Alara and the shadow that follows her
Queen of the End
The Endless
One Guided by the Cosmos
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 12/31-1/1
Family Ragnarok("Father")
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Height 180 Cm
Blood type M+
Age Unknown
Weight Technically the same as the density of a universe, but 36 Kg
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Neutral
Species Human-Primal Majin
Base of Operations Realm of Nonexistence, The Ark
Weapons Karasu Tengu Tsubasa, Gilgamesh
Current Occupation Pacifier of Rebellion, Universal Defense Mechanism
Fighting Style Art of the Seal Bearer
Partner Sirius
Team Destroyer
Relatives Ragnarok
Marital Status Engaged

Alara is the "daughter" and heir of Ragnarok, a demon currently bound in the likeness of a sword. Her power is unrivaled and her endurance is beyond monstrous, having survived the the fury of gods despite her partially mundane heritage. She does not originate from the same reality as the others do, making her essentially immune to most things in the TZ universe.


Not much is known about Alara's past, save that long before she acquired her powers, she was a regular human of royal status in another universe. It is not entirely clear what happened, but at some point Alara was kidnapped by a demon beast and held captive until the demon was defeated a year later by an unruly band of heroes, one of which being her fiancee. Shortly afterwards, the demon revived itself and, in its last ditch effort, transformed into a monstrous draconic entity and engaged the heroes once again, this time severely injuring all but one of them. At this point, Alara was unable to do much beyond observing the battle between the demonic entity and the combined form of three of the still standing heroes, a mechanical dragon with geometrically symmetrical wings and plated scales of gold. The battle waged, initially in the skies, came to its climax in space, where the demonic being was vanquished, but the golden dragon that had slain it was corrupted by the last vestiges of its power and ran rampant for years to come, eventually being defeated, but not before branding Alara and fifteen others with strange symbols.

During the time that the world was recovering from this catastrophe, Alara began to investigate the Symbol above her heart. It didn't take long for her to find that the symbol was in fact a remnant of the being that had turned on the world, more specifically a representation of its heart and the core of its power. Appalled, Alara did her best to try and remove the symbol from her body, only to find that it was permanently bonded to her. It didn't take long for the world to find out about these symbols and hunt down those with them, out of fear of them becoming monsters akin to the beast they dubbed "Ragnarok". It didn't take long for people to attempt to execute the marked, eventually reaching Alara, but their blades failed to end the young woman's life. Dissatisfied they attempted to hang, burn, crucify, behead and call down the power of the gods upon the young woman, but to no avail, she would survive all attempts, even if she did not wish to. This would continue for years, until she was chained up and cast to the bottom of a well and buried under dirt, stone and metal scraps to repeatedly suffocate until the people forgot about her.

Alara's consciousness faded at that point, only returning when a voice spoke to her and asked if she wanted liberation. Initially interested, when she saw that her liberation would come at the cost of killing hundreds of thousands, she refused, only to be mocked by the voice before it faded. The voice would return every so often, offering liberation, but Alara would refuse each time, knowing that, while she could no longer be considered human by any means, accepting the supposed liberation would make her into a monster. Then one day the voice stopped reaching out to her and not long after did the well that imprisoned her get consumed by the hellfire wrought by another of those who bore a mark similar to her own. She would remain under the earth for another century after this, now aware of the world around her as her senses gradually became one with those of the world that she once walked.

Becoming more and more aligned with the world, Alara began to get glimpses at a consciousness that exceeded all proper logic. Identifying it as the will of the world, Alara attempted to converse with this ancient conscious, only for it to silently impart a fraction of itself to her, allowing her to realize that the conscious that she had finally grew fully aware of was more than just her world's conscious, but the conscious of the being that had breathed life into her very universe. From here, she took on the being as her teacher and guide, learning and growing from its vague yet acute teachings until she was unearthed by the natural shifts in terrain.

Now free of the earth, Alara attempted to continue her lessons, but the ancient consciousness instead gave her new purpose: Protect those who could now protect themselves, not from mortal threats that walked the land, but from immortal threats that stalked the outskirts of the infinite cosmos and realms. Initially confused, Alara asked for guidance and soon met a mysterious cat by the name of Frea, a being given a similar task, who was to teach and awaken the power that lie dormant within her, not just the power of her mark, but the power she had gained just by conversing with the "Will of the Cosmos". It was here that Alara began her job as a defender of the many universes, now able to traverse them with ease and face those who lived outside them that wished to enter.


Alara is a serene individual, one who resides far beyond the understanding of reason and logic and any other sort of worldly parameter. If not for her pursuit of wisdom as opposed to power, she would quite easily be one of the larger threats to the universes, but under the guidance of the "Will of the Cosmos" and Frea she has learned that the pursuit of power and knowledge, while initially pure, corrupts those who delve too far. As such, she is rather reserved when seen.


