of whether or not they resist or nullify the attack delivered.

Primal Force: Nether

Based on his abilities prior to awakening as a Primal, Alexian's Primal awakening absorbed and incorporated many- if not all- of his abilities related to death, souls and decay. He can now exude an aura that cripples or outright slays those who approach him, create a realm in which death and decay, both physical and spiritual, target those of his choice while corroding away at their abilities, choose to damage a person's life force directly as opposed to their physical form or soul or even crush their immortality. In addition, he is fully capable of creating curses, hexes and stigmas and manipulating the nether. Similar to another, negative energy and emotion now empower him and allow him to create constructs and arms, simple and complex, and the property of Destruction now laces is every attack in addition to other properties.

Divinity Banishment

The mutant form of Chaos Banishment after Alexian's Primal awakening, now capable of suppressing the divinity of beings within a large area centered on him. As his understanding of himself as a Primal grew, Alexian gained the the further capacity to banish and forcefully eject those with divinity from the space that he, himself occupies.

Malice Banishment

Alexian can dispel all evil intent and curses harbored by a person or object should he make contact with them. The duration of this ability varies per situation, but in some cases the malice is forever dispelled and unable to return. A side effect of this makes Alexian immune to all curses.

Prime Smite

Alexian can smite the most divine of beings, even gods, should they disrupt the concept of Order in the slightest, striking them down without fail when this occurs. Upon aligning with his Primal self, this ability became able to smite any god or divine being, regardless of alignment or intent.

Null: Seal

Alexian, having experienced being sealed before, has since gained outright immunity to being sealed. This carried over when he became a Primal, though now he can extend this effect to allies indefinitely.

Primal Nature

Alexian, rather than represent Order or Chaos, now represents himself and solely himself, granting him access to a wide array of abilities that had long been sealed away and forgotten by time.

Familiar Usage

Alexian can, thanks to a certain Spirit, summon a familiar, whose power has yet to be seen.

Rising Power 

Alexian has inherited the ability to passively increase his own power during a conflict at an extreme rate. Unlike Aeon and Anira, Alexian can control the size of the boost to an extent, having developed a technique based on this natural ability.


By coming into contact with a person or object, he is able to see into their past or their memories. With certain objects, this allows him to learn skills and abilities or even temporarily master their abilities.


Alexian can teleport in bursts of damaging black and violet energy, reappearing in his desired location for the most part. Post Primal Awakening, Alexian gained the ability to also Blink short distances and teleport without a visible indicator.

Weapon Mastery

Alexian has mastered nearly all types of weapons and is extremely skilled with both guns and swords.

Arsenal Mode

Alexian can use nearly every single one of his weapons at the same time and with frightening effectiveness.

Zero Sphere

Alexian, after losing an eye in his final war as the Knight of Barghest, awakened the ability to create immaculate white spheres that appear to do nothing as of the present. He seems to dislike this ability a great deal.

Awakening: Primal Force

Alexian can now tap into the power that is his by right of succession, fully materializing his Primal Inheritance, in this case a gauntlet and longsword engraved with symbols too old to comprehend. While these are manifested, Alexian essentially becomes a different person in terms of demeanor and power, gaining power on par with IO, but without the urge to destroy all things that remotely show opposition.

Weapons and Equipment

Death Brand

A black bladed cutlass with skulls and soul-like projections made from what appears to be silver adorning the guard. The blade itself is rather sharp, but its sharpness is not its only peculiar trait.

Light Bringer

A silver bladed straight sword with an alabaster spun hilt. Contrary to its name, it is not a holy sword, rather it holds the power to shatter that which binds others.


A strange weapon that holds the capacity to act as twin handguns, a shotgun, a railgun, a lance and a greataxe at the behest of its owner. It seems to have a will of its own at times.


Shiki Ouji

A crow artificially manifested for Alexian by a high spirit. Lacking completely in combat ability, Shiki Ouji makes up for it with a wide array of support skills.