Alara has caramel blonde hair and rose colored eyes. Her complexion is fair and her figure somewhat curvaceous. She wears a simple frilled short dress and a scarf and carries around a large cylindrical object wrapped in cloth. Despite this, her very presence is more than likely to drive mortals insane, let alone seeing her or being near her lest she contain the overwhelmingly powerful aura she has.



Her "father" and the being who awakened some of her power. Their relationship was quite antagonistic before Ragnarok's sealing. Alara hopes to never become like him.


Alara can somewhat cut loose around Aeon, though generally when the two meet it is on business terms as opposed to care free terms.


Alara's fiance before Ragnarok was born. Sirius, upon breaking free from Ragnarok's influence, continued his relationship with Alara before their paths took them in separate ways.


Alara is frank with the doctor. So long as e doesn't interfere with her work, she won't pay him any mind as she understands his situation from a rather personal standpoint.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Absolute StrengthEdit

Alara's strength cannot be measured by any scale, being literally infinite and ever growing. A blow from Alara will kill unless she, through sheer strength of will, limits her strength. Attempting to externally limit or absorb her strength generally ends with the limiting force being utterly destroyed and the force attempting to absorb it being overloaded, even if it itself is infinite. Said strength also carries over to will power and spirit, able to break and surpass known limitations and/or bindings via inner strength.

Unfathomable DefenseEdit

As much as Alara's offensive power is beyond comprehension, her defenses, mental, physical and otherwise, are equally absurd, having reached the point where she can quite literally reflect back attacks with the terrifying pierce quality and be unscathed. She has willed herself through attacks that, without fail, could utterly erase beings of deific stature and higher with as little as a scratch and remained unscathed, as well as taken blows meant to represent the full weight of entire universes utilizing all of their energy without budging.

Rising PowerEdit

The scariest thing about Alara is that her power is continuously growing at an exponential rate, on par with her understanding of the "Will of the Cosmos." The Alara of a minute prior quite literally pales in comparison of the Alara of the following minute.


Tired of Alara breaking everything she came to blows with, Frea insisted on teaching the woman how to use magic, all magic, to diversify herself. Unfortunately this resulted in her learning the Fist Arts, a school of magic that uses ones actions as a catalyst, essentially giving her even stronger punches before Frea forbid her use of that particular branch of magic.

Tear ManipulationEdit

Possibly due to her conversations with the "Will of the Cosmos" Alara can manipulate tears in the fabric of space, time and reality, those she only does so to mend any tears she or others create.

Flow ManipulationEdit

Another skill possibly gained from the "Will of the Cosmos" is Alara's ability to manipulate the flow of time-space as well as read it, giving her agility beyond the kin of even beings faster than light as well as an unstated immunity to effects that distort either.

Wave ManipulationEdit


Due to the mark on her chest, Alara can manifest a palpable sickening aura that cripples and kills things within the immediate area. She seldom does so as this same aura can also spawn monstrous entities that seem to harbor a grudge against all things that live.

Overwhelming AuraEdit

Alara's aura, when not suppressed, is overwhelming. Truly overwhelming. The slightest bit of contact can drive lesser gods insane and being exposed to its full power is theorized to be able to incinerate greater gods and lesser deities alike.

Power EaterEdit

Alara can consume the power of things she faces on contact, not truly ingesting it, but stripping it from them.

Soul EaterEdit

Alara can also consume the souls of those who make contact with her, generally at the same time as she strips away their power and life essence.

Sanity EaterEdit

Looking at Alara for too long or being in her presence for too long will erode away at the sanity of the power fool doing so.

Life EaterEdit

Alara also strips the life of beings away on contact, rather her body seems to draw it from other beings.

Neo HypernovaEdit

Alara's attempt at creating a spell. To put it simply, she detonates a proto-universe within a universe inside another universe, creating a massive field of death around her. She of course is unaffected.

All Rending StrikeEdit

Technically not an actual technique, but Alara deciding to actually add follow through to any attack of hers. Denoted by a breathing shift, this attack, whether it connects or misses, will decimate everything in front and around Alara within a range of her choice. Being actually hit by said blow will obliterate things quite thoroughly. Using a bladed weapon with this is akin to giving a person the Vorpal Sword and expanding its range massively.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Karasu Tengu TsubasaEdit

A polearm Alara found lying on the ground resembling a scythe. Not a weapon per se, but a distraction.


A greatsword Alara created when tasked with creating a weapon akin to her soul. Hardly used because of its overwhelming might, forcing Alara to draw this means that many, many, many things are about to die.

Final SignetEdit

A symbol of sorts that appears when Alara grows serious. Amplifies her speed and reaction time in exchange for energy.



Alara's eyes glow a brighter red and her short hair rises. Other than this, her shadow takes on the countenance of the grim reaper to those she directs this power at.

Queen of the EndEdit

Alara's hair turns white and her eyes glow amber wile her skin gains a blue tint. Quite literally capable of ending at least one universe, but hardly used if at all.


Lancer & ReaperEdit

Magus & PaladinEdit

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